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Summary: Minor spoilers for beginning of season 3. Jesse Quick and Wally West take their budding relationship to the next level. Porn without plot really.

Pairing: Jesse Quick/Wally West

Codes: MF, Anal, Rim, Inter

Flash: Kid Flash & Jesse Quick
by The Chemist

"Hey Jesse, what you up to," Wally asked, entering into the gym within the Star Labs.

"Just getting in a quick workout," the beautiful girl from Earth 2 responded.

Wally was going to follow-up asking if the exercises were part of gaining more control or more speed from her recently gained running ability but he didn't. He was still upset that despite being exposed to the same blast of dark matter as Jesse that he didn't become a Speedster while the brunette did.

"So did you come just to stare at my ass while I did some squats or anything particular on your mind," Jesse asked, catching him ogling her fine booty once more.

"Well when you wear such short, tight shorts to work out in, what do you expect from your boyfriend," the black man replied with a grin, eyes never leaving.

Despite being only 20 years old, Jesse Quick had a mighty fine ass. The leather costume Cisco made for her when out fighting did well to show it off as well. It was both wide and extended out a fair way from her back, giving her that plump yet firm booty that all men liked, especially Wally who loved nothing more than a big ass on a skinny white girl.

"Babe," Jesse exclaimed as Wally walked up behind her in the bottom of her squat and gave her half-exposed ass a playful spanking. "You're distracting me!"

"And here I thought the Speedforce gave you that booty," Wally joked as he evened her out by spanking her other cheek.

The pair had spent a lot of time last year together as they fought Zoom on Earth 1 but once the evil man was defeated, Jesse and her father returned to their own Earth. However, with Jesse beginning to manifest powers, Harry brought her back to Wally's Earth for tests. Since then the pair had their romantic feelings acted upon and had been together for weeks now.

"Nope. It's hard earned," Jesse smiled back at him, even giving him a wiggle at which point he kneaded her meaty flesh. "Hey, stop that. It's all windows on that wall."

"Wasn't that part of the reason why you came down here? To be alone since no one else uses this space," Wally said, feeling extremely horny after watching the fit Speedster work out. "Besides, Cisco and Caitlin went for food, your dad is working on something with Barry and my family went to work. I'm sorry I just can't get enough."

Jesse once again felt the taller boy circle her before his hand reached out and grope her ass once more. As frustrating as it was to have him interrupting her workout, she really didn't mind, especially when he spent the time worshipping her body.

"Babe you can't...not right now," she said more playfully than irritated. "You're so bad. My dad could come by."

"Come on, let's just do it, right here, right now," Wally pleaded, his boner clear to see within his pants. "No one's around."

"You are such trouble. Plus there is a camera, right there," Jesse replied, trying to go back to her workout. As she dropped down for another squat she once again felt his long fingers kneading her fleshy ass. "You're such a tease. You know I love that."

"I bet your pussy's wet," Wally commented, continuing to push the issue.

"How'd you know," she gawked, impressed with his observation.

"So what should we do about that," the tall black man asked.

Jesse thought about it for a moment but they both knew that was for show. They were a young couple, recently together and more than happy to fuck each other's brains out. In fact, they had a hard time keeping their hands off one another. Especially when they spent so much of their time around Team Flash which included both of their parents.

"I guess I could be done..."

"Come here and fuck me in the corner. I think it's out of view of both the camera and the windows," Wally said, grabbing her hand and attempting to steer her in that direction.

"God Wally you are insane. Not right here," Jesse said, a slight edge of sternness entering her voice. "Let's go back to your house and this ass," she said at the very moment Wally went back to palming it. "Is all yours."

"Let's get the hell out of here," but before Wally could add anything else Jesse grabbed him and raced off to his house. "Damn...I'm never gonna get used to that.

