Golden Sparrow is in danger, from Mei Wong. Ni Chang is forced to hunt those
she would rather love. And Lu Yan gets to be a smart-ass.

This chapter rated NC-17 for F/F sex, seduction

Special note; As in the previous chapter Mandarin conversation will be
written a normal, Cantonese in ( ) parentheses.

Forbidden Kingdom: China Doll And The Forbidden Kingdom Part 3
by Tyval ([email protected])

The ride was long and hard through the night. Lack of pursuit had allowed
them to ease off and not push the horses. Dawn was breaking and both horses
and riders were tired. The fugitive's dismounted, to a walk down before
taking a rest. They had not spoken since their escape.

"Thank you for saving our lives sister," Mei smiled at Sparrow, already
planning her seduction.

"She does not think the 'Drunken Immortal' needed his life saved," Sparrow

"You are the Drunken Immortal?" Mei said staring at the smiling Lu Yan, "I
knew your name was familiar!"

"What do you run from child?" Lu asked.

"Bounty Hunter's who seek to stop her from reaching Five Element's Mountain,"

"Is Ni Chang among them?" Lu asked," She is the best of them."

"The white haired witch does not hunt the innocent," Sparrow replied, "But
she fears the Jade Warlord and also craves the elixir."

"So this Ni Chang is actually good?" Mei asked, "Who is she?"

"She's not evil," Lu said, "About your age, very long white hair, very pale,
refuses to raze villages, won't hurt innocent people, will only kill the

"And even then only in self defense," Sparrow added.

"So she's good?" Mei asked.

"No," Sparrow said.

"Confused here," Mei said

"She's not evil," Lu tried to explain, "She wants to be good. But it is very
hard for her. She is the daughter of a witch and a demoness. Two mothers, no

"Okay, believe it or not I know 5 entire planets like that," Mei grinned.

"Ni Chang like's other girls," Lu said.

"So do I," Mei laughed.

Sparrow giggled, Lu turned red. Neither one believed her. Lu also thought
maybe she was meaning something else.

"She thinks you are being silly," Sparrow giggled.

"So what's her connection to the Jade Warlord?" Mei asked.

"Nor all of the Jade Warlord's enemies are good people," Sparrow explained,
"Demon's, murderer's, slaver's, bandit's, pirate's, many of them have opposed
the Jade Warlord as well. Ni Chang has done jobs for Jade Warlord in such

"But she has one weakness," Lu said, "She wants to be immortal. She is young
now, and she will live 300 or 400 years, but she desires to be young for her
nymph's forever."

"I can help her with that," Mei smiled, "Tell you later."

"So, she was outside getting the horses ready, she didn't see much of the
fight inside the restaurant," Sparrow said smiling, "How good is the Seeker's
kung fu?"

"She is terrible, terrible," Lu lied, "She has no kung fu, none at all. Never
saw worse."

"Hey!" Mei protested.

"I never saw anyone who was so terrible," Lu continued to lie, laughing
inside, "She couldn't take candy from a child. And when she did hit someone,
sloppy technique!"

"There is nothing wrong with my technique," Mei stomped, "You want to try me

"I don't know anyone named buster," Lu said, it was getting hard not to
laugh, "Besides, immortals are not allowed to hit girls."

Sparrow was laughing which only frustrated Mei more.

"Okay, you want a demonstration," Mei looked around in the bamboo forest,
"Bamboo is strong, but also flexible, how many people have you seen who could
do THIS!"

With a single chop Mei shattered the bamboo tree, chopping it down. Lu was
extremely impressed, but continued to egg her on.

"Very good, for chopping firewood," Lu taunted.

"What are you laughing at?" Mei fumed, as Sparrow was really losing it,
"Fine, I'll beat her, and when I do I'm going to spank her!"

Mei moved so fast the unprepared Sparrow barely dodged. Sparrow was able to
block 6 of Mei's punches and 2 kicks, but her first counter punch was her
last. Mei caught her arm, twisted it behind her, then sat down on a log,
pulling Sparrow across her lap. Both women were giggling and squealing as Mei
gave Sparrow 10 playful smacks on her ass, throwing in some tickling.

"Okay, maybe she does know some kung fu," Lu smiled.

