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Fear Effect 2: Island Of The Eight Immortals
by Mugetsu G ([email protected]) (MF,creature,preg,bond,anal,viol,cons,nc)

As Hana, Deke, and Glas stepped from the boat and onto the island a thick fog
quickly covered the area.

"Damn it!" Hana said between grinding teeth. "Stick close guys or we'll get

"Right behind ya Hana," Glas said.

"Hold your horses. I don't like this one bit so I'm getting ready," Deke
yelled as he loaded rounds into his sawed-off shotguns.

"Damn it Deke, hurry up!" Hana yelled back at him as she continued inland.

"I don't like this..." Glas murmured as the fog seemed to get thicker.

"Just stay close," Hana said back. "Deke, where the hell are you?"

There was no answer.


Still no answer.

"Ah shit!" Hana muttered. "Just stay close Glas."

Now there was no answer from Glas.


Still no answer.

"Aw Christ! The Benefactor is going to owe me for this!" Hana mumbled as she
headed for the tower in the distance.

* * *

"Damn it, where is everyone?" Deke grumbled as he stumbled his way through
the fog. "Hana! Glas!

No answer.

"Shit Hana, what've you got me into?" Deke mumbled as he stumbled his way
over a rocky hill and made his way down it.

"More than any of you realize," a female voice echoed from within the fog.

"Hey who's there?"

"It's me silly. Don't you remember me?" Mist said as she almost magically
appeared before Deke.

"Look Mist. My business with you is done. I got you what you wanted, I'm only
here to collect from our Benefactor."

"And you'll get your money in due time Deke, I just have one more request to
make of you."

"What's that?"

"Kill Rain," Mist said coldly.

"You've got to be kidding," Deke said laughingly.

"I'm not. How's $100,000 sound?"

"You could offer $1,000,000 and I still won't do it."

"Why not?" Mist asked getting agitated.

"Look she's got some special relationship or something with Hana."


"I kill Rain, Hana kills me, and I don't get to spend any of the money I make

"Oh god. Fine kill Hana too." Mist glared at him.

Deke raised an eyebrow and glare back at Mist.

"Ok fine. $2,000,000 and a little of this..." Mist grinned as she reached
down between Deke's legs and gave his crotch a little squeeze.

"Damn it Mist, I'm a mercenary and not---" Deke stopped in mid-sentence as
his surroundings changed from a foggy island to a lavish bedroom.

"How'd you do that?" Deke asked with a bewildered look on his face.

"It's all courtesy of your Benefactor. Now just lay back and relax," Mist
whispered as she pushed him onto a bed in the room.

"The Benefactor! What the hell is going on?" Deke asked as he started to sit

"Shh! Just lay back!" Mist said as she pushed Deke back down and unzipped his

"Damn you're pretty nice..." she whispered as she lowered his underwear and
his cock popped up.

"Aye... this is too weird here..."

"Don't worry about anything." Mist reassured him before going down on the

"Oh god..." Deke moaned as he could feel her tongue slither up and down his

"Mmmmm... I see you like..." Mist said as she raised her head.

"Perhaps you like this better," she said grinning as she stood up and
stripped free of her clothes.

"Let me get comfortable here too," Deke said as he too stripped of his

"Now just lay there and enjoy yourself," Mist said as she slowly pushed back
on Deke laying him on the bed.

"Well if I only have to kill Rain and Hana for two million and this..." Deke
said as he felt Mist wrap her lips and tongue around his cock again and her
bushy cunt lowered into his face.

Deke grabbed hold of Mist's ass as he began to lick and probe her wet cavern
with his tongue. He could feel her gratitude being returned to him as he felt
Mist take his cock in her mouth all the way down to the base.

"Damn this girl has got skill," Deke reveled as she continued to probe the
walls of Mist's pussy with his tongue. "Let's see if she like's this," Deke
thought to himself as he spread her ass open and began to lick her asshole.

