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Kind of sex shown in this fic: M/f, oral, 1st time

Author's Note: This is a fanfic about Fantomette. For those who do not know
about her, allow me to explain. Fran‡oise Dupont is Fantomette's alter ego
and she has a childhood friend called Alexandre Charpantier (a.k.a. Oil -de-
Lynx, Eye of Lynx in English), who's very loyal to her and is the only person
who knows her secret identity. But I think he has a little crush on her (and
her too on him), so enough beating around the bush and let's working.

*- denotes thought

Fantomette: Finally, The Fuck
by Victor2K

Fran‡oise entered into Alexandre's room and sat on his bed apprehensively.
She waited him for hours worriedly thinking. * Oh God, and if he doesn't
feel the same thing that I feel? And if he doesn't really like me? C'mon,
Fran‡oise, you're his best friend. He likes you a lot...And if...ah well,
let's just wait for him... * she thought while she waited for him. Suddenly,
Alexandre entered and saw Fran‡oise laid on his bed.

"Hi, Francoise," he said.

She got up in a jump, startled. "'s you, Alexandre. You almost gave
me a heart attack..."

"Oh, sorry. I didn't do it in purpose," he said, as he worked hard not to
laugh, "But, what are you doing in my bedroom?"

"Well, I was waiting for you," she said.

He got really worried: "Waiting for me? What happened, some villains being
a pain?"

"No, no. I want to talk with you for another reason," Farncoise answered.

"Ok, what reason?," Alexandre asked.

Farncoise got a little afraid to talk with him about what she was feeling but
she swallowed the fear and was prompt to say, "Ah, do you like me?"

"What?" he asked.

"Do you like me?" Farncoise repeated in the question.

"What do you mean?" Alexandre asked unsure, wanting to know more.

"Well, I was thinking about our friendship and suddenly I thought if you
really like me."

Oil -de- Lynx looked puzzled with that strange question- despite the fact
they know each other, they were still only children -

* What is she saying?* He thought to himself. But he quickly gave the answer,
"I like you."

"Do you really like me?" She asked

"What do you think, that I like ya?" Alexandre asked back.

"I don't know, that's why I'm asking it"

"C'mon Farncoise...I like you alot. I known you since we're children, and
we're partners in everything, even in the secret about your identity. How
could I not really like you??"

"Oh." She had to agree with him.

"And now, it's my time to ask ya if you like me. Do you Like me?" Alexandre

Farncoise was caught with this question and answered, "Well, I like you."

"Really like?"

"Really like, but I..." She paused.

"But you what?" He wanted to know.

"But I...I...I...." She was trying to say but she was afraid.

"Tell it, you can tell me anything. We're best friends, remember?" Alexandre
tried to help her.

"Ah, well." Farncoise forgot her fear. "I will talk: Well, I don't like you,
I LOVE YOU, ALEXANDRE CHARPANTIER!!!" He was caught with this confession.
"Ok, I said it, I love you since the day I met you for the first time. I
tried to say to you all this time but I was afraid," she said.

"Afraid with what?" he asked.

"Afraid that if you didn't loved me too, Oil -de- Lynx, I love you, I want
you, I want you to...ah, I want you to have sex me."

Alexandre got really scared with all this confession, more with the "I want
you to have sex with me" part than the real confession of love, but he sighed
and said, "Look Farncoise, I've to tell ya something. I love you too."

"Ah?" Farncoise didn't understand.

"I love you too. I also wanted to tell it, but I also thought that you didn't
want me, Farncoise. You're so pretty, so cute, so nice," he sits on the bed
and hold her hand, "that I fell in love with ya. And, yes, I want to have sex
with you too."

"Ah, Alexandre."

"Oh, Farncoise."

The couple hold each other's hands for a few seconds, looked themselves for
a moment and suddenly Alexandre puts his face near of Farncoise "Do you...
want to kiss me?"

