Flash: Mother/Daughter Bonding Part 1 (FF,F-solo,inc,herm,foot,squirt,first)
by JP Okoren

(We open up in the speed lab in star labs where Nora is walking in)

Nora: Hello, anyone in here?

She looks around as she finds no one around she sits down to take off her boots of her XS outfit to reveal her incredibly hot little bare feet.

Nora: Well since no one is here!!!! (she says while doing a speedy strip down to reveal her perky breasts and to reveal she has a hard 16inch erect penis. She takes her phone from her pants pocket as she sits down to get a nude picture of Iris in the shower and starts to masturbate) Gotta take care of this before someone sees it!!!! (saying this while moaning)

(Iris hearing noises down in the speed lab goes to see what it is and sees that her future daughter is nude in a chair, and she is shocked to she Nora has a penis and is masturbating)

(Nora to busy on the naked picture of her mother to realize she is standing a few feet away watching her masturbate.)

(Iris now bends over to unstrap and takes off her heels so that her daughter won't hear her walking up to her while she's barefoot)

Iris: (thinking to herself) Fuck why does this cold floor feel great on my bare feet? (while amazed on how Nora hasn't noticed her yet. And Iris is feeling wet down there so she decides to secretly join in by putting her hand down her pants and starts fingering het wet pussy).

Nora: (as she looks down at the photo moving her bare feet across the cold floor, while she jerks off and getting close to orgasming she says without realizing) Oooohhhh mommy I wish I could have the real thing!!!!

(Iris stops and gasps at what she just heard!)

Nora: (looks up in horror as she sees Iris standing in front of her and masturbating het self with her hand in her pants) Mmooom!!!!

(While this was Nora stood up to cover her hard dick in embarrassment)

Iris: Nora what the heck is going on her??

Nora: Well you know how you said you didn't care if I was attracted to Spencer Young?

Iris: So your a lesbian? (standing in confusion)

Nora: Yeah, mom.

Iris: And the giant sized man package?

Nora: I've had it since birth, I was born a hermaphrodite.

Iris: Well, why didn't you tell me.

Nora: Well, we were finally getting to a good place,(as she sits back down in the chair she was jerking off in) I didn't wanna jeopardize anything.

Iris: Baby, it's ok, look I want us to be close and I just wanna bond with my daughter in any way possible!!!!

Nora: (as she smiles and hugs Iris) Alright mommy!!!!

(While still hugging Iris feels her daughters still erect penis and pulls out of the hug)

Iris: Fuck, Nora why is it still so big??

Nora: Well, I'm a virgin so, it takes me a while to wear it out.

Iris: So that's why you where jerking off.

Nora: Yeah I don't know what to do I can't meet any girl with my dick giving the thumbs up. (she said in confusion and disappointment)

Iris: (looking at her upset daughter while kneeling) Nora what if I had sex with you??!!

Nora: (looking up at Iris) What, mom??!! No, I-I couldn't ask you to do that.

Iris: Nora I said that I wanted to bond with you in anyway possible, so if this is what it take then so be it. So if you want rush us back home and we can do.

(Nora interrupts her by kissing her on the lips and speeding them home to the apartment and throwing a now very naked Iris on her bed)

Iris: Wow, that didn't take long to make up your mind. (as she's saying this she realizes she's naked) And where the fuck are my clothes?!?!

Nora: Yeah, sorry. They where in the way so I phased you out of them running here, so we can get started!!! (she said smiling, while sitting down on the edge of the bed with Iris while they start heavily making out)

Iris: (enjoying the nude make out session with her daughter, she feels her daughters soles of her bare feet rub up against her bare feet, which she feels Nora getting hard on her stomach) Nora, what's going on here, are you getting hard from touching my feet?

Nora: Yeah, sorry, I have a really big foot fetish (she says while blushing). I ah once got off a few times with a old picture of you barefoot, came 20 times in an hour from them!!!!

Iris: Well, if that's the case (Iris says as she lays Nora down on top of on the bed),I hope this feels amazing baby girl.

(Iris now wraps her legs around Nora's waist and puts her soles of her bare feet on Nora's erect 16inch penis and starts giving her daughter her first footjob)

Nora: (moans in great pleasure of her moms feet rubbing her penis) Oooooooohhhhhhh mommy, this feels amazing!!!!

Iris: I would hope so baby girl cause the precum on your cock feels amazing!!!!

(With all this going on Nora could feel herself getting closer)

Nora: Mom, as much as I love this I need you to stand up with your feet together and wiggle your toes.

