Fargo: Gloria Makes Her Son's Dream Become Reality (mmF,anal,facial,inc,first,cp,dpp,dp)
by Dr. Demented 666

Gloria Burgle, the police chief of Eden Valley, had a wonderful birthday party for her now 13 year old son, Nathan. She was so happy for him in that he could have so many great friends over since his gay Dad bailed out on him to be with his lover for the day since it was also Valentine's Day.

Nathan asked his Mom if it was ok if one of his friends, Eric, could stay the night and play games and what not as a sleepover. She agreed and 13 year old Eric and Nathan played board games and rented a few movies for the evening before heading up to Nathan's room to bed.

Gloria happened by her sons bedroom and went to close the door when she seen her son lying on his back in just a pair of black briefs and a huge swelling in them. She knew exactly what it was, he was having an erotic dream! She gazed at her young son in his slumbered state and how smooth his body was with no hair to be found on his legs, underarms or chest. He was very handsome lying next to his friend who was sleeping on his stomach in his own white briefs and his tight butt clenched the fabric of his briefs as his bare back and legs shined in the soft room light from the night stand.

Gloria became heated and began to caress her pussy as she stood in the doorway with just a button-up shirt that barely covered her ass cheeks. Naughty thoughts ran through her head of what she wanted to do-to her own son! But that was incest and she turned to walk away but came to an abrupt halt as her thoughts took control of her and made her turn back toward the bedroom of her son.

She inched herself into the bedroom and crept onto the bed where she ran her hand up her son's hairless leg until it cupped his erection in his briefs. A mile came over her face as his rigidness came to life form her soft touch, pouncing under his briefs and growing even harder until the tip of his cock poked out the top of his elastic waist band.

Gloria reveled in the mushroomed shaped cock head of her son's hard cock and tugged his briefs down and off of him and admiring his 7" boner. She lifted it with her hand and flicked her tongue over it until she reached its tip where she put her son wholly into her mouth and began to suck him off. Nathan began to squirm and give off soft puppy-like moans in his sleep as his Mom pleasured him with her mouth...

"Mom...What...What are you doing?" Nathan asked of her as he woke, lifting his head to see his Mom bobbing her head up and down and his thing in her mouth.

She broke her oral just longer enough to say with a smile: " I'm helping you fulfill your wet dream, honey."

Gloria put him back into her mouth and he sunk his head back into his pillow while closing his eyes and uttering: "God! I cna't believe this!"

Nathan's hips jolted upward as he let out a heavy huff and groan, spurting cum into his Mom's mouth and making her pull him out, swiping his cock across her face as he exploded onto it; landing strand after sticky strand onto her pretty face.

Nathan lifted his head to see his Mom get to her knees and straddle his shaft...

"What is it? Did I do that on your face, Mom? It's all over you, even in your hair." Nathan stated.

"It's you alright...WOW! What a cummer you are! It's your sperm, baby...You know-what makes a baby.

Then he felt his Mom begin to grind her hips and dry hump him, making his eyes bulge open wide as the palms of his hands rested atop her hot and smooth legs...

"Mom! You don't have on any panties!" Nathan exclaimed.

Gloria smiled and let him glide his hands up he legs as she continued to dry hump him and let him lft her shirt over her waist so he could see what she was doing. When he did, he seen her perfectly groomed brunette muff, short in style just like the short hair on her head, softly teasing the underside of his hard cock, post cum being pushed from the tip of his dick and coating his lower stomach and her pubes.

He watched as his Mom lifted herself slightly and held his dick straight up, then lowering herself onto it until it was fully in her. His eyes grew wide with surprise and delight as she shut hers and a huge smile came over her face fro her son's penetration. She could feel him fill her up with his immense meat and the veins and his cock head massaging her inner vaginal walls, making them moist and the heat returning the massage-like feeling along with soft muscle spams around his cock

Nathan watched as his Mom unbuttoned her shirt and let it fall off her back, exposing her full breasts and totally naked body to him for the first time in his life. His Mom laid down across him and pecked at his lips with hers as they stared into each others watery eyes, feeling the erotic sensation they were providing each other.

Gloria worked her tongue into her son's mouth that started off slow but became heated as their bodies became restless and Gloria's fucking action became more profound and making the bed sway. This swaying action and the increasing moaning woke Eric lying directly beside them.

Eric was totally surprised at what he was seeing, his naked best friend screwing his own mother in bed with him right beside them. His own cock began to grow to a full 5" in his briefs, which he quickly removed and slithered over to his friend and Mom's side, propping his hard cock up against the side of her smooth legs and slowly beginning to rub it against her.

Gloria felt Eric molesting the side of her legs and coos purred into her son's mouth as another big smile came over her face, knowing there was a new lover to get involved. Eric began to kiss and lick his way down Gloria's back and right down over her asshole and flick it over her vaginal slit as she fucked her son. Gloria gasped with delight and relished the feeling of Eric's tongue probing her pussy as her son's cock penetrated her.

Soon, Eric was behind Gloria in a doggy style position and began to swipe the tip of his dick over her pussy; surprising Gloria as he forced his hard shaft into her pussy along with her son. Gloria squealed as the boy took her and Nathan felt his friends cock sliding over his own...

"Mom! He's in you! With me! We're both in your vagina! I can feel his thing sliding over mine and the ridge on his thing's head pop over my ridge...Feel it? Feel it, Mom!?" Nathan asked of his Mom with delight.

"I do! I REALLY DOOOOOOO!" She screamed as the boys gave her her first ever orgasm, making her squirt and spurt around and passed their cocks and out onto the sheets.

Eric softly pulled from her pussy, leaving Nathan in her there and then forced his way into her asshole. Gloria winced and screamed as she experienced her first ever anal fuck...


"Mom...Is that what Dad and his boyfriend do to each other-take it in the rear?" Nathan asked of her as they continued to DP her.

She nodded a painful 'YES!" and then her eyes sprang open and her jaw dropped as she felt both her son and Eric explode into her ass and pussy at the same time. The sudden surge of hot cum soothed her inner vaginal and anal walls as their pulsing cocks throbbed and made her G-spot tingle, forcing her to orgasm and making her pussy and ass contract and release many time with orgasmic splendor as she screamed endlessly and her body convulsed with seizure-like precision.

Eric pulled form her ass after finishing and watched as his cum poured from her gape and down and over Nathan's cock and peach fuzzed balls and onto the sheets. Gloria slowly lifted herself oof of her son and collapsed at his side with her legs open so the boys could see her pussy drip cum and her vulva pulse from excitement as she caught her breath.

Nathan and Eric laid at either side of her and draped one of each of their legs over her and reached down with one of their hands each, slowly caressing her cum soaked pussy until they all fell asleep; each having their own wet dream in the process. They all woke in the morning to find dried cum on Gloria's legs and pussy and the sheets soaked from her pussy emitting squirts while in her slumbered state of being.

Now they all knew they could be more than family and friends, but lovers as well...


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