by [email protected]

Markie Post as Terri Michaels
Heather Thomas as Jody Banks
Lee Majors as Colt Seavers
Mary Crosby as Mary

Colt Seavers felt the bonds that held him and knew how truly screwed he was.
He had gotten trapped by an old nemesis Mary. he heard a groan and knew his
cousin Howie Munson was just coming out of it. At least his assistant Jody
Banks knew where he was as did their boss Terri.

Mary stood before the two tied up men. Colt looked her over for what seemed
to be the thousandth time. She was a beautiful woman, long black hair and
hard body. She was wearing a tight shirt that showed off her well formed
breasted and pants that were practically painted on. He felt an attraction
for her even in his present circumstances.

She walked over to him and slapped his face hard. Then she pointed a gun
right between his eyes. "Colt, you with us?" She slapped him again. When she
knew he was up and around she moved away. "I know how you think Colt." She
hated Colt with a passion he had sent her to prison and he wasn't going to
get away with it. "You rely on you're friends. Well now I have friends too."
She signaled to one of her men.

He opened a door and two men pushed a stunningly attractive blonde into the
room. "Jody," Colt blurted out. as she was thrown down into the center of the
room her loose sweat suit barely concealing the her fantastic body. "Let her
go, she's no part of this."

Mary laughed. "I don't think so," as she signaled to another door. "That's
not the only friend I've brought for you to see." Another door was opened and
Terri Micheals was shoved into the room falling next to Jody, her
conservative suit contrasting with Jody's casual attire. Even through the
suit the men could tell she had an excellent body. Mary bent down and cut
them free.

"You're problems with me, let them go!" Colt growled.

"Oh no, I think we are going to have some fun with you're friends," she
whispered to Colt. "I want you to watch and realize its all you're fault."
She turned back to the room. "As you all know, Colt here sent me to prison."
She seemed to consider. "You know when you go to prison they strip you of all
you're dignity. I think I want to see you ladies stripped of you're dignity."
They seemed confused and hesitant, so Mary cocked her gun. "I want you out of
those clothes NOW!" She pointed the pistol at Colt's hand. "Or I start
shooting off pieces of Colt."

Mary smiled as the two women started stripping. She had become something of
a expert on female bodies since her trip to prison and watched as the two
pretty women stripped down. Jody was first out of her clothes, her large tits
definitely stood out but the rest of her body wasn't bad either nice legs and
a tight ass. She watched as Terri pulled off the last of her clothes, Mary
was somewhat surprised that the conservatively dressed woman had almost as
good a body as Jody. As they stood naked, they tried as best they could to
cover themselves with their arms.

"Very good ladies." Mary walked around the two naked women, she could see the
hungry looks in the eyes of her men. "Now hands behind you're heads and lace
you're fingers." She ordered and was gratified when they complied exposing
their bodies completely. "Very nice," she ran a hand over each of their tits.

Mary looked over and saw how uncomfortable Colt looked and decided to
continue this. Besides she had become more attracted to women after her time
in prison and these were two attractive specimens. "You know when you go to
prison they search you in a most intimate way. Maybe you're carrying
something to get you out of this. I think I'll search you, turn around and
bend over." She wanted to make sure Colt would see their asses and cunts.

Mary guided the two women into a position she liked, legs spread hands on the
ground. The position really gave a good view of their ass holes and cunts.
Mary moved in behind Jody, noticing her long blonde hair almost touched the
ground. She used her fingers to open up Jody's pussy gently stroking it.

Jody was uncomfortable at Mary's intrusion. At first because it was rough
and her pussy was so dry but as Mary continued to probe, Jody became
uncomfortable because she started reacting to her probing. Mary found her
clit and started to stroke it. Jody tried to move but Mary slapped her ass
hard and continued probe at her. A groin escaped her lips, she was
disappointed as Mary's fingers left her pussy.

"We'll get back to that soon enough, now for something else." With a lunge
Mary pushed her finger deep into Jody's ass hole. Jody cried out at the
intrusion, Mary moved her finger around inside her asshole. She pulled her
hand out. and then went around to Terri, repeating the procedure driving in
and out of her cunt getting her hot and wet before switching to her ass hole.
"Okay stand up." Mary turned them around. "You're clean," She looked over her
finger. "Well not exactly clean," she sucked her finger.

She walked around a bit enjoying the girls discomfort, she decided to go a
bit farther. "You know I never really noticed other womens bodies until Colt
sent me to prison. You see my larger stronger roommate was a big time lesbian
made me do it with her. Now I'm going to make you two do it with each other."
She saw their stunned looks and reluctance.

