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episode 'Heart Of Gold', so everyone's still alive. River hasn't been
attacked yet and is still unbalanced mentally. This is Part One of Six.
Three will occur before the BDM (Serenity) and three will occur after the
BDM. So, enjoy Part One and feedback as always, is welcomed.

Pairings: Kaylee and Simon

Codes: MF, F-mast, oral, cons

Firefly: Part 1 - Restless
by Pendulum

Walking through Serenity's narrow passage-ways, Simon arrived outside the
engine room. The evening's antics were still running rampant in his mind,
having seen the crew go through so much, he had decided that life was too
short. Stepping into the engine room, Simon cleared his throat, announcing
his arrival to Kaylee, the perky, young engineer of the ship.

Kaylee hummed away to herself happily, keeping her thoughts away from what
had happened earlier. She fiddled with the engine's delicate parts of
machinery, truly skilled, her fingers found what was clogging the engine and
freed the metal shard. The engine whirred loudly, appreciating Kaylee's
touch. "There's my good girl..." Kaylee said to the ship, patting the iron
rod next to her, like she would a pet dog. A voice cleared itself, Kaylee
looked to her left and saw shoes and pants that could only belong to Simon
Tam, the doctor of the ship, and total hunk. Calming herself, Kaylee pushed
her way out from under the engine and looked to the young doctor.

To Simon, Kaylee always looked astounding. While most people would look
hideous with the filthy engine grease smeared across their face, for Kaylee
the look seemed to work. Kaylee looked towards him and his stomach shot into
his throat. He had a mental plan of what he wanted to say but with Kaylee
looking at him like that, he simply had no defence.

Kaylee could see Simon ready to splutter out his words. She figured he had
lived a sheltered life and had never had anyone to go for. While keeping
her head small enough to still fit under Serenity's engine, Kaylee fancied
herself as 'a bit of a looker' as her Pa would say. Simon always seemed to
struggle with words when he was around her, whatever he said always came out
wrong and normally insulted Kaylee. While she would be upset by it, it always
made her feel warm inside thinking about him. On various chats with Inara,
her big sister on board the ship, she always disclosed this to Inara who
simply filed it away as love.

Running a hand through his jet-black hair, Simon looked to the grilled floor
and fought back the lump. He had re-attached more legs than Jayne could count
to and he couldn't talk to a girl? He was a man, Goram it! Clearing his
throat and pushing himself forward proudly, Simon spoke.

Kaylee could see Simon prepare himself, she was ready to listen to whatever
this handsome fancy-pants wanted to say to her. He seemed to re-clear his
throat and step forward like a big strong man. The man she had wanted ever
since they joined together, all that time ago.

"...Hi Kaylee." Simon managed to say, his voice dropping to a whisper.

Kaylee rolled her eyes, that was his big speech? She shook her head lightly,
her hair falling elegantly over her shoulders, clad in her typical engine
room costume. She pulled her arms out of the jacket's sockets and rolled the
suit around her waist, under the suit she had on an orange shirt with various
Chinese slogans on.

Simon gulped, Kaylee looked even more stunning, with half her suit on, her
hair loose and smeared with engine grease. Running into the wind, Simon spoke
again, finding his voice. "Kaylee...After what happened today at the house...
I realised that life can be so short, and if I didn't do what I wanted to...
Then, I may just lose it forever..." Simon then stepped forward and placed
his hands on Kaylee's waist. Look deep into her eyes, he took a deep breath
and leant forward. Simon began kissing Kaylee, within little time Kaylee had
soon melted into his arms and was reciprocating the kiss.

Kaylee was in shock, she had previously been mentally scolding Simon for not
being forward enough and here he was taking the lead! He was an amazingly
good kisser too! She brought her arms up from her side and wrapped them
around his neck, bringing him in deeper. Kaylee opened her smaller mouth and
started to kiss back against him. Her mind crying out in passion as the two
lover's gave in to their carnal desires. Moaning lightly, Kaylee's eyes
rolled into the back of her head as Simon kissed her with all the passion he
could muster.

