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Author's note: This story takes place during Season 2 of The Flash.

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Flash: Another Light Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

Iris considered giving Linda her space, but the poor girl had been kidnapped by a psychotic speedster and thrown off a building with the only reason she survived being another speedster, so she decided the best thing would be to pay her a visit. Iris would have done that for a virtual stranger, and she had known Linda for almost a year. Since they met Linda had quickly become her closest friend at the paper, and now she might be possibly become something more, as ever since Linda had confessed her true feelings for her Iris had been looking at, and thinking of, her in another light.

As Eddie's loss still felt fresh Iris was surprised how much Linda's confession had hit her. Then again, although it didn't feel like it, it had actually been months since his death, and even though they hadn't had their first official date yet there had been plenty of flirty banter between them and thorough make out sessions as Linda helped Iris and her friends set a trap for Zoom. That, and their sudden first time together, made Iris truly happy for the first time since her fianc‚ sacrificed himself to save her and the world from the Reverse Flash. So Iris felt compelled to fight for this new relationship, and she had a feeling in her bones she would have to fight for it tonight.

Sure enough when Linda opened her apartment door it looked like she'd been crying, the poor girl barely managing to utter a single word, "Hey."

"Hey." Iris murmured softly, "Are you okay? I mean, of course you're not okay, but-"

"No, I'm fine." Linda obviously lied, before admitting, "No I'm not, I... I didn't want you to see me like this."

"Hey, hey, hey... it's okay." Iris cooed softly, quickly pulling Linda into her arms and hugging her tightly. When she did this initially she closed her eyes so she couldn't see what was behind Linda, but then Iris opened her eyes and saw the suitcases littering the floor as ironically she uttered the words she no longer believed, "Everything's okay."

Sensing that Iris had seen what was behind her Linda inwardly cursed herself, and then pulled away so she could tell Iris to her face, "We should talk."

"Well, if that isn't the worst sentence in the English-language." Iris said, going for humour, although she didn't really feel it, "So, are you leaving?"

Linda opened her mouth, paused briefly, then scurried around Iris who step further in so the other girl could close the door. Once it was closed Linda lent back against the door, closed her eyes and admitted with a sigh, "I wasn't crying because of what happened with Zoom. Well, maybe a little. But... mostly, because I don't want to lose you."

"But you want to leave?" Iris offered.

"No!" Linda quickly said, opening her eyes and stepping forwards. Then she admitted, "But... but I don't want to stay either."

There was another pause and then Iris nodded, "I get it."

"Do you?" Linda asked softly, "Cause I don't."

"You're scared." Iris said softly, "Zoom made you feel powerless, and you no longer feel safe in your own home, or anywhere in the city. So you want to run, even though you're not sure there's any where to go that will be truly safe from him. I... I can relate to that."

Linda frowned, "If you feel the same way, why are you-"

"Still here?" Iris finished for her, "Because I believe in The Flash. I believe that, despite what happened earlier, he will win in the end. That he will save us in the end. That he will save me in the end. But I don't think he can do it if people don't believe in him. Especially me. So... if you feel you have to go, I understand. I want everyone to stand and fight Zoom, but... I can't stand the thought of anything happening to you either."

There was a long pause and then Linda half whined, half whimpered, "I wish I was the other me. Dr Light. Or at least still had the gloves, so I could defend myself. But then I think, if I did, it would be no use. They can't protect me. My gun can't protect me. My fate is entirely in a man's hands, and while that man is a superhero it just makes me feel like a useless damsel in distress, and I hate it."

There was another long pause and then with tears falling from her eyes Iris softly murmured, "Do... do you want me to help you pack?"

Another even longer pause followed and then Linda admitted, "I want you to convince me to stay."

After that Iris's brain seemed to work as fast as Barry in the longest pause ever, as she tried to think how she could convince Linda to stay, and if she should. If she succeeded and something happened to Linda she would never forgive herself, or Barry for that matter, but she didn't want Linda to leave. Or at the very least Iris didn't want this to be how things ended between them. Which gave her the idea of how she could possibly convince Linda to stay, or at least improve the memory of what might be the last time they saw each other.

