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Author's note: This story contains spoilers for Episode 7 of Season 3 of The Flash, but takes place sometime after and deviates from canon.

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Flash: Quickie Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

Caitlin Snow leaned against the front door to her apartment after closing it behind her and let out a deep sigh. Her days tended to be very long as she always wanted to be on hand to help out Team Flash, but today had been particularly long and noteworthy, and not just because of the giant sentient gorilla attack on her city. That's how most people would remember it, but she would remember it for the return of her friend Jesse Quick, who she had a one night stand with a couple of months ago, which was really stupid because of course Jesse came back, and of course things were now awkward. At least for her. Jesse seemed to think it was hilarious though, and had been shamelessly flirting with her. But nothing had come of it, and Caitlin was genuinely disappointed.

Just as Caitlin thought that Jesse suddenly appeared in front of her and asked with a huge grin on her face, "So, ready for another quickie?"

Caitlin frowned at the Speedster, "Did you just phase through my door? And me? Because as I told Barry, and Wally, it's one thing in Star Labs, but this is my home, so it's technically breaking and entering."

"But I didn't break anything." Jesse quipped as she approached with an evil grin.

"But you did enter without permission." Caitlin glared.

"Not according to the looks you've been giving me all day." Jesse said in a singsong voice.

Caitlin blushed, "You started it. And I'm serious, knock next time."

"Okay, I get it. Chill." Jesse couldn't resist quipping, before quickly adding, "So, are we actually going to do a lot of talking again? Or can we actually make this quick? Cause honestly, I haven't been able to stop thinking about you, and there's no way I'm leaving this Earth without fucking you again."

While Caitlin remembered Jesse being arrogant the girl had only seemed to get worse during their brief time apart, and it was really tempting to turn her down. But if she did the other girl would no doubt blackmail her again, and this time she had a lot more ammunition, because not only was there her crush on Barry and Iris to consider but there was the fact that she had fucked Jesse, another girl almost 10 years her junior, which would ruin her relationship with Jesse's father Harry and make everything awkward. More importantly, despite her current annoyance, Caitlin just simply didn't want to turn down Jesse. God, she would have let this arrogant brat fuck her in the middle of Star Labs if she wanted too. Although this was definitely the better option.

"I haven't been able to stop thinking about you either." Caitlin said softly as she began approaching the other girl.

"Really?" Jesse beamed brightly, also moving forward.

"Really." Caitlin confirmed with a little smile as Jesse pulled her into her arms, prompting her to wrap her arms around the back of Jesse's neck, "But who says it has to be another quickie? We've got the rest of the night, why don't we slow down and use it?"

"Sorry babe, I've only got one speed." Jesse grinned wickedly, before leaning in to whisper into Caitlin's ear, "But I promise you'll enjoy it."

Before she could protest any further Caitlin found herself on her back on her bed with Jesse on top of her and grinning wickedly. The Speedster had moved so fast that she had barely registered it, and she couldn't decide whether that was sexy, or frightening, or both. She'd have to think about it more later, because right now Jesse was leaning down, slowly this time thank God, giving Caitlin a chance to protest. As Caitlin didn't Jesse gently kissed her, thankfully distracting the scientist from her thoughts for what felt like a long time. While the two girls made out Caitlin wasn't really aware of anything else, but it was still a surprised when the kiss ended and she opened her eyes to find herself alone. For about a second she thought she had been dreaming, then suddenly a grinning Jesse was on top of her again.

"I got you a little present, courtesy of Earth 2." Jesse announced with a grin, pulling her hand from behind her back to reveal a strap-on, "Well, really it's a present for the both of us. Although I definitely want to be the one to wear it. Cause the thought of fucking you with one of these things is too good to pass up. Unless you have any objections?"

Caitlin blushed, at first at the size of the toy, then it Jesse's words, then her own response, "No."

"Excellent." Jesse beamed, discarding the toy for now, "But first, how about a little warm up pussy licking? And since I'm going to be fucking you, it's only fair that you give me some of that sweet little tongue of yours. That cool with you?"

Ignoring the irritatingly bad pun for now Caitlin simply grumbled, "Yes."

In the blink of an eye their positions were flipped, and they were both naked, Jesse lazily placing her hands behind her head and grinning cheekily as she replied, "Then get to it, Frost."

For a moment Caitlin just glared at the cocky little bitch, and seriously considered removing her necklace, which was thankfully still on, and letting Killer Frost teach Jesse Quick some manners. But for better or worse she was finding Jesse's attitude a turn on, so instead of scolding her like she perhaps should have she simply lowered her mouth to the other woman's neck and began gently kissing it. Then she smiled with a wickedly delicious thought. She might not want to truly hurt this girl, but she could definitely get her revenge on her by making this as slow as possible. Maybe it would even teach the Speedster some manners.