Breaking for much needed air, Simon slowly opened his eyes to match Kaylee's
also opening eyes. The two lovers drank in the sight of each other, sweat
forming on Kaylee's brow from the heat of the engine room. Not wanting to
wake the ship, Kaylee looked to the door at the entrance of the engine room.
Motioning towards it, she gasped lightly.

"Close the door Simon..."

Nodding his handsome head, Simon regretfully pulled away from Kaylee and
moved over to the bronze coloured door. Pulling it shut quickly and quietly,
Simon looked outside of the small glass frame to see no one witness him shut
it. Feeling satisfied, he turned around to be greeted by the sight of a
topless Kaylee. Her breasts hung freely with her nipples standing to
attention from the heat of the activities the two youths had shared.

Kaylee saw Simon's jaw drop and could only smile, suppressing a giggle as not
to offend him. She had him where she wanted him and wasn't going to let him
go. Stepping forward lightly, Kaylee bit down on her bottom lip and looked up
at him. With her big brown eyes, Kaylee smiled sweetly and spoke softly.
"You've seen mine...Can I see yours?" Motioning with her eyes, she motioned
towards his suede-encased crotch, which now had a steady bulge forming inside

Nodding, Simon unbuttoned the top button and unzipped the fly, letting them
fall to the floor. Simon dug his thumbs into either side of his plain white
boxers and pushed them down, falling past his thighs they fell quickly.
Stepping out of the crumpled clothing, Simon nodded his head lightly.
Exposing his eight inch cock to the engine room and its delicious mechanic.

Kaylee's eyes went wide, even though the boy-whores had bigger ones, Kaylee
had always wondered what one would look like on someone as handsome as Simon.
Her prayers had been answered, it looked delicious and she couldn't wait to
have it inside her. But, conducting herself properly, Kaylee smiled and
dropped to her knees. "Wow...That's big..."

Simon smiled, seeing Kaylee drop to her knees, he knew what was coming.
Stepping out of his boxers, Simon moved towards the beautiful mechanic and
lightly brushed away some brown hair that had fallen in front of her face.
Needing an ego boost, Simon spoke softly, almost a whisper. "Really? I always
thought it was kind of average..."

Being the bold and brave one of the two, Kaylee looked up at him and nodded,
silencing his doubts. "Big." She simply said, her eyes conveying the same

Simon nodded his head and leant his head backwards, looking towards the dome
shaped engine room's roof. Gasping at the heat, Simon unbuttoned his white
shirt and let it fall to the floor with his pants. Looking down, he saw
Kaylee opened her soft mouth and smoothly took a few inches of his member
into her mouth. Softly wrapping her smooth, soft lips around his cock, Kaylee
clamped her lips down to ensure he didn't go any where. Almost immediately,
Kaylee started to bob her head up and down, her soft lips keeping Simon
locked into reality.

"Oh...Oh my..." Simon moaned, looking down at the beautiful mechanic who was
happily swallowing his member. Kaylee looked amazing, her lips had wrapped
around his cock and she was freely bobbing up and down. She had managed to
swallow at least four of his eight inches. With every slide from the tip to
the middle Kaylee would lightly press her lips onto his cock, teasing Simon
by keeping his cock in a tighter prison.

Running a hand through her hair, Kaylee moaned around Simon's cock. It had
been a long time since she had sucked a cock, longer when it was one as big
as Simon's. She decided to give him a proper blowjob. Ignoring her gag
reflex, Kaylee pushed herself forward on her knees and swallowed all eight
inches of his cock. Rocking backwards and forwards on her knees, Kaylee had
eight inches of stiff cock buried in her throat and she was only just getting
started. Placing her left hand on Simon's ass, keeping him busy, Kaylee
started to lower what was left of her engine room suit.