Mary needed to inspire them. "Well if you two aren't going to be any fun then
I guess I'll have to have fun some other way." She got a knife from one of
her men. "Which body part should I cut off, maybe the end of his thumb?" She
approached Colt.

"Colt," Jody called out. "Stop it, we'll do it. Won't we Terri?" She reached
over and gave Terri a hug.

"Yeah sure." Terri was very unsure of herself so she hugged Jody back. They
held each other a moment.

"You can do better then that ladies." Mary commented roughly, "and I want to
see it NOW!" She demanded.

Jody started to kiss Terri, tentatively at first then more forcefully. She
had rarely considered being with another woman, but Terri had such a
fantastic body she was really starting to consider this seriously, she
decided to just relax and enjoy it. Her hands went to Terri's large breasts
squeezing them and fondling them, Terri took the hint and started to play
with Jody's own tits.

Out of the corner of her eye Jody saw Mary looking a bit bored and decided
to go a bit further. She broke the kiss and kissed her way down Terri's body
finding her way to Terri's nipples, she sucked them into her mouth.

Terri's knees felt weak as Jody started sucking on her tits, it felt
incredible. She had never been this excited before. She didn't know whether
it was being with another woman or being watched, maybe being forced let her
body relax and not over think the sex.. She stumbled and started to slide
down, Jody started to go down with her but Terri signaled her to stay up and
went down her body kissing as she went. She came to the patch of brown hair
between Jody's legs, she caressed her pussy a bit and ran her tongue around
it. She could feel Jody shiver in anticipation as her fingers went to Jody's
pussy. She used her fingers to open up her pussy and reached out her tongue,
tasting Jody's sweet pussy. She darted her tongue in and out, she heard Jody
moan in pleasure.

"My, my." Mary pulled Terri's hair, pulling her away from Jody. "Seems Miss
proper, is really getting into it. I want you to do that to me." She tossed
her gun to one of her men and stripped out of her clothes. She pushed Terri
onto the ground so that she lay on her back. She then lowered her lean body
over Terri's head. She knelt, her pussy inches from Terri's face, facing down
Terri's body. "These are impressive." She started to play with Terri's large
tits. "Get to it," she ordered and felt Terri's tongue enter her pussy.

Mary rode up and down on Terri's face, before she noticed Jody standing off
to the side trying to cover up. "You get over here," she ordered, "suck on my
tits." Jody was quick to comply, running Mary's nipples between her teeth.
Mary groaned and came all over Terri's face. She stood up, "clean her up,"
she ordered. Jody looked down at Terri's cum covered face. "Use you're

Jody started licking at Terri's face getting Mary's cum off of her. As she
finished up she felt Mary's hand on the back of her head pushing her down
towards Terri's tits. After sucking on both of Terri's tits she was pushed
down between Terri's legs and ordered to lick her pussy. She gave it a few
licks and Terri was just getting into it, when Jody's hair was pulled pulling
her up and away from Terri.

Mary stood overlooking the two women and she still wanted to humiliate them,
she noticed Colt and Howie had erections. "Looks like the guys have gotten
all excited at you're little show." She got her gun back and stood naked
before them. "Now blow them." They seemed to hesitate so Mary took her gun
and stuck it in Colt's crotch. "Either you blow them or I do Colt, and I'll
guarantee they'll enjoy you doing it a lot more."

Terri and Jody started crawling over towards the guys. They started to work
on their pants. Mary thought they were going kind of slow so she decided to
inspire them. "Come on ladies. I'm sure you're very familiar with mens jeans,
now get on with it or else I'll do it. I'm sure you don't want that, zippers
tend to tear flesh." She laughed as they started in at the zippers with
renewed vigor.

They managed to get the two guys cocks out without hurting them. Mary looked
them over, Colt had an average sized prick but then she looked at Howie. "My,
my that's something special," Mary commented as she noticed the large size.
"What a lucky girl you are." She commented to Terri who was kneeling before
Howie. "Get to it girls, I want to see those cocks disappear into you're
mouths. When they cum I want you to swallow it all. Can't have any mess now
can we?"

Jody gobbled Colt's cock easily holding all of it in her mouth. She went up
and down sucking on it. Mary pulled her long blonde hair out of the way so
she could watch Colt came quickly and Jody had no trouble swallowing it all.