Jesse quickly guessed what Caitlin was doing, but decided not to punish her for it. After all, despite what she might have said the idea of taking it slow did have it's appeal. She just couldn't promise anything once it was her turn to take control. Although Jesse liked to think she was in control now. After all, it wasn't Caitlin who had propositioned her. No, it was the other way around, so they wouldn't even be here right now if it wasn't for her. She had even been the one to seduce Caitlin in the first place, so yeah, points to her. Not that it really mattered right now. No, all that mattered was that she had Caitlin Snow in bed again, even if she was only kissing her neck.

After a few long minutes Caitlin made her way downwards, but when she did it was as slowly as possible, peppering her skin in kisses. Caitlin didn't even have the decency of going in a straight line, instead choosing a two steps forward, one step back mentality, often including a couple of steps to the side and back again, just to make this as slow as possible. Then when Caitlin finally reached her breasts she pressed her lips to everywhere except Jesse's nipples, which really had the Speedster groaning and shuffling in frustration. Eventually Jesse just had enough and grabbed the back of Caitlin's head and pressed it to her right nipple.

Thankfully Caitlin took the hint and wrapped her lips around that nipple, causing Jesse to cry out gratefully, "Ooooooh, that's it, mmmmm, suck it! Suck it just like that! Ohhhhhh, now, ah fuck yeah, that's it Cait, make me feel good."

While continuing to encourage her friend to keep doing what she was doing, and eventually to give her more of it, Jesse stroked Caitlin's hair and grinned wickedly. This grin faded fairly quickly as although without having to be asked Caitlin began moving back and forth between Jesse's boobs and adding her tongue to the mix by sliding it around her nipples she never really picked up the forcefulness, and lingered on that area longer than she had her neck. Eventually Jesse was begging Caitlin to go lower, and gently trying to push her head downwards, although this time Caitlin just ignored her and continued licking and sucking her nipples regardless of what she did.

"Come on Caitlin, please go lower. I need you to go lower." Jesse whined, "I need you to eat my pussy! Mmmmm, I've been thinking about it ever since I left Earth 1. Please don't leave me hanging. Please just give it to me. Ooooooh yeah, give me your tongue, mmmmm, I really need it. Fucking lick my cunt! Please Caitlin, I need it! Pleassssseeeeeee?"

It took a lot of begging, which really made Jesse feel like she had lost control of the situation, but finally Caitlin complied and started moving her mouth downwards. She did it as slowly as before, and continued to refuse to go straight down, in fact this time she might have spend even longer lingering, but it was a step in the right direction, and that's all that mattered to Jesse at that moment. Especially as compared to what she just went through it felt like no time at all before Caitlin was right where she wanted her, in between her legs. Oh yes, Caitlin Snow was right back where she belonged, in between her legs and getting ready to eat her pussy.

Caitlin was very tempted to kiss her way down one of Jesse's legs and up the other, but concluded she had tortured this girl enough. Especially considering while she might be a brat, at least when it came to receiving pleasure, Jesse was still her friend, and she wanted to make her happy. Besides, it's not like Caitlin had the guts to arrange this herself. No, she had needed Jesse to get them both back here, in her bed, where they clearly both wanted to be. So for that Jesse deserved a reward, and Caitlin was only too happy to give it to her. Even if she chose to tease her first. Because after all, she could remember just how good Jesse tasted. Or at least she thought she did.

When Caitlin was finally in position sliding her tongue out of her mouth and slowly over Jesse's pussy she quickly realised her memory just couldn't do justice to the taste of pussy. It set her taste buds on fire, and she literally whimpered and moaned with delight throughout that first long lick. She then eagerly repeated the process, accidentally giving Jesse a few quick licks before reminding herself that if she continued teasing her, at least for a little longer, she would make Jesse cum that much harder. Which would hopefully mean more heavenly liquid to swallow. And fuck, she remembered girl cum being even better than this, and although that seemed impossible right now Caitlin was eager to find out if it was true.

So Caitlin forced herself to slow her licks down, and just as importantly avoid Jesse's clit. She had repeatedly hit it with every stroke of her tongue during her brief quick looking, which receive some very positive feedback from Jesse, just as Caitlin received some negative feedback for sliding her lips down her legs and starting to avoid her friend's clit. Although not very negative, as it was just a few whimpers and cries of disappointment and frustration. Those were eventually replaced with moans, groans, gasps and whimpers of pure pleasure, especially when she started treating Jesse's clit to a brief swipe of her tongue on every other lick.