With her suit around her ankles, Kaylee re-arranged herself so she was
squatting while sucking Simon's cock. Her suit fell to her feet, stepping out
of it, Kaylee was now clad in some tiny black panties with two cute little
hearts sewn onto them.

"Kaylee...Oh Kaylee..." Simon gasped, looking down at the now, extra scantily
clad mechanic. Looking at her ass, Simon's mouth began to water even harder
as his cock got harder. Sighing, he could feel some pre-cum start to ooze out
of his cock's head.

This only encouraged Kaylee. Breaking from the expert blowjob, Kaylee looked
over his cock's head and smiled. Opening her mouth, Kaylee stuck out her
tongue and flicked it against his cock. Lapping against it like it was a
lollipop. Taking in all of his pre-cum, Kaylee simply licked her lips,
savouring the taste.

Sliding her lips up and down, Kaylee temporarily broke the blowjob when she
hit his dick's head. Taking his dick in her hand, she lightly pressed the
organ upwards so it was pressing against he surprisingly well toned waist.
Kaylee leant in and planted a kiss on his fairly hairy balls, before licking
from the top of his ball sac to the length of his entire member. Her tongue
was pressing against the flesh, and dragging upwards slowly, tasting every

Making a few trips, Kaylee then let go of Simon's member and let it drop
downwards, just missing slapping her in the face. She took a few seconds to
admire her handy work, before diving back in. Wrapping her lips around his
cock, Kaylee forced all eight inches back into her mouth, her tongue slapping
against the invading member.

Moving her lips up and down, Kaylee moaned lightly as Simon's cock seemed
to fit so well in her mouth. Pressing her lips around Simon's cock again,
keeping them locked, Kaylee moved up on her knees, bring his cock with her.
Her sweet saliva, ran down his impressive member, however Kaylee quickly
scooped up the rest of it.

Needing air, Kaylee pulled up off of his cock and looked at the member,
shining with her spit. Smiling, she slid a hand down to his balls and lightly
cupped them, as Simon looked down at her.

"Ah, that was shiny, Simon." Kaylee said with a smile. Lightly squeezing his
nuts, Simon nodded.

"Yeah, I really...Really enjoyed that." Simon said with a gasp, Kaylee
giggled at his comment and looked up at him.

"So...Whaddya want to do now?" She then slid her left hand down her smooth
body and into her panties. Raising an eyebrow to Simon, she put on an
innocent smile as Simon got a big goofy grin on his face.

Simon dropped down to his knees so he was facing Kaylee, Simon then moved
Kaylee's hand out of her panties and quickly replaced it with his own hand.
His hand absorbing some of Kaylee's heat. Sweat dripping from both of their
bodies as the engine whirred with life. Simon's left hand was buried inside
Kaylee's panties, with his free hand he brought it up and cupped her left
breast. His thumb running over the nipple, making Kaylee purr with
appreciation. Simon moved his forefinger from the tip of Kaylee's slit and
slowly dragged it downwards, feeling every inch of her wet, young cunt.

Kaylee gasped lightly as Simon rubbed his fingers against her wet slit, she
was ready for Simon and wanted him to fuck her. She brought her arms up and
rested them on Simon's shoulders. Linking her fingers behind Simon's head,
she pulled him into a warm embrace. Their lips again meeting in a passionate
embrace, their tongues slapped against each other as Kaylee moaned at his

Slowly withdrawing his fingers, Simon brought up his hand from Kaylee's
pussy, drawing out a sigh of disappointment. His index finger and middle
finger had her wetness sitting on their tips. Simon went to taste her pussy
juice but was stopped by Kaylee. "Hey now, didn't your mother teach you to

With that, Kaylee took Simon's middle finger and lightly flicked her tongue
against it, savouring herself on it. Simon's lips curled into a smile as he
sucked the tip of his index finger. Kaylee tasted very sweet, similar to
peaches. Pressing Kaylee backwards, Simon let her fall to her back so she
was looking up at the handsome doctor.