It was obvious, and more than a little cheesy, but it felt right in the moment, and apparently Linda felt the same way because she let Iris softly approach her, take her face into her hands and kiss her. Most importantly of all she kissed back, both girls openly weeping as they frantically clung to each other and kissed with even more desperation. It didn't feel like enough, and Iris realised it would never be enough. She was falling for Linda. She was falling for her hard and fast, and if she could convince her to stay maybe they could be happy together and she could have everything she should have had with Eddie. But if Linda left she would never know. They would never know. And more than ever before that was unacceptable.

Eventually they had to break apart for oxygen, although they didn't move very far, their foreheads resting against the other's as they fought to get their breath back. Then Linda panted, "I'm going to need more convincing."

The two girls shared a soft chuckle and a long smile with each other before Iris softly said, "I can definitely do that."

Linda opened her mouth to ask for details, but before she could get a word out Iris pressed her lips to hers. Which totally made her forget what she was going to say, and she didn't want to waste precious energy trying to remember it when she could be using all her concentration on kissing the beautiful girl in front of her. So that's exactly what she did, and to Linda's relief all thoughts about the monster that had terrorised her were finally forgotten, if only for a few moments, as she made out with Iris West. The girl she really, really didn't want to leave, and was desperately hoping that Iris could convince her not too.

She certainly got off to a good start, kissing Linda silly for several minutes while just standing there before gently manoeuvring them through Linda's apartment and onto the sports reporter's bed. There was then more making out. A lot more, minutes feeling like hours as the two twenty-something women became completely lost in each other. During that long kissing session as their hands slowly began to explore each other's bodies, at first avoiding all the fun parts, although not for long. Eventually hands even found their way under clothing, Iris reaching under Linda's top to caress her boobs while Linda took it one step further and slid a hand down the back of Iris's pants to grab her ass.

After that Iris broke the kiss and pulled away, for a horrible moment making Linda worried that she had done something wrong. She should have known it was just so that Iris could remove her shirt, and then smile down at Linda as she stared at her bra covered boobs. She then leaned down for another kiss, this time breaking it to remove Linda's shirt, which Linda was only too happy to help out with. They then removed the rest of their clothes in a similar way. A real team effort. Team Flash should be proud. Or not, because Linda really didn't want the rest of them finding out about how well she and Linda work together in the bedroom department.

Their compatibility warmed Linda's heart though, like most times Iris giving her exactly what she wanted, exactly when she wanted it. Like when she broke their latest kiss it wasn't to admire their handiwork. No, instead of ogling each other Iris went straight to kissing her neck, and instead of spending the bare minimum amount of time there, like a lot of guys she had been with, the other girl really took her time, quickly adding licking and sucking into the mix. She even bit down slightly like she was trying to mark Linda as hers, and while that kind of possessiveness normally annoyed Linda it was different with Iris, for some reason that she wasn't sure she wanted to analyse right now.

Iris couldn't help feeling a little possessive right now. She tried not to, but Linda was going to leave. Linda was going to leave her. Yes, it wasn't anything she'd done, and there was a really good reason, but Iris wanted Linda to stay, and if she couldn't convince her too than at lease she would make sure that Linda didn't forget her any time soon. And not just because Iris was leaving marks on Linda's neck and shoulders which would be around for days. No, Iris wanted to leave a more permanent impression. The type which Linda would think about every time she got herself off, or worse, whenever she was with someone else. And it would do the same for Iris.

So eventually Iris kissed her way down Linda's hot little body until she reached the other girl's boobs. Linda had confessed she was self-conscious about their size, but Iris loved them. Which was something she tried to prove by kissing all over them for a few minutes. Of course she also did her best to tease Linda, Iris smiling into the soft flesh as her girlfriend writhed underneath her. Then just as Linda opened her mouth to complain Iris wrapped her lips around one of her nipples and gently began sucking on it, causing Linda to forget whatever she was going to say and just let out a long soft moan of pleasure, which was quickly followed up by more pleasant sounds as Iris then swirled her tongue around that nipple.