Going slow not only ensured that Jesse would eventually cum that much harder. No, it also gave Caitlin the chance to savour the taste of girl cream, and pretty much get every drop which came out of Jesse's pussy. It was unlikely that continued to be the case, and honestly Caitlin was kind of hoping for that. She vividly remember having her face covered in cunt juice, in Jesse juice, and Caitlin really wanted to experience that again. It was another temptation to speed up, although given this girls in patients Caitlin had no doubt that all she had to do was wait a little longer and Jesse would beg her to make her cum. Or just ride her face again. That could be fun too.

Jesse was indeed itching to beg for more already, but that would have meant an end to this heavenly experience, and she was smart enough to know it was better to just let Caitlin work. Or maybe she was selfish enough to know that it was in her best interests to stay quiet. Either way she bit her lip, grinded her teeth and dug her nails into the bed sheets, or just to try and prevent the inevitable so she could enjoy these wonderful sensations for just a little bit longer. And no matter how bad the urge for more became it was totally worth it, because it only ensured that her eventual climax would be that much more powerful.

Of course even when trying her best there was definitely a limit to Jesse's patients, and sooner than she would have liked she whimpered, "More. Give me more. Please Caitlin? I need more. Mmmmmm, that's it, ooooooh, attack my clit! Attack my clit with your tongue, ohhhhhhhh yessssssss, mmmmm, oh God, fuck me! Mmmmmm, fuck me Caitlin, eat me out, oh fuck!"

To Jesse's delight it really didn't take much convincing to get Caitlin to give her more. It might not have been quite the tongue fucking that pretty much instantly made her cum, but it was still fantastic, especially as her pussy felt so sensitive after that slow, gentle licking Caitlin had been giving her for what felt like hours. Although it probably helped a lot that what Caitlin chose to do instead was concentrate on her clit, beginning to lick just that and even take it into her mouth for a gentle sucking. That felt so good Jesse struggled to speak for a little while. But it wasn't enough. No, Jesse needed to cum, and she needed it now. And as soon as she had the ability again, she happily begged for it.

"More! Ohhhhhh Goooooodddddddd, I need more! Please Caitlin, mmmmmm, fuck me!" Jesse moaned, "Fuck me and make me cum! Fuck me now! Ooooooh, please Caitlin, I need it! Please fuck me with your tongue and make me cum! Tongue fuck me, ah fuck, fucking fuck me! Fuck me! Please, please, please, fuckkkkkkk meeeeeee, oooooooohhhhhh yeeeeeesssssss, oh Caitlin!"

At first Caitlin just cruelly teased her some more by increasing the attention to her clit and making Jesse more desperate for the feeling of that tongue inside her, but then just as she was beginning to get annoyed the scientist gave her exactly what she wanted. Okay, it was annoyingly slow, and didn't cause her to cum right away, but in that precious moment it was enough. Besides, soon enough Jesse found herself being pushed over the edge of orgasm when Caitlin began to thrust her tongue in and out of her, literally fucking her with it, giving her just enough and then removing the tongue so she could concentrate on swallowing her cum.

This process was repeated a few times before Jesse started grinding against Caitlin's face. She mostly did this unconsciously at first, but as it felt so good Jesse then grabbed a firm hold of Caitlin's hair and shoved her face as deep as it would go into her cunt while speeding up her pace, using her friend's pretty face as a fuck pad. Which made her feel a little guilty, but not enough to stop, as it felt away too good for that. Besides, she made sure Caitlin was okay, and Jesse fully intended to reward her soon enough and it was making her cum too hard to resist. And another reward before that, namely a long making session so Jesse could taste herself on Caitlin's lips and tongue.

Caitlin would have been happy going down on Jesse for much longer, but of course the Speedster would be impatient. Maybe it was because she wanted to use that dildo on her, or maybe she'd just been super eager to cum, but it happened, well, quick. Okay, Caitlin could have stretched it out for a little longer, but she didn't have the heart to deny the other girl, and she was craving the taste of Jesse's cum, so she had obliged. Then just as she had worked up a good rhythm she found herself face to face with the grinning younger girl and then being kissed. That kiss at least lasted quite a while, Jesse seeming to be on a mission to collect all the left over cum that was in Caitlin's mouth and swallow it herself.

After who knows how long making out Jesse broke the kiss and grinned, "Now I wanna fuck you."

