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Date: 10/25/2007

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Drug use, voyurism, female solo sex, female/female sex, male solo
sex, male/female sex, strong language

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairing: Invisible Woman/m/f

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Summary: As soon as she finally realizes that something is gone from her
marriage with Reed, Sue sneaks herself out of the Baxter Building and goes
over to a local sports bar where she bumps into an old high-school friend
and her male roommate.

Other Notes: This AU story is my way to offer congratulations to Jessica
Alba for winning Spike TV's 2007 Scream Award for sexiest superhero.

Dedication: My hearty thanks to you for winning that award, Jessica! You
really do deserve to be called the sexiest. -- ATK 2007

Fantastic Four: Taken A Little Trip Down Memory Lane
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

My names is Susan Storm Richards and it was due to my joining my future
husband Reed Richards, my hothead of a brother Johnny Storm and Reed's
college friend Benjamin J. Grimm in sneaking ourselves onto the launch
site and into an experimental starship of Reed's design that I had
something extraordinary to change my entire life completely.

You see, Reed had designed the starship to make traveling to other solar
systems through hyperspace possible but when he had discovered that the
United States Government has threatened to cut out its partial funding for
the project, he had decided to make an immediate test flight with Ben as
the pilot of the ship and Reed, Johnny and me as its passagers.

Anyway, as soon as we had launched ourselves into space, our ship had
suddenly encountered a storm of unexpectedly intense radiation, which had
proved to be too much for the ship's shielding to block out and it had
resulted in the four of us becoming exposed to an intense cosmic ray
bombardment, which had caused us to abort the test flight and return to

But as soon as we had finally made it back to Earth, the four of us had
discovered that the cosmic radiation had triggered mutagenic changes in
our bodies, which had caused me to discover that I have the ability to
turn invisible at will and become one of the founding members of a team
of adventurers that Reed has formed known as the Fantastic Four.

And of course, it was in later months that I had learned how to use other
superhuman abilities that the mutagenic changes had given me like -- for
instance -- most notably the ability to create force fields and eventually,
both Reed and I had finally gotten ourselves married and -- as a result --
bore a son that we had named Franklin.

And at first, the four of us had continued doing battle against such sinister
menaces like Doctor Victor Von Doom -- who was once Reed and Ben's college
classmate -- and Galactus without having ourselves to think about nothing
more than saving our home-planet and our loved ones who are still living on

But that was before the 25th day of the month of October, which was when we
had returned from yet another successful adventure just in time for Ben --
who is now a orange-rock-skinned creature known as the Thing -- to go work
out at a specially-built gym, Johnny -- who is now known as the Human
Torch -- to go out on a date that he had just scheduled himself for and
Reed -- who is now known as the streatchable Mister Fantastic -- to go into
the lab and do some sort of experiment.

As for me, after I had walked into sweet little Franklin's room and
discovered that he was still sleeping in his little bed, I had let out a
small smile, gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek and stepped out of the
room just before I had gone into the bedroom that Reed and I happen to be
sharing and noticed that he was still in the lab.

And believe it or not, that was when I had finally realized that the pure
sexual pleasure that Reed and I had once shared was no longer there and that
has caused me to change out of my Fantastic Four uniform and into some street
clothes and use my Invisible Woman powers to sneak myself out of the Baxter
Building -- which had became our home and the team's headquarters -- and past
its security systems.

And after I had done that, I had walked myself all the way over to this one
sports bar, sat myself down on one of the stools and ordered a Long Island
iced tea for myself, while I was watching one of the games of the ALCS on
the TV set that had the Big Apple's very own New York Yankees going up
against the Cleveland Indians.

Anyway, as soon as the bartender had handed my drink to me, a beautiful
dark-haired maiden had walked herself over to me, sat herself down on the
next stool, placed her gentle hand on my shoulder and said, "Sue, it's good
to see you again! It has been too long! It's me!It's Jessica Garrett!"

And after I had taken a good look at her and discovered that she actually was
an old friend from my high-school days, I had turned my wide blue eyes toward
Jessica, let out a big smile, gave her a big friendly hug and said, "Jessica,
it really has been too long!As a matter of fact, I had never figured on
seeing you again! What are doing now?"