The pair were delivered into the empty living room of Wally's house that he shared with his father and Barry. Luckily for the horny 20 year olds, both Joe and Flash were at work for the CCPD and wouldn't be back for hours. Always a little rattled after being sped around, Wally laid down on the large leather sofa until the room stopped spinning, usually requiring a minute or two.

"Room on their for two," Jesse asked, looking at him with a hungry expression.

Obviously the horny boy nodded his head as quickly as he could, but the brunette surprised him by keeping her back to him as she knelt on the sofa. Their laps were on top of each other with Jesse's goal to put on even more of a show since he loved her ass so much.

She bent over and arched her back, making her already large ass look even bigger and better. She rocked back and forth, causing her pussy to grind on his cock while the gym shorts rode even higher up her ass, resembling a thong more than anything

"What a fucking view," Wally replied, spanking her again.

"Does this make it better," the Speedster asked as she scooped the bottom of the shorts away to reveal her bald pink pussy and tight little asshole.

"If you could only see what I'm seeing," the black man groaned, taking in the sight which never got old despite however many times he bedded the girl.

"Well aren't you so sweet...ahhh," Jesse began to say before her thought process was cut off.

His thumb started to rub through her pink folds, gathering moisture before he aimed higher up. The pad of his finger at first slowly grazed over the entirety of her puckered asshole before he started doing smaller and smaller circles, testing out her sphincter's resistance by going to the center before dragging back, seeing a slight widening.

"Oh babe! You can be such a big sometimes," Jesse said with a playful tone as he continued rubbing. "But that does feel good."

"So you're not opposed to it," Wally said, switching tactics so his thumb was now massaging through her folds while his index finger took over making concentric rings around her backdoor.

"Wow that's nice," she cooed again as his finger occasionally pushed against her opening.

"So you like the butt stuff," he asked, wondering how far this could go. Testing the waters he didn't back away when he felt her sphincter resist, instead he stayed, waited for her to relax and was rewarded with his fingertip disappearing into her asshole. "Mmm, it's opened up for me."

"Really," Jesse asked excitedly, at which point he began slowing fucking her with only the tip. "Awh! Babe! You are so naughty."

Everything was going smoothly so Wally kept going. He brought the finger to his mouth briefly to add more spit before returning to his work. While his thumb rubbed over her clit, he pushed almost half his finger into her ass without resistance. In fact, she moaned again so he decided this was a good depth at which to finger fuck her in the ass.

"My God...that feels...great. Like really good," Jesse cooed as she felt him back out his digit from her brown eye.

"So you might want something else in there," Wally tossed out there hopefully.

Jesse was a little caught off-guard by Wally's sudden fixation with her ass and now wanting to fuck it no less. Needing to buy herself time as she thought about his question, Jesse started shaking her booty to make it bounce for him before dropping her firm ass onto his lap and grinding against his hardened cock.

"Can I please have your cock in my mouth," she asked with pleading big eyes.

"You never have to ask that. Answer's a standing yes," Wally answered as he watched Jesse get her face level with his groin, removing the shorts completely as she got in position.

"It's all I've been thinking about," she cooed.

As Jesse fished his manhood free of his pants, she practically was in awe of it as she took it into both hands down by the base. It had decent thickness but the real beauty of the dick was the length, standing at an impressive 9 inches. It was easily enough to stretch her out while long enough to hit all the good spots in her cunt.

Wally had no idea how many guys from Earth 2 Jesse had been with, and truthfully he didn't care. She'd been with enough to learn to give a good blowjob though, starting off by giving his bulbous head a swirl or two before letting some spit sexily dribble from her mouth onto his cock.

"Yes," he groaned, tucking a strand of hair off her face to allow the pair to make eye contact as she worked.

The thing Wally appreciated about Jesse's blowjobs is that it was obvious she liked giving them. With some girls it was a chore, but the Speedster genuinely enjoyed sucking a hard cock. She cooed and moaned throughout, her tongue vibrating on the underside of his manhood as she routinely engulfed 6 inches of his slim albeit long cock.