"Jesus Deke, you're kinky," Mist said as she sat up burying her ass in his
face. "Would you rather stick this in it?" She asked as she took his stiff
dick in her hand and began jerking it off.

Deke stopped for a moment and thought to himself.

"Give me a go at your asshole and I'll kill both girls for only a million."

"Ah nice. Rain and Hana dead for only a million, what a bargain." Mist
grinned evilly as moved herself around and slowly loaded her ass onto Deke's
stiff member.

"God you have a nice tight ass," Deke groaned as his dick slowly worked it's
way inside her anus.

"Oh fuck..." Mist moaned half in pain and pleasure as her ass spread open.
"Jesus this is nice," she panted as she started to raise and lower her ass on
the cock.

"OH shit..." Deke groaned as she grabbed hold of Mist's hips and helped to
raise and lower her ass on his dick.

"Ugh! I may have to visit you when were done here, you're just so fucking big
and fill my ass nicely!" Mist grumbled in delight as her ass slammed down
repeatedly on his cock.

"Oh god, your sister would never do this.."

"Oh god I'm gonna cum!" Mist screamed as the penetrating of her ass finally
got to her and she could no longer hold her orgasm back.

"Jesus Mist! OH god!" Deke moaned as his dick made one last lunge into her
butt before squirting his cum all over her insides.

When Deke finished Mist fell next to him on the bed with the both of them
breathing hard.

"About your one million comment look. I'm still going to give you two million
to kill both of them," Mist began. "I know Hana's good so keep this with
you," she said as she handed Deke a talisman.

"What's this?"

"If by chance you get killed before they are dead, it'll bring back to life
just once."

"Oye, don't worry about it. They'll both be dead before all is said and
done," Deke reassured Mist.

* * *

"Ouch!" Rain screamed in pain as she stumbled over some tree roots hidden by
the oncoming night and fell into some thorny bushes.

Rain picked herself up and cleaned up a bit before continuing on. As she
continued walking the evening sky turned to night and soon it was dark all
around. The Tower of The Eight Immortals wasn't too far and it couldn't be
closer Rain thought, as she couldn't shake the feeling that she was being

"I'm just being silly..." Rain thought as she step behind some nearby trees
at the sounds of what she thought were footsteps.

After about fifteen minutes of nothing Rain was about to step back onto the
path and continue on when almost out of nowhere a figure came down the path.

"Ah what luck!" Rain said to herself as she recognized the person to be Glas.

"Glas! Hey Glas over here!" She yelled waving her arms as she stepped out of
the shadows.

"Rain? Rain is that you?" Glas yelled back as he ran up to her.

"Yeah it's me Glas? Where's Hana and Deke?"

"Ah you won't believe it. No sooner had we stepped onto the island a thick
fog filled the air and we all got separated."

"So you saw it too? I nearly crashed my boat into a bunch of rocks when I got

"What're you doing here anyways? I thought Hana told you not to come."

"Look, I don't have time to explain it now, but there's a lot more going on
than anyone realizes and everyone's life is in grave danger. It all involves
me, my sister, and mother."

"Your sister? When the hell did you have a sister?"

"Just trust me Glas. There's no time to explain, we've just got to get to
Hana before she reaches the top of the tower."

"I seriously doubt that's going to happen."

"What do you mean?"

"Hana's dead."

"What??? What do you mean she's dead???"

"I had her killed!" Glas glared back at Rain.

"You bastard! WHY?" Rain screamed as she drew her uzi out and pointed it at

"Because she was just going to get in my way. I have big plans for you and
she'd just screw things up." Glas said grinning as she walked towards Rain.

"Stop you bastard! Stop right there or I'll shoot!" Rain yelled with tears
streaming down her face.

"Aaaaaw... Poor little Rain is mad at me. Whatcha gonna do? Shoot me?"

"Go to hell asshole!" Rains screamed at Glas as her finger held down the
trigger and round after round pelted into Glas' upper torso. He staggered
back a bit, but didn't go down.

"What the hell??? Who are you???" As Rain threw her uzi down after emptying
it out and drew her pistols and started firing those.

