Fear Factor: An All-Slut Fear Factor (M+F,oral,pee,bukakke,voy,exhib)
by Bones Malone

Day 1

"Hello ladies," said Joe Rogan after the four female participants arrived.
"Welcome to a very special All-Slut Fear Factor! I don't know about you but
I can't wait to get started here. However, first we need you to tell us who
you are and why you're here, so, Brande start us off would you?" Brande was
a tall blonde with a killer rack.

"Hey Joe, I'm Brande from Atlanta. I'm here because my friends think I'm too
tame to be a real slut, and I want to try and prove them wrong!" The next
girl in line was a hot brunette with a sweet overall figure.

"I'm Brooke from Salt Lake City. I'm here because I love the show and because
this episode sounds extremely wild! I'm ready to do anything, Joe - anything
at all." All Joe could do was grin: It was a good time to be the host of
"Fear Factor." The third girl was a smaller blonde, but very pretty.

"Hey guys, I'm Denise from Springfield. I'm here to see if I can overcome
some of my fears and be able to really let go for once. And even if I lose,
I think it's a great experience that every girl should go through once."
Finally, the last girl was a fiery redhead.

"I'm Joanna from San Francisco. I'm a fierce competitor and you girls are all
going down!" Joe nodded his head knowingly - there was one like this in every

"Alright, well the four of you have been brought here to stare your sexual
fears in the eye as you compete for $50,000. The three stunts this week will
not only test you physically, but mentally as well. If you're too afraid
to attempt one of these sexual acts, you'll be eliminated. If you fail to
complete any of them well enough, you're gone. Only one of you can be "Fear
Factor" Champion. Now, ready to hear about your first stunt?"

The girls all nodded.

"Alright," Joe continued, "this is your first stunt. As you recall, we asked
each of you to drink a two-liter bottle of water a few hours ago. So, as you
might have guessed, you're each going to do some peeing for us today. Doesn't
sound too bad, right? You'll each need to remove all your clothes, then squat
down and urinate into this large funnel right here. Below the funnel we have
a jar for each of you with a line that represents the amount of urine you'll
need to produce for us. Whichever three of you reach that line first will
advance to tomorrow's stunt. But there's still one more factor." Right then,
the walls in front of the funnel parted, revealing a large group of people.

"Oh my God," said Brande. Joe cheerfully continued explaining.

"This here will be your audience, 25 men and 25 women. They have been asked
to watch closely as each you each take turns relieving yourselves. Now we've
randomly selected who will go first and Brooke, you're lucky number one."
Brooke smiled as she followed Joe to the funnel. Denise looked horrified as
she scanned the audience. At the funnel, Joe had a few more words with

"So, Brooke, are you ready to do this? Have you done anything like this

"Actually," she answered, "to prepare for this show I had my sister and best
friend watch me get naked and then pee while on the toilet, but, obviously
this will be a little different!"

"You're pretty confident about this stunt though, right?"

"Yeah, I think I'll be okay."

"Alright, your time will start as soon as all your clothes are off," Joe
explained. "Good luck." Joe went back and stood by the other three while
Brooke disrobed. "What do you ladies think? You think Brooke can do this?"

"I think she'll do well," Brande answered. "She sounds like she isn't going
to let anything stop her."

"Whatever," said Joanna, "I'll beat her time." Denise was speechless. Once
Brooke was nude, everyone naturally stared at her. She had a nice body -
symmetric and well proportioned. She caused quite a few cheers to sound from
the audience, as she stood by the funnel, ready for Joe's signal.

"Alright Brooke, are you ready?"

"Ready, Joe!"

"In 3, 2, 1, go!" Brooke squatted down by the huge funnel as the time
started. She spread her pussy-lips and began pissing right away. A clear,
smooth stream issued forth from her, right into the center of the funnel.
The crowd of spectators didn't seem to bother her. She even seemed a bit
turned on by it all. She moved her hips slightly and shut her eyes, giving
herself to the moment. "Wow," Joe said.