Kaylee let her head fall back, as Simon took her legs in his hands and moved
them up onto his shoulders. Leaning in, Simon hooked his thumbs into her
panties waistband and lightly tugged them down. Kaylee helpfully lifted her
ass into the air as he pulled them down. Throwing her panties to one side,
Simon looked down at her pussy with great delight. It was neatly trimmed with
a tuft of brown hair just above it, similar to a landing strip.

Leaning in, he was mere inches away from her pussy, taking in a big gulp of
air, Simon lightly blew it across her wet folds, applying the cool air
liberally. Kaylee's hips moved in retaliation, obviously enjoying Simon's
touch. Kaylee lifted her head up to look at the handsome young Doctor going
down on her. Kaylee let her legs fall limp and she had them drop across
Simon's shoulders. Wrapping them together, keeping them combined at his
shoulder blades.

Simon could feel Kaylee pull him closer to her wet pussy but he had plenty of
experience. After exhausting all the air he had gathered, Simon leant in and
planted a kiss on Kaylee's pussy lips. Making the young mechanic shudder with
anticipation, Simon smiled and planted another kiss.

Letting her hunger for an orgasm beat out her modesty, Kaylee swore loudly in
Chinese and gasped. "Eat me!"

Simon smiled and nodded, leaning in, Simon let his right hand come up with
him. His left was running up and down Kaylee's right leg, admiring all her
soft flesh. His right index finger slid into Kaylee's cunt, feeling all of
her pussy latch onto it, Simon simply started a small pumping motion. Making
Kaylee moan at the slightest touch.

Kaylee gasped and let her arms fall away, her body falling onto the warm
steel grating. Her hands roamed up her body and started to play with her
tits, her thumbs and forefingers rolling her nipples at her will. Kaylee
moaned lightly, as Simon let his lips latch onto her clit. Sucking at it
lightly, Kaylee's hips started to roll subconsciously. Simon didn't try to
fight it, his left hand simply rolled with her legs as Kaylee writhed.

Simon was merrily sucking away at Kaylee's clit as his finger pumped in and
out of her wet cunt. Changing the pace, Simon dragged his finger out at a
slow pace, before replacing his finger with his tongue. Pushing his fleshy
organ inside her cunt, Simon let it rise and then fall inside her. Savouring
every inch of her cunt, Simon heard Kaylee moan his name. Damn, he couldn't
help but smile. She was so perfect.

Licking deep inside her, Kaylee writhed in sheer bliss. She hadn't received
a happy time in a good long while and feeling Simon eat her out. Simon's
tongue was large but not freakish. As his tongue flicked up against her
pussy's tip, Kaylee gasped out his name again. To her, it felt like he was
hollowing her out with his tongue. Simon's soft hands ran up and down her
leg as she writhed about.

Simon regretfully pulled his tongue out of her cunt, looking at the beautiful
mechanic writhe. Simon smiled at what his handiwork had caused. Suddenly,
Kaylee bent upwards at her waist and looked to him. A clump of brown hair
matted to her sweaty, greasy face, she had sheer passion burning in her eyes.
"Eat me out Simon!" Kaylee commanded, it seemed silly coming from somebody as
tiny as she was but Simon happily obliged.

Kaylee saw Simon nod and lean back into her cunt, feeling his tongue start
to lap against her cunt. Kaylee happily fell back onto the grate, her hands
resuming the nipple stimulation, she had started earlier. Simon's tongue ran
from the tip to the bottom of her pussy and made Kaylee's nerves shoot afire
with passion. Kaylee gasped as Simon started to flick his tongue against her
cunt, lightly flicking against it Kaylee moaned his name again.