"Petty human! Your mortal weapons can't hurt me!" The figure screamed in a
high-pitched voice as he clubbed Rain upside the head knocking her to the
ground. Slowly the body of the being transformed from Glas to a tall medium
built man with a light complexion wearing a white tank top and black khaki

"Who? Who are you?" Rain asked in a panic as she looked through her things to
see what could possibly stop the figure.

"My name is not important. The Benefactor has sent me to find you. After the
failed experiment with your mother and the injection, he realized what his
mistake was and figured out that the fix was simple."

"The Benefactor?!? That asshole was playing everyone all along..."

"You could say that, but he likes to think of it another way. The ends
justifies the means to get there."

"I don't give a fuck what he wants!" Rain screams as fires her pistols at the
being again.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk! My dear Rain I told you already. Your foolish weapons don't
hurt me," the being mocked Rain as he picked the bullets one by one out of
his chest and dropped them to the ground. As each one was picked out the
wound it created healed itself.

"Oh shit..." Rain muttered with a look of horror on her face as she finally
realized what she was truly up against.

"Now bitch," the figure bellowed as he knocked the guns from her hands, "if
you would just play along while I fill you with my seed then this'll be as
painless as possible."

"What the fuck..."

"The Benefactor anointed me as the passer and you the carrier, and when all
is said and done you will give birth to the being that will help him take
over not only China, but the world as well. Your sister is just second rate,
which is why he chose you. We sent her to kill Hana, hopefully she'll be
killed in the process and you... you will help the Benefactor conquer the

The creature ripped Rain's suit off in one swipe of his hand then stunned
her with a ball of electricity shot from his hand. The being waved his hand
around in a cryptic motion and as if by magic Rain's body rose into the air.

"Ban Ge Di Nop," he muttered in an ancient tongue as four vines shot from
the ground. Two vines wrapped around Rain's ankles and two around her wrists
limiting her movement keeping her in an upright position.

"NO! Get away from me!" Rain screamed as she struggled frugally to free
herself from the vines.

"Oh I forgot to mention something. Once the creature frees itself from your
womb, you will die," the being mocked Rain as his clothes disappeared
revealing his nude body.

"No, no, please don't..." Rain begged him. "I can double whatever the
Benefactor is giving you. Just don't do this! You have no idea what he's
capable of!"

"Oh but I do sweet thing, and what he's giving me is more than you ever
could," the figure said as he ran his hand up and down Rain's body stopping
to give her chest a squeeze.

"Oh god no..." Rain mumbled in disgust.

"See how easy that is? Just don't fight and this'll be painless," he said
right before nibbling on one of Rain's nipples and rubbing her clit with his

"You can't be getting wet already, can you?" he said grinning as he slipped
two of his fingers inside of Rain's vaginal cavity and found the moistness

"No... Don't..." Rain murmured.

"My my you are wet," he said with a smile as he licked her juices off his

"There's just no reason to mess around is there now?" The creature sneered as
Rain's pussy spread wide open as he slid his member inside her.

"Noooooooooo!" Rain screamed inside her head as she could feel his cock fill
her up and the slimy wetness from its shaft flood her insides as it prepared
for the seed.

The creature hands grabbed hold of Rain around her waist and pressed his lips
to her forcing his tongue inside.

Rain closed her eyes and stopped all voluntarily moment as she gave up on
escape and the creatures pounding increased. She could feel his tongue paint
her mouth with a slime it was excreting.

"What the fuck?" A voice from far-off shouted.

The creature ignored the voice all together, as its stiff cock continued to
slam into Rain's pussy. Rain opened her eyes and she could make another
figure off in the distance somewhere not sure where it was, as her vision
had become blurry.

"Get off her now!" The voice commanded, this time from very near.

The creature jammed his cock deep inside Rain's swollen cunt one last time
before it's head opened up shooting it's seed all over her insides. As soon
as his cum was finished filling Rain he slowly turned to face the new being.

