Disclaimer: This story contains content that should not be read by people
underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality
whatsoever. 100% fiction means real life dad/daughter incest is WRONG. The
author does not condone illegal and immoral actions described. While I'm
disclaiming, racism, homophobia and other bigotry of any kind are also really
fucking stupid. I don't own any of Seth MacFarlane's characters and make no
profit from this story. This story also refers to Jimmy Fallon's guest spot
in an earlier episode. I do not know Jimmy Fallon and everything I have
written is purely fictional, means no harm, and again is solely a work of
fiction. The first line is a direct lift from the Family Guy episode Airport
'07. Please read the story codes to ensure that you are not going to be
offended by, or otherwise dislike, the content.

Description: When Peter Griffin decides to be a redneck, he takes the
lifestyle - and his daughter, Meg - all the way.

Content Codes: MF, pwp, inc creampie, preg

Family Guy: Rhode Island Redneck
by JD [email protected]

"Meg, I'm a redneck. Which means I am about to do something to you that you
will not remember until you're 40."

The fat man's fingers squeezed his daughter's shoulder lustfully through her
top. His great bulk was closely pressed beside her and under the seasonably
hot Rhode Island sun she could smell the stench rising from his uncovered
chest and arms. Meg Griffin made the mental link instantly, and the teen
girl's first thought was to run away screaming and hide somewhere until her
dad got over the Redneck phase. She felt her legs begin to propel her up,
just as a tiny Devil Meg appeared floating over her left shoulder.

"Hey, come on! So what if it's incest? At least our second time won't be on
national TV! He must be really good at it too, otherwise why would Mom stay
with him? Can't be for his mind, can it?"

The Devil Meg jabbed her pitchfork in the air and cackled. Meg looked to her
right shoulder, and sure enough an Angel Meg popped into existence with
wings, halo, white robe and all.

"I'm with the Devil on this one. It's not like Incest isn't a regular
biblical feature, and getting laid more often might make you more confident!"

Of course, what Meg didn't know was that under Angel Meg's pure looking white
robe, she wore a slutty fishnet body stocking. Angel Meg had long been Devil
Meg's sex slave, and the vibrating dildos strapped into her pussy and ass
left her fishnet clad thighs sticky and dripping. Meg wasn't experienced
enough to read the flush in Angel Meg's face, nor the tremble in her voice.
She just took it as both her good and bad sides advising her to sleep with
her dad.

Meg's heart beat like a jungle drum as she dropped her fingers to Peter's
inner thigh and squeezed. They were on full display to anybody passing in
Spooner Street, and some of the neighbours would certainly comment on public
incest. Angel Meg and Devil Meg disappeared in little puffs of smoke as she
lent to whisper in Peter's ear,

"We should go up to my room, Dad, in private."

"Awesome! In the daughter's bed! That's the Redneck way!"

Peter punched the air with excitement. Meg stood from the chair and headed
for the house, her Dad right behind her. Peter caught up with her on the
stairs and pulled her to him. He rubbed his crotch against her teen butt. He
had to admit it felt pretty good. No wonder rednecks diddled their daughters.
Meg gasped, then pulled away and made it up to her room. Peter was already
unbuckling his big redneck belt buckle as he entered.

Meg, like many a teenage girl, had lost her virginity to Saturday Night Live
host Jimmy Fallon. He hadn't got her off before he came, but it hadn't been
so bad as first times go until she realized they was on national TV after the
act. The fuss and fiasco had put her off sex, and so she was very
inexperienced as she sat on her bed and watched her morbidly obese dad strip
off all his clothes in her room. Meg pulled up her own top, managing to
remove it without knocking her big round glasses off.

Once Peter was naked, he came over and sat beside Meg on her bed. He pulled
her mouth to his and started to kiss her. No chaste father/daughter peck on
the cheek, instead it was a passionate full French kiss. Meg returned the
kiss as best she could; with increasing passion as the hot warm of Peter's
lips on her own started to turn her own. She couldn't quite believe she was
tongue kissing her own dad on her bed, or that he had his arms around her. As
Peter broke the kiss, Meg felt air on her nipples and realized he had
unhooked her bra.

The immature laugh of her dad reminded Meg that he was, technically, mentally
retarded. Her eyes trailed down the great bulk of his body to his erect cock.
There was no doubt that he was physically willing and eager for sex, but
could she honestly decide that he was mentally able to consent? Peter's hands
found Meg's teenage breasts. She moaned to feel his rough workman's fingers
on her smooth skin, stroking her nipples to hardness with the expertise of
all his years' experience.

"Dad, I..."

"Meg, your boobies are real nice. Anyone ever tell you that? I don't know why
people fake vomiting!"

"Yeah, but... Oh, that's nice."