After about a minute of that Iris slowly kissed her way to the other nipple and then spent about a minute licking and sucking that before moving back to the nipple she started on. Then back, then fourth, then back, then fourth, Linda moaning, gasping and even whimpering the entire time. The sounds became louder, and the whimpers more frequent, when Iris started gently nipping at those nipples and gently slid her hands up Linda's body to cup those little titties, pushing one more firmly into her mouth while playing with the other. Sometime after that Iris started very slowly kissing her way downwards, which caused Linda to let out an extra loud gasp. Which wasn't surprising, as this was new.

To be fair to Iris this was only her second time with a girl, and the first time she had been interrupted before she could return the wonderful favour that Linda had given her yesterday. In the meantime there had been a little making out, but this was going to be a big step for Iris, and she was determined to make this very memorable for both of them. Of course she was terrified, but Iris was pretty sure that was natural. And it definitely felt like the good kind of terrified, like just before going on a rollercoaster. Or just having sex with someone you like and not wanting to screw it up. Which was why Iris hesitated when she reached her destination. That, and she wanted to savour the moment.

Disheartened by this pause Linda softly murmured, "You know you don't have too. Right?"

Linda didn't want to have to say that, because she wanted this really badly, but she would never push Iris into something she wasn't ready for. Especially when she might never be ready for it. After all, this was completely new to Iris, and one little session of fingering another girl didn't make Iris a lesbian, or even bisexual. It made her willing to experiment, and Linda had worried that this was all this was. That was all she was to Iris. Some experimentation she was getting out of her system in between relationships. Something at best Iris would look back at fondly as something she did in the past, or at worst something she would use to turn future boyfriends on.

Those fears were somewhat dampened by Iris looking up at her, giving her a soft smile and then leaning down to slide her tongue over Linda's pussy. This of course made Linda gasp and let out a cry, which was especially long because Iris went slowly as possible, starting at the very bottom of Linda's cunt and working her way up to the very top, even lingering on her clit. Iris then repeated the process, albeit without lingering on Linda's clit. In fact her friend turned so much more avoided her clit entirely, which would have been more than fine with Linda because if she hadn't known this whole thing might just be too much for her to handle. It was incredibly overwhelming as it was.

Even now Linda couldn't quite believe her luck. Here she had Iris West literally licking her pussy. Her best friend at work, who she had become closer and closer to recently, but thought she'd never have a chance with her as she was super straight, was sliding her tongue over her pussy and making Linda feel so incredibly good. And these licks weren't rushed, or too slow, and they certainly weren't the bare minimum. No they were just perfect right from the start, like Iris was born to eat pussy. Or at least she had a very good memory about what Linda had done to her that one time. And/or Iris had done some research for this, which was a particularly delightful thought.

Whatever the reason for this skilful cunt lapping was Linda didn't care that much, because honestly it didn't really matter. All that mattered was for several long blissful minutes Linda became lost in pure pleasure, even if along the way she had to close her eyes to dull some of the intensity she was feeling. Then she opened them again to concentrate on the heavenly sight of Iris West laying in between her legs, and occasionally looking up at her with a twinkle in her eye, and a smile on her face which Linda could actually feel against her cunt. All of which made her want to beg for more, but she held back for as long as she could to enjoy all the wonderful sensations that Iris was giving her.

Iris loved the moments when she would look up and her eyes and her lover's eyes would connect, or she could just see the expression on their faces, but it gave her a tremendous sense of satisfaction to know the pleasure she was causing them. She especially loved looking at Linda's pretty face, or into her pretty eyes, and seeing the pleasure she was causing her. Although perhaps what she loved even more was the constant moans, groans, whimpers, gasps and cries of pleasure which constantly came out of Linda's mouth. This sounds from her male lovers were a lot less sexy, and a lot less frequent as for some reason they tried to hide those sounds. Maybe they thought they were unmanly. Whatever the case Iris really loved what she was hearing now. Although most of all, she loved the taste.

