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Author's note: This story contains spoilers for Episode 1 of Season 4 of The Flash, but takes place sometime after and deviates from canon.

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The Flash: Iris's Fiances Part 3
by MTL ([email protected])

"Caitlin! You're here?" Cisco exclaimed, sounding like he didn't believe his eyes, because he didn't.

"I work here." Caitlin said dismissively.

"Yeah, but... you know what I mean?" Cisco pushed.

Caitlin tried to ignore him, but as he kept staring at her intently she sighed and turned to him, "So what? You think I'd be home crying and drinking just because Barry is back, which means of course Iris would choose him over me?"

"She didn't?" Cisco questioned, before quickly adding, "I mean, of course she didn't. That's great. I'm happy for you, I really am."

"Happy for what?" Harry grumbled as he walked in, his eyes widening when he saw Caitlin, "Snow, what are you doing here?"

"Iris picked her over Barry." Cisco explained.

"Really?" Harry raised an eyebrow.

"I, I didn't say that." Caitlin grumbled softly, realising that not only had she had already made a mistake, but she was making it worse. As the other two unfortunately smart people looked at her quizzically she desperately tried to shut them down, "I don't want to talk about it."

"Hey guys, do you have anything for me now?" Wally's annoyed voice came over the intercom.

"Not since the last time you asked." Cisco sighed in annoyance, and then against his better judgement added, "Sorry Kid Flash, everything in the city is still pretty quiet... but the real show is happening here."

"What?" Wally exclaimed, appearing in an instant only a few seconds later, then he spotted Caitlin and frowned, "Oh... hey Cait... you're, erm, you're not turning evil, are you?"

"No!" Caitlin exclaimed indignantly, crossing her arms and grumbling, "God, you go a little crazy for five minutes, and years later you still don't hear the end of it."

"Well, you do have superpowers." Cisco unnecessarily reminded her.

"And you were evil in my world." Harry unnecessarily reminded her.

"So, you're not going evil?" Wally double checked, and then when Caitlin glared at him again he quickly followed up with, "So, why are you here?"

"Iris chose her." Cisco announced, and then quickly added with a frown, "Maybe. I don't know, I'm kind of confused."

All eyes turned to Caitlin and she severely regretted her decision to come in today, "It's complicated."

"What's complicated? Either you're still marrying my sister, or you're not... " Wally frowned, cautiously approaching his sister's fiance in what he felt was a comforting manner, "I mean, no matter what I'm here for you. And with everything we've been through over the past couple of years I would honestly prefer you as a sister in law over Barry as a brother in law, but... I know how much Iris loved him, and has missed him, and I just... I just wanted to give you your space before... but... I'm here for you Cait."

"I know." Caitlin smiled, "Thanks Wally."

"Me too." Cisco quickly insisted, earning himself a smile from Caitlin.

"Yes, yes, team work, love, blah blah blah." Harry sighed, "Now, did Iris pick you, or not?"

"I don't want to talk about it." Caitlin repeated flatly.

There was a long silence and then unable to help himself Harry pushed the issue, "You're not trying a polyamorous relationship, are you? Because they're a little more common on my Earth than yours, but they never work out."

"I said, I don't want to talk about it!" Caitlin snapped, her voice instantly turning cold as her body began doing the same, Caitlin automatically fighting it for a few seconds, then just going with it and then turning to Wally and telling him, "Take a break Kid. I'll let you know if I need back up."

With that Killer Frost stormed out of Star Labs, Cisco muttering as silently as he could as she left, "Wow, I pity the poor criminal who makes the mistake of committing a crime today."

"Or the teammate who gives her lip." Wally quipped, eyeing Harry.

* * *

Meanwhile, across town...

"Hey Bare, got a sec?" Joe asked his adopted son.

"Errrrrm, sure. What's up?" Barry smiled nervously.

"I just wanted to check on what was going on with you and Iris." Joe hesitantly pushed.

Barry blushed, his eyes going wide as he just stared at the man who had been a father to him the past few years, and stammered, "Erm, it's complicated."

"Complicated how?" Joe frowned.

"Erm, maybe... maybe you should go talk to Iris about it?" Barry suggested nervously.

Joe just stared at Barry for a few long seconds, and then nodded, "I'll do that."

* * *

"Oh, hi Dad. What are you doing here?" Iris asked nervously.

"Can't a man come see his daughter where she works?" Joe teased, before pointing out, "It's not like you don't hang around the station all the time."

"Well, I am a reporter. It's kind of my job." Iris pointed out, then quickly adding as she moved in for a hug, "Not that it isn't always great to see you."

"I should hope so." Joe grinned, happily hugging his daughter before pulling back, "Can I give you a lift?"

"It's fine. I bought my own car, sooooo..." Iris pulled away completely.

"Oh." Joe murmured, before admitting, "I was just hoping we could talk. You know, about Barry being back, and what that means for you and Caitlin."

"Oh..." Iris blushed, briefly hesitating before telling him, "I wanted to talk to you about that too. Just not here. Meet me in Star Labs. I'll, I'll tell you when I tell everyone else."

Joe sighed, making it clear he didn't like that answer, but as it means he would get answers soon he simply nodded his head, "Okay."

"Okay?" Iris doublechecked, and then when her father nodded she smiled nervously at him, "Okay... love you Dad."

"I love you too sweetie, no matter who you choose." Joe promised her, unsure what to make of the expression on his daughter's face just before she walked away from him.

