Flinstones: Bedrock Bedrooms Part 1 (MF,FF,F-mast,F-best,inc,voy)
by TwoHard

Pebbles quietly opened the door and sneaked inside, it was past her
curfew and even though Dad and Uncle Barney were out of town at a bowling
tournament, she knew Wilma, her mother, would rake her over the coals for
being so late.

She thought back over the night just gone and her tight little cunt got all
wet again, she thought of Bam Bam's big thick cock sliding in and out of her
mouth, the big purple knob stretching her lips and filling her mouth, and Bam
Bam's thick talented fingers stretching her pussy and reaming her ass hole.
Pebbles had turned 18 a week ago and ever since her and Bam Bam had been at
it like rabbits, at her house, at his, at the drive in, even in the toilets
at Bedrock College, where ever and when ever they could. She couldn't get
enough of Bam Bam's 12 inch cock, she needed it in every hole in her body and
he couldn't get enough of her tight juicy cunt, her firm little tits and her
brown fudge hole.

Pebbles shook with the all the memories and smiled to herself, she couldn't
wait until tomorrow. She crept through the house towards her bedroom and was
almost there when she heard moans coming from her parent's room, it was her
Mum letting out little moans and sighs, now her Dad was away what could be
happening in that room, was her Mum wanking herself, as she thought about
that she couldn't help but get a little turned on, her Mother was still a
good looking woman with a very tidy body. Pebbles crept to her parent's door
and looked through the gap that was there, 'Oh my god' she thought to
herself, she couldn't believe her eyes, there was Wilma on all fours on her
bed and down between her spread legs was Dino their pet dinosaur, "Holy shit
my Mother is getting eaten out by Dino."

Pebbles cunt was instantly wet and hot as she watched Dino's long forked
tongue flick across Wilma's dripping wet snatch, his tongue flicked at her
lips and her clit and then disappeared up her wide open cunt, his tongue was
at least 8 inches long and was completely entering her Mother. Pebble's hand
rushed down to her pussy and started to rub up and down her slit as she
watched her Mother get Dino eaten, the look on her Mother's face was pure
enjoyment and her back kept arching and relaxing as Dino tongue fucked her.

Suddenly her Mother spoke, "Dino MOUNT!"

Instantly Dino stopped reaming Wilma's steaming cunt and placed his front
legs on to Wilma's back, as he did Pebble's could see his hard purple cock,
'Holy fuck!' she thought it had to be two feet long and the head was as big
as a grapefruit. 'There is no way Mum can take that,' she thought but to her
surprise the big throbbing head slowly split Wilma's cunt apart and as Dino
humped half of his cock disappeared into her Mother's hairy wet pussy.

This was to much for Pebbles she ripped of her leopard skin dress and started
pulling on her nipples and frigging her sloppy wet cunt as her Mother's cries
of lust and Dino's honks of joy echoed in the bedroom.

"Dino CUM!" roared out her Mother's voice.

As she looked in the bedroom she saw Dino fucking flat out and her Mother
covered in sweat as his big long cock fucked her wet cunt, her Mother was now
taking all of Dino's monster prick and by the look on her face was thoroughly
enjoying it. Suddenly Dino stopped pumping, his cock fully into Wilma and
started honking like a wild goose, as Pebbles looked on Wilma screamed and a
torrent of thick white cum mixed with cunt juice sprayed out of Wilma's pussy
past Dino's cock, this of course set off Pebble's cumming and as she frigged
her cunt like a wild woman she bumped against the bedroom door and as it
swung open Wilma saw her daughter wide eyed and shaking as hot wet cunt juice
ran down her legs.

"Hi Mum!" was all Pebble's could come up with as she stood there naked and
her thighs glistening with her pussy juice.

"How long have you been there darling?" said Wilma.

"Oh I saw everything Mum" Pebbles replied.

"And what did you think sweetheart" Wilma asked her daughter.

"Oh Mum it was amazing you and Dino look so sexy together his big huge cock
pumping your beautiful cunt." As she said this Pebbles was moving closer to
the bed staring at her Mother's cunt which was covered in Dino's cum and
Wilma's pussy cream, licking her lips as she went.