It was something Iris had been wondering a lot about, but especially ever since she had tasted herself on Linda's lips after the other girl had gone down on her. What would another girl's pussy taste like? More recently she had wondered what Linda's pussy would taste like? Like hers? Different? The answer to the last two questions were the same, that being yes. As for the answer to the first questions, that was simply good. She liked it from the very first lick, and her enjoyment of it only increased with every swipe of her tongue, until Iris wanted to increase her speed and force so she could really get more of it. However she wouldn't do that just yet, not until Linda begged her for it, which hopefully won't be for a while yet.

As this was her very first time licking pussy, and maybe the first and last time she gets to do this to Linda, Iris wanted to draw it out for as long as possible and savour every moment. Fortunately it seemed that Linda agreed, because given her facial expressions, the look in her eyes and most of all the cute little whimpers she was letting out it sounded like she wanted to beg for more, but for whatever reason forced herself not too. And Iris knew she should just be grateful for that and take it easy on Linda, but she found all those reactions so adorable that she just couldn't help but push her luck. Besides, she wanted to make this as pleasurable as possible while still going slowly.

So while she avoided Linda's clit at the beginning of the pussy licking Iris began to slide over it with every other lick, gradually increasing the frequency in which she touched that sensitive bundle of nerves until she was licking with every swipe of her tongue. She then started to linger on both that clit and then Linda's entrance. Finally she took Linda's clit into her mouth and began gently sucking on it. All of this got an extremely positive reaction from Linda, but she never uttered a word, which was delighted Iris, and annoyed her. She was mostly okay with this, as it meant she could continue this, but she was competitive, and the longer Linda held out the more that Iris used her research and the memory of what Linda had done to her against her.

Linda wasn't sure how much longer she could resist giving Iris what she obviously wanted. Hell, the fact that Iris wanted to do this, wanted to make her cum with her tongue and mouth, was almost enough on it's own to push her over the edge. But she loved that feeling, and wanted to savour it. More importantly she was super stubborn, just like Iris. So even as it became kind of painful to wait Linda stubbornly kept her mouth shut. Or more accurately Linda made sure that the only sounds coming out of her mouth were whimpers, moans and cries of pure pleasure, and the occasional curse word. Which unsurprisingly wasn't enough for Iris. No, clearly the other girl wanted her to beg, which Linda used to her advantage.

Even when the sight of Iris West between her legs was just too much of a turn on and Linda was forced to close her eyes in a desperate attempt to dull what she was feeling she could still sense the endearing frown on Iris's face as a result of her defiance. Well, she could feel it against her cunt, because Iris's face was firmly pressed against it, but that only made it even more delightful, and torturous. And then Iris started the lingering on her clit just enough to drive her absolutely insane without giving Linda more than a hint of satisfaction, and the more experienced reporter just completely lost it. She needed to cum right now, and she didn't care what she had to do, or say, to get it.

"Iris!" Linda whimpered rather pathetically before pleading, "Make me cum! Please make me cum! I need to cum, ohhhhhhh, please make me cum. Fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue, oooooooh aaaaaahhhhhh fuck! Fuck me! Tongue fuck me! Please? Please Iris, make me cum! Make me oooooooohhhhhhhhh Goooooooddddddd yessssssssss, oh Iris, fuckkkkkkkk meeeeeee mmmmm fuck!"

Fortunately Iris resisted the urge to leave her to suffer and instead push her tongue into Linda's pussy, making Linda become completely incoherent. Sure, Iris did this as slowly as possible, but it still felt amazing, and Linda was convinced she wouldn't have to wait much longer for some sweet, sweet satisfaction. Besides, that slow invasion was wonderful, especially as once she had buried as much of her tongue as she could give her Iris just left it there as both girls savoured the moment. She then started thrusting it in and out at a rapidly increasing pace, ultimately giving Linda the release that she had been craving.