* * *

Iris second-guessed her decision over and over again. Well, decisions. Mostly she debated about coming out again, as the first time had been scary enough. Somehow telling everyone that she was dating a girl now seemed quaint compared to the idea that she was going to admit to not choosing between Barry and Caitlin. Of course then she had told her Dad first, and it felt like she should showed him the same courtesy again, but on the other hand she just wanted to get this over with. As long as course she could convince Barry and Caitlin it was the right thing to do, and to do it right now with her. Which was a really big ask, but considering what they had said yes to so far Iris was confident she could do it.

The trick was finding a place where they could talk about this without their friends spying on them. Iris really wanted to text Barry to grab her and Caitlin and run them somewhere private, but as Caitlin was patrolling the streets right now as her frosty alter ego that would be suspicious. So instead she texted her lovers to meet her just outside of Star Labs in the car park. There were security cameras there which Cisco or Harry could tap into, but chances are as long as Caitlin took her comms off-line they would be okay, and she could definitely rely on her super smart girlfriend to do that without needing to be asked. Although just to be sure she reminded her in the text.

Minutes which felt like hours, and at the same time seconds, later she found herself parking her car and stepping out to find Barry and Caitlin waiting for her and God, they were so hot. Iris sometimes forgot just how breath-taking they were, and just how much she loved them. Especially when they greeted her with soft, shy smiles. God, Iris just wanted to run up to them and kiss them. But then, the problem was she couldn't, not without risking discovery. Which was why they had to get everything out in the open now before someone walked in on something, Iris more determined than ever before to convince her lovers this was the right thing to do.

So after changing some awkward 'heys' Iris asked, "Do you still want to go through with this?"

"I, erm..." Barry started nervously.

"What do you want?" Caitlin asked softly.

"You know what I want Cait." Iris said softly, "And I'm sorry, but we need to tell the team something, and I think it should be the truth."

"Isn't that a bit fast?" Barry asked, aware of the irony.

Thinking quickly Caitlin offered, "It might be a bit much, all at once. I mean-"

"I know I'm asking a lot-" Iris interrupted.

"Do you?" Caitlin snapped, before sighing, "I want to try this. I do. But if we put too much pressure on this it will break, and that's the last thing I want."

"I agree with her." Barry said quickly.

There was a brief pause and then Iris asked, "So what would you suggest?"

"The truth. But only part of it." Caitlin offered, finally getting to her counter offer, "Tell them you can't decide between us. That you're going to date us both. But tell them it's to help you decide who you truly want, because you're not sure yet."

Initially Iris opened her mouth to object to this idea outright, but then she thought about it for a few long seconds, and realise that Caitlin made a good point. Good points, even. Damn her for being so smart. It was one of the reason she loved her, but it was also infuriating. Anyway, it would be better to ease their friends, especially her Dad, into the idea of all three of them dating, and perhaps more importantly it would put less pressure on Barry and Caitlin. Of course it was a temporary fix, which involved them lying to their teammates, something which had never worked out well in the past. However this time it was a necessary evil if Iris was going to get what she wanted long term, and she would do anything to make that happen.

"Okay." Iris nodded.

"Okay?" Caitlin gently pushed, "Are you sure?"

"Honestly? No, but you have a point, and I don't want to push my luck." Iris admitted, before turning to Barry and asking him, "What do you think?"

"I'm with Caitlin." Barry said quickly, and just as quickly added, "I love you, but let's just slow down a bit. Okay?"

"Okay." Iris took a deep breath, "Let's do this."

* * *

"So?" Cisco finally said, "Don't just stand there looking glum. Tell us what's going on."

"Oh for God sakes Ramon." Harry sighed, "You sound like a gossiping teenager."

"Please, don't act like you're not dying to know who's marrying who here." Cisco scoffed.

"I'm not." Harry huffed unconvincingly, "I just-"

"Guys, shut up." Joe turned to snap at the bickering pair briefly before again focusing on his daughter, "Take your time honey. I know this is hard."

No, you really don't, thought Iris, before summoning up all the courage she had to admit, "I'm... I'm not..."

"Not what?" Joe pushed gently.

"I'm not choosing." Iris finally admitted, and then after a few long seconds of deafening silence she started to ramble, "I never stopped loving Barry. In some way or another I've always loved him, and when he disappeared into the speed force it broke me. Caitlin put me back together, completed me in ways I never knew I could want, and now, I can't imagine living my life without her. I love her, just as much as I ever loved Barry. I can't... I won't just throw her away because he's back. But he is back, and I love him just as much as I did when he had to leave. Perhaps more. So how can I choose? How could I ever choose?"

Sensing that Iris was beginning to break down both Barry and Caitlin cautiously edged towards her, taking her hands in one of theirs, which Joe wasn't sure what to make of, but for now he ignored it in favour of pointing out once Iris trailed off, "You have too sweetie. That's how the world works. It isn't fair, it means someone is going to get hurt. But you have too."

"Maybe." Iris snapped, "But not today."

"Meaning?" Harry pushed, failing to hide his curiosity.

Iris let out a soft laugh, and explained, "I never really stopped being engaged to Barry. I just started being engaged to Caitlin too. So, that's how it's going to stay. At least for a little while."

There was a long silence and then Wally spoke up, "Erm, how's that going to work?"

When Iris didn't immediately answer Caitlin spoke up, "We're working out the kinks;"

"Maybe dates." Barry added, "You know, just... erm..."

"Like all three of you? Or Barry/Iris dates, and Caitlin/Iris dates?" Cisco asked cautiously, only to get a shrug from Barry.

"Like I said, we're working it out." Caitlin said softly.

There was another long pause and then Joe said, "Iris, can I speak to you for a minute, in private."

"No." Iris said softly, insisting, "Talk to me here."

Another long pause, then Joe laughed as he couldn't believe he was actually having this conversation, then pointed out, "Iris, there is no easy way out here. You have to make a choice."