"Jeez, she's good," said Denise worriedly. Even Joanna was silent. When
Brooke had peed the required amount, Joe stopped the clock.

"Time! 18 seconds! Very nice job, Brooke!" Denise groaned while the crowd
applauded. After putting on a robe, Brooke rejoined the group.

"What a rush!" she said, "God, I'm so horny now!"

"Well believe me, you're not the only one," Joe replied with a laugh. "You
set the bar extremely high. Now we'll see what Brande can do. Let's go."
Brande followed Joe to where Brooke was standing a moment ago. "It's a tough
act to follow, but are you ready?"

"I'll do my best," said Brande. While the crowd looked on, Brande took off
all her clothes. Her breasts were huge, jutting out from her chest. There
were quite a few approving whistles for her. Joe started her off and she
squatted down, opening her cunt. Quite a few seconds passed before she
managed to start peeing. She splashed a bit, then settled down, but she
clearly wasn't going to do as well as Brooke had done. When the jar was
properly full, Joe called out her time.

"27 seconds!" Denise was getting more and more nervous. If Joanna was
worried, you sure couldn't tell. "You did it, nice going," Joe said, shaking
her hand.

"I had a little stage fright at the start there," she described, "but it felt
great when I finally started spraying."

"Well, Brooke automatically moves on to the next round and we'll have to see
if Brande's time holds up. Denise, you're number three," Joe said.

Denise stepped forward, her heart beating like crazy. She forced her fingers
to undo her blouse, trying to ignore the audience. She wasn't ready to take
the walk of shame just yet. There was no way she would be backing down. She
pulled her panties off and stood naked, focusing on the funnel. Since her
body wasn't quite as good as Brooke's or Brande's, there weren't as many
sounds from the crowd. She listened for Joe's voice. When she heard it, she
hunched down and readied herself, showing the audience her pink. She closed
her eyes. Seconds passed. She still wasn't going. A few whispers went through
the audience. One man yelled out to her.

"Come on Honey, don't be shy!" A few people laughed. Joe realized that he was

"Come on, Denise, you can do this! Just relax!"

"Denise, look at all these people!" Joanna called out, trying to psyche
Denise out.

"Relax, Denise," Joe continued. "Just let it go!"

She took a deep breath and finally started to pee. It was exhilarating.
Denise never felt so alive. She was spreading her pussy and urinating for the
whole world to see! She wanted to win this competition at all costs. Finally
she heard Joe's voice again.

"Time! 55 seconds!" She put on a robe and joined the others. "Denise, what
happened there?"

"I don't know. I just froze up a little I guess, but it was still very

"Well you'll have to hope that your time holds up. We have one more to go.
Ready Joanna?"

"I was born ready, Joe!" was her reply. Joanna started ripping her clothes
off. Both her nipples were pierced as well as her navel. Denise was making
ready to leave. She assumed that she had no chance. Joe started Joanna off.
She began squirting right away. She was so intense that she shot a big blast
of urine past the funnel. Denise was kicking herself for hesitating earlier.
She figured she wouldn't ever be a proper slut. Joanna stopped peeing... but
she hadn't reached the line on the jar.

"Joanna, you don't have enough in the jar! You have to keep going!" Joe
called to her.

Denise felt a spark of hope. Joanna went back down, trying desperately to
squeeze out any more, but it wasn't happening. Joanna was forced to give up
and take the walk of shame. She didn't even wait for a robe; she just walked
away wearing nothing.

"Joanna couldn't get enough into the jar," Joe explained, "so
congratulations, ladies, you three advance to the next round. Let's go see
what's in store for you."

Day 2

Denise walked with the other two contestants towards the next stunt. She
couldn't believe her luck in the last round. She knew she couldn't afford
any more slipups if she wanted to be a true slut and "Fear Factor" Champion.
It was the second day so she assumed that they would each have to eat or
drink something nasty. It wasn't too hard to guess what it would be for this
particular episode.

"Welcome, ladies, to Day 2," said Joe. "You each managed to get past our
little peeing stunt, thereby advancing to today. Are you ready for your next

"Bring it on," said Brooke.