She always changed her approach as well. This time she started out slowly, bobbing down onto his manhood at a gingerly pace. Just as the black man was getting used to her technique she shifted, going much faster but focused only at his tip, her lips running just to the end of the crown before slurping her way back to the very top.

"God I love cock. Love how it feels on my tongue, how it tastes, when it jerks and pulses," Jesse admitted honestly, using her hand to stroke the spit on his shaft.

The Earth-2 Speedster resisted the urge to her use powers, instead going at normal speed, using her hand and mouth as a partnership, both going up then down in combination to stimulate his entire lengthy dick. Jesse was taking more and more of his lengthy dick into her mouth, using her hand now just to massage down by his base, slurping noises filling the living room now.

"Mmhm...I could suck your cock all day," Jesse moaned as she stuck out her tongue and used it to lick one ball then the next.

"And I'd let you," Wally replied, eyes always looking down to take in every second of the action. "Until I needed to stick it in and fuck you raw."

"I know," Jesse cooed, loving the dirty talk. "I'd be begging for it too."

The Earth-2 girl appreciated the vocal compliment of her oral skills but her focus was solely on eliciting more pleasure for the lucky boy. Over and over she bobbed on his cock, taking a good amount into her mouth before her lips dragged along his pole on its retreat. On occasion she would pull off too much and pull her mouth off him altogether, at which point a loud popping noise was heard given the amount of suction she was using.

"That's a good look for you," he groaned, looking down and watching the attractive girl suck his manhood.

"With your cock in my mouth," she smiled before answering.

"But why don't you turn around."

Jesse smiled widely at him, knowing what was to come. She got lucky in the respect that Wally was a good lover, always giving her pleasure and not just taking. She stood up and finished getting naked, which only meant removing her sports bra to free her rather large tits with small pink nipples.

"God, the complete package," Wally complimented as he stared at her fully breasts.

"Isn't this what you want," she asked as she sank her booty back towards his lap.

As she got closer to his dick, Wally took control as he guided he towards his manhood until she felt his bulbous head run along her slit. Once he found the hole she sat back, first engulfing the initial few inches before continuing back until his entire cock was submerged in the wet inferno of her pussy, her ass cheeks pressed against his lower stomach.

Instead of merely riding him on her knees, Jesse felt like getting him deep and fucking him hard. Getting her feet under her allowed her to push to the top of his manhood before slamming down into his lap. The blow of her meaty ass against his lap filled the room with a repetitive thudding as he went balls deep into her.

"Oh my God," they both moaned as the all-out start to their fucking was met with good reception to each of them.

Not only was Jesse riding him super aggressively and extremely deep, but the visual was outstanding as well. With her in a continuous squat her ass, which was already large and perfectly rounded, looked even rounder and firmer. It also made her pussy tighter as she bounced on him, which was already hugging his manhood tightly in the first place.

"This feels so fucking good babe," Jesse exclaimed, looking back at him

" deep," he groaned in elation. "Pussy feels amazing!"

If her earlier workout in the Star Labs gym was the strength portion then Wally was being a helpful partner in aiding with her cardio training. Over and over she hoisted her thick ass up to the tip of his cock, only leaving the head inside before relaxing her thighs and allowing her body to plummet to his base.

They both moaned with each stroke, her wet pussy gripping onto his manhood with a velvety touch. He could just see her heavy tits bouncing and swaying to the side, meanwhile her ass rippled every time it pounded against his six-pack abdominals.

"Oh baby! You make me want to cum all over your dick," Jesse moaned.

"Yes," he replied, knowing she was close before she even said anything. "Cum all over my cock."

Jesse knew with the intense pleasure she was feeling that there was no backing away now...not that she would have wanted to anyway. His cock was driving deep inside her, hitting her G-spot with each stroke. Not wanting him to move and risk losing the position, Jesse brought her own hand down to rub her clit, giving her that last little boost to reach her climax.