Simon smiled at Kaylee's reaction, he then moved his tongue deep into
Kaylee's pussy lips and started to rapidly withdraw and reinsert it.
Literally tongue fucking her. Kaylee gasped at the new sensation and arched
her back. Simon had been with enough women to know what was coming. (Author's
Note: Har-De-Har She actually is too, stop giggling!)

Kaylee cursed towards the sky in Chinese and threw her head backwards. Her
breath drew heavy as she started to cum against Simon's invading fleshy
member. Her warm juice splashed against his tongue, Simon happily lapped it
up as Kaylee thrashed at his actions.

Satisfied that he had got all of her wet juice, Simon unhooked Kaylee's legs
and put them either side of him. Taking his member in his hand, Simon went to
enter Kaylee with his member but she soon stopped him. "No...Let me fuck

With that Kaylee put up a hand, motioning for Simon to pull her upwards.
Simon stood up and complied with her request, lightly tugging at her hand
Simon pulled Kaylee to her feet. The sweaty pair looked deep into the others
eyes, drinking in the sight of the other, fuelled by passion. Kaylee spoke
first, breaking the silence, the slightly more experienced of the two took

"Put your hands on my ass and lift me up." She spoke, Simon simply nodded
and followed her lead. Stepping closer, Simon let his hands wrap around her
delicate body. Snaking down towards her soft, almost large, ass, Simon cupped
the cheeks, with enough strength to lift her up. Kaylee on instinct, as she
was pushed through the warm sex-filled air, wrapped her arms around Simon's
neck. His cock clumsily bumped against her wet vagina but not entering it.
Turning her head, Kaylee looked deep into Simon's eyes and spoke again. "You
got me?" She asked, searching for assurance before she let go of his neck,

When he nodded, Kaylee smiled and removed her right hand from his neck.
Kaylee reached down and grabbed hold of his rod, sliding it into her cunt.
Kaylee and Simon both gasped seemingly in unison as his large rod entered
her. All eight inches invaded her wet pussy as Kaylee moaned at the filling
feeling a cock gave her. Hooking her legs around his waist, Kaylee wrapped
her arms around his neck as she started to bounce slowly.

Stepping backwards to try and find some level footing, Simon stumbled as he
helped Kaylee bounce on his cock. Turning on his left heel, Simon settled on
a large set of machine pipes. Resting his back against it, the copper and
silver tubing were roasting hot. Simon gasped at the feeling as Kaylee
bounced at her own rate. Trying to get her attention, Simon simply groaned
aloud. "...Hot...So...Hot!"

Kaylee looked Simon in the eyes and grinned with a wicked face. "You're so
hot too!"

Simon shook his head, laughing at her ignorance. "No, the pipes are hot!"

Kaylee looked behind him and raised her eyebrows in shock. "Oh my god! I'm so
sorry!" At the worst time, she giggled at his misfortune. "Try bending your
knees instead of resting against something!"

Simon pushed himself off of the wall and stepped forward lightly, bending
at his knees. Simon could feel a proverbial weight get lifted off of his
shoulders. He started to bounce the cheerful mechanic at a relentless pace,
feeling her cunt latch onto his cock and squeeze tightly.

Still smiling, Kaylee tugged her arms together and pulled herself close to
Simon. Her chest smashing against his, their sweat smashing together as their
lips bumped into each other for a long passionate kiss. The heat inside the
engine room was getting to be unbearable but the young couple didn't seem to
mind. Kaylee looked to her left and saw a lip just past the large rotating
engine. One thing she loved the most was being bent over and fucked from
behind. She enjoyed wrapping her arms around something as a cock fucked her

Simon bounced her as fast as he could muster, being only human when Kaylee
spoke in breaths. "Unh...Let...Unh...Me...Get off." Her voice raising to a
higher scale as the sentence trailed off. Simon looked at her with a raised
eyebrow before nodding and bending down further so she could climb off of
his cock. Lightly squeezing her ass as she walked towards the engine, Kaylee
yelped in surprise.