Before Caitlin could even blush the strap-on was around Jesse's waist and she was stroking it as if it was real. Caitlin's mouth fell open in a mixture of surprise and desire. She thought it would look silly, a woman with a cock, but it didn't. At least not to her. Not when it was Jesse. because Jesse looks really, really good, and that wicked grin of hers was even more wide and evil than usual, and promised Caitlin powerful orgasms. Caitlin even considered offering to suck it to get it ready for her pussy, but on closer inspection it seemed that Jesse had already got that covered by grabbing some kind of lubricant and rubbing it into the dildo. Perhaps even a bit too much.

"Bend over!" Jesse ordered firmly, "Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, bend over so I can fuck you like you've never been fucked before!"

"Okay." Caitlin blushed, slowly doing as she was told, before admitting, "But my pussy doesn't need that much lube."

Jesse grinned wickedly, "Who said anything about your pussy?"

It took Caitlin a few long seconds to figure out what Jesse meant, which was way too long considering how smart she was, in her defence the alternative seemed absurd. Sure, a few guys tried to talk her into it, and it was obvious why they would, but a girl wouldn't feel it like they could, and it was gross, so why would Jesse be trying to do that to her? And yet Caitlin's eyes went wide and she let out a high-pitched gasp seconds later as Jesse suddenly pulled her butt cheeks apart and slid her tongue slowly over her back door. That lick was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, Caitlin initially too shock to respond with anything other than gasps, moans and whimpers of surprise and pleasure.

Then Caitlin nervously protested, "I, oooooooh... I, I don't know about this, mmmmm, it's weird, and gross, and ohhhhhh Gooooooddddddd, oh Jesse!"

Despite her protests Jesse just continued eating Caitlin's ass, which was really worrying. Okay, Caitlin didn't flat out tell her to stop, but Jesse should have known that's what she meant. And she meant it. Didn't she? Because no girl with any ounce of self-respect would allow themselves to be sodomised. Well, maybe to the one they were going to marry, but even then, why would they subject themselves to such a humiliation? And yet, Caitlin had to admit, the rim job did feel good. No! She had to put a stop to this. She just had too, otherwise things were going to get really embarrassing and unpleasant. Now, if she could only find her voice again. And stop moaning in pleasure. It was embarrassing.

Jesse might have seemed confident, and in a way she was as she was still feeling buzzed from taking control and riding Caitlin's face, but inside she couldn't help feeling conflicted. Above everything else Caitlin was her friend, and she didn't want to force her or anyone else into something they didn't want to do. But the second Caitlin pointed that perfect little ass of hers at her Jesse was just blinded by lust, so much so she just stared at it for a few long seconds, which at times could be like an eternity to a Speedster. Then she buried her face in that cute little butt, and well, she managed to make Caitlin moan in pleasure, so that was a good sign.

Hoping that she could talk the other girl into a little anal with the right motivation Jesse gently pulled apart Caitlin's ass cheeks so she could get all the access she could possibly need, spat onto that cute little back hole and then rubbed that saliva in with her tongue. She repeated the process a few times, then started swirling her tongue around Caitlin's butt hole. Then sucking it, and then literally trying to push her tongue into it. Basically everything she'd read about online. Unsurprisingly Jesse didn't get her tongue very far into that virgin rosebud, but she continued to get positive sounds out of Caitlin, so the Speedster decided to call it a win. That was until Caitlin found her voice again.

"Wha, what are you doing?" Caitlin asked weakly, before snapping, "Jesse!"

"What?" Jesse grinned teasingly when she finally pulled her face away from Caitlin's butt, "I'm preparing your butt hole. You don't expect me to butt fuck you without properly preparing you first, do you? Come on, I'm not that cruel."

"And I'm not into anal." Caitlin said.

"How do you know if you've never tried?" Jesse pushed, "Come on Caitlin, please? Since our first time together I researched lesbian sex, well, even more than before, and I found out the technical term for you is a complete and total bottom. See, bottoms love to submit to tops, and I can't think of anything more submissive than to take it in your ass. Or anything more dominant than fucking another girl in the ass. And fuck, you've got a beautiful little ass, and the whole time I was back on Earth 2 I just couldn't stop thinking about butt fucking you. So please baby, let me have your ass. I swear, it'll make you cum harder than ever before."

Caitlin severely doubted that, but clearly Jesse wanted this a lot which almost had her considering it, "I, I don't know... I-"

"Just a finger?" Jesse interrupted, "I was just about to use a finger to help loosen you up, so if I can get you to moan like a little butt slut from being anally fingered, like you did when I rimmed you, then your ass is mine? But if you don't like it, I'll stop? Sound fair?"