"Alright," Joe continued, "open the doors, please." A huge set of doors
opened revealing a very unusual sight. There was a long row of cardboard
about six or seven feet high with several holes in it. Filling each hole
was an erect penis! About 20 men were standing behind the board with their
penises poking through the holes.

"Nice," said Brooke, approvingly.

"Very," Brande agreed.

"Here's what's going to happen," Joe explained. "You'll each pick a number
out of this hat. The number on the slip of paper will represent the number
of men you'll have to choose from this group of guys. Once you've chosen
from them, they'll come out from behind the board. Now on each of their
chests, there's another number that represents the number of days since
their last ejaculation. The higher the number is, the more semen is expected
to be inside them. You're going to have to hope for a low number because
you're going to be drinking some cum today!"

"I knew it," Brande said, not surprised. Joe went on.

"Now each of the men you end up choosing will masturbate while you stand
naked in front of them in order to arouse them. When they're ready, they'll
give a signal telling you to kneel down so you can take it in your mouths.
You must swallow all the cum from all the men chosen for you or you will not
advance to the final round. Now once again, we've randomly selected who will
begin, and Brande, it's you this time."

Joe held out the hat and Brande picked a slip of paper. The paper had a 6 on

"Oh my God, are you kidding?" Brande asked. Joe just shrugged innocently
making Brooke laugh. "Oh sure, laugh now. You're next you know," Brande
reminded her.

"I know," Brooke replied. "I'm not worried." Denise thought she sounded
sincere too. Brande went over to the line and chose the six penises that
she'd be drinking the cum from. She gave each one a nice tug, causing a
few reactions to issue from behind the board. The six chosen guys came out
from behind the wall. They were naked except for masks that they each wore
covering their faces. The numbers on their chests were 5, 1, 3, 8, 4, and

"Oh my," said Brooke. "That 8 should make things interesting." The men
gathered around Brande, eagerly ready to start stroking. Clearly Brande was
already turning them on with her large chest.

"Alright, Brande," Joe said. "You know what to do." Brande took a deep
breath and, just like the day before, started taking off her clothes. The men
started stroking as her skirt fell to the floor. They quickened their pace
further when her huge breasts came into view. When she was completely nude
once again, she put her hands behind her back and waited, giving them a full
view of her body. After a short while, #3 stepped forward, indicating that he
was ready to climax. Brande fell to her knees before him and opened her mouth
wide in front of his cock. He moaned and sent four or five cumshots onto
Brande's tongue. She shook her head slightly and managed to swallow it down.

"Wow. I think she's done this before," Joe said to Brooke.

"Well she has a long way to go," Brooke said. "I'm not so sure she'll make
it." The next man came up, the one with the 8 on his chest. #8 started
filling Brande's mouth with his cum. He just kept coming and coming. Denise
lost count how many times he shot off onto her tongue. When he finally
stopped, Brande tried to swallow his juice. Her mouth was nearly overflowing.
After a few seconds she spit it out onto the floor. Denise's heart sank.
Clearly she was going to need a miracle to beat Brooke.

"Oh no," Joe sighed. "Brande's done for." Brande motioned for the other four
men to finish on her face. "Gee, that's nice of her. What a good loser." The
remaining four came on her face. Brande put on her robe and came back to
where Joe was standing, with the cum still on her face. "Well don't you look
pretty," Joe told her.

"Thanks," Brande said. "Ugh, that second guy just had too much. But I had a
great time, Joe. I have no regrets."

"Alright, well, we have to say goodbye to you for now. Thanks for being on
the show." Joe and Brande shook hands and she walked off. "Okay, at this
point Brande's eliminated unless one of you is unable to complete this stunt.
Denise, you're up next. You ready?"

"As ready as I'll ever be," Denise replied. Seeing Brande fail to complete
the stunt worried her a little, but after managing to get through the first
day, she wasn't going to quit now. Joe held out the hat to her and she picked
out a number.

"Oh thank God," she said, relieved. The slip of paper showed a 3.