"She thinks we should get him," Sparrow grinned looking at the equally amused

Mei and Sparrow chased Lu in a fun tag like way. After several minutes,
weariness again caught up with them and they slumped to the ground. Golden
Sparrow had obviously been prepared and had packed supplies on all 3 horses.
She had even packed several jugs of wine for Lu Yan.

"Wine is his elixir," Sparrow said, "Every immortal has their own."

"Yes, I did know that," Mei said, "It's in our books. A book is like many
scrolls in a cover."

"Many scrolls in one?" Sparrow asked, "That would be something she would like
to see."

"And then there are computers," Mei said, "Those can contain millions of

They unpacked some food, mostly just bread, and some water. Lu of course
drank wine.

"We're all tired, and we have several hours head start," Lu said, "But
these woods are not safe. We need to find someplace to rest."

"It is a long way to Five Elements Mountain," Sparrow said, "Weeks, and
then the desert."

"Desert," Lu gulped, "No wine, seeya!"

"Where do you think you are going," Mei said standing up, "If everything
you've told me is true, the fate of the entire world is in our hands. We need
you! Are you are going to desert 2 helpless little girls!"

"Helpless little wildcats," Lu countered, "You must understand, without wine
I can die."

Mei and Sparrow gave him sad little pouts. Lu Yan could not beat that.

"Aaaaarrrgggg!!" Lu screamed, "Okay, okay, but from now on you are my
students! Understand!"

"Yes teacher," both giggling girls did a fake kowtow.

"Women," Lu threw up his hands and took a drink.

The girls laughed. After resting their horses they rode on until they neared
the end of the bamboo forest. Finding a small section of higher ground with a
few boulders, they made a cold camp, ate a cold lunch and slept, trusting the
horses and many birds to alert them to approaching threats.

* * *

It was dark when they awoke, and chilly. They built a small fire and ate a
few bites. They were still very tired. Sparrow stretched then lay back down.

"It's warmer with 2," Mei smiled down at her.

Sparrow nodded. Mei lay down next to her and snuggled, putting her arms
around her from behind. Sparrow's eyes grew wide. Mei was slow, subtle,
gentle and really did love her.

"It's okay, we're both girls," Mei whispered.

"Oh, you're right, she is sorry, it seemed strange," Sparrow whispered.

"(I lost mine too)," Mei said.

"What?" Sparrow asked.

"( We're both orphans)," Mei whispered, "(It's okay, I can tell and I
am sorry for your loss)."

"(I share your sorrow as well sister)," Sparrow whispered, "(Then you know
what I seek)."

"(It won't make you feel better)," Mei whispered, "(My tale is different. I
never knew my mother, but I watched as my father died in my arms, murdered.
My hands were covered in his blood. I was older, 18, and the man who killed
him lived only long enough for me to pull my knife and plunge it into his
heart. But I am luckier, I still have a sister. We used to sleep like this as

"(It is all I have left)," Sparrow whispered, tears forming in her eyes,
"(That and this)."

With that she touched her instrument.

"(No, you have so much more)," Mei continued, "(If we survive I could show
you a world beyond your wildest dreams. Man can fly in my world, we have
machines we ride in that are faster than horses, cities with buildings that
reach the clouds. Sister, my friends and I, we help so many people. That is
what I learned. To take my anger, and to replace it with compassion. Sister,
we are the same, I can teach you to love life again)."

"(Truly)?" Sparrow asked, a glimmer of hope in her eyes for the first time
since she had been a child.

Mei kissed her on the cheek. It really had not been that hard to read
Sparrow. Mei had seen the look in her eyes too many times. Including in
her own eyes.

G.O.L.D. had saved her soul. The confident China Dragon, the 'devil-may-care'
Questar, the compassion of Princess Tara, the love of Tina. Mei didn't know
what she would have become had they not came into her lives. She was sure she
wouldn't like herself.

* * *

They woke up again at first light. Each was a little stiff, but since all 3
were in great physical condition it took only a little martial arts
stretching to work the kinks out. Lu built the fire back up and they quickly

"We have lost some of our lead," Lu said, "We will have to ride hard today.
We can lose them in some nearby hills if we are being followed."

"Some grasslands lay beyond," Sparrow added, "I have been through that way
before. An army could get lost there."

"I will scout behind us for signs of pursuit," Lu said, "Stay here, I will be
back in an hour."