"No I don't." Iris cried out, on the verge of tears.

"Yes you do." Joe snapped, softening his voice as he told her, "Honey, I know it's hard, but... what you're doing, it will only make things harder in the end. It's not fair on Barry and Caitlin."

"It's worth it." Caitlin said firmly without hesitation, staring directly at Iris as she added, "I'd do anything just for one more day of being with Iris."

"Me too." Barry said just as firmly and without hesitation, except he initially looked at Caitlin, and then at Joe, "I'd do anything for Iris."

"I know, but..." Joe sighed, "I just can't support you in this."

With that he headed to the door, prompting Iris to angrily snapped after him, "Where are you going?"

"My daughter is keeping both of her fiances. Where do you think I'm going?" Joe quipped, "I mean, it's got to be 5 o'clock somewhere."

"Dad." Iris said softly.

Joe sighed as he reached the door, then turned back to them, "I'm sorry honey, I love you, but this is a bad idea. When you realise that, or if you just want to talk about... whatever this is, come find me, okay? That goes for you too Bare and Cait. No matter what happens, you're my family, and I'm here for you."

After that, and a smile, Joe left, and then Wally piped up, "I think this is a bad idea too, but I get it. Take all the time you need. Just, just don't give me any details about it, okay?"

Seconds later Wally was gone and then Cisco hummed thoughtfully, "Huh, Star Labs' first 3-way relationship. What could go wrong?"

"Cisco-" Caitlin began.

"Relax!" Cisco said, holding up his hands, "You know I support you guys, no matter what. So if this is what you gotta do to figure things out, go for it. I guess. It just... it seems like a bad idea. But hey, what do I know. I'm... I'm just going to join Wally on patrol for a bit. Or at a bar. You know, wherever he is."

With that Cisco portaled the way, leaving just Harry, who shrugged and unconvincingly muttered, "What? I don't care."

* * *

"Is it just me, or would that have gone better if we had told them the truth?" Barry quipped as they walked through the door of the apartment which Caitlin and Iris shared.

"It couldn't have gone worse." Iris grumbled as she stomped in.

"I don't know, nobody yelled or called us names, so there's that." Caitlin pointed out calmly.

"I'm sorry Iris." Barry said, automatically taking his fiance in his arms. He clearly thought twice about it, but as Iris pulled him close and looked at him expectantly, he softly added, "I know you were hoping for more, but-"

"It doesn't matter." Iris quickly reassured him resting her forehead against his, "Because I have you back, and I don't have to hide it."

Caitlin watched as her fiance Iris West kissed her fiance Barry Allen. God, it was still weird just to think things like that, not to mention hurtful. And it was definitely hurtful to see it. And yet... they were technically together now. All of them. And Caitlin still wasn't sure how on earth that could work, but for some reason watching them kiss didn't hurt as much as before. Sure, she was still jealous, only now she was less jealous of Barry and more jealous that she wasn't involved. Maybe even jealous of Iris too, because as it turns out The Flash was a damned good kisser, something he proved for a few long seconds before Iris pulled back and turned her attention to the scientist.

"And I still have you." Iris smiled, holding out her hand to Caitlin.

How could Caitlin have possibly resisted? She couldn't even imagine trying, as it felt so unbelievably natural to close the short distance between them, allowing Iris to grab hold of her face and pull her into a kiss while she was still in Barry's arms. After a few long seconds those arms cautiously pulled her in, which was perhaps the weirdest and awkward thing so far, and yet the strangest part was that it felt kind of right. Of course Caitlin's world was always right when Iris West's lips were pressed against her own, or when this wonderful woman was staring at her lovingly, as was the case a few seconds later when that kiss was broken.

"I have both of you." Iris said softly, narrowly avoiding adding for now. Instead she added, "That's all that matters."

There was a brief pause, and then Barry nervously added, "Totally."

Not to be left out Caitlin chimed in with the 'genius' contribution of, "Yeah."

Another long pause and then Iris bit her lip, "Can, can I ask you guys a favour?"

"Anything." Barry said almost instantly.

Shortly afterwards Caitlin added, "Always."

Iris smiled, pulled back from them, and nervously asked, "Could you two kiss? Please? You've done it before, and I think it's so freaking hot. And I just... I... please?"

As Iris spoke Barry and Caitlin turned to each other and stared into each other's eyes. In that moment it felt like they were more on the same page then they had ever been. That they both knew the reason for the hesitance wasn't because they were nervous, or they didn't want too. Actually they did want too, more than ever before, and that scared them. But again, they would do anything for Iris West. So simultaneously they close the distance between them and pressed their lips together, and wow. It had never sucked to kiss the other, but wow. For the first time it felt like there were sparks between the two of them, so much so they actually pulled back a little in fear of upsetting Iris. When really they should have known better by now.

"NO! Please don't stop, keep going." Iris pleaded breathlessly, and then when she got what she wanted she rejoiced, "Yes, kiss each other! Mmmmm, that's so hot! Oh God, I'm so jealous of you both right now, and I love it."

That was a feeling Caitlin hoped that they would all become increasingly familiar with, as surely that's what it would take to make this work? That, and being willing to watch from the side-lines like Iris apparently was while one watched the other two become lost in each other, almost to the point where they forgot the third existed. That was the case for that deep, passionate kiss. Or it might have been if Iris hadn't provided the occasional commentary, which was equally scary and exciting. But Caitlin could worry about that later. For now she just wanted to kiss the superhero and forget about everything else, especially the fact that she was risking the most precious relationship in her life for this sensation, and of course the chance of permanently keeping Iris.

