I don't know much about the TV show Firefly just what I pick up off the Armed
Forces TV. Needless to say the whole Mulant Prod. don't know I'm alive.

If you're under 18 and reading this trust me if I find out the cops are the
least of your worries. If you belive this is true you're sicker than I am and
when I'm not in the IDF uniform I earn my living wearing leather, and use
whips and chains. Also English is not My native language, so give me a break
on spelling and grammer.

Firefly: River's Rewards Part 1 (Mf, oral, ncon)
by Shewolf Of Tel Aviv

River slipped throught the hallways of the Firefly Starship like a ghost.
The halfmad darkhaired lovey loved this old Space Tramp as a Home and Haven.
She stood outside the Captain's cabin and a small smile came over River's

The Captain was more of a Father than her Blood Parent.

"Poor Brother gave up so much and I can't reward him yet. Oh well the
Captain should be the first." She thought to herself.

As silently as death herself River slipped into the Captain's quarters, it
was hot on the ship and the Captain was sleeping on top of his covers totally
nude. His cock in a semi-hard state catching River's eye.

"Dreaming of His Pretty Porn Princess I bet." She said softly to herself with
a smile moving next to the bunk.

River leaned forward and breathin the sweet salty scent of his manhood then
in one movement gave one of his balls a lick. She glanced up to see if the
Captain would awake but all he did was groan and open his legs wider. River
went back and softly and slowly gave her Father/Captain's balls a tongue

The Captain's cock rose to a harded tower of meat, River slowly loving began
licking her way to the tip. She played with the opening for one second then
with sudden savage hunger movement thrusted her face down all the way down to
the hair in his groin. His hot cock filled her hungery mouth almost filling
her mouth to overfilling. River slowly raised her head till the very tip of
his dick remained then she drove it even deeper into her hot lusty mouth.

Soon Her Head was like a piston driving up and down as River savagely brutely
fucked her face on the Captain's cock. The Captain still half asleep twisted
and moaned in his bunk. River's hair flew out like the wings of a large black

Mal slowly dragged himself to awakefulness as a warm wet pleasure filled his
groin. Before he could stop it he felt himself shooting his baby batter into
the night. 'Gods a wet dream at my age,' he thought then realized he was
hearing drinking sounds. Mal looked down to see a dark female head covering
his dick.

"Inara?" He asked hopefully.

Then to Mal's shock he saw River's face come off his cock and as he watched
she began licking it back to life.

"Hello Captain," River said smiling up at him.

to be continued...


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