Mary then went over to Terri and Howie. Terri was having lots of trouble
taking all of Howie into her mouth. "Get to it girl," Mary commanded and
Terri got a bit more into her mouth. Terri tried to relax and get more of it
into her mouth but it was to big it was pushing against her gag reflex. She
tried to calm down and managed to slip a bit more into her mouth. With a
groan Howie shot his load into her mouth. Terri gagged a bit and almost let
it drip out but at the sound of a gun cocking. She managed to retrieve it and
swallow the cum, she felt a bit queasy as she sat back waiting for the next

She didn't have long to wait. Mary turned to two of her gang. "You can have
Jody, Terri needs a bit of a rest, have fun guys." The two men went for Jody
Banks, grabbing her and pinning her to the ground, Terri tried to curl up
into a ball. Mary leaned down over Jody and whispered. "You better show them
a good time or you're friends will suffer for it."

Jody stopped fighting the two men as the pushed her onto her hands and knees.
She hung her head but one of the men grabbed her hair and pulled her head up
until it was level with his dick. "Suck it," he ordered and pushed it towards
her mouth. Jody knew resistance was futile so she opened up allowing his cock
into her mouth. She felt the other man at her other end she felt his prick
probing against her pussy. He roughly penetrated her pussy.

Jody tried to pleasure the man in her mouth as much as possible hoping to get
it over with. He pushed her hair out of the way so he could watch her. She
looked up at him with her deep blue eyes and that was too much for him he
shot off in her mouth. The other man pulled out of her pussy and shot all
over her back. He slapped her ass hard as he stood up. Jody rolled over
thinking thank god that's over.

"Next." Mary called and Jody looked up to see two more men approaching her.
They were already naked their cocks sticking out in front of them. One of the
men climbed onto her stomach and pushed his cock between her large tits. He
forced her tits together around his tits, it was so large it came through her
tits, it pressed against Jody's face. "Lick it," he ordered so Jody opened
her mouth and reached up touching her tongue to his prick. He pulled back and
rammed it forward through her tits.

Jody couldn't see the second man and her concentration was with the man
between her tits. She barely felt him pull her legs apart, she felt it as he
penetrated her but the man between her tits pinched her nipples causing her
even more pain. She felt the man in her pussy fill her with his seed but
before she could comprehend that the other man shot his load right into her
face. She barely heard it as Mary called out, "next," and the last two
approached her body.

They lifted her up. "You get on top this time, I want to see those tits
bounce." One of the men lay on the ground, his dick sticking straight up. She
was guided onto him, after the earlier intrusions her pussy accommodated him
easily. The other mans cock was presented to her face and she took it into
her mouth. "Time for some DP action" the man commented as he pulled out of
her mouth and started around behind her.

Jody was so numb she didn't immediately recognize what the man meant by DP
but as he pulled apart her ass cheeks she realized what they were planning.
"No, I'll do anything not that." He just laughed and pushed her forward where
the other man started sucking on her tits. "Please! I'll suck you off, cum
in my mouth, anything not my ass!" She felt his cock pressing against her
asshole. "I'll do anything," she screamed as she felt the thick head of the
cock penetrate her tight asshole.

"Damn right you'll do anything." The man commented as he pushed into Jody's
incredibly tight ass. "Damn its so tight this must be you're first time." He
grunted as he pushed more of his cock into her asshole, with a grunt he
shoved the last of his cock into her asshole. "There baby that's all there
is." He heard Jody breath a sigh of relief. "Now we can start fucking you."
He laughed as he pulled halfway out then rammed his cock back into her ass.

Jody felt the man below her start to thrust into her. The pain in her ass was
incredible, she grunted in pain as they started matching thrusts filling her
up completely. After a few strokes the pain started to fade as her body
started responded to the feelings. She felt herself starting to cum, she
tried to stop, she tried to cover it up but her moan filled the room, as she
came hard and long. She was quickly followed by the one in her ass cumming
then the one in her pussy.

They let Jody fall off of them. She lay naked and embarrassed as Mary looked
over her. "My the little one liked it, but she seems a bit tired for now."
Mary grabbed her hand dragged her over to the side of the room and handcuffed
her to a pipe. She walked back to the center of the room. "We'll just have to
have some fun with Terri here." She looked into Terri's frightened eyes.
"Don't worry, my gangs down for the moment. I have something else in mind."
She looked over at one of her guards. "You, cover Colt carefully anything
happens shoot him." She turned to another guard. "You, untie Howie, then cuff
his hands behind his back."

As they followed his commands Mary had two of her men grab Howie by the arms
as several of her gang moved Terri into position, on her hands and knees. Two
of her guards grabbed Howie's arms and moved him into a position behind
Terri. He sat there for a moment his dick trying to reach for Terri's pussy
but without use of his hands there was little Howie could do.