Barry definitely felt the same way, only it scared him more than Caitlin. Before finally getting together with Iris there had been other girls, because of course there had. He had been a young man, and at the risk of humble bragging, he had been pretty attractive even before getting struck by lightning had given him abs. He'd even had a few moments with other girls, but in the end they weren't Iris West. He didn't think he had ever felt anything quite like this before, but then again the love of his life had never pushed him into the arms of another woman before, so it was hard to gauge all the variables. Like just thinking that was weird. Not that he did much thinking during the kiss, but certainly in the few seconds after it, he and Caitlin pulling back at the same time and then staring at each other until Iris got their attention again.

"So, would you guys be willing to do more?" Iris asked in a rush, before explaining herself, "Cause recently it's all been about me, and I understand, and it's sweet, and I love being the focus. But I... I'd really like it if it was someone else's turn. I mean, we can start out slow. No pressure. It's just that... I... I..."

As the usually confident Iris West stammered and then trailed off her lovers watched her with a gentle smile on their faces, then Caitlin blurted out, "Take off your shirt."

Quickly Barry went from smiling at Iris to smiling at Caitlin, which caused the scientist to blush and lower her gaze. Her embarrassment was adorable, but Barry was worried that she also felt ashamed, as was obvious by how she looked like she was going to take it back. Before she could Barry started unbuttoning his shirt. He could literally do this in a flash, but this wasn't about speed. No, this was about seduction, so he slowly undid each of those buttons, paused and then pulled back the shirt to reveal his abs. He pulled the rest off faster, but not by much, as she enjoyed the attention of the two girls looking at him lustfully.

Then unfortunately Caitlin seemed to 'come to her senses' and she started to apologise, "I'm sorry, I know I've seen you shirtless countless times, but that's always just to treat your wounds and check your body. But not, you know check out your body? And I can be professional. Shut off that part of my brain and concentrate on the task at hand. But..."

"The Flash looks pretty damn good with his shirt off." Iris grinned knowingly.

"Yeah he does..." Caitlin said without thinking, before she blushed a bit because of it.

Before Caitlin could apologise again Barry decided to defuse the situation by asking deliberately cocky, "So, I took off my shirt. Doesn't that mean it's your turn?"

That got the kind of amused chuckle Barry was aiming for, but to his surprise Caitlin quickly wiped the smile off her face and then slowly pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her bra clad breasts. There was then a brief pause, and then Caitlin cautiously reached behind herself and undid her bra. She grabbed it before it could fall, which initially Barry thought was to tease him, but then he saw the look on her face and it was clear that she was hesitating out of nervousness more than an intent to arouse. Although almost instantly she relaxed as Iris slowly approached her, and almost the exact same incident Caitlin allowed her bra to fall down to her feet Iris pressed into her body from behind and cupped Caitlin's perky little titties.

"Killer Frost looks pretty damn good with her shirt off, don't you think Flash?" Iris grinned, calling back to her earlier words.

"Yes." Barry mumbled an agreement.

"I love these tits." Iris confessed, gently tweaking them before going right back to massaging the flesh surrounding them, getting some nice little moans and gasps out of Caitlin in the process, "I love licking them, sucking them, mmmmm, or just playing with them just like this. This one time, I tied Caitlin up and sucked them for hours until she was literally crying for relief. God, she came so hard that night."

"I always do." Caitlin moaned, as much for Barry's benefit as to kiss Iris's ass, "You always make me-"

"Shhhhh, just relax and enjoy baby." Iris pushed, continuing the gentle manipulation of Caitlin's tits for a few long seconds before pushing her right hand slowly downwards, "Of course, Caitlin's got something else that I love licking and sucking."

Even if it hadn't been obvious what she was talking about by the time she had finished speaking Iris's hand had finished travelling down Caitlin's flat stomach and was pushing into the other girl's pants, causing Caitlin to let out a loud pleasure filled cry. That sound alone, combined with Iris slowly pushing her hand into Caitlin's pants, would have been more than enough to make Barry's dick hard. Or maybe it had been before, and he had just been too distracted to notice. But he was definitely noticing now, especially as he could just about see Iris's hand go to work on Caitlin through those pants, making sure that Caitlin was constantly whimpering, crying out and moaning with pleasure.

Iris knew she had to tread carefully, because even though Caitlin's pussy was wonderfully wet, and she could see Barry's dick practically bursting out of his pants, she could practically taste their nervousness, especially Caitlin's. But they were beyond the point of no return, and either she would pushed them too far, or more likely and more ironically too fast, and they would back out of doing anything with each other, and maybe back out of this whole agreement between them. Or Iris would get what she wanted. Which meant she would get to see Caitlin and Barry fuck. Both of her fiances, fucking in front of her very eyes, oh yes, that's exactly what Iris wanted right now. She wanted that more than anything.

While foreplay between two girls to turn on a guy was a bit of a clich, Iris certainly couldn't argue with the results, as The Flash seemed more than ready to go and they had his undivided attention. Of course this was actually more about turning on one of the girls, and to her credit Iris had succeeded in that, perhaps even before she even touched Caitlin's pussy. It was also notable that Caitlin was as ready as she'd ever be once Iris started sliding her fingertips up and down her pussy lips, but that wasn't enough for Iris. No, she just had to slide a finger into that tight, wet and welcoming little fuck hole. Which to be fair Caitlin seemed very happy about given the way that she cried out in pleasure, both from the finger being pushed inside her, and everything else.