"You're too late, the seed has been planted," the creature said as he snapped
his fingers and the vines disappeared leaving Rain to fall to the ground.

"What the hell have you done to her?!?!" the new voice demanded.

"That voice... it couldn't be... could it?" Rain thought to herself as she
lay in a heap on the ground. "Glas? Is that you Glas?"

"Yeah it's me Rain," Glas answered back. "I'll take care of this bastard hold
on," he said as he emptied out the ammunition of his assault rifle into the
being's chest.

"Oh shit..." Glas said to himself as the being just laughed off the attack.

"Guns won't work against him, you have to find another way Glas..." Rain
groaned her stomach now burning.

"No shiiiiiiit!" Glas yelled as the creature backhanded him sending him into
a nearby tree. "Damn it that hurt!" Glas mumbled to himself as he sat up
rubbing his side that hit the tree.

Boom! A rocket slams into the being's body temporarily knocking him to the

"That rocket better buy me some time," Glas said as he dropped the rocket
launcher to the ground and began rummaging through his things to use against

"God damn it!" Glas mumbled in frustration as the creature got up and began
towards him.

"FOOL!" The creature screamed at Glas as round after round of ammunition from
Glas' uzi emptied into him doing no harm.

"Oh Lord," Glas murmured as he picked up his tazer gun from and saw the
creature still advancing even after being shocked several times.

"NOW YOU DIE!" The creature squealed at Glas as he raised his hand up for the

"NO! You die you bastard!" Rain screamed as she stabbed the creature in the
back with a holy knife that Hana had given her. Rain then fell to the ground
still exhausted from the earlier events.

"What the hell???" The creature asked in a shocked manner. "It can't be!" It
screamed as its body quickly warmed up to above before exploding throwing its
insides everywhere.

"Ptth!" Glas grumbled as he picked himself up and cleaned the creature's
entrails off of him. "What was that?"

"Huff... Huff... I don't know," Rain said panting. "He was a minion of the
Benefactor. Look the Benefactor has been playing everyone. He want's to take
over the world. He sent this goon to impregnate me to create some creature he
needs to help him in his conquest."

"Oh shit... We're in trouble..."

"I don't know what he did to this guy, but he got me pregnant. I can feel
it." Rain said as she felt the burning intensify. "If this thing is born I
will die and so will anyone who gets in the Benefactor's way."

"Are you well enough to keep going?"

"Yeah I'll be fine for now, I just don't know for how long."

"Let's go. If the Benefactor got you pregnant then he must know a way then to
stop all this madness. Let's go find Hana and see what she has to say," Glas
said as he helped Rain up and the continued towards the tower.

* * *

As Hana had reached the top of the stairs she momentarily stopped to look
around the new floor. The floor was bare save for a gong and mallet directly
across from the stairway. She darted across the room and with the mallet hit
the gong. A loud noise echoed throughout and nothing happened. After a few
minutes she hit it again. Again nothing happened.

Hana was about to start back towards the lower floors when she heard a voice
behind her.

"You know Hana if you're not careful, you'll end up like some many others

"Who the hell are you?" Hana growled pointing her uzi at a figure dressed in
the same clothing as the techs in the aqueducts.

"I am one of those you seek," the being said as the gun in Hana's hand
started to heat up and she dropped it to the ground. "Even you can escape the
gates of hell if you wouldn't needlessly kill those that are innocent."

"You're one of the Immortals?"

"Yes Hana I am and as you inflicted pain on others, now others will inflict
pain on you," the Immortal said as the floor below Hana disappeared and she
fell into an empty concrete pit below it.

"Damn it that hurt!" Hana said as she stood up rubbing her right knee.

"I know this wasn't on this floor before," Hana thought to herself looking
around. The pit was all but bare, the floor and walls made of solid concrete.

Noticing a door on the other side she headed toward it. However as she turns
the knob to open, it won't turn as it seems to be locked, but Hana can't find
a lock to open.

As Hana points a gun at the knob to try and open the door, she can hear the
Immortal's voice again.