Mary recognized the problem almost immediately. "My, my that's a problem
isn't it. I guess I'll just have to act as you're hands." She went behind
Howie making sure to rub her tits over his back as she kneeled down into
position. She reached around Howie and grabbed his cock, she gave it a couple
strokes. "You're a lucky girl Terri." She reached around to Terri's pussy,
Terri was whimpering a bit. "Relax and enjoy it," Mary slapped her ass hard
then moved her hand down to Terri's pussy. She opened up her pussy and guided
Howie's cock towards her pussy. "Come on, push forward." she ordered Howie
and pushed herself against his ass. He pushed forward until the tip of his
large cock slipped into Terri's cunt. Terri groaned at the size of the

Jody looked up as she heard Terri moan. She saw more of Howie's dick slip
into Terri's cunt She looked around the room and her eyes fixed on Colt, he
was starting to loosen his bonds. Mary's gang were all so busy watching Terri
and Howie fuck, no one was watching Colt. She looked back and saw that Mary
was playing with Terri's asshole.

Mary pushed her finger deep into Terri's ass. "You're going to be fucked up
the ass bitch. and you are one tight assed bitch." She pulled Howie's cock
out of her pussy and repositioned it at the entrance to her ass. Howie tried
to fight her a moment.

"You can either fuck her," she grabbed his cock "or I'll rip it off and shove
it in there myself." Howie stopped fighting and allowed Mary to guide his
cock into Terri's asshole.

"Its too big." Terri complained and tried to move away, but Mary grabbed her
hips and pulled her back forcing even more of the huge cock into her ass.
Then she felt Mary's hand on her pussy, she started playing with Terri's
clit. The pleasure from Mary's fingering of her pussy was incredible and the
pain from the cock in her ass was turning to pleasure. A loud groan escaped
her lips as she felt herself cumming, as the last of Howie's cock slipped
inside her ass.

Jody watched as Terri got fucked, for a moment she almost wished it was her.
She knew she and Howie would get together after this. She looked around the
room and noticed Colt almost had one hand free, but the men were starting to
loose interest in the Howie and Terri show. Jody had to focus their attention
away from Colt, give him time to get free, but how. As she thought about it
and saw her naked body it came to her, she knew the effect her body had on
men. She started to rub her tits pinching her nipples getting them good and
hard, she then let a finger go down between her legs she started pushing a
finger gently into her pussy.

The men were getting interested in her again but not enough, she had to go
all the way. "Someone fuck me, I want all of you to fuck me," she screamed
out. A man quickly got between her legs and speared her cunt with his cock.
She pushed him over so she was on top "I want more," she begged as she rode
the cock in her pussy. Another man positioned himself behind her. "Fuck my
ass," Jody ordered and felt his hardness penetrate her asshole.

Jody had to distract more of the gang she motioned one of them over to her
mouth and took him into her mouth trying to use her tongue to pleasure him
but not get him off. She reached out with her hands and quickly felt two more
cocks in her hands. She started stroking them, hoping Colt wouldn't take too
long to get free. She felt the men start to maul her tits as she felt herself
loosing all control. She felt herself cumming with the best orgasm of her
life. She felt sperm hitting her face and tits and filling her up.

Howie was giving Terri all of his long hard dick deep into her ass. He shot
his load deep into her bowels and then heard a shot. He looked around shocked
for a moment and saw colt standing there with a gun. He reared back slamming
his head into Mary's, stunning her. He got up and grabbed a weapon, he helped
Colt get Mary's gang under control. Most of the men were fairly exhausted
from Jody, they got them up against one wall.

Jody and Terri grabbed Mary as she tried to crawl away. They threw her naked
amidst her gang. Terri thought a moment. "Damn Mary you really screwed these
guys they are going to prison for a long time." She gave Jody a pointed look.

"Right," Jody got the idea. "Hey guys, since she fucked you maybe you should
fuck her. We can wait a bit to call the police. Can't we Colt?"

"I don't see why not." Colt enjoyed the look of fear on Mary's face. "Go to
it guys." He covered them as Jody and Terri dressed. By the time they were
dressed Mary was on her hands and knees taking one cock in her pussy and
another in her mouth.

Jody saw what was going on and decided she really wanted Mary to suffer. The
man with the largest prick was taking up position behind her. "Hey why don't
you give her a taste of what happens in mens prison?" The man got the idea
quickly and jammed his cock into her ass. The cock in her mouth barely
muffled her screams of pain. "Harder faster," Jody encouraged the men.

After the entire gang had an opportunity at Mary's ass. Terri went and found
a phone she called the police. As they waited they debated whether they would
give them their clothes or not. Jody finally grabbed up their clothes and
took them outside, making sure they would go to the police naked.

Once the police arrived, Jody used her charms to convince the cops not to
give Mary a blanket and to cuff her hands behind her back. She was lead away
like that. Terri and Jody made arrangements to meet with Howie later.

the end.


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