"Yeah, there's that tasty little treat." Iris purred softly against Caitlin's ear, while making sure her voice was loud enough for both of them to hear, "Oh yes, I just love eating this pretty little pussy. I love to slide my tongue over it nice and slowly at first, tease it. Then suck Caitlin's cute little clit, mmmmm, and drink her juices straight from the source, before sliding my tongue into her. Fuck her with it until she cums in my mouth and all over my face. Ohhhhhh God, and I love using my fingers just like this. Finger her little cunt, like when I touch myself, and it's so much better, because it's giving pleasure to someone I love. Making them whimper and moan for me. And quiver. Oooooooh yessssss Caitlin, quiver in my arms as I finger fuck your hot little fuck hole."

The combination of those words and actions were definitely having the desired effect of turning on her lovers, but they almost seemed to be doing too good a job. Caitlin seemed ready to cum already, or at least beg for the privilege, and Barry seemed ready to jizz his pants. They had proven to have more stamina than that, but just to be on the safe side Iris took a break from her words and slowed down the force of her thrusting. Although that was also for her benefit, as her own words and actions had also been doing too good a job at turning her on, and she wasn't even the one being touched. At least not directly. But just a little rubbing of her pussy against Caitlin's backside through their clothes was enough to get her just a bit too hot and bothered. Of course she didn't want to lose her momentum, so maybe about a minute later she picked up where she left off.

"But it's not just my tongue and a few fingers. No, my girl can take my whole hand inside her tough little pussy. And my toys. Oh yes, I just love proving what a total bottom Caitlin is by taking a toy cock and shoving it deep into my girlfriend's cunt. Mmmmm, fuck her with it real good, until she is cumming all over it like the hot little bitch she is." Iris continued, adding a second finger along the way and then during a brief pause using one hand to push Caitlin's pants and panties down to expose what exactly she was doing to her, "Would you like that Barry? Would you like to stick your dick in Caitlin's cute little cunt? Look at it Barry! Doesn't it look hot, and wet, and fuck-able?"

It was a minute or two of using two fingers on Caitlin before Iris said that last part, and she cheated a little bit by rubbing the other girl's clit just before it to make sure that Caitlin would be extra turned on for it. Then while she was speaking she pulled her fingers almost all the way out and used them to pull apart Caitlin's cunt, exposing the hot, wet entrance which seemed to be just aching to be used. This caused Caitlin to tense up, gasp and adorably blush, but to Iris's delight she didn't protest. And Barry definitely didn't. No, The Flash stared at Killer Frost's needy fuck hole, his cock clearly aching to enter it. Now all Iris had to do was make sure he did.

"Well Barry, would you like to fuck it?" Iris pushed softly, before reassuring him, "You know what I want you to say, but don't say it unless you really mean it."

There was a brief hesitation and then Barry answered, "Yes."

"Take off your pants." Iris grinned, slipping her fingers back into Caitlin as Barry did as she was told, revealing himself to the girls. Then after almost a minute of fingering Iris gently pushed, "What about you Caitlin? Do you want this?"

"Only if you take off your clothes, and stay behind me." Caitlin moaned, "Oh yes, I don't think I can do this unless I can feel your naked body pressed against me."

"We can do that." Iris chuckled, pulling her fingers out of Caitlin and then pushing them into Caitlin's mouth. Then after giving Caitlin about a minute to thoroughly clean those fingers she slapped the other girl's behind and ordered her, "Go wait for me on the bed. I'll join you in a second."

Quickly Caitlin did as she was told as Iris walked over to Barry, who sheepishly greeted her, "Hi."

"Hi." Iris grinned, before falling to her knees in front of him. Then she quickly raised an eyebrow, "What? I can't have you sliding into my girl dry. Mmmmm, no, I want to make sure both of you love this."

Barry let out a soft groan just from the feeling of Iris wrapping a hand around his dick and then slowly beginning to stroke it while she was speaking. Thanks to the verbal and physical warning he just about avoided letting out a unmanly high-pitched cry, and instead let out a deep manly one, as Iris lowered her head and took the first few inches of his cock into her mouth. Iris then gave them a chance to just enjoy the sensation, before she began gently sucking his dick while she continued to stroke it, causing Barry to let out a long moan, which he felt mostly turned out right. Which was the same when Iris started to slowly take more of his cock into her mouth.

Although he knew that Iris didn't care about what kind of sounds he made during sex Barry couldn't help but be embarrassed by them, and try to control them, and considering Caitlin was here now it just pushed him to try and control himself even more. Of course that only made it harder, especially considering what was about to happen, Barry actually finding himself tearing his eyes away from the perfection which was Iris West on her knees in front of him and sucking his dick just so he could look over at Caitlin and see the same nervous but excited expression on her face which was probably on his. Although his eyes couldn't help wander to the rest of her body, especially the most inviting part of it right now. Especially as Caitlin was being brave enough to spread her legs for him so he could see how wet she was.

Just when he didn't think his friends could get any more bold Caitlin further surprised him by sliding a hand down to her twat and gently start rubbing it invitingly, making herself let out a soft moan. God, why do girls sound so good when they did that? And look so much better when they masturbated? Or maybe that was just his inner obnoxious straight guy talking? Whatever the case for almost a full minute Barry was completely captivated by Caitlin, especially as she started getting more into it, cupping her full tits in the other hand and adding another finger into the mix while rubbing her clit with her thumb, and God, he had never wanted her more. Especially when she gave him a look of lust. Or more accurately, them.

Then Iris started pushing him into her throat, and he just couldn't help let out a high-pitched cry, which didn't sound manly at all. Luckily it was followed by a very deep groan as Iris held that position for a few long seconds, before coming up for air. She then repeated the process, every bob of her head threatening to take him all the way, and Barry wasn't sure he could avoid cumming if she did. However she didn't, instead using her hands to spread the saliva down to the lower half of his cock while choosing to tease him by almost taking his full length, but not, before finally getting to her feet and grinning at him wickedly as she leaned in for a kiss, only to deny him at the last second.