That was all the added stimulus the 20 year old from Earth-2 needed. With a loud scream the Speedster came, covering Wally's pistoning cock in her juices all the while. To her credit she didn't slow at all, continuing to ride her boyfriend despite the climax.

"Come here, I want you to taste it," Wally demanded.

"You want me to taste my pussy," she asked, spinning around and immediately wrapping her lips around his dick. "Taste so good."

"Yeah? You like licking your pussy juice off my cock," he grunted in satisfaction.

The moans Jesse did as she slowly and methodically blew him gave Wally the only answer he required. She used her flat tongue to lick him all the way down to his base and back up again, being sure to collect every drop that her pussy dripped onto his spear. And just like before she kept her eyes open, staring into his as he watched his dick get expertly sucked.

"Need to be back inside you," Wally told her, but he had other plans as well. "Lay down."

Now that she had cum, the heaviness in her legs returned after such a hard workout so she was grateful for the chance to lay on the bottom for awhile and let Wally fuck her as he desired. She sat on the sofa and tipped back, Wally pulling her legs wide to better expose her sex. She knew him well and saw were his eyes were looking so she hooked her arms around her legs so she could clutch her meaty cheeks and pull them apart.

The Speedster assumed correctly as she felt his wettened fingertip immediately go back to her asshole and make little circles. Once again it felt nice to have her puckered hole played with, plus the naughty factor really amped up the tryst. It felt good and made her feel like a bad girl all at the same time, and her moaning begged him to continue.

"You have such a thing for my ass today," Jesse said encouraging.

"Everyday," he corrected with a smile, continuing to probe into her brown eye.

"I'd have let you play sooner if I had known it would feels so...amazing," she replied, finding she actually enjoyed having her asshole plugged.

Hoping he wasn't pressing his luck too much Wally pulled his index finger from her ass, seeing it gape open as he left. It didn't remain free for long as his bigger thumb took its place, pushing and pushing until it was complete inside her asshole without complaint. Not resting, Wally moved it in and out, fucking Jesse with the wider digit to her continued delight.

"So naughty," she cooed until she felt a void as his thumb vacated her hole. "Hey! Keep playing with my ass."

Wally smiled at the effect he had over her, and also at the sheer willingness she had to experiment. He was hoping she would stay so compliant as he disappeared for a moment, only to return with a bottle of lube. He squeezed a healthy dollop onto his hand before working it all over his cock, paying particular attention to his head.

"What are you gonna do to me," Jesse asked, already half-knowing but wanting to hear the confirmation.

"We are gonna have a little fun," he answered, smearing another healthy dose of the clear liquid around her crinkled hole as well

She was still gripping her cheeks, and combined with his earlier finger fucking of the hole meant her backdoor gaped open a little. Wally used that opening and placed his pee slit right against the dark center and pushed forward. It was more a lean, forceful but slow and even. IT was non-aggressive which meant when his head easily slid past her sphincter and stopped right away, it caused the girl no discomfort.

"It's in," Wally told her, calming any remaining fears.

"Wow. That wasn't bad at all," Jesse admitted then felt him start pushing more in slowly. "Just be gentle at first," she groaned as he continued making short thrusts into her ass.

Now that he had the chance to finally fuck Jesse in the ass he wasn't about to blow it by doing too much too soon. He understood that anal sex was a delicate act requiring patience and a deft touch. Continuing to do slow albeit swift thrusts since those were non-threatening for her he used his fingers with the lube on them rub quickly over her clit.

"Oh...oh shit...just like that," Jesse screamed, loving the feel of her clit played with.

She loved it so much in fact that she was completely oblivious to the fact she was taking another inch into her ass. After fucking her with that much depth Wally went deeper once more, this time getting another 2 inches inside.

"You like me rubbing your clit as you take it in the ass," he grunted, almost fully inside her rectum.