"Hana you haven't felt pain yet. If you can survive the pain, you can
continue on through the tower."

"So bring it already!" Hana screamed back at the voice. Just as she finished
screaming five techs like those in the aqueducts appeared before her armed
with tazer guns and large wrenches.

"Well I've been in tighter situations before," Hana thought as two of the
techs charged at her. With two quick shots they fell to the ground dead with
bullet holes in their foreheads.

Playing it more cautious, the remaining three slowly circled her.

"Bah what the hell am I doing!" Hana asked herself as she cautiously watched
the techs. She shot one tech in the face, then turned and shot at another.
The bullet grazed the tech's shoulder knocking him to the ground.

The last tech lunged at Hana while her back was turned to him and hit her in
the back with his wrench knocking her to the ground.

"Shit that hurt!" Hana groaned as she rolled to the side dodging the tech's
wrench. She then pulled her pistol around and unloaded several clips in his

When all seemed quiet and still again Hana got up and headed for the door
again. As she was about to put her hand on the knob she heard another voice.

"I'm not dead yet Hana."

Hana turned and saw the tech with the grazed shoulder get up.

"Well now you are," Hana said glaring as she reloaded her pistol and emptied
several rounds into the tech.

"I don't think so," the tech said grinning as the wounds healed up leaving no

Hana backed up a bit as the tech grew taller and bigger bringing his height
to over seven feet. The tech was huge and his growing body tore his suit to
bits, the pieces falling to the ground. Hana couldn't help but stare at the
man's twelve-inch cock dangling between his legs.

"Oh shit... not this again..." she muttered to herself as thoughts of the
incident with Scanner back in the aqueducts returned.

"No worries lass. I'll be gentle," the tech mocked her as he leaped across
the room in one bound dropkicking Hana back before landing.

Hana was temporarily stunned by the blow, and barely regained her whereabouts
in time to dodge the tech's fist as it missed her head and hit the ground

Hana reloaded her pistol and fired over shots several hitting the tech in the

He shook his head a bit before those wounds healed up.

"Oh god I'm fucked..." Hana muttered.

"They say one man's pain is another man's pleasure," the tech said grinning
as he advanced towards Hana.

In a desperate attempt Hana reared back and kicked the tech as hard as she
could in his crotch.

"Oh come on that's no way to treat your best friend," the tech said as he
stepped back a bit and then leveled Hana with a blow to the stomach.

"Yummy!" he said salivating as he ripped Hana's clothes from her body.

The tech bent over Hana running his tongue up and down her nude body.

"Ah gross!" Hana screamed as she attempted to elbow the tech in the face.

"Oh come on! You'll like it! Trust me!" he yelled at Hana as he backhanded

"Mmmm.... such nice tits...." the tech hissed as he squeezed them and licked
the nipples.

"Ugh! Get off me!" Hana said still struggling.

"Listin Bitch!" The tech growled at Hana as he place his hand around her neck
and squeezed. "Keep struggling and you'll die, make this easy on yourself and
you might live. The choice is yours!"

Hana struggled to get some air and her face started to turn blue. The tech
continued to squeeze hearing no answer.

"What's your answer bitch? I keep squeezing and you'll be dead soon, and as
for your friends, especially Rain, they might not make it out of the tower

"Bastard! I'll kill you if you do anything to them!" Hana choked out.

"I don't think so!" the tech screamed back as his grip tightened even more.
Hana's face started to turn to shades of purple.

"O....O....k...k..." Hana hacked out.

"Good, now just lay there," the tech said as he removed his hand from her

He placed his hands on her thighs as he lowered his head and started lick at
her cunt with his tongue. The tech brought his hands even further down and
spread Hana's pussy with his fingers.

Hana let her mind wonder back to better times when her and Rain were alone
as the tech's tongue wormed it's way inside. His tongue worked itself deep
inside Hana further than she thought it could go, and it slapped up against
her vaginal walls.