Farncoise looked with a smile, "Yes," and they kissed passionately. Their
lips met each other with a full passion and the tongues danced in a rhythmic
sequence. So, suddenly, she broke it off.

"What happened? You don't like it?" Alexandre wanted to know the reason she
broke the kiss so suddenly.

"I liked it," she answered and kissed him passionately. This time, the kiss
was longer and full of love; their arms rounded their bodies while they stood
up and continued to kiss until Alexandre put his lips away from her.

"And now, Do you like me?" he asks with a nasty grin.

"Ah, I guess so."

"Wanna, you know, `that'?" He grinned, whispering at her ear. Farncoise
agreed with a giggle.

Alexandre sat on the bed and took off his shirt, exposing his well-worked
chest. Farncoise touched and caressed his chest. "Wow, it's much different
without the shirt," She said amazed with his body.

"Well, years of gym and exercises..." He boasted about this, just before she
put his tongue at his body and licked all his chest and belly.

"Oh, damn, Farncoise, too kinky for a starter."

She continued to lick until reaches at his pants and she stared at the bulge
in his pants. Farncoise seems curious to see what's waiting her inside his
pants and briefs.

"Want to say hello to my little friend?" Alexandre asked with a little
giggle, Farncoise complied, shaking her head as "yes" sign.

"Wanna take off my pants, honey, and see what's in them?"


Farncoise removed his belt with difficulty, mostly because she was still
looking that bulge and this came at her mind, taking out her concentration,
and took off his briefs and finally see what she was looking for: His 7-inch,
hard as steel cock!

Alexandre asks with a little bit of curiosity and nastiness, "So, like what
you see?"

Farncoise gave a look and said, amazed, "Yes, I like it. I love it! It's so pretty..." talking with a paused voice, still looking and touching
his dick. "What should I do next?" She asked.

"Mmm...How about licking and sucking?" Alexandre said, putting his hand at
the top of Farncoise's head.

"Why not? I always wondered how's get a penis inside my mouth," She grinned
to herself, so she took out her tongue and started to lick that cock, but
with difficulty, because she wasn't used to sucking dicks.

Alexandre gave her some instructions, "Lick like an ice-cream. Yeah...oh, it
feels so good" and of course she continued. He couldn't hide what he was
feeling with Farncoise's licking and he moaned of pleasure.

She started to suck his cock slowly, making Alexandre get hotter and hornier
with every passing moment. She sucked putting her mouth with her tongue under
Alexandre's cock, pushing with the tongue and licking at the same time. He
still didn't hide his feelings, "Oh, God Farncoise! You're mouth is so good!"
Alexandre bowed a little at the bed so he could stand the pleasure, but he
didn't hold it more.

"Oh Farncoise, suck me, s-suck my cock girl, suck good, I'm g-g-onnna cum...
Cumming!" he loved to cum in her pretty and young face. Farncoise received a
facial that covered her entire face, but was prompt to swallow the male milk.

"Did you like that I came in your face?" He asked to her.

"Oh, well. I never saw a man cum...I liked it."

Alexandre put his hands to clean out Farncoise's face and remove the cum all
over her face, and after she licked his hands to taste more of the male milk.
After all this work, Farncoise spit some cum who she didn't swallowed and
Alexandre gave a little kiss on her mouth, which she rewarded him.

"Ok, let me remove this shirt now," he said, while he put his hands under
her shirt and lifted it up. Farncoise got impressed with it. He was making
a nasty smile, hoping to find a nice pair of tits on her. After take off
her shirt, and after he noticed her pink bra covering her tits, he says,
impressed. "Oh, my God! Look these tits."

"I know. You don't like them because they aren't big boobs, right?"

"Who cares with big boobs. Your tits are fantastic."

Alexandre put his fingers to try to remove the bra. Farncoise looked a little
ashamed because it was the first time that a man was looking her breasts. He
noticed it, and left her comfortable. "There's no how you get ashamed.
Remember, you are with me now. You don't need to stay like this." After
Alexandre, with a little help of Farncoise, remove her bra. He touched her
breasts and gave a little pinch in her red erect nipples. She gave a little
shriek and she moved away from him a little bit.