Those words made Caitlin blush and open her mouth to refuse, but instead she found herself moaning for some reason, and even mumbling, "Okay."

Not giving Caitlin a chance to change her mind Jesse used her superspeed to cover a few fingers in the lubricant and then returned to the bed before pressing her index finger against Caitlin's virgin ass hole. She then briefly paused to use her other hand to pull apart Caitlin's cheeks so she would have a better view of what she was about to do, then Jesse slowly pushed that finger knuckle deep into Caitlin's butt. Both girls cried out at the initial anal penetration, and while clearly only Jesse's was a cry of enjoyment it didn't sound unbearable for Caitlin. Or maybe Jesse was just so captivated by the feeling of the other girl's back hole and back passage squeezing her finger she didn't notice.

Either way Caitlin didn't offer up any real complaint during the penetration, or as Jesse began pumping her finger in and out of her friend's most private hole. Which Jesse thought she would have to do for a long time before getting a positive reaction, and maybe not even then. However barely a minute later Caitlin's whimpers, cries and groans of discomfort and weirdness turned to whimpers, cries and groans of surprise and pleasure. Then she moaned. Dr Caitlin Snow a.k.a. Killer Frost fucking moaned in pleasure from getting her ass fingered, making her ass hers. They both knew it, but just to make it crystal clear Jesse continued the anal fingering for a little longer, squeezing more moans out of Caitlin in the process.

"Looks like your ass is mine Caitie." Jesse chuckled wickedly, "Oh yeah, I won our little bet, and now your ass is mine. Or at least it will be once I've popped your anal cherry. Mmmmm, and you are cherry back here, aren't you Caitlin? Ooooooh yeahhhhh, there's no way you'd be this tight otherwise. Ohhhhhh yeah, gonna make this ass mine! I'm-"

"Please..." Caitlin whimpered, unable to believe she was saying this, "Just get it over with."

"Awww Caitie, don't be like that." Jesse teased, "When I'm done with you, you're gonna love it."

Again Caitlin doubted that, but instead she just responded with a grumble, "Just be gentle."

"Oh don't worry, I will be." Jesse promised, "Now spread your cheeks and give me that ass. Ohhhhhh yessssss, give me your virgin ass hole! Oh fuck!"

Caitlin whimpered softly as she did as she was told and slowly pulled her ass cheeks wide apart. Unsurprisingly the fingers were almost instantly removed from her ass hole and replaced with something much wider, making her whimper softly again. What was surprising was that Jesse didn't immediately ram forward and impale her poor little ass with the full length of her strap-on cock, instead choosing to show great restraint, which somewhat relieved Caitlin. Although it didn't make the whole thing a walk in the park, as Jesse still seem determined to get at least the majority of that big dildo into her butt, even though Caitlin was still sure it wouldn't fit.

In fact, in that moment she was positive her poor little ass hole wouldn't even stretch for the head. She was then proven wrong almost instantly as Jesse started slowly moving forwards, quickly causing Caitlin's back door to open wider than it had ever done before. Each time Caitlin didn't think she could stretch any more she did, and then to her amazement her anal ring slid over the head of the dick and into her rectum. Oh God, she thought, there was a dick in her ass! A girl's dick! A girl dick! A girl had strapped on a dick and shoved it directly into her ass hole, officially robbing her of her anal virginity, which of course Jesse couldn't let go by without pointing out.

"Pop." Jesse half said it, half made the sound by sticking a finger in her mouth and then rapidly pulling it out, "There goes your anal cherry! It's mine now. Mmmmm, your ass is mine now. But don't worry Caitlin, I'll take good care of it."

Caitlin just whimpered in response. Because really, what could she possibly say? All she could really do was bury her face and the bed sheets and wait for the excruciating pain. However, it never came. Or more accurately it wasn't quite as bad as she had imagined. Except the anal penetration. That was easily as bad as she had imagined, but after that it really wasn't so bad. Which was way more upsetting, because she'd rather hate this then be one of those slutty girls who actually liked that sort of thing. At least for now she could comfort herself with the fact that it didn't exactly feel good. There was still plenty of pain, even if it was more like weirdness and discomfort than the agony she had been expecting.