Unsurprisingly it was one of the most powerful orgasms of her life. Maybe the most powerful. How could it not be? She was literally cumming in Iris West's mouth, Iris removing her tongue from her pussy in a flash so she could swallow her cum. Or more accurately just let it shoot down her throat and into her belly. Whatever the case it was hot, and just made Linda cum harder. It also made it easier for her to cum again, Iris reinserting her tongue inside her as soon as Linda's first climax was over and she was fucking her to another orgasm with clumsy but effective enthusiasm, meaning that the next few minutes were like a literal heaven for Linda Park.

Iris West also considered it to be a heaven. Maybe not as much as when the roles were reversed, but in a way it was even more satisfying than receiving this kind of ecstasy herself, and she was the one giving it. Or more accurately the one returning it. Yes, Iris was returning the favour, and making another girl cum just as hard as that girl had made her cum, which was so thrilling. Although truth be told she was also instantly addicted to girl cum, or at least Linda's girl cum, which was somehow even more yummy than her friend's regular cream, Iris working tirelessly to get every drop, and then incredibly proud of herself for more or less achieving that.

The same couldn't be said during the next couple of climaxes that she gave Linda, but they did end up on Iris's face, which was almost just as good. Besides, the important thing was that she was making Linda feel good. Or at least that's what Iris told herself. Either way it didn't stop her from trying to swallow as much as that heavenly cream as possible. Even if it meant giving her mouth and tongue a break for a while by replacing them with her fingers, pushing first one, then two into Linda and begining to fuck her with them. Well, mostly, and she just couldn't resist licking and sucking Linda's clit, which of course made her friend cum harder.

For a while Iris went back-and-forth between those two techniques, for a while just doing her best to please her friend, and trying to swallow as much girl cum as possible. But her stamina wasn't unlimited, and Linda's certainly wasn't, and selfishly she wanted Linda to return the favour. Because sure, she could reached between her legs right now and get herself off quite easily, or maybe just humping the mattress would do the job considering how horny she was. But it just wasn't enough. Not now. Not after all this. And certainly knowing just how hard Linda could make her cum. So selfishly she may have held back a bit, hoping that Linda would tell her to stop so she could fuck her again.

Which was why as soon as she felt weak tugging on her hair Iris guiltily removed herself from the heaven she had just been in and crawled up Linda's body until they were once again face to now cum covered face. Iris gave Linda a few seconds to study that cum as she had left on her face as she just stared lovingly down at the other girl, then she lowered her head and pressed her lips to Linda's, the other brunette not hesitating to kiss her back and taste herself on her lips and tongue. They then made out for several long seconds. Or maybe it was minutes? Who knows? Who cares? All that mattered was that they were kissing, she was feeding Linda her own cum, and most of all, hopefully Iris was seconds away from getting fucked. Which she was, just not in the way she thought she would be.

"I wanna fuck you." Linda admitted when she broke the kiss, rolling on top of Iris and pinning her down to emphasise her words. Then when Iris flashed her an eager smile Linda quickly clarified, "With a toy. Is that okay?"

"Oh." Iris murmured, before smiling, "Yeah."

Linda smiled, briefly kissed the other girl, and then rolled off of her to retrieve the toy she'd wanted to use on Iris West more than any other, ever since they met. Once she reached the draw it was hiding she hesitated briefly, then took a deep calming breath before pulling it out and turning back to Iris. Clearly Iris was a little taken aback, but she also looked intrigued, and didn't protest, so Linda slowly stepped into the harness, pulled it up her thighs and tightened it firmly around her waist. She then slowly got back on the bed, gave Iris another brief kiss, then after another hesitation and calming breath Linda pushed her luck.

"You know, if I'm going to fuck you with this thing, it would be better if it was wet." Linda pointed out almost casually.

"What are you saying?" Iris teased.

"You don't know?" Linda questioned cautiously.

"Well, yeah..." Iris admitted, before grinning, "But I want you to say it."