In between that last part she whispered, "Come on Flash, I want you to fuck my girlfriend."

Caitlin could vividly remember when the idea of watching Iris sucking Barry's cock would have been heart-breaking, and before that just plain weird, but now it was almost a 100% turn on. The only thing putting a damper on it was her jealousy, although it wasn't jealousy over it happening at all, but a deep desire to be in the place of one of them. Mostly Barry so that Iris could be the one going down on her needy cunt, but Caitlin also craved to be on her knees in front of The Flash so she could give the superhero the thank you blow job she used to secretly fantasise about giving him. She was fantasising about it now, focusing on that rather than the promises of something even better so she wouldn't overwhelm herself.

Sure enough though Team Flash's perfect couple, West Alan, the two amongst them who were destined to be together with no one else, suddenly turned their attention to her with shameless desire in their eyes, almost making Caitlin cum on the spot. Surprisingly it was Iris who closed the distance first, Barry moving incredibly slowly by his standards so Iris could get in position, and he could be rewarded with a show. That show of course was Iris getting on top of Caitlin in kissing her softly, the two girls just enjoying making out for a few long minutes while the black girl's hand replace the white girl's in gently touching her twat. Then without stopping the touch, although sadly breaking the kiss, Iris slipped around behind Caitlin, her wet cunt and her tits pressed into her back, just the way Caitlin wanted it.

After pressing a kiss to her girl's forehead Iris told her man, "Fuck her Barry! Fuck her now."

Barry crawled in between Caitlin's legs, bit his lip, then cautiously asked her, "Are you sure you oooooohhhhh Goooodddddd..."

Before he could get close to finish speaking Caitlin reached down, grabbed his cock and began stroking it, causing his words to get lost in a moan. Then she pressed the tip against Caitlin's pussy and gave it a little nod. She tried to follow that up with verbal confirmation, but she was just a little too overwhelmed at that moment, and before she could find the willpower he started pushing inside her, causing her to let out a loud cry of pleasure, followed by a moan. Which seemed to be enough for even her cautious friend, Barry slowly beginning to push himself inside her, the combination of her own wetness and Iris's saliva meaning there was absolutely no pain whatsoever, only wonderful pleasure, even as the last few inches slipped inside her.

Once he was all the way inside her Barry did pause for maybe a full minute, giving Caitlin a chance to get used to it and for both of them to savour the moment. Or more accurately, all three of them, Caitlin never able to forget that Iris was right there with her every step of the way, meaning that she was surrounded by two people who deeply desired her. Evidence of which came as Iris continued gently touching her, and whispering encouragement, while Barry started to slowly pull himself out of her and then pushed back in and then repeat the process, officially beginning to fuck her. The Flash was fucking her! Her dear friend and maybe now sort of boyfriend Barry Allen was fucking her pussy with his big hard cock, while Iris West not only let it happen, but encouraged it.

"Yessssssss, fuck me! Mmmmm, just like that, ooooooh just like that, oh Barry! Caitlin! Fuck!" Iris swore, feeling wonderfully overwhelmed by what was happening, but gradually making more sense, "Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh, fuck her little pussy with that big hard cock! Oh fuck yeah Barry, I love watching you fuck my fiance! I love it! Mmmmm, I love it when my male and female fianc,s fuck in front of me. It makes me so fucking hot! That's it, mmmmm, nice and slow. There's no rush Barry, ooooooh yeahhhhhhh, no rush at all. Go nice and slow. Make love to Caitlin nice and slowly while your fianc, watches. Ooooooh fuckkkkkkk yeahhhhhhh!"

Iris had a vague idea of what she was saying, knew that the most important thing was it was positive, but honestly right now she was just lost in the sight of Barry's cock sliding in and out of Caitlin's cunt. Just as she had been lost in watching that cock initially disappearing into that cunt. Which she knew should be heart-breaking for her, as it was literally her fianc,s cheating on her right in front of her, but that wasn't how she saw it at all. No, this was her fianc,s making love because of her. Because that's what she wanted them to do, and after a little push from her, now it was what they wanted to do. What they were doing together, Iris very much involved the whole time, and not just with her words, but with her actions.

Most of those actions concentrated on her beloved Caitlin, as she was the easiest target, and those tits of hers were just begging for attention. Which Iris was only too happy to give, especially as now both hands were free to cup them at the same time and play with those little nipples. But she was also able to slide her hands around Caitlin's soft body which was pressing against Barry's harder one, Iris very much loving the contrast between them as she started going back and forth. And sometimes, she even squeezed Barry's ass, than later pushed it back and forth in some unnecessary encouragement once the hard fucking began. But mostly, she stuck to the gentle caressing.

One other thing that Iris couldn't resist doing was rubbing her own body more firmly against Caitlin's, teasingly at first, but then with increasing intensity later on. She just couldn't help herself, as much as she had promised this night would be about concentrating on Caitlin her own pussy burned with desire, and jealousy that it wasn't being taken by Barry's cock. Or Caitlin's tongue. Or both. Oh God, there was just so much more they could do together as a three-way couple, Iris struggling not to let her mind wander too much on what might be and concentrate on what was. On the first time that Barry Allen officially fucked Caitlin Snow.

They were fucking in the 'traditional' way. The 'ordinary' way that some couples just prefer to stick too. Except of course, in this case Iris was clinging onto Caitlin's back like a spider monkey, still caressing the soft little body she was pressed up against, and there was a body on top of that one, meaning two bodies were pressing down against Iris, which was delighting her too much to be painful. Oh yes, this was almost what some people would call 'normal', but Iris didn't want normal. Not any more. No, she wanted these two amazing people to be hers forever, and just as importantly be each others. For them to be a three-way couple and enjoy things like this all the time.