Kaylee looked over her shoulder and playfully scolded him with a look on her
face. Turning back to the engine, Kaylee leant over and took hold of a grip
inside the engine. Her tummy pressing against the warm engine's lip, Kaylee
let out a cool gasp of air as her flesh touched against it. Bringing her
pretty head back up, Kaylee looked over at Simon and helped him out. "Come
and get it."

Simon smiled and walked over to the mechanic, looking at Kaylee's wet cunt
he licked his lips and slid his cock deep into Kaylee. Burying half of his
length at a time, his eyes bulged at how tight Kaylee felt, even after their

Kaylee's eyes bulged as Simon's member thrust into her. Her pussy was
amazingly tight, many men had complimented her on it and she was proud of it.
Simon's cock started to pull out of her cunt before slamming back into her.
Kaylee could only moan as he started to pick up pace.

Simon placed his hands on Kaylee's ass cheeks, lightly squeezing them as he
started to thrust more and more in. Using force and determination, Simon
squeezed in six of his eight inches. Still amazed at how tight she felt, he
could only moan as Kaylee panted his name.

Moaning, Kaylee started to rock forwards on her heels as Simon started to
pick up his pace. Kaylee let her head fall forwards, a smile resting on her
pretty face as she felt his cock sink further into her warm, wet cunt.

Simon licked his lips lightly as his hands started to roam around on Kaylee's
ass, while thrusting more and more of his cock into her. Gasping lightly,
Simon had picked up his pace and was squeezing more and more of his cock
inside her. Soon, all eight inches was buried inside her wet pussy. Gaining
momentum, Simon started to withdraw at least six of his eight inches and was
quickly forcing more inside her.

"Ohh! Ohh! Simon! You're so fucking big!" Kaylee moaned as she started to
push herself back against Simon's invading member. Smoothly guiding her
semi-large ass back against Simon's cock, she began aiding Simon in fucking
her cunt.

"Goram Kaylee! You're so hot!" Simon, on one of those rare occasions, cursed
towards the young mechanic who was helping him fuck her. Balls deep, Simon's
large nut sack started to slap against her smooth, sweaty and soft skin. Each
thrust he delivered was letting his sack slap against her skin with the sound
ringing out against the engine room's already busy sound.

Kaylee's head bowed down again as she rocked against his hips quicker and
quicker. Moaning as Simon thrust his cock in and out of her. Lost in passion,
words were too much hard work for Kaylee who simply moaned in a primal
fashion. "Ohh! Ohh!" She moaned as she started to push herself back at a
similar pace.

Simon's eyes were practically falling out of their sockets as he fucked
Kaylee. Moving his hands down from her ass, Simon placed them on her hips
and started to push her forward. Keeping her contained, Simon lightly
pulled his cock to the point where only the very tip of his cock was inside
her. Gripping her hips, Simon then slammed her backwards, forcing his entire
length deep into her. Looking down, Simon watched ass Kaylee's ass jiggled
with each thrust into her.

Kaylee brought her head up and threw it backwards, her brown hair sailing
through the air majestically as it lay lightly on her back. Moving her hips
back against his cock, Kaylee could feel another orgasm coming and wanted to
ride him for it. "Unh! Ohh! Simon...Oh...Let me...Unh! Ride you..."

Simon complied and pulled out of her wet pussy. Kaylee spun around on her
heel and looked around the engine room, spotting where she wanted to ride
him. Kaylee took him by the hand and placed him at the entrance of the
engine room. Sweat pouring off of the lovers, Kaylee motioned to the floor,
commanding him like a dog, Kaylee spoke. "Sit."

Simon nodded and sat down, his legs lying out extended. His dick stood to
the ceiling, giving Kaylee a easy target to shoot for. Before Simon can say
anything, Kaylee had quickly mounted him. His entire member back into her wet
pussy, Kaylee and Simon could only moan.