He didn't even know if he heard her question because Jesse was moaning so damn much. Not that it was a bad thing. As he continued loosening her bowels up and filling them with his cock inch after inch, he still didn't know what possessed him to try anal with her today. However, that thought vanished from his mind as he felt his thighs tap against her meaty ass and realized all 9 inches of his erect cock was filling her tight ass at that very moment.

" actually feels pretty good," Jesse found herself saying before too long.

"Yeah? You like a dick in your ass you naughty girl," Wally added, knowing she loved how dirty it was.

Jesse now too became aware that she was getting fucked with his entire length as she looked down over her flat stomach and saw him entering her fully. It was a surreal feeling, the naughtiness of being ass fucked when she was a good girl catapulting the feeling of arousal to a new level.

It did hurt a little bit, more than vaginal sex but it also had a more visceral, more intense pleasure derived from the dirty act as well. She could only describe the discomfort as the pain someone felt while working out. You knew it was necessary which made it feel like a good pain, not a damaging soreness.

"Awh! That's so my asshole," she screamed, completely surprised by how good it was feeling.

Seeing as things were going better than either of them expected, Wally continued to up the ante. Having both holes filled at the same time had always excited him so he did so, bringing his hand down to rest on the bare patch where most girls had pubes then sticking his middle finger into her snatch.

"Holy shit! You're so wet," he exclaimed, multitasking by fucking her ass slowly but using all 9 inches while his finger probed into her pussy.

"Cause this is amazing! Should have done it way sooner," she remarked. "Now keep giving it to me."

"You know I could get a hell of a lot deeper fucking you on all fours."

Using her speed ability for the first time since arriving at the house, Jesse used it now to go from lying on her back to resting on her knees bent over the back of the couch. "Then why aren't we doing that already?"

"Cheater," Wally smiled as he stepped up behind her, dick in hand before smearing more lube onto her rear entrance..

This time his dick slid in halfway before her anal sphincter flexed and stopped his progress. She barely grunted as he started thrusting, starting with the half that fit until introducing more and more. True to his word, the new position did allow for all of his lengthy ebony cock to embark inside her rectum.

"Fuck yes," Wally groaned, his strokes progressively getting harder.

"Oh...yea...keep going," Jesse encouraged, loving every moment of the dirty act.

"You love it, don't you," he asked knowingly, feeling his balls tapping her very wet pussy with each thrust.

Jesse nodded with pleading eyes, truly portraying how much of an anal whore she had become in such a short amount of time. They both didn't know she had it in her, to take such a hard ass-fucking on her first attempt all while moaning and smiling.

"Oh my gosh...oh my gosh...fuck," she squealed as he began fucking her at his top speed.

He knew he couldn't keep that neck-breaking pace up for long unless he wanted to cum right then and there, which he didn't want to yet. He wanted to stretch out anally fucking Jesse for as long as physically possible. Which meant that after a minute or so of the vigorous fucking he slowed back down, opting for the much slower, long strokes instead.

"That's it...slap your ass!"

Jesse suddenly became aware that she was already doing that before he had told her to continue. Her hand had gone from pulling apart her thick ass cheeks to actually slapping the firm muscle. Knowing it was what they both wanted apparently, Jesse rubbed the smooth curved surface before rearing her hand back and slapping it down hard, making an audible crack.

After a few more spanks she brought the hand closer to her crack until she could reach out with her fingers and feel his cock repeatedly pushing in and out of her asshole. It was such an odd thing, her fingertips brushing his lubricated manhood as it speared her anus, something that was feeling better with each thrust.

" good," she cooed, her fingers from her other hand having tucked under her body to rub her clit.

Her body and mind continued to steer her true as the hand now massaging her clit was sending new surges of pleasure up her spine. She was shocked, feeling an orgasm building while her boyfriend with a cock as large as his used it to fuck her ass. Her virgin ass...or what was her virgin ass.