"Hmm... I bet she's as tasty as you Hana. I can smell her on you," the tech
mocked Hana.

"What's that I smell?" he asked as he sniffed at her opening and tasted her
insides in an alternating manner. "Ah! You like cock too! Well that's no
problem!" The tech said as he crawled up Hana's body and his cock stopped
just in front of her snatch.

Hana could see and hear everything going on, but chose to remain in her own
world, as the tech's large cock started to stretch her open.

"Hmph! See this is so much better when you don't struggle," he moaned as he
had worked eight inches in and was working on his ninth.

"Oh god it hurts! Rain help me!" Hana screamed out silently as the tech's
twelve inches forced itself completely in and was now splitting her wide

* * *

As Rain and Glas stepped through the tower's door, Rain fell to the ground
with a sudden and sharp pain in her body.

"Oh no! Rain... Rain, what's wrong!" Glas asked kneeling at Rain's side
trying to comfort her.

"I'm... I'm fine. Hana's in trouble... We've got to help her..." Rain replied
as she stood up with Glas' help.

"God damn... What've we gotten ourselves into..." Glas wondered as the two of
them started inside.

"I'm coming Hana... I'm coming..."

* * *

"I'm coming Hana... I'm coming..." Hana heard Rain whispering to her inside
her head. As the voice faded Hana slowly returned to her reality.

"Mmph! Mmph!" Hana could hear the tech moaned as his member continued to
split her open. Hana bit on her lip to fight the pain.

"Ugh! I'm... going... to..." the tech pulled his cock out, stood up, and
positioned his dick over Hana's face as he started to jack it off.

"Oh god. Today's your lucky day bitch..." he moaned as a white shower of cum
erupted from his member and splattered all over Hana's face. He continued to
jack his dick off until it completed emptied itself out.

"I must be feeling good today..." the tech panted. "I'm going to let you live
and you suffer the same fate as your sweetheart Rain."

Hana just laid there motionlessly as he continued to ramble. Noticing this
the tech stopped talking and looked at Hana.

"Hey! You alive?" He asked the motionless Hana.

Hana continued to lie there doing nothing.

"Whoops. I guess I did kill you after all." he said smiling as he poked at
Hana a few times to see if she would respond. Again Hana's body just laid

"Ah well, I guess I'll just wait until Rain gets here to have some more fun
even if she is pregnant," the tech said to himself as he lifted his leg to
start walking off.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" Hana screamed as her hand shot up, grabbed hold of his
cock, and yanked down real hard on it as her nails dug into it.

"Fuck!" the tech yelled as he grabbed his crotch in pain and fell to the
ground rolling around.

"Motherfucker! You will not touch Rain or do this to anyone else!" Hana
screamed at him her eyes filled with anger as she started stomping on his
head pounding it into the ground with each kick.

"Fuck you asshole!" Hana glared at him as she reached down, took his bloodied
head in her hands, and snapped the neck around. The tech fell to the ground,
his head facing hundred eighty degrees in the wrong direction.

Still seething with anger Hana turned to the vast emptiness above her.

"What the hell kind of test was this?!?!?!?" she demanded of the Immortal.

"I have no control over his actions like I have no control over yours.
Each person is responsible for their own actions. I'd rather him not had
intercourse with you, but that was his doing. Not mine."

"This bullshit!! You had this planned all along!"

"We Immortals would never intentionally inflict such punishment on others.
Believe me on this Hana. Though in the end, you suffered the same pain
you've inflicted on innocent people. To this extent you pass the test and
can continue. You must hurry and save Rain before it's too late."

Still angry Hana decided to accept the punishment for now as her thoughts
returned to Rain and she asked, "Ok fine. What's this with Rain being

"Your so called Benefactor has had Rain impregnated. If she is allowed to
give birth to the creature inside her, it will help him take over the world
with limitless power."

"Well why don't the Immortals stop him then?"

"We're only here to monitor you all. Until he does something to threaten one
of use or destroy the world there is nothing we can do."