"Lucky again," Brooke said. Denise quickly chose three men, touching a finger
to each of their shafts. When they came around, she saw that their chests
read 7, 1, and 2. Denise stared at the one with the 7 and bit her lip. He
wasn't going to be easy.

"Okay, Denise. You can do this. Go ahead," Joe reassured her. She needed all
the help she could get. She quickly took off her clothes. It was much easier
this time. The three men stroked their cocks as they admired her nude form.
Having the men masturbate to her this way excited her. She couldn't help
enjoying being the subject of their lust. #2 stepped forward, causing Denise
to snap out of her trance. As Brande had done, she got down on her knees in
front of him. He placed one hand on her head while jacking off into her mouth
with the other. A hot, sticky jet of semen struck Denise's tongue, causing
her to jerk her head back slightly, but she stayed focused and swallowed his
cum. She heard Joe's voice from far away.

"Nice job, Denise! Only two more!" Right after he spoke, #1 stepped forward.
Denise opened her mouth wide for him and easily swallowed his clear, mostly
flavorless cum. She was in the zone. Nothing could stop her now. She finally
started to feel like a true slut. She looked up and saw #7 slowly stroking
his cock, looking directly into her eyes.

"Seven days, Denise," Brooke called out. "You'll never swallow all he has
stored up!"

"Come on, Denise," Joe countered. "Don't be afraid of him! Come on, do what
Brande couldn't!"

Finally #7 stepped forward, ready to feed Denise his sperm. She opened her
mouth and closed her eyes as he moaned loudly. Denise felt the semen land
thickly on her tongue one, two, three, four, five, six times! She quickly
shut her mouth and instinctively held up her hands just in case. She
swallowed some of it. It was gooey going down her throat but not too bad.
She shook her head and swallowed the rest, raising her hands in triumph.

"Show me your tongue, Denise!" Joe called out. She showed him; it was clean.
"Nice job! You move into the finals!" Denise couldn't believe her ears. Aside
from some slight queasiness, she never felt so good. "Alright, Brooke, are
you ready to do this thing?"

"I can't wait," she said simply. Denise was so happy that she had briefly
forgotten about Brooke. This competition was far from over as long as Brooke
was still around. The number Brooke pulled out of the hat read 4. Then to
Joe's surprise, Brooke began talking off her clothes right there, deciding
not to wait. She walked her perfect nude form over to the wall, bent down,
and took one of the cockheads right into her mouth, sucked it briefly, then
let it drop again. It was hard to tell who was more surprised, Denise or Joe.
All Denise could do was stare in awe. The men had the numbers 3, 3, 2, and 4
on their chests. As the men gathered around her, Brooke knelt down and
started masturbating openly.

"Unbelievable," Joe said as he rearranged his pants slightly. The men quickly
stepped forward in turn, clearly aroused by Brooke. With each one she licked
the head of his cock as he came into her mouth. She swallowed directly
without hesitation, as if it were yogurt.

"Whoa," Denise heard herself say. She was way out of her league. Denise could
plainly see that this girl was a pro. When Brooke was done she came back over
to Joe and Denise with the robe draped over her arm. Even Joe was speechless
for a second.

"Now Brooke, are you sure you haven't done this sort of thing before?" Joe
finally said.

"I'm not telling," she said smiling.

"Well you both did very well. We won't be seeing Brande anymore because you,
Denise and Brooke, will be our two finalists this week. Let's see what
tomorrow has in store for you."

Day 3

Brooke and Denise were walking toward Joe on the roof of a building. Denise
knew that "Fear Factor" often involved heights, but she couldn't figure out
how that would play a role in this Slut episode.

"Hey you two," Joe greeted them. "Congratulations for making it this far.
You have just one more stunt to complete before one of you will be crowned
All-Slut "Fear Factor" Champion. Here's your final stunt." Joe pulled aside
a curtain, bringing another group of naked men into view.

"This looks familiar," Brooke said.