"Ow, it hurts," she complained.

"Sorry, honey," Alexandre told it while he moved again to Farncoise's body
and kiss her tits and suck her nipples Farncoise loved when he started to
lick her tiny breasts.

She moaned with pleasure, licking her lips and breathing heavily. "Oh-oh,
Suck my nipple, Eye-of-Lynx. It feels so good."

He took turns in her tits, holding one breast and sucking the other.
Alexandre took his tongue out of the breast and started to kiss her belly,
going down every time he put his lips on it. Farncoise helped him, pushing
his head down to her bellybutton, where he licked a bit. "It tickles" She
said, giggling at him, while she put him down to her skirt.

"Ok, let's remove this," he said when he took off her skirt. She was using
white cotton panties with a pink knot, the typical teenage girl style of
panties. The panties were soaked with female's juice. Looked like a drenched

"Look what we have here? White cotton panties, young girl's favorite,"
he said, smiling to her.

"Like?" She asked to him.

"I like more what you have inside this," Alexandre said. After saying this,
he took off her panties slowly; feeling with his fingers the wetness at her
underwear. After he took out her panties, he opened her legs and stared his
eyes at her pussy. He was impressed with what he saw. A beautiful girl with
a wonderful genitalia. He never would think that a bit shy, virgin girl was
the Fantomette, the brave and fearless hero who protects the city. For now
she was only Farncoise Dupont.

Alexandre caressed her thighs, trying to make her comfortable and easy. He
reached into her pussy and touched her labia, making her moan of pleasure.

"Hmm, it feels so good. Can you touch me more?" She asked, passing her
fingers between her already wet vaginal lips.

"If you want," He answered, just right before he sticks his index finger in
her pussy, fingerfucking her and use his toe to massage her clit. Farncoise
cannot resist that.

"Oh..ah.oh.y-yes A-Alexandre...Stick on me and rub my clit. Y-yes, rub it!"
She said, felting the pleasure of being finger-fucked and clit-rubbed.
Alexandre continued with that until she told him that she was almost reaching
to cum. He pulled his fingers out. She complained on him.

"Why you did that? I was almost getting an orgasm."

"Oh, sorry. But I want to eat you out. Eating a girl's pussy out is the best
way to make a girl cum."

Farncoise thought and let Alexandre eat her. He straddled his face at her
pussy, took out his tongue and started to lick and suck her.

Farncoise got more and more horny, now that he was sucking her dry. The
pleasure made her moan and moan more, sometimes she took out her tongue and
licked her lips. Alexandre his tongue to explored her labia, while he used
it to suck her love water. *She tastes good, better than every woman who I
done*, he thought, while he put his tongue at her clit, making her scream
of pleasure. Farncoise was almost on paradise.

"Eat me Alexandre, eat me dry, lick my clit, o-o-o, Make me cum!"

Alexandre was kind of sucking her vagina out, licking every part of her
pussy, including give little bites at her clit, making her scream a lot.
This was putting her more to the orgasm, and he was making her get it.

"Farncoise, are you almost in?" He asked.

"Yes, I'm almost cumming," She answered.

"So, go and cum on my face, shower my face with your juice."

After this, Alexandre continued to suck her dry, getting Farncoise so close
of the climax.

"I'm so close, Y-yes, suck me, I'm g-gonna, Gonna, GONNA.." She didn't had
the time to say "cum" in time to announce the orgasm wave. She was feeling
her 1st orgasm in life with a guy. Alexandre's face was hit by a wave of
vaginal juice what made him almost get suffocated. But he looked like of
the "cum wave". Eye-of-Lynx took out his face from her pussy, and his face
was completely dirty with the girl's juices. Farncoise bend over him and
licked his face to clean out the cum of him. He corresponded it with a kiss
and a giggle.