"God damn it!" Hana screamed out of frustration. After a few moments to
herself Hana spoke again, "Ok, ok. So what do I have to do to save Rain

"That is quite simple. Take the needle you see before," the Immortal said as
a syringe materialized before Hana in mid-air and seemed to just float there.
"Inside you will find the fluids necessary to kill off the creature growing
in Rain. This is a one time shot and you must not fail. More would have to be
created and by then. It'd be too late."

"Fine get me out of her then," Hana said confidently as she dressed and
gathered her things including the syringe.

"Take heed. There are forces out there other than the Benefactor trying to
stop you," the Immortal warned Hana as her surroundings changed back to the
floor she had previously been on.

* * *

"You sure this is the place?" Deke asked Mist as the doors shut behind them
and then disappeared. The room they were in was dark and hazy like the island

"Yes it is. We just have to wait for Rain and Hana to show up. Then you can
kill them." Mist replied.

"I don't think I can have that happen Mist," a voice echoed from nowhere.

"That's the Benefactor!" Deke yelled.

"I am indeed. What Mist has told you is partially wrong. Rain I have big
plans for, Hana can die though."

"Look I don't care what you do with either of them, just give me the money
I'm owed," Deke demanded.

"Oh. I'm sorry, you're services are no longer needed," he said as a shot rang
out from the gun in Mist's hand striking Deke in the back.

"Good work hon," the Benefactor said as he materialized before Mist and
kissed her on the lips.

"Why don't you tell her the truth?" A voice behind the Benefactor said as a
round in a pistol clicked into place.

The Benefactor kissed Mist a bit longer before removing his lips and facing
the voice behind him.

"Ah Glas. I see you've made it this far. I would've sworn you would've drank
yourself to death by now."

"What's he talking about?" Mist asked raising a brow.

"He has no need for you. He got your sister pregnant and with the creature
inside her is going to take over the world," Glas said to Mist.

"You did say Mist was second rate didn't you Benefactor?" Rain said from
behind Glas.

"What the hell is this?" Mist screamed at the Benefactor.

"Ah my sweet Mist. The ends justifies the means. Goodbye," the Benefactor
said as he drew his gun and shot Mist in the chest. "Now go home Glas and
I'll let you go. My only need is with Rain now."

"Not a chance in hell!" Glas screamed as he held down his uzi trigger and
only heard several clicks.

"Be that way then," the Benefactor said as he pointed his gun at Glas.


The Benefactor fell to the ground with blooding oozing from the hole between
his eyes.

"Nobody double-crosses me and lives to tell about it," Hana said as she
walked to the Benefactor's body and fired several more shots into it.

"Haaaaannnaaa!" Rain screamed in agony falling to the ground clutching her

"Shit Hana! The Benefactor's dead! What're we going to do with Rain!" Glas
yelled at Hana.

"Just shut the fuck up! The last Immortal gave me this!" Hana shouted back as
she pulled the syringe from her possessions.

"Please hold on Rain! You'll be okay soon!" Hana said as she tried to comfort
Rain while pricking her with the needle.

"What a lovely scene." Mist mocked them as she clutched at the wound in her
chest with one hand and held a gun in the other. "Too bad I have to kill you

Bang! Bang!

Mist fell to the ground dead with a second and third chest wound.

"Limey bitch!" Deke said struggling to get himself to his feet after dropping
his smoking gun.

* * *

"God damn it Jin you're full of shit if you think I'm going to go on another
wild goose chase for you!" Hana screamed at Jin as she threw the bag of money
back at him.

"Hana, Hana. I'm so sorry about this. This was all quite unexpected believe
me, though I could see why so many men would want you."

"Cut the crap! We're through!"

"Oh come on Hana, what will it take? This assignment is quite simple, but
quite important to me."

"Triple the money for all of us and if anything like this happens again, I'm
going kill you myself." Hana said coldly to Jin.

"Fine fine. Whatever you want. Just find the girl and bring me the disk," Jin
said smiling to himself.

The End


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