Caitlin had certainly never wanted that more than she did right now. Because she loved Iris West with all her heart, and loved everything they had done together, but honestly she had missed being with a man, and even considered herself straight with one very big exception rather than gay or even bi. So to have a real cock inside her pussy was wonderful, especially considering it was attached to someone she loved and respected. And to have Iris there with her the entire time, pressing against her back and whispering words of encouragement while caressing her? Naturally made this whole experience the definition of perfect, Caitlin becoming lost in blissful happiness for several long minutes.

Inevitably Caitlin felt the urge to cum slowly begin to rise, but she desperately tried to fight against it so she could experienced more of this heaven. Which normally Iris could sense, and would use it to tease her even more, and this time was no exception. Except maybe as she wasn't the main source of Caitlin's pleasure Iris pushed things even further. Because it wasn't so bad when she was kissing, sucking and even biting her neck, or switching from massaging her body to concentrating on her tits and roughly pinching her nipples, but then Iris let her hand slide down to her clit, and just rubbing that gently was a little too much for Caitlin. And it only got worse, so to speak.

Which was all especially hard, considering what Iris was whispering into her ear, "You like that, huh? Mmmmm, yes you do. Yes you do. Who wouldn't? Ooooooh yeahhhhhhh, you're the sweet, creamy filling in a West Allen sandwich Caitie. Or should that be a West Snow Alan sandwich? That's a bit of a mouthful, but I think we can make it work if it means me and Barry get to fuck you just like this. Yesssss, mmmmm, just like this. You'd like that, wouldn't you Caitlin? Huh? No, you'd love it. Yeahhhhhh, mmmmm, I bet you'd love to feel Barry's cock inside of you and my fingers on your clit all the God damn time. Wouldn't you? Wouldn't you? Huh? Say It!"

"Yes." Caitlin whimpered.

"What?" Iris pushed.

"I'd love to feel Barry's cock inside me, mmmmm, and your fingers on my clit. Oh fuck!" Caitlin verified softly, "I'd love it. Ooooooh fuck, I'd love it all the time."

"Not to please me, but because you want it." Iris pushed again.

"Yes." Caitlin croaked, "I want it."

"Tell Barry!" Iris demanded, "Look him in the eye and tell him you want his cock!"

Almost without hesitation Caitlin forced herself to look Barry in the eye and tell him, "I want your cock."

"You want him to fuck you hard." Iris purred in Caitlin's ear.

"I want you to fuck me hard." Caitlin parroted, again looking her friend in the eye.

"You want his seed." Iris pushed, quickly clarifying, "You want him to cum inside you so I can eat it out of you. Mmmmm, eat your little cream pie, and taste both of my fianc,s."

That made Caitlin shut her eyes momentarily and tremble at the thought, before groaning, "I, I want your cum. I... AH!"

Suddenly Iris twisted one of Caitlin's nipples extra roughly and growled, "Are your eyes open?"

"No!" Caitlin apologised, quickly opening her eyes, "I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry, just do as you're told." Iris ordered firmly, "Now tell him what you want. But only if you want it. I promise, I won't be mad if you don't say the words."

There was a brief pause, and then Caitlin gulped and while making sure to keep her eyes open this time said as firmly as she could, "I, I want your cum. I want it inside me so Iris can eat it out of me. Have the cream pie she always wanted. Ohhhhhh fuck, taste us both at once. Oh God, please Barry, fuck me hard. Fuck me hard and cum inside my pussy. Oooooooh yessssss, fuck me hard and cum, mmmmm, and make me cum too. Oh my God I'm so close, soooooooo close, ah fuck! Fuck yes! Oh Barry! Iris! IRIS! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh shit!"

As Caitlin began shamelessly begging for waht it felt like she now overwhelmingly needed Barry not only increased his speed but Iris went from slowly but intensely playing with her clit to rapidly rubbing it in to the point she could barely think, let alone say anything coherent. In fact she was done saying anything other than swear words and the name of her lovers until after this overwhelming act. Barry was all business to, thankfully not using his full speed, as that would have been no doubt painful, but using just enough to keep her on the edge of it, clearly allowing Iris to push over the edge. Which didn't take long, although it was as much what Iris was saying as what she was doing.

"You wanna cum, huh? You wanna? You wanna cum for us?" Iris growled frantically rubbing Caitlin's clit, "Then cum! Cum right now, or I swear I'll never let you cum again! Yesssssss, that's it, mmmmm, good girl. Look at him! Look at Barry! Look at the God damn Flash as he makes you cum. Yessssssss, cum on a superhero's cock. Feels good, doesn't it? Yeahhhhhhh, trust me, I know. Ohhhhhhh yessssssss, I know just how good it feels to cum thanks to a superhero, and now so do you Caitlin. You both do. Oh yes, my superheroes, making each other cum. Oh fuck, this makes me so happy. God, I love watching you two cum. Now look at me Caitlin! Look at me while you cum on my precious Barry's dick."

While Caitlin did her best to obey Iris's commands it was really hard when she first went over the edge of an incredibly powerful climax, especially since it was quickly followed by another, and another, and another. Which encouraged Barry to increase his pace even more to the point where it probably would have been painful if there wasn't ecstasy rocking Caitlin's body, and while she knew it wasn't physically possible it felt like Iris was keeping up. Or at least close enough. The point was she was cumming perhaps harder than ever before while being surrounded by two people she cared about a lot. One she loved, and the other she might be getting there. And they were both just touching her so wonderfully right now Caitlin lost the ability to even think coherently.

