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Fargo: Cycling While Cute (bF,first)
by Neenah

Switching off her lights Deputy Gloria Burgle brought her police car to a halt. The ten year old boy in front of her stopping his cycle and turning around to look at her. Gloria took a moment to get out of the car, adjusting her mirror to look into it and make sure her face was suitably stern, but pretty, and her belt with gun and other gear was tightly on as regulations demanded. Satisfied she opened the car door and stepped out. It was an unseasonably warm spring day, a small breeze of wind making the trees beside the otherwise deserted rose rustle. She walked slowly towards 10 year old Oliver Gunnarson, still sitting on his bicycle, turned towards her. She kept her face unyielding as she stood beside him, looking down at him with his freckles and shaggy blonde hair, kept under a baseball cap.

"Get off the bike," Gloria spoke sternly, putting her thumbs into her belt as she did so thinking it looked intimidating when the new Chief did it and it might do for her as well. The young boy did as he was told, a ghost of a smile on his face suggesting he saw her sternness as the act it was. She watched as he wheeled the bike and leant it against a tree before she walked behind her car and opened the back seat door. She beckoned him round and pointed to the car seat. He got in and she slid in after, pressing against his slim legs. "Do you know why I stopped you?" she said sternly.

"No ma'am," he was so polite.

"Cycling while cute," she broke her stern expression into a smile.

He went red, making himself looking even cuter. Gloria placed her hand on his leg and squeezed it gently, almost able to feel the heat of his embarrassment. She knew it would be worsened because he was attracted to her, as she'd dropped Nathan off at the bus she'd seen Oliver looking at her with undisguised lust. But the boy had probably never thought his fantasies would come true and now they were hurtling towards him he was unsure what to do. Which was fine by Gloria - it just meant she'd have to be the lead for the experienced, but big, boy. She could the schlong under his pants hardening, making the material rise and it was big. She wondered what it would be like undone and smiled as she thought that she would soon know.

The Deputy moved her hands upward to the bulge, massaging it under the pants and feeling the cock quiver with readiness. It felt big, bigger than she expected a ten year old to have, even a cute one with a gorgeous smile and bright lively eyes. "Do you think I'm cute?" she gave a sexy little pout, the one she used to give her husband when she wanted a good fucking before he decided he was gay.

Oliver paused, perhaps wondering if this was all a trick set up by his buddies. Then deciding that even if it was it was worth the risk, he gave a small nod, "You are, chief."

"Deputy," she corrected him, lots of people still called her by her old job title so she was used to correcting them without rancor. Her hands slid round his large trembling stiff member and underneath her own pants her cunt was waking up from its long slumber and salivating at the thought of man-meat. She turned her pout into an attractive smile, leaning in closer to him so that he could smell her perfume. She opened her mouth and her tongue went out and slid over the edge of his side-jaw. He didn't move away, which was a bonus and his cock pressed harder at her hand, which was another one. "You really think I'm cute?"

"Yeah, sure are," he nodded eagerly.

"Would you like to kiss me?" she asked sexily.

He nodded again and then paused, "What if someone comes?"

'Someone would be cumming', she thought as she answered, "This road is pretty quiet and I've put some police diversions signs on either side, so no-one will come down it anyway. Now would you like to kiss me?"

He didn't even have time to nod before she placed her mouth on his, opening it and pushing her tongue out. It pushed at his lips, trying to force it open. Oliver was a quick learn and opened up, his own tongue out at hers. It had been a long time since Gloria had kissed anyone sexually, not since she'd separated from her husband and even then the kisses had lacked passion. Oliver might have been young and inexperienced, but he had passion, his mouth jamming hard at hers, his face scrunched tight. Gloria reached down to his hand and brought it up to her bosom, "Squeeze it," she stopped the kiss long enough to give the instruction.

As she resumed Oliver gripped her titty and squeezed it sexily, and after a few seconds he swapped, his hand gripping her titty tightly. She reached to stroke him and at the same time undid a few of her buttons. Oliver went inside her shirt and pulled down the bra so that he could get to the fleshy mound of the bosom. Gloria kissed him excitedly as both his hands played with her tits, squeezing and squashing them with delight.

He was eager and so was Gloria. She unzipped his pants and said, "Let me get this out," as she placed her hand in to get out his dick.

It was even bigger than she had imagined it would be, ten inches of thick, meaty dong - larger than any she'd seen in real life before and only matched in size and girth by porn stars in the movies she'd bought to watch with her ex to try and put something back into their flagging sex lives. Her hand move round it, gripping it and she began to pump.

"You like that?" she asked.