As soon as Lu as out of sight Mei cut some strips from her sleeves. Her
subtle seduction of Sparrow continued.

"( Sister, will you help me braid my hair?), Mei asked, "(I fear it is
getting in my eyes and when I fight I usually have twin braids or a long

"(Of course, sister)," Sparrow smiled, "(Which would you prefer)?"

"(You choose)," Mei smiled.

"(Okay)," Sparrow grinned.

As Mei rightly guessed, Sparrow was genuinely happy. Growing up hard and fast
she probably had never had any female friends, or friends period, and had
never gotten to do any 'girl' stuff.

"(All done)," Sparrow giggled, choosing the twin braids.

"(Would you like me to do your hair)?," Mei asked.

"(Maybe another time)," Sparrow shook her head.

"(Would you like to talk)?," Mei asked, "(Or maybe I could show you some
moves. Your kung fu is pretty good, but it's a little stiff. Also, you should
kick more)."

"(Why)?" Sparrow asked.

"(Men have a huge advantage over us in upper body)," Mei said, "(But with
lower body we are more even. Men will try to grab, this throws them off
balance. Our center is lower. Okay, try to grab me)."

Sparrow did only to find herself flying over Mei. She barely managed to roll
and come up unhurt, but surprised. Had Mei been an enemy she would have had a
free shot.

"What was that?" Sparrow gasped.

"(Judo from Japan)," Mei laughed, "(Your kung fu is good, but it was picked
up randomly from the streets. Now, street fighting kung fu is very powerful
and effective and will win most fights, but science and speed can be useful.
Now, let me show you something else, come at me)."

Sparrow tried, but hurt her hand as Mei blocked with an elbow, her knee
stopped right at Sparrow's stomach. Sparrow knew that without Mei's control
she would have been doubled up gasping on the ground by that strike.

"(What is that)?," Sparrow asked intrigued.

"(Muy Thai from Siam)," Mei answered, "(The elbows and knees are like
weapons, also the foreleg)."

"(She sees that the Drunken Immortal is definitely a liar)," Sparrow couldn't
stop giggling, "(She thinks you should teach him)."

"(I don't know, he has more than just drunken fist)," Mei said, "(I saw some
tiger in there too. I don't think I've seen near his best yet)."

"(Okay, so what's next)?" Sparrow asked.

"(A sneaky technique)," Mei smiled, "(This is very effective against both
male and female opponents. Come, sit down close to me, closer)."

Sparrow complied falling into Mei's trap. Sparrow was streetwise in a lot of
ways, but naive in the ways of love. To Mei, she was little more than easy

"(Yes, that's good)," Mei said very close to her, "(Now, this is an
especially good technique if you are losing a fight. It will take an opponent
completely off guard allowing you to get in a devastating counter punch)."

Mei leaned over and kissed Sparrow full on the lips. Sparrow's eyes grew wide
as she leaned back.

"(Aha! You see how effective it is)," Mei said, "(If I was an enemy you would
be wide open! Now, let's try it again, it's okay, we're both girls)."

"(O-okay)," Sparrow was confused and unsure, but she trusted Mei, and she
certainly seemed to know what she was doing.

Mei kissed her again, this time Sparrow did not pull away. The kiss became
harder, more passionate. Mei parted Sparrow's lips with her tongue, slipping
it inside to touch Sparrow's tongue. Sparrow's eyes again grew wide, but she
did not pull away. She didn't understand why she was also starting to feel
funny, but a good funny.

"(Now, how was that sister)?" Mei smiled, breaking the kiss.

"( She does not know sister)," Sparrow gasped, "(That is a strange technique.
Are you sure it's okay)?"

"(Of course it is)," Mei's smile was evil, "(Like I said, we're both girls so
it's perfectly acceptable. Not like with some dirty old man. Now, this time,
close your eyes, part your lips a little bit, use your tongue to play with my
tongue. Oh, and arms around my neck too)."

Mei kissed her again. and Sparrow found herself kissing back. The more
experienced Mei dominated Sparrow who yielded to her aggression. Lip's sought
and found lips, tongue's played with each other.

When Mei broke the kiss Sparrow was panting, her breasts heaving. A stiffness
in her nipples she had never felt before along with a warmth in her loins
confused her.