Barry was very close to that point himself, and he had never been more grateful for his powers in that moment. After all, while he had to suffer jokes about being the fastest man alive the truth was his powers gave him great endurance, every ounce of which he needed that moment as Caitlin's orgasming cunt was squeezing the life out of him and Iris was frantically rubbing Caitlin's clit. Okay, he couldn't physically feel the latter thing, but just witnessing it was incredibly thrilling, especially as the two women were either looking at each other lovingly, or at him most of the time. Occasionally one of them would be too overwhelmed and close their eyes, mostly Caitlin, which was all so good, especially as it meant Iris was focused on him.

Sometimes, even Iris's words were focused on him, "Look at me Barry! Look at me! Look at me as you cum! Mmmmm yessssss, cum in Caitlin's hot little cunt! Cum in my girlfriend's pussy so I can eat it out of her! Cum damn you, cum for me now! Cum for us, Flash, cum for us! Yessssssss, that's it, oh God yes, mmmmm, give Caitie everything you got. Every fucking drop! Mmmmm yessssssss!"

While Barry could just about resisted it even with the addition of Iris's encouragement, he really didn't want to, and it seemed like the perfect time to cum. He'd fucked Caitlin to multiple orgasms, he had been on the edge for a respectable amount of time for him, and most of all Iris wanted him too. Hell, she was practically begging him too, which was beyond hot. So he just allowed the feeling of ecstasy to wash over him, and as soon as he stopped holding back it happened, his seed sliding up his shaft and firing deep into Caitlin's cunt. It was accompanied with an unmanly cry, but hopefully that went unnoticed as he pushed himself as deep as he could go into Caitlin as shot after shot of cum was fired deep into her, until he had non left to give her.

Then the second he pulled out Iris quickly slipped out from underneath Caitlin and went straight for him, which he wasn't expecting given the things she had been saying. Without a word then she took his softening cock into her mouth and sucked it for a few long seconds, maybe a full minute. However long it was it was easy enough to reverse his tiredness, even if his cock was aching a bit at this stage. Then just as he was starting to get really hard again Iris must have decided that she got whatever cum was left on his dick as she immediately switched to Caitlin's cunt, causing the scientist to whimper pathetically from over stimulation. Which only got worse the more frantically Iris licked her.

"Iris! It's too much." Caitlin whimpered when she finally regained the ability to speak, "I'm sorry, I just can't cum again. I just can't."

"You can. I believe in you baby." Iris insisted, before reminding her, "Besides, you said that before, and I've always proven you wrong. Why should this be any different?"

Before poor Caitlin could think of a proper response Iris buried her face in the other girl's pussy again, which once again cause the meta-human to whimper pathetically. Even Barry kind of felt sorry for her, given just how thoroughly Iris was tonguing that overworked pussy, not just licking it and the flesh surrounding it, but pushing her tongue deep into Caitlin in search of both boy and girl cum. From the sounds of their moans and whimpers it was pretty clear Iris got what she wanted, and sure enough she made Caitlin cum again in the process, even if Caitlin didn't quite enjoy it as much as Iris did. Or Barry for that matter, this little show finishing the job Iris started by making him hard again.

Iris felt guilty about pushing Caitlin, but she had been doing it for years, so why stop now? Besides, pushing her was normally a good thing, as it allowed them both to discover things about themselves they would have never have known otherwise. Things they would never have known they liked otherwise. Even things they loved. Particularly just how much of a submissive bottom Caitlin was, and just how much of a dominant top Iris was, this latest act once again reinforcing the roles they had discovered were their preference pretty much since the beginning of their relationship. And oh, did Iris love this new discovery, although truth be told it was less of a discovery and more proving she was right, which was one of her favourite pastimes.

It had been a very easy equation considering how much she loved Barry's cum and Caitlin's cum, but even in her most vivid fantasies Iris couldn't have guessed just how much she would have loved the combination. It was a cocktail of yumminess which Iris promised herself she would be drinking regularly from now on. Hell, she even had a brief but wonderfully twisted fantasy about bottling it so she could take it with her to work to liven up slow days, or just because she was missing her lovers. But she was too busy using her tongue to coax cum out of Caitlin's cunt to really focus on that, or anything else really, Iris's entire world becoming Caitlin Snow's delicious twat and the cum hidden inside it.

For her devotion she was rewarded with some fresh Caitlin cum, which squeezed out the last of the Barry cum in a truly heavenly experience. Which of course made Iris greedy for even more, and maybe if it was just the two of them she would have ignored Caitlin's pleading for mercy and just fucked her girl into unconsciousness. Or more likely she would have given her a break by sitting on Caitlin's face and getting some satisfaction for herself. Fortunately for the other girl Iris was aching for attention, and with Barry available she could truly give Caitlin a break while her pussy got some much-needed attention. So she reluctantly brought Caitlin down from her high and then turned her attention to Barry.

To Iris's delight she found her male fianc, once again hard and ready to go, just the way she liked him best. But he also seemed a bit worse for wear, so she showed him a little mercy by starting out slow, namely by crawling over to him and just kissing him, allowing him to taste himself and Caitlin. Well, it was mostly Caitlin, as Iris had pretty much swallowed everything he'd had to offer, but there may have been a lingering after taste. Either way he didn't complain, probably because he was too busy moaning from the feeling of her hand wrapping around his shaft and beginning to gently stroke it. She then continued that motion for a few long minutes, before straddling him which caused him to break the kiss and laugh.

"This relationship is going to kill me." Barry laughed.

"Probably..." Iris teased as she pushed herself down on his dick, "But what a way to go."


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