Iris: Wait, why?

Nora: Cause I wanna see you wiggle your toes while I cum on your feet!!!,(she says while feels her back stiffing)

Iris: Ok ok, just hold on. (as she races to get off the bed to stand up and starts to wiggle her toes, while Nora sits on the edge of the bed and starts to jerk off)

Nora: Oh mom I'm cccccuuuuuummmmmiiiinnnngggg!!!!! (she says while bare feet and curled toes on the rug)

Iris: (with a look of astonishment watches her future daughter spew a huge load of cum on her feet) Wow, Nora, that's a nice load, and the fact that your still hard is amazing.

Nora: Yeah, like I said it takes a while.

Iris: Well, let me go wipe off my feet and we'll get back to it.

Nora: No need. I can take care of that!!!! (she said in enjoyment as she gets on her knees to star licking her semen of Iris's feet)

Iris: Wow, Nora, you weren't kidding, you really do have a foot fetish. (Iris said as she got got excited that her daughter was licking her feet.)

Nora: Well, that was fun.

Iris: Can you get on the edge of the bed?

Nora: Ah, yea, sure. (While sitting down edge of the bed, while Iris gets grown on her knees and spreads Nora's legs.)

Iris: Just relax and let mommy take in the bask of your penis! (she says smirkingly)

Nora: (looking down at Iris) What does that meeaaaannnn!!!! (she moans out from the fact that her beautiful mother was giving her the very first blow job she'd ever get in her life) Mmmmmmm! Fuck mom, between your luscious lips and wet tongue running over my dick it feels like my problems are just melting away!

Iris: (takes her mouth off of Nora's penis for a second) I would hope so baby cause there's nobody on earth I rather do this too and for. (Then goes back to take all 16 inches of Nora in her mouth)

Nora: (wincing and curling her toes as she feels her mother bobbing her head and licking her tongue back on her dick) Ffffuuuucccckkkk mommy I don't know how much longer I can take!

(We now see Iris's eyes looking up as she till is giving Nora head, with one hand she fondles her daughters balls. And with the other hand she runs it over Nora's right foot and at that point she sends Nora to her edge to a powerful orgasm)

Nora: Ohh fuck, mom, I can't hold back! (feeling the effect of her orgasm she wraps her legs around her back and uses her hands to pull Iris's head deep into her lap and shoots one of the biggest load into her mouth) I'm so sorry mom I just got a little to excited. (she says as she releases her mom from her grips)

(Iris now smirkingly smiles at Nora and then pushes her down on the bed and locks lips with her, and while doing so she spits some of Nora's hot load back into her mouth)

Iris: Don't worry about it, babe, after seeing you cum on my feet I wanted to taste your load.

Nora: (smiles and blushes) Well, how did I taste?

Iris: Like an amazing 5 course meal, why do you think I pulled a mommy bird and let you take a taste????!!!! (then plants another kiss on Nora)

Nora: (pulls away from the kiss) Should I return the favor and eat your fucking hot wet cunt?

Iris: No, baby, I am focusing on your rock hard dick.

Nora: Well, I don't know what to do now we tried everything!!!!

Iris: Not everything, Nora. (saying with a grin) Stand up real quick.

(Nora now standing up with Iris on her back and by the edge of the bed)

Nora: Ok, now what? (asking In confusion)

Iris: What do you think baby girl, you're gonna finally lose your virginity! And who better to lose it to.

Nora: Wait, what?! I can't fuck my own mother.

Iris: Nora, I said I wanted us to bond, and who better to lose your virginity to someone who loves you better then me?

Nora: Ok, let me go get a condom.....

Iris: (interrupts Nora) Nonononono, I want you to fuck my with your raw cock and do me bareback!!!!(she says smiling)

Nora: (also smiling, while lifting and spreading her moms legs up and holding her ankles, while lining up her erect penis to her mothers wet pussy) You really want me bareback in you?

Iris: Yes, Nora, I want you to do me like you are. I love having raw sex. Now fuck your mom like I never been fucked befooooorrrreeeeeee oooooohhhhh fuck!!!!!!!!! (feeling her daughter's massive erect cock enter her as she took Nora's virginity)

Nora: I'm sorry mom I didn't mean to push it all in (Iris interrupts)

Iris: It's ok it's ok, look I'm not use to having such a large beauty in me so your gonna have to be gentle.

Nora: Ok, so what do I do now?

Iris: Just gently pull half way out and push back in then repeat the two.

