FLintstones: Bedrock Bedrooms Part 3 (MF,F-mast,anal,ws,voy)
by Twohard

"Ohhh baby that was fantastic!" Bam Bam let out in a satisfied sigh as
Pebbles' young lithe body detached from his wilting cock with a lewd sucking
noise. Pebbles was astride Bam Bamís body as she had just finished riding his
large prick.

"Glad you enjoyed it honey" she said as she bent and sucked on Bam Bam's
nipple, "I know I did." With that she rolled off and lay beside her satisfied

Pebbles and Bam Bam were lying in the cool grass at their favourite spot near
Slate river, this is where they came when the urge to fuck got too much and
they needed some privacy. As Bam Bam lay there all he could think about was
his girl having wild sex with her mother and a fucking dinosaur, was that
weird or not, as Pebbles had told him about her fuck session with Wilma and
Dino he had steadily got hotter and hotter, his thrusts into her tight cunt
had gotten deeper and stronger and finally when Pebbles had told him how
Wilma had squatted over her and pissed in her mouth that had been the last
straw, his cock dove deeper into her pussy than ever before and he had shot
a load of cum a T-Rex would have been proud of.

Bam Bam couldn't believe the thought of Wilma pissing on Pebbles would of
turnred him on so much. He turned to Pebbles and idly played with her small
hard nipples, Pebbles looked at him and smiled, "Pebbles" he whispered in her

"Yes darling" she answered.

"Would you do that to me, you know, would you piss on me?" he asked

Pebbles sucked in a deep breath and almost moaned as she replied "I would
love too, it felt so good when Mom pissed on me, I would love to soak your
body in my hot pee."

Bam Bam's thick cock stirred at Pebbles reply and started to grow against his
thigh, he trailed his finger through Pebbles smooth hairless cunt and could
feel her fuck passage start to moisten, "Do it babe, soak me with your piss."
he moaned and he reached over and easily lifted Pebbles above his chest.

Pebbles was held suspended over her lovers body by his bulging arms. She
spread her slender legs and her pussy was directly above his awaiting mouth,
she reached down and started to rub her twitching clit, then pull on her
smooth cunt lips, pushing her finger along her slit and slightly into her wet
cunt. As Bam Bam looked up and watched his girl wank her bald pussy inches
from his face, he could feel his 10" cock start to twitch as it hardened and
grew until it was rubbing at Pebbles fudge hole, he could see straight up
into her pink love tunnel and watched as the walls of her pussy contracted
and relaxed as she frigged her dripping twat.

"Ohh Bam Bam here it comes," she moaned as she rubbed the opening to her piss
tube, and then a waterfall of hot, salty urine flowed out of her cunt and all
over Bam Bam's face. He eagerly drank in the hot liquid as it poured into his
mouth and down his face. 'Fuck it is so hot and tasty,' he thought as he felt
the piss go down his throat. His cock was now pushing at Pebbles' dark
asshole, Bam Bam relaxed his arms and Pebbles let out a little scream as she
felt the throbbing head of his large cock enter her butthole. Slowly Bam Bam
let Pebbles sink onto his waiting dick until all 10" were buried in her shit
hole and her pissy pussy was rubbing on his washboard stomach.

Bam Bam knew he wouldn't last long, not with his cock buried up her ass for
the first time and not after drinking Pebbles piss for the first time as
well. He let out a loud roar and Pebbles felt his pumping cock pulsate as he
fired thick white cum into her bowels, this triggered her own orgasm and she
gushed her cunt cream all over his stomach.

Betty Rubble was taking a walk, she was missing Barney, well more to the
point she was missing his thick hard prick, it had been three nights now and
she was getting stir crazy waiting his return tonight. As she walked along
the bank of the Slate river her thoughts were on her husband and what he
would do to her when he got home tonight, that was when she heard her son's
voice coming from the bushes, she was about to call out when she heard
Pebbles' voice as well, and they both sounded very funny. Quietly she walked
towards the voices and parted some branches and there before her astounded
eyes were her son and Pebbles butt naked and in the middle of making love.

Her son, her wonderful loving son, had Pebbles in his arms above his body,
and all of Pebbles charms were in full view. Betty couldn't help but admire
Pebbles' firm young body, her small perfect tits, her tight stomach and her
beautiful bald pussy.

As she watched Bam Bam lowered Pebbles onto his cock, 'Mmmm,'she thought,
'it's going up her ass, now I would love to try that.' She admired her son's
beautiful cock, it had been a long time since she had seen Bam Bam naked and
boy had he grown up, and now his fat red cock was fucking her best friend's
daughters ass. 'Fuck that must hurt,' she thought, but looking at Pebbles'
face she could tell that it wasn't hurting one bit.

Then Pebbles moaned and she let fly with a stream of piss into her son's
face, "Holy hell, she's pissing in my boy's mouth and he's loving it!' Betty
thought and without knowing it her hand flew to her aching cunt and as she
watched her son fuck Pebbles' ass and drink her hot pee. She frigged her
sopping pussy until at the moment Bam Bam shot his load into Pebbles. Betty
also let loose with the biggest load of cunt juice she had ever had, it
flowed out of her cunt down her legs and pooled at her feet.

Betty quietly turned and sneaked back to the path and all she could think
about was her son's big cock fucking her, while Pebbles Flintstone pissed in
her starving mouth, and as she walked she left a glistening trail of her cum
behind her.

As Pebbles pissed on Bam Bam she happened to look towards some bushes and
there she saw Mrs Rubble frantically masturbating as she watched Bam Bam and
her make love, Pebbles could see most of Betty's lower body and it looked
great to her as she fingered her hairy twat, 'Mmmm,' thought Pebbles, 'new
pussy,' and she wandered into a daydream of her eating out Betty while her
Mother was filling her tight ass with a couple of fingers... Mmmmmmmm...


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