The main reason for this had to be Jesse. Yes, that was it. She wasn't an anal slut, Jesse was just going so slowly that even a nice normal girl like her could take this humiliation without hating it. That's what Caitlin told herself over and over again as inch after inch of dildo slowly slid into her back passage, violating her in a way she was never supposed to be. And for some reason through all that she kept spreading her cheeks. Probably as a reward for Jesse, who really seem to be loving that part given the way her eyes were locked onto where her dick was disappearing into Caitlin's butt hole, although Caitlin only looked back once to see this before burying her face back in the bed sheets and whimpering again.

Jesse couldn't decide whether she was in heaven or hell. No, she was definitely in heaven, but not only did it feel torturously good, but there was something she loved and hated in equal measure. See, ever since getting her powers she had hated moving slowly, and because of that, and Caitlin just having an incredibly sexy ass, she wanted to bury every inch of her cock up Caitlin's butt in the blink of an eye. With her powers it would be easy enough, but she could only imagine the pain that would cause her friend, so despite how badly she wanted to Jesse was just about able to stop herself, and for it she got an unfairly awesome reward considering she was just considering hurting her friend.

That reward was of course savouring taking Caitlin's anal virginity, which might be the one thing in the entire world that Jesse didn't want to rush. Well, she supposed that went for every aspect of sex with this wonderful woman. Oh yes, she might have talked Caitlin into another quickie, but in reality that was the last thing she wanted, especially when it came to taking Caitlin's beautiful booty. For that she wanted the opposite of a quickie. A reverse quickie? A longie? Whatever the correct term was now she had started there was no way Jesse could stop herself from stretching this out as long as possible, which really was for the best from the reactions she was getting from her friend.

No matter how slowly Jesse went Caitlin continued to cry, whimper and gasp in mostly pain, or at least discomfort, which was almost enough to make her offer to stop. Almost. However she was just having too much fun, so she couldn't help being selfish. Besides, she had researched this thoroughly, and was convinced as long as she was slow and gentle enough to begin with ultimately Caitlin would love it as much as the Speedster was loving it right now. Or at least the pain would fade. So she continued going slow but steady, making the anal penetration feel like it lasted hours to both girls, ending with a little whimper from both of them when Jesse's thighs finally came to rest against Caitlin's butt cheeks, announcing every inch of that big cock was buried within Caitlin's bowels.

Of course the whimper Caitlin let out was of relief and discomfort, while Jesse's was almost of pure pleasure. Well, there was a little disbelief in there, but it was there in Caitlin's whimper too. The point was that this was a special moment Jesse would treasure forever, so for a few long seconds she did nothing and just savoured it. Then when she finally did officially start the sodomy she went just as slowly as before, and to her delight her only hypothesis was proven right as Caitlin's cries of pain eventually faded and were replaced with sounds of pleasure. Which was almost as good as the fact that throughout this Caitlin kept her ass cheeks spread, meaning that Jesse got a perfect view of that big dick sliding in and out of Caitlin's ass hole.

Caitlin couldn't believe how much she loved being butt fucked. It seemed impossible that such a big invasion of a tiny hole would feel good, but eventually even the discomfort and weird feeling of having her butt stretched faded away and was replaced by pleasure. Or maybe the pleasure just became so overwhelming she didn't register the discomfort and weirdness any more. It didn't really matter. What mattered was preventing herself from begging for more. It was a battle Caitlin would ultimately lose, something she realised quickly after the sodomy officially began, but she could hold onto at least a bit of her dignity by not begging too soon. Although any time would probably be too soon to keep any dignity.

This was the last thought Caitlin had before beginning to whimper, "Please, please make me cum."

"You wanna cum, huh?" Jesse teased.

"Yes." Caitlin whined.

"Convince me." Jesse pushed.

Caitlin gritted her teeth and incentives quickly as she could, "Make me cum! I need to cum. I need to cum so bad. Please Jesse, make me cum."

"How?" Jesse pushed even further.

"Fuck my ass!" Caitlin practically screamed in frustration, "Fuck my ass, pound it hard, make it yours and make me cum! Oh my God it feels so good, mmmmm sooooo gooodddd! Why does it have to feel so good in my ass? Oh God Jesse, I love your dick in my ass! I love it! Oooooh, but I need more! Please Jesse, make me cum! I need to cum! Ohhhhh fuckkkkk, I need to cum like a slut with a dick in my ass!"

"Start good enough." Jesse huffed, really pushing her luck, "You wanna cum? Lift yourself up and ran that hot little ass of yours back at me. Show me just how bad you want to cum like a little ass whore with a dick in your butt."

