This is my first attempt at a lesbian Erotic Fan-fiction so if it's not as
good as I think it is you know why (this is also why it may feel a little
short). As it is my first time I am happy to receive any comments and
criticism about it so I can improve on any futures parts and/or works.

This is based around the Firefly/Serenity franchise and takes place about a
week where the movie, Serenity, finishes. Part 2 has Inara consoling Zoe.

Codes: FF, inter, Oral

Firefly: After Serenity Part 2
by Macc_X

Zoe woke in her bunk in a cold sweat, she had the nightmare of watching her
husband's death again. This time she was rudely awoken from the noise coming
from Kaylee's quarters, the screams of pleasure could be heard through the
walls. Zoe started to remember the first time she had slept with Wash and
smiled. Zoe was glad Kaylee and Simon had finally gotten together after
months of almost getting there but this just reminded her of what she had

The first officer took off her bed and covers and stood up from her bed only
wearing a green tank top and black panties. She walked over to the ladder out
of her quarters and climbed it to get up to the corridor, and began to walk
down to the mess hall. Zoe entered the room and saw Inara sitting at the
table with a cup of tea in front of her. Zoe walked over to the drinking tap
and took a glass pouring herself a drink, she then proceeded to the chair
opposite Inara and they both drank.

"Still having trouble sleeping?" Inara asked looking up from her drink.

"Yeah, I just keep having the same nightmare." She replied looking into her

Inara stood up and walked over to the side of Zoe and held out her hand.

"Come, I have something that will help you." Inara ordered.

Zoe raised her hand and took Inara's as she also stood up, Inara led the
ship's first officer down the stairs and towards the guest quarters. Inara
opened the door to her room and set Zoe down on her bed releasing her hand.
Inara turned to a bed side table and opened the top door taking out a small
bottle of pills. Inara opened the bottle and gave one to Zoe with a smile.

"What is it?" Zoe asked.

"A mild sedative. I use it to relax some of my nervous clients." Inara said
referring to the men who pay her to sleep with them in her duties as a
companion. Zoe looked at the pill suspiciously for a second before placing
it in her mouth and swallowed it. Inara sat next to Zoe on the bed and held
her hand. "Do you want to talk about."

"No, I'll be fine, I just feel alone."

"You don't have to, we're all here for you."

"I know, it's just not the same, I miss Wash so much." She said having a tear
form in her eye.

"Let it out Zoe, I won't tell anyone." Inara said allowing Zoe to began to
cry more and rested her head on Inara's shoulder. Inara let go of Zoe's hand
and wrapped it around Zoe's body while she cried into her shoulder.

"It will fine, it hurts now but in time you will be able to move on." Inara
reminded her as Zoe didn't reply and continued to cry into her shoulder.
This went on for a few minuets until Zoe just stopped crying and looked back
up at Inara.

"Thanks." Zoe said smiling.

"That's better, I haven't seen you smile for days." Imara replied returning
her smile. Then suddenly without provocation Zoe raised her lips up to
Inara's and lightly kissed her. Zoe pulled away after a couple of seconds and
smiled, Inara was slightly shocked at this but smiled back at her. Zoe then
moved in again and kissed Inara for a lot longer as she began to feel very,
very horny from the contact with the other women. This time Inara broke the
kiss and pulled away from the women in grief.

"Zoe I'm not sure..."

"Shhh." Zoe interrupted placing her finger over Inara's lips. Zoe then
lowered her hand and began to kiss Inara again this time much more
forcefully. Inara decided to go along with it and begun to kiss Zoe back by
slipping her tongue into the other women's mouth and massaged the inside of
her mouth. Zoe then broke the kiss and stood up from the bed and slowly began
to pull up her tank top and threw it to the floor. Her Amazonian beauty was
so alluring to the companion and Inara decided to mirror her current partner.
Inara stood up in front of Zoe and took the straps on her shoulder and slid
them down he arms allowing her whole dress to fall down to her feet. They
both stood opposite each other only wearing panties, they both smiled as
Inara stepped in closer and began to kiss Zoe a lot more passionately than
before. Zoe wrapped her arms around Inara's body and began to caress her back
moving her hands down to her arse. Zoe began to squeeze the arse flesh as she
broke the kiss and moved down to Inara's c-cup breasts. Still caressing
Inara's arse Zoe began to kiss the companions breasts and lightly bite the
erected nipple. Inara purred as the warrior women paid all this attention to
her tits and arse. Zoe moved down Inara's body again and got to the
companions expensive panties with gold rims.

"You won't be needing these." Zoe said ripping the panties off of Inara's
thighs and flinging them to the side. Inara gasped at the strength and
quickness Zoe managed to do this with, but before she could comment Zoe had
already began to Lick the clit. Inara took her hands and began to stroke
Zoe's dark hair as the First Mate licked her most precious area. Zoe's
tongue began to explore Inara rapidly dampening pussy and inara was
obviously enjoying the oral pleasures. She groaned deeply as Zoe had found
the whole and penetrated it with her tongue, liking all she could Zoe buried
her face into the companions pussy. Inara continued to groan as Zoe's tongue
began to rapidly flick up and down. Inara's fluids began to gush out of he
pussy and cover all of zoe's face and it wasn't long before the companion
started to cum. Zoe Licked up what she could then moved her face out of
Inara's loins wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Inara smiled as
she looked down at the women covered in her juices.

"Why don't you lie on the bed?" Inara ordered as she went back to her bedside
draw. Zoe walked over to the bed and lied down on it looking over at Inara as
she shuffled around the open draw. She soon found what she was looking for
and pulled out a elegant looking Dildo, often used for her wealthier female
clients. Inara walked over to the end of her bed and kneeled down by Zoe's
feet. Inara placed the dildo to the side and proceeded to pull down the black
panties that Zoe still wore. She pulled them down and threw them on the floor
to her side as she cruelled on to the bed. Inara looked at the very wet and
warm pussy in front of her and took the dildo, she put the tip so it hovered
over the clit. Zoe growled slightly at Inara and stared her straight in eye
as Inara giggled a bit. The dildo was trusted into Zoe's opening allowing her
to let out a sigh of pleasure, Inara slowly began to move the Dildo back and
forward, in and out of Zoe.

"Please fuck me faster." Zoe ordered keeping her eyes closed to enjoy every
second of it. Inara complied and began to move her hand faster pushing the
dildo deeper into the warrior women's pussy. Zoe began to squeal and groan
louder as the pulsing of the dildo got quicker and quicker. After a few
moments she let out a loud scream and all her fluids began to drip out of
her pussy on to Inara's bed. The companion put the dildo away then climbed
onto the bed next to Zoe.

"Thank you Inara."

To be Continued...


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