"(She-she feels strange sister)," Sparrow gasped.

"(How does it feel)?" Mei asked, "(It feels good to me)."

"(It feels funny, but she thinks it feels good)," Sparrow replied.

"(As I keep saying, we're both girls, it's supposed to feel good)," Mei said,
"( Sometimes I go to places where 100 girls practice this at the same time.
The more you practice the more you want to practice and the better you get.
So, let's try it again )."

Sparrow nodded. Mei continued her kissing lesson. Sparrow was learning and
was more aggressive herself. This time when she broke the kiss, Mei
continued, kissing Sparrow's neck, lightly stroking the younger woman's
hair. Sparrow panted as unknown passions swept through her. Sparrow lightly
bit her own lip as Mei licked at her ear.

Their lips met again. Mei thought she might be able to take her there,
but she wanted more. Mei loved Sparrow and wanted her love in return. Mei
broke the kiss, slowly standing and taking Sparrow's hands.

"Come sister," Mei softly said, "We should make some spears for small game or

"Can we practice more later?" Sparrow asked, not wanting to stop.

"Of course," Mei smiled, "We are sisters now and we shall do everything

"(She thinks she likes having a sister)," Sparrow smiled shyly.

Mei gave her a sisterly kiss on the cheek. Sparrow produced a pair of 12"
long knives, Mei drew hers, and they started on some hacking some small
bamboo trees. They made 12 crude, but effective spears, 4 each and tied them
to their horses just as Lu Yan returned.

"Maybe you 2 aren't as hopeless as thought," Lu Yan said, "Do something

"Hey!" Mei said.

"What she say as well, hey," Sparrow added, hands on hips.

"Hay is for horses," Lu said, "We go now. Jade Warlord's men lost us, but
they know where we must go. We can expect many battles between here and Five
Elements Mountain. Only good thing is that we don't have to hurry until we
get to the desert. That could possibly make them lazy, careless. Maybe, we'll
come across some we can sneak by."

"Maybe the Jade Warlord doesn't even know we have the staff," Mei said, "If
we're that far away his men would have to travel the same distance we do to
deliver a message. It's not like they have AT&T or a GPS system."

"I do not know what you are talking about, as usual, but the Jade Warlord's
men all know how to make magic portals," Lu said.

"Then they could attack us from anywhere, at anytime?" Sparrow asked.

"No, portals only go to Five Elements Mountain and return," Lu said.

"So, magic does have some rules," Mei said.

* * *

The captain had not wanted to report. Jade Warlord had a bad habit of
punishing failure with death. But after hours of fruitless searching in the
dark he had been forced to turn back. He summoned his portal and stepped
through. Guards escorted him into the Warlord's palace.

The captain had some hope as he saw that the Jade Warlord was inspecting 6
new concubines. This always put Jade Warlord in a better mood. The captain
hoped that this and his news about the Seeker would be enough to satisfy his
master. He bowed down on one knee.

"Why have you disturbed me?" Jade Warlord asked, toying with a frightened
girls hair.

"I have urgent news milord," the captain said," The staff has been seen in
the Middle Kingdom. Already the peasants speak of the prophecy."

"The peasants always speak of prophecy," Jade Warlord said, sounding bored,"
How would you know it is the staff that I have been seeking?"

"Milord, the Seeker has attacked your soldiers on 2 occasions already," the
captain said, "First she attacked a detachment at some village, then my own
men in the city."

"She?" the Warlord's eyebrow raised, his interest piqued now, "The Seeker is
a woman?"

"Yes milord," the captain replied.

"Did you see her?," the Warlord asked.

"Yes milord," the captain said, "She is young and beautiful, dressed in

"Then where is the staff," Jade Warlord smiled, "I trust you captured her."

"I fear she escaped milord," the captain meekly said, "Her kung fu was
fantastic and she had help. The Drunken Immortal and another girl."

"Lu Yan and Sparrow," Jade Warlord mused, "Rise good captain, you have
brought me excellent news. I must reward you."

The captain breathed a sigh of relief as he stood respectfully in front of
his master. Jade Warlord drew a dagger and plunged it into his heart.

"Normally failure such as yours would warrant weeks of agony," Jade Warlord
smiled," But I am merciful and grant you the quick death for your news."