"So you like what you see then baby?" Wilma purred at Pebbles.

"Yes, I do Mum."

Pebbles was now perched on the edge of the bed only a few inches from her
mothers beautiful pussy, she could smell the cum and cunt juice and all she
wanted to do was lap it up.

Wilma slowly opened her legs looked at her beautiful naked daughter beside
her, she had gorgeous pert tits, a lovely slim waist and tight stomach, good
wide hips and a lovely smooth cunt, Wilma appraised her daughter's charms and
decided it was time to fuck her little girl. "Baby" she said.

"Yes Mum" Pebbles replied.

"Do you want to eat me sweetheart?"

"Oh please Mum!"

With that Wilma grabbed her legs pulled her knees up to her chest and said,
"Eat me daughter."

Pebbles looked at her mother's cunt stretched wide open, she could see the
pink interior of her mother's pussy, without hesitation she dived in with
her tongue lapping at her mother's cunt like a kitten laps milk. Her tongue
entered Wilma's pussy and as it did Wilma gave a little jump then a long
loud sigh as her daughters magical tongue set to work.

'My daughter is eating me,' thought Wilma 'and its the sexiest thing I have
ever done.' "Eat me sweetheart, eat me!" she cried out.

Pebbles didn't need to be asked twice and she went at her Mother's cunt
with gusto, licking up and down the wet slit, sucking in her cunt lips and
nibbling on her Mother's big clit, and as she did she could taste Dino's
salty cum and Wilma's spicy cunt juice.

"Turn around baby girl Mummy wants to eat your cunt," said Wilma. Pebbles
swung her body around and her smooth hairless cunt was above her Mother's
adoring gaze, "Oh sweetheart what a beautiful pussy you have" Wilma moaned
as her talented tongue dove into her daughter's love box.

Pebbles moaned into her mother's cunt as Wilma's tounge and hot breath
attacked her pussy, she renewed her attentions on Wilma's glistening snatch
sucking and poking her tongue deep into her mother's hot cunt. Pebbles
suddenly stiffened as Wilma's tongue licked at her virgin pink asshole.
"Mmmmmmm" groaned Pebbles as Wilma pushed her tongue past her tight ring and
into her musky shithole. Pebbles couldn't concentrate and had to come up for
air as Wilma tongue fucked her butt, she had never known this feeling before,
but it was sure good and she didn't want Mum to stop.

Wilma was enjoying the taste of her daughters ass hole so tasty and a very
musky smell, she slowly withdrew her tongue stuck a finger in her daughter's
cunt to get it wet and then pushed against Pebbles rectum, slowly the finger
disappeared into her daughters beautiful tight butt, Wilma fingered her
daughter's ass until she felt it loosen a little then she inserted another,
then another until eventually she had four fingers up Pebbles' stretched shit

Pebbles couldn't believe the incredible feeling she was getting from Wilma
finger fucking her ass, she was going to cum as she felt her body tremble and
shake, "Mum I'm gonna cum!" she moaned.

"Yes baby, cum, spray your juice all over Mummy's face," Wilma groaned to her

"Ahhhhh, Ohhhhh shit I'm cummmmmming!" and with that Pebbles let loose with
a virtual flood of pussy juice, it poured out over her mother's face, into
Wilma's open mouth, and over her chest and stomach.

Wilma couldn't believe how much cunt cream came out of her daughters tight
little pussy, she was literally soaked and had drunk so much she was sure her
stomach was full of Pebbles juice. Pebbles collapsed on top her mother, Wilma
set to with her tongue and cleaned up all the cum off her daughters cunt and
ass. "God you taste so sweet my little girl," she moaned.

After a short rest Wilma and Pebbles got to talking, Pebbles was keen to try
out Dino's wonderful cock and Wilma confessed to being very interested in
what Bam Bam had between his legs. So they agreed to get Bam Bam into a
foursome with them and Dino... but that is another story...


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