Grinning back Linda clarified, "Suck my cock."

Still grinning Iris repositioned herself so she was kneeling in front of Linda, grabbed hold of the base of the dildo with one hand and guided it to her lips while looking up at her lover. She then wrapped those lips around the head of the dick before pushing them further down the shaft, almost taking half of the length in on the first bob of her head. Iris then repeated the process, bobbing her head up and down the cock slowly and sensually in a way which was probably more of a turn on than it should be. Linda wasn't sure what it said about her, but while she wouldn't admit it in public wearing a dick made her feel powerful, and that feeling was only amplified when she was using it to fuck a pretty girl, or that pretty girl was sucking her cock.

That was why Linda was very happy to see that Iris didn't just give the strap-on dildo the bare minimum of attention to make sure it would be wet for her pussy. No, Iris continued sliding her lips up and down the shaft, only removing her mouth so she could slide her tongue up and down it, all the while staring at Linda with a look of pure desire. Then Iris closed her eyes, and started pushing the dildo into her throat, causing Linda to let out a gasp of shock. No other girl she had been with had bothered with going this far. She had always wanted them too, but she had never wanted to push her luck that much. At least in this department. So was so thrilling to watch Iris pushed herself without prompting.

What was even more thrilling, and extremely impressive, was that Iris actually managed to stuff the entire length of that cock into her mouth and down her throat, Linda letting out an embarrassing sound as Iris's nose pressed against her crotch, announcing that the other journalist was now completely deep throating her dick. Iris was choking and gagging violently of course, but that only made it more impressive and thrilling. That Iris was pushing through that. Was willing to go through that for her. Wow. Just wow. And even though it seemed incredibly comfortable for Iris, Linda wanted more. Oh yes, she wanted Iris West to blow her like this all night long. But what she wanted even more was to fuck her, and Linda just couldn't wait any longer to do it.

"Get on your back!" Linda ordered huskily, pulling back so that her cock came out of Iris's mouth, "I wanna look in your eyes as I take you."

Iris grinned with delight at that firm order and then did as she was told. Which would not be her response under other circumstances, but there was something so thrilling to having her lover take control like this, and the fact that it was Linda definitely made it more satisfying. Not that she really had a chance to analyse it as seconds after she got on her back on the bed Linda joined her, the other girl crawling in between her spread legs until she was resting in between them, then Linda started to gently rub her needy pussy. Maybe a little too gently considering just how ready Iris was for this, something which should now be very clear to Linda, if somehow it wasn't before.

Apparently not even then, as instead of giving Iris what she wanted Linda pushed a finger inside her and began pumping it in and out. Actually this was clearly intentional, which Iris realised before Linda grinned wickedly at her, but all she could do was moan in pleasure, especially as when Iris tried to complain Linda simply added another finger, or began rubbing her clit. Besides, it was kind of hard for Iris to really complain, as it felt so good, and the important thing was she was being fucked. Maybe Linda would finger her to an orgasm to make sure she was nice and relaxed for the strap-on. Now there was a thought. Although alas it was not to be.

Instead Linda got Iris pretty close, and then suddenly replaced her fingers with her strap-on. The first few inches slid in pretty easily, but the sudden switch from warm fingers to cold plastic was kind of a mood killer, at least temporarily. Then her body magically relaxed and got used to the larger intruder, causing her to let out a soft moan, and then a louder one as Linda slowly pushed forwards, burying a few more inches of dildo inside of her. And the whole time Linda was doing this she was staring intensely into Iris's eyes, which Iris loved, but she was finding it a bit too intense right now, and automatically she closed her eyes, which was something Linda didn't like. Not one bit.

"No, open your eyes." Linda protested softly, and then smiled widely as Iris obliged, "Yessssss, that's it! Look at me. Look at me while I fuck you. Oh God! You're so beautiful."

