A new cartoon that I'm pirating on the IDF'S time again. If you're the age of
the Stories Heros and are reading this leave now you little prevs before I
catch you and remenber that the State of Israel pays me money to find people.

Fillmore: The Stakeout (mf,inter,exhib)
by She-Wolf Of Tel Aviv

Ingrid lll and Fillmore laid ontop of the roof of the X Middle School
watching the gym's roof across the campus. Now in their teens Fillmore's
black body had become a stud model's that could get him a gig in Jet
Magazine as a swimsuit model.

Ingrid was having trouble laying as flat as Fillmore because at age 13 she
began popping out till today. She was a 44DD rack that always gave her back
pains. Her ghost white skin was barely hidden with her goth commando outfit
of a long neck to foot length dress.

"Fillmore why are we doing this again?" she asked.

Fillmore pointed to the rooftop volleyball courts across on the gym's roof.

"Ever Friday night someone sneaks up there and makes a mess with coke bottles
and stuff. We think it's a hide-a-way for someone spying on the football

"So we're here to catch them in the act." Ingrid stated.

"Right and there they are." Fillmore said pointing to the gym roof.

Sevenral figures moved out on to the gym's roof but instead of spying on the
football field they set up a movie screen and player.

"Well, they're not spying." Ingrid said.

Suddenly a picture of a naken man being jumped on by two naken females came
on the screen.

"What the hell are they doing?" Fillmore asked puzzled as he found suddenly
that his pants were creeping up his groin.

Ingrid knew what she was seeing from those secert sites she found on the
internet as she watched. She felt herself rise due to her tits becoming
rockhard. She turned to Fillmore to explain and saw that his pants was
about to tear from the sudden harpoon that his cock had become.

A new idea came to Ingrid "Why not Fillmore? She was going to get popped one
day. Why not her first and best friend in X Middle School?"

"Let me show you." Ingrid said reaching for Fillmore's zipper.

A quick pull and Fillmore's cock popped out, a monster that even grown men
would envy.

Ingrid took a deep beath and licked her lips then with a sudden move dived
onto Fillmore's hardon. Her jaws ached as she opened her mouth to it's
fullest. She kept driving downward on Fillmore's hard hot saltly goodness
not caring if her air was cut off as long as she filled her mouth.

Then the tip of her nose hit chinkly hair and Ingrid knew that she had
shallowed the whole thing on her first time as pride and pain filled Her.
She slowly pulled back her teeth leaving light white lines on his cock,
Ingrid glanced up into Fillmore's eyes and saw the question there. She
gave a nod without letting go of his cock and he reached up to her
neckline and in one savage move ripped the dress from her body. Her
ghost white skin was like a light is the night as her head pumped up
and down like a oil drill. She could feel the tremors in Fillmore's cock
and from the internet knew he was geeting ready to lose it so she released

He dived onto her tits like a hungry puppy going for his first meal, his
teeth bite and pulled at her stone hard nippless. Ingrid was in pain but
sex pain was part of the goth way of life, frimly she pushed him off then
turned over to get on her hands and knees.

She looked over her shoulder at Fillmore ands aid; "Do it Do it Do it."

Fillmore moved up between her legs till the tip of his heated cock just
bushed her pussy. Then grabbing her hips he slammed forward as hard as he

scream into the night sky as her cherry was lost it one pain filled second.

Ingrid's eyes rolled up into the back of her head as Fillmore pounded her
doggey style like a living machine, her only sounds from ber was a woofing

Ingrid suddenly knew what she was born for this second. She was a slut born
only to fuck and get fucked. She already began to plan on which female
classmates she would turn to the lezzie world or maybe bi with Fillmore's

Then it happened the first of many shots of cum that will fill her. Fillmore
kept shooting load after load into Ingrid. Then he lifted his head and
shouted, "DAWG!"


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