Pete lent down and sucked on Meg's nipple. She found her hands in his hair,
holding him to her breast. She already felt more pleasure than she had felt
in the whole experience with Fallon. Peter's tongue played across her nipples
with a sensitivity she could never have dreamed of from the fat bastard. Mom
had trained him well, it seemed. Meg's last doubt disappeared from her mind
as her arousal grew.

Topless and panting lightly, Meg slid off of her bed and to her knees before
Peter. Her purple hat kept her hair from getting in the way as she lent
forward to his cock. A good six inches in length, Peter had a solid girth to
go with it - although compared to Chris Griffin, he had hardly anything at
all. Meg considered how, over eighteen years before, semen shot from the
piss-slit before her had fertilized an egg inside her Mom and given her life.
Instead of disgusting her, the thought drove her to bob her head down.

Peter laid back across Meg's bed. He couldn't believe how good a redneck he
made! The only thing that kept him from true redneck status was Rhode Island
birth and his parents not having been brother and sister. Meg's thick red
lips wrapped around his cock felt pretty good, though he could tell she
wasn't an expert. Her teeth caught his shaft and he winced. Peter raised his
head and offered advice, "Meg, suck it harder. Use your tongue and lick it.
Yeah, that's it! Careful with those teeth!"

In the heat of Meg's arousal the sweaty unwashed taste of Peter's cock was no
deterrent to sucking and licking hard. She wanted her dad to come on her like
a porn starlet in one of Chris' magazines. The topless teenager played with
her dad's balls, judging her technique from his groans and gasps. Her chin
was wet with drool as she bobbed her head, giving Peter all the pleasure she
could. He humped at her face, catching the right angle to push past the back
of her mouth and into her throat.

"Oh wow! So tight, Meg!"

Meg gagged hard, pulling back. Peter made a disappointed noise, so she made
an effort to get his cock back into her throat. She managed a few more head
bobs before almost throwing up, and fell back gasping. She didn't stop with
her hands though, and masturbated Peter's saliva slick cock with fast strokes
while fondling his balls. Suddenly his buttocks clenched and his body
shuddered. Meg angled her dad's cock directly at her glasses as he exploded.
Peter groaned loudly as he spat long strands of semen across both lenses of
Meg's big round glasses and across her hat. The last blasts went lower,
splashing her breasts with wads of ejaculate.

"Oh my god, Meg! No wonder rednecks do this."

Peter couldn't believe it! He was still hard as a rock and raring for more
sex. It was surely a sign from God himself that it was his duty, no his
destiny, as a redneck to fuck his daughter and knock her up with some mutant
bastard child. All the taunts that she was ugly, fat, just homely faded away
as he looked at her splashed with his load. He realized that hot as Lois was,
he wanted nothing more right then than to fuck Meg - not just as a wannabe
redneck, but also as a father and a lover.

"Was it... good?"

"Ah, it was great Meg. C'mon, get your pants off and climb on!"

Meg's eyes strayed to her bedroom mirror as she unbuttoned her pants, and
pushed them to her ankles. She stepped out of them with her shoes, and then
slid her panties down. Unlike most eighteen year olds, her bush was already
thick and abundant - wild and untamed. Her arousal glistened in the hairs and
dribbled down her thighs from her puffy labia. Even after blowing her dad,
she was a little embarrassed to be almost totally nude before him. Peter
showed no sign of embarrassment. He sat up and reached between Meg's milk
white thighs and pressed a finger into her pussy.

The sudden penetration took Meg by surprise, but she made no move to pull
back. She widened her stance as Peter slid a finger easily in and out of her.
The digit was slick with Meg's juice. The semen running down her glasses only
partially obscured her view and she was reminded of her Mom testing a Turkey
to see if it was cooked at Thanksgiving. Peter fed another fat finger in with
the first, finding more resistance in Meg's tight folds. He finger fucked her
faster, letting her adjust to being penetrated.

"Oh boy, Meg, you are ready for this! It's a shame you'll forget everything
afterwards because this is hot!"

Meg rolled her eyes, and pushed Peter back onto her bed. He twisted so that
his bulk was lengthways along it. The springs protested his weight, but
neither noticed as Meg slid on beside him. Father and daughter shared another
passionate kiss. It was as if a fire burned in their mouths to create the
heat as their tongues wrestled together. When Meg moved back to straddle
Peter's crotch, he licked her juice from his fingers appreciatively.

Peter's cock rubbed into Meg's bush. He parted her labia with his shaft as
she sat on his hard, sticky, length. It was the final step in breaking an
ultimate taboo. Committing a full act of incest with her dad. She had no
intention of stopping, nor of forgetting afterwards. She felt Peter's hand on
her butt, lifting her slightly, and responded by gently taking his cock and
positioning it at her entrance.

"Now, Dad."