For the next few minutes Linda whispered more sweet words like that as she slowly pushed inch after inch of dildo inside of Iris, the entire time staring at her with such overwhelming affection. Iris was convinced these feelings were being reflected in her own eyes, along with gratitude, and most of all pleasure. Honestly, she had meant to ask Linda about toys, considering that, being a good journalist, Iris had gone rummaging through Linda's things and found the strap-on, among other things. Which was why she had been so eager to suck it, as she'd been thinking about just that ever since she found it. And it was also why she was hoping this would not be the last time Linda asked for this. Or the last time for them in general.

Linda certainly didn't want it to be. No, she wanted to stay, and use every single toy she had in her collection on Iris West. She also just wanted to stay with Iris. To be her girlfriend, and do all the normal things that two people who were dating did. But she wasn't sure she could, and that scared her. But she tried not to focus on that now. In fact she couldn't really focus on that now. Not when she was slowly pushing a strap-on dildo deep inside of Iris's pussy, and especially not when their crotches pressed against the other's, announcing that Linda had succeeded in burying every inch of her cock inside of Iris's cunt, that thought echoing in her mind for a few long seconds, which allowed Iris time to get used to the feeling.

Maybe a bit too much time, as Iris ended up whimpering, "Please... please fuck me. Oh God, fuck me Linda! Fuck me good! Ooooooohhhhhhh fuck!"

Those words awoke Linda from her thoughts, and with a wicked smile of delight she began thrusting her hips back and forth, officially starting to fuck Iris with her strap-on. Just like she had wanted to do since she first met her. Especially in this way, with Iris staring up at her with affection, and maybe even something deeper, while Linda gently pumped moans, groans, gasps and whimpers of pleasure out of the other girl. Sounds which were almost as heavenly as the look on Iris's eyes, Linda becoming completely lost in those sounds and that look as her body switched to autopilot and she continued gently fucking Iris with her cock.

Her cock! That's what this was right now. Her cock. It might not be flesh and blood, but whenever Linda really got into fucking a girl with a dildo she liked to get lost in the fantasy, and the fantasy was never more vivid than when the dildo was strapped around her waist and she was getting a close-up view on what her thrusting was doing to the other girl. Which wasn't something she'd necessarily ever admit out loud, and she certainly didn't want a real dick, but it was a hell of a mind fuck whenever she was in this position to go along with the fantasy. It had certainly made the blow job that much more amazing, although this was even better because she was giving Iris pleasure.

All Linda wanted to do with the rest of her life was give Iris West pleasure. To see this beautiful face awash with joy, and to see the same thing in her eyes. And something else. Something that might just be the growing love that Linda felt for Iris being reflected back at her. She didn't know whether she could stick around long enough to find out, but again Linda did her best to forget about all that and just enjoy this precious moment. Honestly it had never been easier as the sights and sounds before her were pretty overwhelming, pretty much making sure that the only thing her brain could allow her to do was continue gently thrusting back and forth so she could continue enjoying those amazing sights and sounds.

Iris certainly enjoyed the sight of a man above her. The look of concentration on his face as he pleasured them both. The little grunts of pleasure coming from him. And most of all the affection and gratitude she saw in his eyes. She saw all that with Linda, except that it was even more thrilling that it was a woman doing this to her now. Plus neither one of them had to worry about this dick ever going soft. No, it would be hard and ready for action even after they were completely spent, and if Linda ran out of energy to thrust into her Iris would be more than happy to flip them over and give the other woman the ride of her life. Joyously Linda showed no signs of slowing down, or God forbid stopping.

At least it was joyously at first, then it was a little frustrating. Not that Linda stopped, because Iris never wanted that, but neither did she speed up and give Iris what she truly wanted, namely a nice hard orgasm. Well, part of her wanted this gentle strap-on fucking to go on forever, and even though that was impractical part of Iris would have liked to have seen just how long Linda could last before running out of steam, at which point iris could happily take over and finish the job. However as the fucking continued Iris felt a growing need for more, and while she tried to fight the urge for as long as she could eventually she begged for it.