Honestly Caitlin had thought she would receive what she wanted the second that she gave Jesse the excuse to pound her butt hard. It was part of what kept her going through the gentle butt pumping. However now she was desperate for a climax, and she didn't care what she had to do to get it. So the second Jesse had told her to do so Caitlin lifted herself up so she was on all fours, and then frantically began hammering back against the anal invading dildo. She didn't care that she was giving up all shame or shred of dignity, she just needed to cum so bad. She would do or say anything to get it, and somehow Jesse knew this, and took full advantage of it.

Jesse suddenly and roughly grabbed Caitlin's hair and yanked it back while leaning forward so she could growl in her ear, "You wanna cum Caitie? Huh? You wanna cum like a slut with a dick in your ass?"

"YES!" Caitlin whimpered.

"Well, then you're going to have to be my slut!" Jesse growled, "Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, you're going to be my little anal slut, and bend over whenever I want. Oh yeah, whenever I'm in the mood for some ass, all I'll have to do is run right over from Earth 2, and you'll drop your pants and give me your sweet little ass hole, mmmmm, which is now my personal fuck hole! Oooooooh, or if I want that tongue of yours, all I'll do is come back here, and you'll eat my pussy like a good little lezzie bitch! Yessssss, you're going to be my little bitch Caitlin, and we're going to have all the quickies I want, all your not going to cum. So I'll ask again, do you want to cum with my dick in your ass? Try and think about your answer carefully. Mmmmm, if you can."

All Caitlin could think was that she hoped Jesse wasn't serious, and at the same time hoped that she was, before her desperate need to cum forced her to blurt out, "YES! I WANNA CUM! I NEED TO CUM!"

"And?" Jesse pushed with a wicked grin on her face.


Just as Caitlin was finally on the edge of orgasm Jesse started to pound her butt hole harder than ever before, going from 0 to 60 in only a couple of seconds. Then she went even faster and harder than that. Nowhere near the top speed she was capable of, but there may have been a little super speed sprinkled in there. Honestly it was hard for Caitlin to tell because as soon as Jesse started pounding her butt she went over the edge of the most intense orgasm of her life. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another as the younger girl completely destroyed her mind, body and especially her poor little ass hole.

The most humiliating part of that was that Caitlin's last coherent thought was if that actually happened, if her poor little ass hole was literally destroyed, it would be worth it for this ecstasy. That even if she could never sit down again without incredible pain, or if she had to have a humiliating visit to a hospital only for a doctor to tell her there was nothing they could do, it would be worth it for the second of this mind-blowing pleasure. More to the point, it would be worth being Jesse's personal anal slut if she could feel this way again. Hell, Caitlin would do anything, be anything, if Jesse quick would only destroy her butt hole just like this. Then her orgasms seemed to melt together, completely removing her ability to think coherently.

Jesse wasn't finding it hard enough to think. In fact it was kind of the opposite, because as a Speedster she was capable of thinking just as fast as she moved, and right now she was so excited she was thinking so much that it was hard to concentrate on only one thing. Well, mostly she was thinking different things about the same thing, namely Caitlin Snow and how wonderful ass fucking her was now, and would be in the future. Oh yes, Jesse had been totally right about ass fucking other women. This was something she wanted to do again, and again, and again. And she would do it to Caitlin. Force the other woman to make good on her promises and then train her to become the perfect little anal slut.

Of course thinking about this future was a disservice to her present in which she was fucking Caitlin Snow up the ass, so Jesse tried to do her best to concentrate on that. It was a constant battle throughout the sodomy, but it actually became easier when she used a little more force and speed which caused Caitlin's butt cheeks to jiggle ever so wonderfully with every thrust and the smack of her thighs against those cheeks to echo around the room almost as loudly as Caitlin's screams of pleasure. Perhaps best of all Caitlin was cumming so hard her cum was literally squirting out of her cunt, which was so thrilling Jesse grinned painfully wide. And almost came herself.

It was only Jesse's super fast reflexes which saved her the first time, and to her credit she was able to hold back the urge for quite a while so this anal pounding could go on for even longer, but also so she could savour her first time butt fucking another girl and so that Caitlin's place as her ass whore would be cemented. But Jesse had to use a lot of willpower not to use every ounce of her strength on this little fuck hole, which also took a lot of brainpower, and even if it hadn't even Speedsters had their limits. So ultimately Jesse just couldn't stop herself from cumming, and cumming so hard she almost stopped. Almost. Which just pushed her into sodomising Caitlin even more hard, rough and fast.