They groaned in unison as Meg's weight impaled her teen snatch on her dad's
middle-aged cock. He stretched her in ways Jimmy `Inchworm' Fallon couldn't
even dream of. She was so aroused that Peter could enter her as easily as if
she was sitting in a pool of KY Jelly. Meg released her grip on Peter's cock,
and moved her hands to his thighs. She pulled, trying to get more of him into
her. The sheer bulk of his legs left some of his shaft outside, but there was
enough for both of them to enjoy it. The friction across Meg's clitoris was
amazing. She angled her body forward to press Peter's shaft against her nub
as she started to ride him. Her own dad! Inside her! And it felt so, so good!

Peter kept his hands on Meg's butt, enjoying the feel of her chubby behind as
much as he did the sight of her gently bouncing breasts. Having come once, he
was sure that tight as she was, he wouldn't come until at least after Meg had
gotten off. It warmed his heart to see the flushed arousal displayed across
her body, and the pleasure in her partly obscured eyes. Peter was completely
incompetent at a lot of things, but pleasuring a woman in bed wasn't one of
them. He bounced Meg in a good rhythm, and then speeded it up as he helped
her towards orgasm.

"Oh God, yes, Fuck me Daddy! You feel so good in me!"

Meg's groans changed to louder squeals. She suddenly realized they might be
discovered fucking. The thought pushed her over the edge. Meg screamed with
pleasure as she came, loud enough to be heard even outside in the street. Her
pussy squirted wetly, gushing like a fountain as it gripped Peter's cock
inside her.

Down the hall, Chris kicked his bedroom door shut and put his music on loud.
Downstairs Lois and Brian looked up from the dining room table.

"Couldn't stop Chris watching porno, eh?"

"Nope. Too much like Peter," Lois replied, before shouting upstairs "Turn
down that porno, Chris!"

Meg slumped forwards panting. Her whole body trembled with the aftershocks of
her first real, powerful orgasm. She'd gushed juices all over Peter's balls
and shaft, and could feel him still hard inside her. Father and daughter
shared another kiss, swapping saliva as their bodies rubbed lovingly together
on Meg's bed. The intimacy of their kissing was unlike anything either of
them had experienced. Peter rolled over suddenly, so that Meg's head rested
on her pillow, and his weight pressed down from above. Peter supported
himself on his forearms before crushing Meg completely.

"Being a redneck is the funnest thing ever!"

"Dad, I came!"

"You bet your sweet ass you did!"

Meg wrapped her legs and arms as much as she could around her dad. Her
breasts pressed into his sweaty bulk as she gripped onto him with all her
strength. As he started to move in her again she urged him on. Her squishy
soaking snatch gripped his cock as he pressed as much of his length in as
they could both get. Peter's heavy balls bounced in his scrotum as he found
his rhythm again. Beneath him, Meg writhed in pleasure.

The bed began to creak beneath them in the new position, with the legs
rocking under the force of Peter's humping. Meg felt crushed into her bed
even with Peter supporting his massive frame, but it was a good kind of
crushing. She tossed her head from side to side, fighting for breath to
scream her pleasure. Atop her, her dad was grunting, stiffening. She realized
he was going to come inside her.

"Come in me, dad! Show me how much you love me!"

"Will do, redneck style!"

Peter fucked Meg harder, faster. The bed was close to collapsing beneath them
as Meg suddenly came again. This time her spasming squirting snatch was too
much for Peter and he exploded deep inside Meg. His heavy load of fertile
sperm splashed her folded inner walls. He kept thrusting until he finished
climaxing, while Meg was still in a world of pleasure beneath him. Peter
pulled out and rolled off, but having forgotten Meg only had a single bed he
landed heavily on the bedroom floor.


Meg was drenched in sweat; her own and her dad's. She ran shaking hands down
her torso to soaking folds of her pussy. She lay in a little depression on
her bed, with a huge wet patch beneath her. Most of Peter's sperm was deep
inside, swimming for her womb. The rest was leaking out between her puffy
labia and matting her bush. She wished she had a working camera to record
herself. Meg managed to sit up, and looked down at where Peter was having a
most-orgasmic moment of clarity.

"Uh, Meg. We can never tell Lois about this. I mean, she doesn't really want
me being a redneck."

"I'm not stupid, dad. Although they probably all heard."

Meg's fingers almost strayed back to her pussy at the thought. The musky
smell of their incestuous coupling filled her room, and told her a change of
sheets would be needed along with the shower. There were no other men good
enough for her now. All she wanted was her dad fucking her. Over and over.

"Ahh, Lois thought Chris was watching one of my porno DVDs again."

"Dad, I promise I won't tell Lois on one condition!" Meg raised a finger in
emphasis, "You have to keep fucking me!"

Peter looked up at the hunger in Meg's eyes and gulped loudly. Being a
redneck didn't seem so fun after all. It suddenly seemed complicated. He
changed his mind back by the time they were in the shower when, with the help
of an incredible new erection and a lot of shower gel he opened Meg's ass up
in ways Lois was prudish about. She pressed back one-handed from the tiles
under the hot shower spray, frigging her snatch, until Peter gave her a final
dribbled load across the buttocks.


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