But just as she was about to answer my question, a young and handsome male
stud with dark-brown hair has placed his gentle hands on Jessica's shoulders
and said, "Say, Jess. I have a wonderful idea. Why don't we invite Sue to
come with us back to our place for a nightcap? At least, the both of you will
be in a better place to allow yourselves to relive old times. "

And then, after I had given that idea some thought and realized that I had
never seen Jessica after we had graduated from high-school, I had taken a
deep breath and decided to accept their kind and generous offer just before
we had paid for our drinks, stepped out of the sports bar and started walking
towards the place of residence that both Jessica and her handsome stud of a
roommate whose name happens to be Michael McMahon were living in.

Just then, as soon as we had arrived at one of the city's many apartment
buildings and rode the elevator up to the Eighth floor, the three of us had
stepped out of the elevator just in time for me to look around their entire
loft apartment and become awestruck at the wonderful way that they had
decorated it, causing me to turn my smiling face toward the two roommates
and say, "Hey, you guys! I really do like what you had done with this place
of yours!It's so fantastic!"

And after she had moved herself over to me and gently placed her hand on my
shoulder, a small-smiling Jessica had siad, "Well, Sue. That really is nice
of you to say. But trust me when I say that you had seen nothing yet." just
before the both of us had walked into the bathroom, which was where she had
turned on the water, looked at me with a hunger for sex in her eyes and
asked, "Say, Sue? Do you remember that one spring break that we had to share
the shower to rinse the sand off of our bodies?"

And after I had turned my head towards Jessica in order to answer that
question, my eyes had grown wide at the sight of my best friend from my
high-school days standing bare-ass naked in front of me, pumping two of
her fingers in and out of her hot, wet pussy and carressing her own tits
with the other hand.

And even though I had really wanted to say that I am now in love with this
really great guy whose name happens to be Reed Richards, I had suddenly
found myself stripping off all of my clothes, stepping into the shower and
allowing Jessica to kiss me ever so passionately on the lips and start
licking all over my nude body--all the way down to my hot, moist snatch and
carressing my firm breasts.

Of course, that was before a curious Michael had stepped into the bathroom
to see how both Jessica and I were doing and noticed what the both of us were
doing with each other in the shower, causing him to take all of his clothes
off and start stroking his stiff cock just before I had placed my hands on
Jessica's bare shoulders and say, "Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's it! Do it,
Jess! Touch me! Touch me there! Suck my wet pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!"

And then, after Michael had placed himself inside the very same shower and
placed his stone hard dick inside Jessica's asshole and his hands on my bare
shoulders, I had suddenly realized that even though I was still married to
Reed, I was able to experience the one thing that I had never experienced in
quite some time, for I was experiencing pure and untamed erotica... and
enjoying every minute of it.

Just then, after we had finally finished taking our shower together and moved
ourselves out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, we had placed our nude
bodies on the bed just in time for Michael to place his stiff cock inside
Jessica's pussy and start licking on my snatch.

And after I had placed my hands on her silky-smooth naked thighs and began
sucking on her stiff mounds, a sexually-energized Jessica has placed her
hands on my bare back and yelled at the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH, YES!

Then, after the three of us had started moving ourselves harder and faster
and our lovemaking has finally taken a little trip down memory lane, Michael,
Jessica and I had came and collapsed due to exhaustion and fell asleep with
our naked arms in a lover's embrace, while the rest of New York City had kept
on doing their normal daily routines.

Just then, on the very next day, I had finally gotten myself back to the
Fantastic Four's penthouse headquarters on top of the Baxter Building just
in time for me to notice that Reed was sitting on the living room sofa with
a look of true sadness on his face, causing me to sit myself down next to
him and look like I was about to ask him what was wrong.

But just I was about to say a single word, Reed had lifted his index finger
up towards a spot behind me, causing me to turn around and discover that
there was robotic mini-camcorder hovering next to us just in time for Reed
to take a deep breath and say, "I had created it and made three more in
order to kepp tabs on each other. As for what it had shown me after it had
followed you out of the Baxter Building, I could take a wild guess as to why
you had allowed it to happen. And quite frankly, Sue. I really don't blame

And then, after he had looked up at me and allowed a single tear to run down
his cheek, poor Reed had placed his gentle hand on my shoulder, let out a
small smile and said, "As a matter of fact, I really do believe that it's
time for the both of us to have a little talk about where our relationship
is going. Don't you agree?" which -- in turn -- has caused me to let out a
small smile of my own and give my beloved husband the biggest hug that I had
given any member of my own family.



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