Wiping the blade clean he turned back to his new slave, motioning to his
chief guard.

"Bring me the bounty hunter, born of 2 worlds," Jade Warlord ordered, "I am
tired of resistance. This Seeker, Golden Sparrow, Lu Yan, the silent Monk,
that bandit Shatter who robs from me and gives what I steal back to the poor.
Yes, I am weary of them, my lovelies, time to crush them once and for all!"

* * *

With no pursuit behind them, the ride through the small rolling hills had
been more leisurely than they originally thought. Luck, in the form, of some
wild chickens presented itself. Sparrow gathered several eggs, Mei nailed a
couple of chickens for dinner. A small running stream provided water.

The horses were having a well earned feast with the tall grass that stretched
for miles ahead.

"There is a small village to the west," Lu Yan said, "We could all use some
fresh clothes. Especially the one who sticks out like a sore thumb. The water
is deeper to the north if you want to bathe. Some soap in my bag."

"She thinks a little soap do honorable sensei some good too," Sparrow giggled
with pee-yew gestures.

"Hopeless disrespectful students," Lu Yan said mounting.

Sparrow took the soap and started walking along the shore. Mei joined her.
Sparrow looked at her.

"(You are so silly sister)," Mei laughed, "(How many times must I remind you
that we're both girls so it's okay to bathe together. We can wash each
other's backs and wash each other's hair)."

"(Ohhh, she is so sorry sister)," Sparrow truly apologized, "(She is so
ashamed. She has never know anyone so kind. Oh sister, please forgive me)."

"(Oh sister, you are so silly)," Mei smiled and gently kissed her on the
lips, "(There is nothing to forgive. We are sisters. I love you)."

"(Oh sister)," Sparrow threw her arms around Mei, tears of happiness in her
eyes, "(I love you sister)!"

Mei gave her another deep soul kiss, her hands roaming the younger woman's
back. Only when Mei's hands cupped her buttocks did Sparrow draw back.

"(Silly, I have one just like it)," Mei took her shirt off, then unhooked her
bra, "(See! I have them too. Touching you is just like touching myself. It's
not wrong if we're both girls)."

"(Forgive me sister)," Sparrow gasped, "(You are so wise and she is acting
like a child. There is nothing wrong about girls touching each other)."

"(That's right)," Mei knew she was winning, "(You've seen 'Orchid Houses'
it's only bad if a disgusting old man touches a girl. You've seen what they
do to girls our age)!"

"(You are right sister)," Sparrow agreed, her eyes wide, she started taking
her clothes off, "(Men are disgusting. She would marry a woman)."

"(We could marry each other)," Mei smiled, stripping off the last of her own
clothes, "(In my world, in Lung Ki, girls can marry girls)."

"(You would marry me sister)?" Sparrow asked, shyly covering herself admiring
Mei's toned muscular, yet feminine body, "(She is so ugly and you are so

"(Sister, you are very pretty)," Mei cooed, gently removing Sparrow's hands,
admiring her body, "(You have a very exciting body, and you face is as lovely
as the dawn. A princess could not be more beautiful)."

"(Ooooooo, sister)," Sparrow melted in Mei's arms kissing her passionately.

The 2 women slowly sank to the ground. They kissed for several minutes, then
just looked deep in each other's eyes. Both had excellent light brown skinned
bodies, nice sized breasts for Asian girls topped with hard brown nipples,
both had hairless mounds and large 1" long clits.

Wordlessly they rose and walked hand in hand into the luke warm stream. Once
waist deep in the water they again embraced, their tit's mashed together.

"(Ummmmm, let's rub our titties together sister )," Mei moaned between

Mei and Sparrow with hands on each others hips facing each other. Sticking
out their tits, their nipples lightly touched sending a jolt of pleasure
through both women. Hands around the small of Sparrow's back, Mei used her
skill in lesbian love, alternating between light nipple to nipple touches, to
titty fighting, to tit to tit mashing.

"(Ahhhhhhh! Sister)!," Sparrow cried out from her first ever orgasm.

Sparrow would have collapsed had Mei not held her up. Mei was relentless,
kissing her lips, her neck, hands caressing Sparrow's ass.

"(I love you sister)," Mei whispered in her ear.

"(Oooooo, she loves you sister)," Sparrow whispered back, "(She is yours. Do
with her as you will! She is your wife your slave, anything)."