Kaylee moaned happily as she started to bounce up and down on his eight inch
cock. "Oh Simon!" Kaylee moaned as she resumed bouncing on his cock, while
grinding her cunt away on his member happily.

Simon matched Kaylee's moan and put his hand on her tits that were bouncing
up and down with her rises and drops.

Kaylee looked down at Simon and smiled as she bounced away. "You happy
Simon?" Kaylee half-asked, half-giggled as she put her small hands on his
shoulders to help her fuck him.

Simon nodded and moaned lightly. "Oh yeah Kaylee..." Simon confirmed this
with a light squeeze of her breasts. As Kaylee bounced away, Simon leant
forward and started to suck on her large chest. His lips wrapping around
her left nipple for the first time, her tongue flicking against the hard
nub. Swapping over, Simon latched onto her right nipple and repeated the

"Oh fuck! Simon...Oh!" Kaylee moaned as she started to pick up her riding
pace. Her body started to rock backwards and forwards as her orgasm came
closer and closer. Sweat pouring off of their bodies, Kaylee bit down on
her bottom lip as she started to bounce as quickly as she could.

Sensing what was coming, Simon started to flick his tongue against her tits
as he started to thrust deep into her. His ass lifting up off of the floor,
forcing his member inside of Kaylee. Her breath started to draw heavily
again and she whined aloud. With each drop Kaylee delivered, her tits slapped
against his face, not that he complained to her.

Throwing her head back, Kaylee screamed out and started to cum over his cock.
Her cum gushing out from her cunt, splashing against his member, Kaylee was
in heaven for her own personal minute. Leaning forward against him, Kaylee's
drops fell to a stop for a second. Looking up at his face, she smiled

"Got further to go?

Simon shook his head, he was seconds away from cumming himself.

"No, I'm nearly there..."

Kaylee grinned and pushed herself off of his cock, unhooking her legs and
then sitting down on them. She looked at him and smiled. "Stand up Simon."

Simon nodded and fought his way back to his feet. Standing above Kaylee, he
looked at her take his cock in her hands. She lightly jerked it, keeping
Simon in line. She then took his cock into her mouth and started to suck
away. Clearing up all of her cum from his cock, Kaylee lightly sucked on his
cock. Applying enough pressure to make him cum but not enough for it to
constitute as a blowjob.

Putting her left hands up on his nut sack, her right scooted around the back
and cupped his ass. Kaylee slid up and down easily on his pole, swallowing
what she could. Simon couldn't take much more and gasped aloud. "Kaylee...
I'm going to cum!" His hips started to buck as his first orgasm in a long
time came around. At the last instance, Kaylee pulled herself off of his cock
and started to jerk his cock.

Simon grunted and let his cum sail through the air, his hips jerked awkwardly
at the sensation of his orgasm. Several strong spurts sailed through the air
and landed on Kaylee's pretty face adding to the mixture of grease and sweat.
Simon's warm seed splattered over Kaylee's face, some splattering against her
cheeks while others landed on her forehead and some landed on her jaw.

Kaylee's jerking drew to a halt as she looked up at Simon. Scooping up all
of his cum with her right index finger, Kaylee then licked away at the tip.
Tasting his bitter cum, Kaylee smiled and gulped it down.

"Wow..." Was all Simon could say as Kaylee climbed up off of the floor.
Kaylee fell forward and hugged Simon tightly. Simon reciprocated and held her
tightly, her head fell onto his shoulder where he held it safely.

Looking up, Kaylee smiled and spoke softly. "Thank you Simon."

Simon nodded and the two shared their embrace again, the noise of the engine
muted to their ears.

* * *

River moaned aloud as she came over her fingers. Bringing them up to the
light of day, she looked over the liquid before tasting herself. Making a
face at the taste, River tugged her white pyjama top up over her exposed
breasts. She then pulled up her panties and sighed quietly. Looking around,
she opened the door to her own private room and began looking for her big
brother, Simon.



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