"I think now it's time to." Eye-of-Lynx grinned, while he grabbed Farncoise's
legs and opened them. "So, want to get this into yourself?" He asked.

"Yes, I want," She answered, willing to be fucked. "Fuck me honey!"

"Ok, but, I've to tell you a few things. As your first time, I think you'll
feel some pain, it's normal. It's going to hurt a little, but ends quickly.
Well, if you feel pain, tell me, right?"

"Oh, yes. I will," The redhead girl agreed. "Now do me!"

"Alright," he said.

Alexandre managed his body to approach from Farncoise's groin, using the top
of his genital to tease her clit. The girl loved this little foreplay,
giggling when he did that thing. After this thing, he penetrates the top of
his cock in her vagina. It was sufficiently to make her moan of pleasure.
Eye-of-Lynx still to penetrate her with his 7-inch hard dick in her pussy,
slowly, because she was virgin. Suddenly something popped up.

"What happened?" Farncoise asked, a bit scared.

"Nothing, just broke your cherry," He said, easy "You aren't a virgin
anymore." Alexandre, after this, proceeded to stick his girlfriend. After he
finished exploring her genitals, he started to stroke her slowly.

The redhead girl started to moan, feeling his organ push through her sex. It
was the best sensation in world for her right now. Alexandre also started to
feel her pussy juices and her vaginal walls in his cock. He also moaned, of
course, though not as loud as Farncoise. His hips beating in her thighs made
a kind of symphony, the symphony of sex. While he continuates to fuck her,
she started to scream.

"Oh, this-s-s- s-s-s-so.great.. Fuck me, .harder, Alexandre"

He increased his tempo and got to do her a bit faster. Her moans got louder,
as deep as she feels his dick going inside her pussy, making her feel more
pleasure than she felt in her whole life. And she still asked for more.

"Oh, ah, uh...fuck me harder. Deeper and harder.Fuck me please. Eye-of-Lynx,
take me to the stars." So he got to fuck her faster, and harder, now
holding her legs like he has lifting weight, to keep holding his rhythm.
But, suddenly, he took out his dick from Farncoise's pussy. She argued with
him, "Hey! Why are you did that? I was feeling great." she said.

"I know you're feeling great, but I'm thinking to try another thing."

"What," she asked, in a mix of excitement and doubt.

"Hmmm..." he thought. "Wanna play horsey?" He asked with a kinky grin.

"What? Horsey? What the heck you are thinking about?" she asked, now don't
understanding nothing.

"To play: get all fours," He demanded to her. She obeyed Alexandre. So he put
his knees in a pillow and pull his cock back to her pussy, getting back to
fuck her harder as he was.

Now she got another feeling: This position was new to her, but it was as
pleasurable as when he fucked her minutes ago.

"Wow, honey, this game it's so nice....OOOO!"

"I knew you'll like." He said humping her, now faster than ever.

Farncoise still moaning and screaming, but she was feeling something taking
over her body. It was a different sensation, which she never felt in her
life, her first orgasm. Alexandre was also closer to climax.

"I'm feeling something weird happening. I don't know, but it feels so good."

"Keep it, Farncoise. Hold it.I'm so close, I'm gonna cum."

She held it for a few minutes, but she can't hold it much time and she left
the orgasm feel, letting Alexandre watch her first climax. He also gave out
and had your climax.

"I'm gonna...Cum...I'm cumming...I'M CUMMIN'!" He said loud, in synchrony
with her orgasm. Both were screaming of pleasure as loud as they can,
squirting his milk in her box and pulling out, now squirting at her nice
young ass.

"So, what did you thought?" He asked, cleaning himself. "Wasn't great?"

"Yea, it was," she asked smiling. "We can do it again tomorrow"

"Yes, we can do. Not only tomorrow, but every time we want to." gently her at her cheek.>

A kind of romantic spice flows at his room.

"I love you, Eye-of-Lynx."

"I love you too, Farncoise."

Both changed his clothes and get back to their business, holding her hands.

_ _ _

This file was created by Victor2K.

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