Nora: Got it. Anything else I should know?

Iris: Yeah, there's one thing you can do for me. (Iris said in enjoyment)

Nora: What's that?

Iris: I was getting turned on earlier when you licked your load off my feet, so?

Nora: So you want me to lick your feet? (as she starts to thrust in and out of Iris)

Iris: Well, the soles of my feet, and my toes.

Nora: Really?

Iris: Yeah! Look you enjoyed licking my feet, and apparently I love having them licked so figured this will be a big turn on for the bo... (not even finished with what she was going to say as she sees and feel Nora starting to lick the soles of her feet)

(Both girls are getting pleasure from their experience, Nora licking Iris's feet and feeling her wet pussy on her bare penis, and Iris getting wetter from her daughters bare dick fucking her harder and harder and getting her feet licked also helped)

Nora: (switching between soles of Iris's feet)boy mommy I knew you had gorgeous feet, but I didn't realize they tasted this good!(saying with a smile before taking in her moms left foot to her mouth to start licking her toes, then she takes her big toe and starts sucking on it)

Iris: Oooohhhh baby I don't know what's getting me off more your giant sized man cock, or the fact I might get off from you sucking and licking my ffffeeeetttttt!!!!!

Nora: (takes her lips off her toe) Well, trust me when I say if I had a pussy I would be getting off on your feet from a nice foot fuck. (taking Iris's left foot and putting all of her in her mouth to suck on all the toes)

(Nora now thrusting in and out of Iris at a steady pace, and can feel both her precum and Iris's pussy juice on her dick is making a nice lube for them both, and makes it both more pleasurable for them both)

Iris: Ohh god, baby, your cock feels so good in me, if I'd known you would have been a great lay I would of sent you back to lose your virginity to me earlier.......!!!!

Nora: Ohh, mommy, your pussy feels so good on my penis doing bareback, and if we keep this I'll fucking cum! (while still sucking on her toes)

Iris: Do it baby girl cum, cum in mommies pussy! I want us to cum together and truly bound as mother and daughter!!

Nora: (stops licking Iris's toes and lets go of her feet and climbed on top of her while still thrusting her massive cock in and out of Iris and feeling her pussy walls close in on her shaft) I love you mommy!!!! (as she moans in pleasure as she knows she's near in orgasmic bliss)

Iris: I love you too, baby girl!!!! (kissing Nora also knowing she's about to orgasm)

(Iris now wrapping her legs on her future daughter back)

Nora: Fuck mommy I'm about to blow (as her toes are curling) and my toes are curling!

Iris: I know me too, and my toes are curling too! (as she pulls Nora in for a kiss)

(With one last thrust they both hit there orgasmic high and in unison they both yell)

Iris/Nora: Ffffuuuucccckkkk, I'm cuming!!!!!!!

(Nora now unleashes the biggest load of semen into her mothers wet pussy, while that was happening the shots of cum hitting Iris's womb and g: spot sends her into a higher orgasmic state and gets on Nora's dick, and also squirts all over the bed)

(Nora pulls out of Iris after after unloading a huge load of her hot semen and rolls off of Iris and lays next to her)

Iris: Oh god, Nora, that was so god damn amazing!!!! I know the fastest girl alive, but that was the greatest three hours of my life!

Nora: Thank you I never knew sex could feel this great! (saying with a smile) Oh no, you peed the bed.

Iris: Oh no, baby, that's not pee.

Nora: It's not?

Iris: No, baby girl, you made me squirt a lot of pussy juice! (saying with a smile)

Nora: I didn't know you where a squirter.

Iris: I wasn't!

Nora: Wait, then how did this happen?

Iris: It's all cause of you, baby girl.

Nora: Really? (she said in joy)

Iris: Really! In my life I've only ever had mini orgasm from being eaten out, but I've never had a huge orgasm or squirted from having sex with a smart, beautiful, gorgeous, young girl like my daughter!

Nora: (tearing up with a smile and giving Iris with a hug)thank you!!!!(now pulling back with a hug) But we still have a big problem.

(Both now look down at Nora's still rock hard 16 inch cock)

Iris: Don't worry, baby, I think I have an idea how to wear it down but you have to trust me on this! (Iris says with a smile)

Nora: Ok, I trust you completely.

Iris: Ok, good. (now reaching for her phone and txting someone) Ok, now you gotta speed us back to the speed lab like we are my plan is on her way there.

Nora: (looking in confusion) Her?

Iris: Just speed us back.

To be continued...


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