"Your final stunt is actually quite simple," Joe told them. "As you can see
there's a small space of a few feet between this building and the next one
over. Now six of these guys will stand on the edge of this building while
six stand on the opposite edge. Each of you will be lifted into the air and
placed so that only their erect penises will be holding you up."

"What?" Brooke said, in disbelief. Joe kept going.

"There will be three men on each side supporting your legs, two on each
side supporting your arms, and one on each side to support your necks. Your
task will be to keep them aroused so they remain stiff. When they lose their
stiffness, you'll fall to the net waiting below. Whoever stays suspended
over the net the longest will be the winner. We've randomly selected which
of you will start and Brooke, it's going to be you again.

"Alright," she said. She didn't sound as confident this time. Denise was glad
she was going second. It would give her some time to think. Brooke started
disrobing like she did in the other two rounds, but Joe stopped her.

"Wait, Brooke. The clothes actually stay on for this one. That way you'll
be more protected when you fall." Brooke pulled her shirt back on, clearly
disappointed. Denise realized that this would give her an advantage. Brooke
has a killer body, but if it's covered with clothes it won't help her any.
The men won't be as aroused by a clothed woman. And actually, if they find
her prettier than Brooke, whom they very well could, that would be yet
another advantage! All she had to do was think of the right thing to say to
keep them stimulated. Brooke was almost ready to go. She was being lowered
onto their waiting cocks.

"Okay, Brooke," said Joe, "the time starts when the pulleys release you. Here
we go." The pulleys were lifted away and the only things holding Brooke up
were the penises. Brooke began talking to the men in a slow, sexy voice.

"Ooh, I love all of your great, big cocks holding me up. I'd love to put each
of them in my mouth and suck them hard. Then you could come into my mouth so
I could swallow all your tasty cum. I want to lick your balls. I want to just
play with your cocks all day and all n-." Brooke fell at this point. She
landed in the net below. Joe called to her.

"24 seconds, Brooke!" Denise wasn't sure if that was a good time or not. But
either way, she had a good idea of what she would say when her turn started.
Brooke said some good things, but Denise had something much better in mind.
Her heart raced as she waited. The men were watching pornography to be ready
for her turn.

"Okay, Denise," Joe said, "did you learn anything from watching Brooke?"

"Yeah, I'm going to need to talk faster, or it could be over before I even
start!" Joe nodded. Denise couldn't believe the words that (she hoped) would
soon come out of her mouth. She was getting horny just thinking about them.
But she had to stay focused to win. The men returned with strong boners once
again and Denise was lowered onto them. As soon as the time started, Denise
let loose.

"After the show, I'll let you boys do whatever you want to me. You can fuck
my throat. You can fuck me in the ass. You can fuck me and fuck me until I
scream in pain; then you can fuck me some more. I want to be your dirty
little slut. You can choke me, impale me, and come all over my face. I love
that! Do whatever you want to me, no matter how much I cry. I want your cocks
in all my holes at once! Come deep inside me! Drown me with your cum! That's
what a dirty little slut like me is for!" Denise stopped here. She was almost
sure that she had beaten Brooke's time. Even after she stopped talking, she
still remained up in the air for a while. Finally the cocks couldn't hold her
any longer and she fell, the air rushing past her. She landed squarely in the
net, waiting for confirmation that she was the winner. Joe's voice traveled
down to her.

"37 seconds! You did it, Denise!" Denise couldn't believe it. She had just
earned $50,000 and it had felt great being so slutty for the past few days.
She lay suspended in the net for a few more seconds, savoring the moment.
When she met up with Joe again, he made it official.

"Well, Denise, you peed into the funnel in front of the crowd, you were able
swallow all that cum, and you stayed suspended by those penises the longest.
You are the "Fear Factor" Champion, and evidently fear is not a factor for
you!" Denise hugged Joe.

"Thank you!" was all she could say. After she was given her winner's check
she left the building and headed down the street, still swimming in pride.
She stopped abruptly at the corner. Standing there were twelve men that
looked strangely familiar, smiling at her.

"Hi, boys," she said, grinning. "Let's find a room, shall we?" And off she
went, a true slut at last.

The End


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