"Fuck me. Please Linda, fuck me hard." Iris whimpered, and when that didn't work she became a little more graphic, and desperate, "Oh God! Oh fuck me harder! Ohhhhhh yessssss, fuck me! Fuck me with your big hard cock! Oh fuck, mmmmmm, pound my pussy! Pound it! Pound it hard! Please? Please Linda, I need it! I need this. I need you Linda! Oh fuck! Please baby, make me cum. Oooooooh yeahhhhhh, make me cum, make me cum, slam my fucking cunt with your strap-on cock and make me cum, oh fuck! Oh God! Oh Linda! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk!"

Surprisingly it took quite a while for Linda to give Iris what she so desperately wanted. Lately Linda had proven very eager to please, especially whenever they had sex, but this time she just kept grinning down at her as Iris begged, which caused her to stop as it was clear that Linda was enjoying it a bit too much. But then Linda finally began giving her what she wanted, at first just gently increasing the pace, and then just as she really began giving it to her hard she pulled the legs which Iris had wrapped around her waist shortly after the penetration was completed and then push them onto her shoulders. That was when the real pussy pounding began.

While Iris wasn't that flexible any pain or discomfort from being bent in half was easily dwarfed by the increasing amount of pleasure that she felt, and that was before she finally came. Afterwards she couldn't care less, because her whole world became nothing but ecstasy. Best of all Linda not only fucked her through it, but pushed her to another climax in the process. Then another, and another, and another. Oh God, eventually it felt like one continuous orgasm, making Iris fall for Linda even more. Smart, funny, beautiful Linda Park, who continued staring down at her with a mixture of joy, lust and maybe even some love as she gave her more pleasure than anyone had ever given her before. Except maybe the other time she had lesbian sex with this wonderful woman.

Linda had wanted to make this last for as long as possible, and if she was honest, she wanted to make Iris beg for her. She definitely achieved the latter, and mostly the former, as honestly Linda wasn't sure she could have kept up the slow thrusting much longer. Not if she wanted to have the energy to make them both cum, and while the thought of making Iris ride her was very tempting the first and possibly only time they did this Linda very much wanted to be the one to push her girlfriend over the edge. So when Iris finally started begging for her Linda didn't wait long to pick up the pace, almost immediately making the other girl cum.

Thanks to her previous times using this thing, and the positive encouragement she was receiving from Iris, Linda not only succeeded in making Iris cum but did it over, and over, and over again, which was an incredible stroke to her ego. Unfortunately this made it really hard not to cum herself, the mental high of giving Iris West multiple orgasms and the stimulator bashing against her clit being a pretty powerful combination. Plus she had to hear Iris crying, whimpering and even screaming in pure pleasure while looking down to see the expression on her face, and the look in her eye, which inevitably became all just too much.

She was barely able to make Iris cum more than once without cumming herself, but to her credit Linda was able to push herself through her own climax. Quite a few of them in fact, partly because of her natural skill and determination, but mostly because of her overwhelming lust for Iris West. Unfortunately she wasn't a superhero with unlimited stamina, and those orgasms inevitably took away the last of her strength. Linda had the chance to stop and maintain an air of cool, but she was too lost in her own pleasure for that, and giving Iris pleasure, so instead she ended up collapsing down onto Iris's body where the two of them lay in a sweaty heap for a few long minutes.

Eventually Linda groaned, stirred, smiled, and then started gently kissing Iris's neck and shoulders. Iris copied her actions, and after just enjoying that for a few seconds, and whispering sweet nothings to each other, the two young women met in a soft but passionate kiss which seemed to last an eternity. Or at least, Linda wanted it too. Because she didn't want to leave. She didn't want to ever leave, not now she had finally got Iris to see her in another light. Which was a thought which echoed in her mind when she broke the kiss and then stared down at the beautiful woman beneath her, Linda unable to resist cupping her face and although she had been finally given a shot with this woman. The question was, would she risk her life for it?

"So, will you stay?" Iris whispered softly.

Linda bit her lip.


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