Oliver nodded and gulped, stretching back on the car seat. His hands fell from her bosom to rest beside him, but she didn't mind, not with the meaty schlong in her hands. She slowly massaged and jerked it, the glands skin sliding over the hard organ and making its owner give little shivers of anticipation. Faster and faster Gloria went, the dong's blood pumping under the surface, throbbing at her hand. "You are so big," she purred.

Then her head went down, her mouth opening as she took him in her mouth. Oliver gave a little gasp of surprise and excitement, his legs trembling as she bobbed up and down his dong, sucking and slurping at the manly meat as she continued to jerk the boy's cock upwards. The cock felt like it was made to be sucked and slurped, pumping and pulsing as she went up and down. With her shirt undone and the bra down her naked tits dangled out, rubbing and bouncing at Oliver's thighs as she went up and down the huge dong.

"This is so good, I think you're great Chief," he moaned.

Gloria didn't correct the title as she pressed her face further down his huge dong, swallowing it deep and loving it. He reached out and stroked her short brown hair and shuddered as she took him deeper, so that her mouth was full of dick. Up and down she went, pausing only to pull herself up and gasp for air before going down again, taking his huge member as far as she could into her mouth and leaving it hard and wet with her love. She could sense that it was coming closer and closer to cumming and kept at it, slurping loudly so that car was filled with her sounds. Even as she sucked she was unbuckling her belt and undoing her pants to reach her hand down to her own pussy, stroking the now moist hole.

"Oh my, oh yes," Oliver grunted.

Gloria continued to push down her pants, exposing her underwear with her hand, her hand going in again to rub harder at her pussy. The young boy grunted, his face showing his excitement. He was getting closer.

She pulled her head up, wiping away the saliva from her lips (though his cock was soaked with it). He looked disappointed she hadn't finished, but was too polite to say anything. She gave him a beaming smile and opened the door again. She stepped out of the car, deliberately leaving him confused about whether he should stay in or not and turned her back to him so that he could see the roundness of her rump under her underwear. She bent over and continued to remove her pants, taking them off over her boots and opening the front door to drop them inside. She could see as she did so in the mirror, that his mouth was open as he stared at the pleasant surprise. She stood up again and this time it was her panties that came down,. She turned her head to him, "I want you to come and stick that huge dong in my pussy."

For a couple of seconds he looked even more shocked than before, his mouth hanging open like he was trying to catch smiles and then as she lifted her shirt, fully revealing the round globes of her butt to him as she jiggled her cheeks he nodded eagerly. Gloria grinned and got down on all fours on the side of the car away from the road. "Fuck me Oliver, fuck me with that meaty dick of yours. I want that rocket all the way up my wet hole."

Oliver was pulling off his pants and shoes, his Y-fronts landing on the ground in front of her, a shoe with a sock in it to her left with the rest behind. She wiggled her ass, her hand going underneath to her cunt. "Come stick it in me."

"I can't wait, I've wanted to have sex with you for so long Chief," he said.

"Deputy," she corrected him, "Now introduce that big rod to my hole." She held apart the lips for him.

The young boy with the big dick pushed it into her hole and she almost came immediately, his large shaft tickled at her walls, rubbing them sensually as he pushed it in and out. She could feel his small hands grabbing her sides as his large schlong pushed deeper. She moaned and began to move with him, rocking in time with him. He started slow, as if he wasn't sure, but as she slipped back down his member he began to get more confident and push it harder and faster. Soon he was ramming it in, his balls slapping against her.

"Oh, oh, oh" Gloria cried with pleasure, her naked tits bouncing as they hung outside her shirt. It was so good to have a dick in her again, especially one so thick and long which filled and stretched her so totally. She reached down and started to rub at her clitoris, the sexual sensations from her own touch adding to the orgasmic thrill she was receiving from Oliver's oversized rod.

"This is so much fun," the young boy gasped, speaking for them both. He levered himself in and out, his thin thighs slapping at her round buttocks with every thrust, his sack slapping at her and the massive dick diving deep.

"Oh, oh God, fuck, fuck," Gloria groaned in reply, her hands gripping the earth and her pussy sliding back over the dick. Pleasure spilled through her and she orgasmed once, and then again and again. "Ooohh, ooohh, ooohhhh."

"It feels so good," cried out Oliver as he shot his cum into her cunt, spurting burst after burst into the already wet hole, until it was full and leaking.

Gloria gasped and shuddered one last time, pulling herself up from the dick. She turned to the exhausted boy, "Let that be a lesson to you, don't cycle while cute."

He nodded and smiled.


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