Speaking, or more accurately thinking, of limits Caitlin reached her soon after Jesse started cumming, collapsing face down onto the bed sheets and whimpering pathetically. Sensing the other girl was at least still awake Jesse couldn't resist from continuing the rectum wrecking for a little longer just so she could squeeze a few more orgasms out of them both, and literally turn Caitlin into nothing but an ass to fuck. Then because she didn't want to fuck Caitlin into unconsciousness, at least not this time, she stopped with every inch of her dick buried inside the other girl's butt. Jesse then gave them both a few long seconds to rest, before quickly pulling her dick out of Caitlin's ass, spreading her cheeks and admiring her handiwork.

"Wow, that's one well fucked hole." Jesse giggled with wicked delight.

Caitlin whimpered and blushed at Jesse's teasing words, but didn't complain. Partly because she just didn't have the energy for it, but also because she was just overwhelmed with a feeling of submission. Submission to a girl who was almost ten years her junior. Well, maybe five. The point was that she had been dominated and humiliated by this girl, and Caitlin had actually liked it. Not only that, but at least in this moment she meant all the words she said before. Maybe she would feel different with some time and distance, but in that moment, she was Jesse's bitch, and didn't care that her gaping ass hole was being exposed. As always it please Jesse, and that was all that mattered.

Which was a thought which was then tested at Jesse dropped down beside her and ordered, "Suck my cock."

"What?" Caitlin groaned, lifting her face out of the bed sheets while blushing even more.

"You heard." Jesse pushed.

"But-" Caitlin tried to protest.

"You're my bitch, right? That means you do everything I say?" Jesse questioned, and then when she got a couple of bashful nods out of the other girl added with a smile, "Then do as you're told."

More blushing, and then Caitlin lowered her head in defeat and slowly crawled in between Jesse's legs. That only took a few seconds but it felt like a lifetime as Caitlin questioned if she could really do something so gross and perverse. On the one hand she had already taken it up the butt, so what was one more debasement? On the other it was ass to mouth. Literally putting something in her mouth which had just been in her ass. Something which had taken her anal cherry no less. Did she really have too lower herself that much? And yet, she had promised herself she would do anything to please Jesse, and didn't feel like she had a choice, as her treacherous body was already moving to obey the command.

She could at least take comfort in the fact that she crunched up her nose in disgust and closed her eyes before wrapping her lips around the head of Jesse's cock, but that was ruined when she almost immediately moaned. Caitlin fucking moaned from tasting her own ass! What the hell was wrong with her? Caitlin actually liked the taste of her own butt, and she had loved being sodomised, and even loved the encouragement/taunting that Jesse gleefully gave her now, and during the anal sex. Which had to mean Jesse was right. She really was a twisted pervert. And everything else Jesse had and was now gleefully calling her.

"Oh my God, did you just moan?" Jesse giggled with delight, "You did! You fucking moaned from tasting your own ass you twisted little perv. Oh fuck yeah, mmmmm, oh Caitlin, you're a twisted little ATM slut! Ooooooh yeahhhhh, an ass to mouth slut! Fuck, and you said you weren't into anal. Ha, when really, you're the biggest fucking ass whore on this Earth. Mmmmm, or maybe any other. But don't worry Caitlin, mmmmm, because you're MY ass whore. My butt slut, ohhhhh fuck yeh. My bitch. I own your ass hole Caitlin, and now your mouth too. Oh fuck it, all of you is mine, and I'm going to use you whenever I want. Now clean my cock bitch! Get every drop of your own butt cream like the twisted little ass to mouth whore you are!"

Those words made Caitlin whimper pathetically, but she didn't try and denied them or try and defend herself whatsoever. No, she just sucked Jesse's cock, cleaning first the head of her own butt cream before starting to slide her mouth down the dick, Caitlin almost taking half on that first attempt before bobbing her head up and down. She then tried to take it into her throat, which was only partly about pleasing Jesse. Mostly she just wanted to get every drop of her anal juices, which was why she eventually pulled the dildo out of her mouth and frantically licked the lower half clean. Although it did have the added bonus of making Jesse chuckle with delight.

Then when the strap-on was cleaned Jesse roughly pulled Caitlin back by her hair, slapped her face, and demanded, "What are you?"

"I'm yours." Caitlin whimpered without hesitation, and then once she'd recovered a bit from the rough treatment she told Jesse what she wanted to hear, which at that moment felt oh so true, "I'm your anal sex loving bitch! You own me and we can do whatever you want, whenever you want. All you need to do is run back from Earth 2, and I'm yours to screw. We can have all the quickies you want."

"Good girl." Jesse chuckled wickedly, stroking Caitlin's hair as she moved in for another kiss, murmuring just before their lips connected, "And trust me Caitie, we're going to have a lot of quickies."


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