"(Come, let me wash your hair)," Mei gently smiled, taking it slow.

Sparrow carefully took out her hair pin, gently putting it on top of her
clothes. Mei washed Sparrow's hair, then Sparrow returned the favor washing
Mei's hair. Mei again used her skill in lesbian love to give Sparrow an
erotic bath. Lip's, tongue, and fingers played with Sparrow's tit's as they
were soaped and rinsed. Mei then did her back, playing with her ass, light
touches on Sparrow's virgin asshole.

Poor Sparrow was helpless in Mei's arm's as she was washed head to toe,
teasing touches and licks. Sparrow was lost. Even when Mei finally inserted a
finger into her virgin, but hymen-less pussy, Sparrow had no will to resist.
She had met a superior woman and was now Mei's slave.

Mei was not surprised Sparrow had lost her hymen. Split's and high kicks of
female martial artists robbed them early. Mei finished bathing Sparrow, then
showed Sparrow how to help her. There were many deep kisses.

Hand in hand they walked back to where Mei spread a blanket. Not bothering to
dry off under the warm spring sun Mei laid Sparrow on her back then lay next
to her, gentle kisses on lip's and neck. Mei cupped the girls breasts has,
lightly touching and squeezing.

"(Sisterrrr)," Sparrow moaned, "(Touch me, touch me. Please, keep touching

Mei's tongue was electric on her nipples. Sparrow was close to cumming again
already. Mei continued to lick and suck on her nipples, then her hand gently
stroked Sparrow's pussy. Sparrow cried out from the second orgasm of her
young life as Mei pinched her hard clit.

But Mei had no mercy on the poor girl, spanking her pussy and clit. Sparrow
thrashed, no control over her own body, crying out in pleasure. Biting her
lip so hard she drew blood, her hands with a tight grip on pieces of blanket.

"(You are my sister, my wife, my lover)," Mei whispered in her ear, "(Now I
will show you how to girl-fuck)."

Mei mounted Sparrow, arranging herself lips to lips, tit to tit, nipple to
nipple, pussy to pussy, clit to clit. Kissing Sparrow she began the erotic
pussy fucking. Slowly at first, then faster, Mei's downward thrust were soon
met by Sparrow's. Pussy's grew slick, wetter and wetter, clits touched again
and again. Neither woman could hold out long. Pleasure swept through them
their cries muffled by each others lips.

Both women lay panting, side by side. But Mei was far from finished with
Sparrow. She was a cat playing with a Sparrow. Again Mei licked and sucked on
Sparrow's nipples. The poor girl was going out of her mind under the pleasure
assault. This time Mei continued to lick and kiss down Sparrow's flat
stomach, pausing to lick all around, then probe inside Sparrow's belly

"(Now I will show you how to pleasure another woman with lips and tongue),"
Mei purred.

Mei blew on Sparrow's erect excited clit. Then she started licking up and
down the pretty slit, lightly touching the clit. Sparrow was moaning, when
Mei straddled her pretty face in a 69.

"(Now, just try to lick like you think you would like it)," Mei instructed.

Mei started to lick Sparrow's pussy expertly then. Sparrow didn't really know
what she was doing at first, but soon she was eating pussy like she couldn't
get enough. Faster and faster with tongue's flashing the 2 women ate each
other's smooth pussies. With muffled screams of pleasure they came together,
greedily lapping up each other's pussy juice.

Sparrow tasted herself as Mei kissed her deeply. They snuggled and stared
dreamily at each other under the warm sun.

"(She never knew girl tasted so good)," Sparrow smiled, Cantonese was
becoming their romantic language.

"(Let's not lose your hair pin)," Mei smiled handing it to her.

"(She not lose it)," Sparrow said, "(Sacred Jade dart, capable of killing an
immortal. Long has she practiced with one goal in mind, to kill the Jade
Warlord before I die)."

"(And now)?," Mei asked, kissing her neck.

"(Now she is still willing to die, but has hope she might live)," Sparrow
smiled at her love, "(As long as Jade Warlord dies she be happy. She longer
cares who gets him, Monkey, sensei Lu, you, or her. And if she still alive
that be best now)."

"How touching," Ni Chang laughed, whip in hand.

End of Chapter 3:


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