Flintstones: Bedrock Bedrooms Part 2 (FF,F-best,inc,ws)
by TwoHard

Pebbles stretched her slender long body as she slowly came awake, her
thoughts on what had happened last night, she had fucked her Mother, she
still couldn't believe it and what a lovemaking session it had been. She
could still feel Wilma's fingers pumping up her tight asshole and she could
see Dino's enormous cock fucking her Mother's hairy wet pussy.

There was a small honk from the foot of the bed, Pebbles looked towards the
end of the bed, there was Dino his long tongue flicking in and out of his
mouth and she could hear his breath as he sniffed the air. Pebbles realised
her bald cunt was leaking cunt juice as she was having her sexy thoughts,
she reached down and ran her finger up her slit, it came away glistening
with her cum, she held it out to Dino and his long tongue whipped out and
licked it clean, he started to honk in earnest.

Pebbles threw the bear skin off her and spread her legs, her smooth pussy
wide open for Dino to do his worst, she felt his tongue flick at her slit,
licking at her cunt lips and then probing for her engorged clit, suddenly
she felt it slip up her love canal and start swirling inside her cunt walls.

'Oh my God,' she thought as Dino's seemingly endless tongue reached deep into
her, 'now I know how Mom felt,' and she drew her knees up to her chest her
young cunt now fully stretched wide open and Dino pushed his head into her
pussy mound and his tongue was flicking at the entrance to her womb. The
feeling was incredible Dino's tongue was rolling and swirling in her cunt
like nothing she had ever felt before. Pebbles quickly grabbed her nipples,
which were now bullet hard, and she started to roll them in her fingers and
pull on them and this caused her hard clit to tingle.

Suddenly Dino's tongue was gone and she felt the bed sink as he climbed on,
she looked down and there before her was that wonderful big purple cock, it
was at least 2 feet long and the head of his prick was enormous. Dino was
now honking madly and his back legs were pumping automatically. Pebbles felt
that large knob pushing at her bald beaver.

'There is no way I can get that in me, she thought, and as that thought
crossed her mind, Dino gave a large hump and the head of his cock was lodged
between Pebbles' pussy lips, Pebbles moaned as her cunt obliged by letting go
with a stream of juice, she had never been so stretched before as Dino pushed
his weapon deeper and deeper, as she watched half of this monster was now
disappearing inside her and before she could think to order Dino off he sunk
it all the way in. Pebbles had never been so filled, her cunt walls were
stretched taut and she could feel Dino's prick hitting her cervix as he
fucked her, Pebbles came quickly three times in a row each time her cunt
juice was spraying over Dino and her until she was soaked from chest to feet,
Dino started pumping faster then let out a series of loud honks and Pebbles
could feel his cock lengthen and harden even more as he shot of his load.
Dino collapsed on to the floor and Pebbles, who by now was almost
unconscious, looked down as a flood of dinosaur cum flowed out of her abused
pussy and poured onto the bed.

"Mmmm baby that looks so good," Pebbles heard her Mothers voice come from the
doorway, there was Wilma looking at her beautiful daughter, the poor girl was
all flushed and sweaty and even from the doorway Wilma could smell her
daughter's cunt juice and Dino's cum as her daughter glistened from head to
foot obviously covered in the stuff. "Come on sweetheart we better clean you
up" Wilma helped Pebbles up and into the bathroom. "Hop in the bath darling,"
she said to Pebbles, as her daughter climbed in she told her she had one more
gift for her.

"What's that Mom" Pebbles asked as she laid her weary body in the bath.

"Well darling have you ever heard of a golden shower."

"No Mom."

"Well baby I am now going to piss on you," Wilma said in her sexiest voice.

"What?!" Pebbles asked as Wilma stripped off her clothes and climbed in the
bath, her legs spread and a hand already roving in her hairy twat, "I'm going
to piss on you my baby and you are going to enjoy it" and with that Wilma
squatted slightly and began to frig her cunt. Pebbles looked up and she was
looking straight at her Mothers hairy cunt and she couldn't help but get
horny at the sight of her Mother wanking over her head. "You ready honey
because here it comes," Wilma moaned and with that a stream of yellow hot
piss left Wilma's cunt and splashed over her daughters chest. At first
Pebbles was disgusted of the thought of being pissed on but as the first
stream hit her and the warmth flowed over her skin she began to get very hot.

Wilma rocked her hips back and forth and as she did her salty urine hit
Pebbles on the tits, the stomach, cunt and then back up until it hit her
square in the face, some pouring into her open mouth, Pebbles first thought
was to spit it out but as it sat in her mouth she couldn't help but swallow
and as she did the taste excited her. "In my mouth Mom, in my mouth,"
screamed Pebbles, happy to oblige Wilma squatted lower until her cunt lips
were just above her daughters mouth, the piss shot straight into Pebbles'
mouth. "oor Pebbles swallowed as much as she could but it was too much and
it spilled down her neck and down her chest.

As the first stream went down her throat Pebbles felt the first tremble as
her body responded by discharghing a flood of cunt cream, it shot out of her
smooth cunt and straight in the air Pebbles had never cum like that before
in her life and it just kept cumming and cumming. Wilma sunk down until her
cunt was pressing on her daughter's lips, Pebbles pushed her tongue up her
Mother's cunt tasting piss and cum as Wilma shuddered and dropped her own
load of pussy juice, down her daughter's throat and over her face and in her

Mother and daughter bathed together making sure every nook and cranny was
squeaky clean, after the bath Wilma left to go shopping and Pebbles left to
find Bam Bam to tell him all about her night before and the adventures of
this morning.


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