"Oh babe...I'm gonna cum...mhmmm...with your cock in my ass," Jesse exclaimed, feeling the familiar sensation of an orgasm approaching.

"Cum for me...cum with a dick up your asshole," Wally grunted, knowing she, and he as well, were close.

"Oh My God! AHH! Right there! OOHHH! AWWHH! OOHHH MY God," she screamed, shaking all the while as she basked in orgasmic bliss.

As she came her body tensed up like it always did when she went into orgasm. However, her asshole was a helluva lot tighter than her pussy and he was already so spent. He knew that there was no turning back even if he wanted too so instead he did several more thrusts into her vice-like asshole before it got too much.

"Shit, shit, shit," he groaned, knowing he wasn't far away from his own release.

"Gonna cum? I want it. I want all your cum," Jesse urged as he kept thrusting into her asshole.

"You want it," he asked, feeling the bubbling in his balls raising up.

"So bad I want it," she answered with a pleading face. "I want to taste it."

He wasn't able to take any more of it. Fucking her asshole hard for the last 30 minutes, all the dirty talk, her sphincter tightening as she came and now this, her pleading for his cum. It had been an inhuman effort already but he couldn't go further to he pulled out of her asshole for the last time that day, but hopeful not for the final time period.

Once she felt him leave her backdoor Jesse spun around on the sofa and dropped to the floor. She knelt before him as he stroked his cock, getting closer to her face. She gave him more encouragement, telling him to paint her face in his cum, which was unusual because she had never asked for a facial in the past. However she was running off pure emotion and let whatever her brain wanted a reality.

"Yes, cum on my face and my mouth," she begged, sitting on her knees with her lips parted wide.

"Ugh! Here it is!"

Jesse watched until the last second, clothing her eyes as she say the first white streak leave his tip before feeling the warm jizz run the length of her nose, onto her lip and into her mouth for her to taste. The second jet landed partially on top of the first but extended up her forehead and even onto her silky hair.

Once he was done emptying his balls Wally looked down at the painted canvas before him. His girlfriend was completely covered in his freakish amount of cum as smaller bursts had landed on her right cheek, almost hitting her eye. More was on her chin meaning a healthy dose landed in her mouth for her drinking pleasure.

"Mhmm...that was so much," Jesse cooed as she used her tongue to capture the jizz on her lips.

However, before Wally could say anything he was rendered speechless by the feel of her mouth engulfing his cock which had been wedged up her filthy asshole for the past half an hour. Her natural instincts had taken over as his cock still rested in front of her face so she did what she always did. She stuck out her tongue to feel the underbelly of his manhood before pushing forward and sucking the first several inches.

"Oh Lord," Wally grunted as he felt more semen leak from his head as the visual of his beautiful girlfriend sucking his dirty cock with cum plastered all over her face was too much to handle.

Jesse had realized what she'd done but it was too late to turn back. Plus the taste wasn't all that bad, in fact she'd go as far as to say she liked the way her ass tasted. Already committed she took her time, slowly sucking on his tip before using her tongue to lick up one side than the next before doing likewise to the under and top side.

"That is...that," Wally commented, utterly exhausted.

"I can't believe we did anal today. It was...perfect. I had no idea it would feel that good," Jesse cooed again, her fingers lightly tracing over her sore but tingling asshole.

"Why didn't we do that sooner," he panted, still catching his breath. "I mean, you came. With me up your tight booty."

"I did. Hard," she said with a largely self-satisfied grin, remembering it fondly.

"Then you sucked your ass juices right off me," Wally added.

"Yup. And I taste so damn good," Jesse said with a smile.


"That'd be lovely good sir," she joked until she heard the jingling of keys. Her superspeed served her well once more as she zipped around the room collecting their clothes before coming back for Wally and whisking him back to the empty gym, to the corner where no one could see. "Maybe we should have just done it here after all."


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