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River's Rewards Part 4 (MFf,inc,preg,mc)
by Shewolf Of Tel Aviv

Kaylee softly grabbed River's waist in both hands and sucking on River's
nipples slowly began to lift River up. River's head dropped back and her eyes
rolled back into her head as she felt the harden tip of her Brother's cock
brush the enterance of her well used pussy. Kaylee gave River's nipple a
gentle bite as she let go of River and she dropped fully on top of her
brother's hardon.

"UUUUUUUUUHHHHHHNNNNN!!!" River moaned as she went from vacant to totally
snuffed in one second.

Kaylee's hips hide the sight of His Sister sitting lustfully on top of his
cock and because he was busy licking the golden bush on top of him he thought
than the up and down movement was Kaylee's Hot wet mouth. But Kaylee's mouth
was busy trying to eat both of River's harden tits as River bouncing on
Simion's babymaker moved her body around so Kaylee's boobs got the same sucks
licks and bites.

River's mind ran over and in Kaylee's body feeling her lust as well as her
own when River found a unseen soul.

"Well, well, hello little one, I wonder if you'll be a boy or a girl
whatever. Welcome to the family," she sent the thought into Kaylee's riping

Then a idea came to River and she entered Simion's mind to the subconsious
section. "You want to fuck your sister. Your greatest dream is to knock your
little sister up higher than the ship. The whole purpose of incest is to get
River pregnant. Kaylee and River will make perfect pair of sex toys." she
planted in Simion's and Kaylee's minds.

Then she felt the tlingling in her stuffed pussy and her cum shot through her
body, her mind blanked out so hard she barely felt her brother's dick filled
her womb with baby batter. Slowly she came down from the mind numbing blast
not even with Mal had she popped like that. She was a mindless doll as Kaylee
pulled her off the slightly softing meat pole and pulled River down on top of

Kaylee gave River a long wet kiss then began moving to unresiting dark haired
younger woman into where she wanted. Kaylee looked up at the dripping pussy
only inchs from her face as Simion's scum oozed out.

"Well, well, I wonder if Simion knocked up his little sister as much as he
did me?" Kaylee asked herself.



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