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Author's note: This story takes place after Season 1.

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Faking It: Remembering Our First Time
by MTL ([email protected])

Amy Raudenfeld wasn't really a drinker. She'd had plenty of opportunities to become one, as her best friend had been scheming over the past few years trying to get them into the 'cool parties' and recently had succeeded with the most absurd scheme of all, pretending to be lesbians. Like all of Karma's schemes this one backfired spectacularly, although this one threatened to ruin their friendship forever, because it caused Amy to finally figure out she was in love with Karma, and revealing that had gone about as well as she had originally expected. So yeah, she deserved to get drunk.

The problem was that getting drunk led to a hangover, which was worse than anything she could have ever imagined, Amy literally wishing for death as she slowly came back to consciousness. Things only got worse when she realised that while she was in her bed, which was a huge fucking relief, she wasn't alone! And the last thing she could remember was locking eyes with an equally heart-breaking looking Liam Booker! Oh God, and she was naked! Oh God, oh God, oh God, if Amy had just lost her virginity in a drunken blackout to Liam fucking Booker she really would have to kill herself, because she couldn't imagine living in a world where that happened.

Before she could completely overreact Amy took a calming breath, reached over and grabbed the sheet. She then closed her eyes and prayed to God let it be anyone but Liam fucking Booker. Literally anyone. Then she slowly lifted up the bed sheets and reluctantly open her eyes to find her prayers had been answered. And maybe not just the ones about not letting her have slept with Liam Booker, but about her burning desire for her best friend, because there she was. Karma Ashcroft, casually drooling onto her pillow like they were just having sleepover number 1 billion, her hair and make up a mess, and... wow, Karma was naked! Karma was naked, and in her bed, and waking up!

"Amy." Karma mumbled as she opened her eyes, then she quickly sat up and pulled the bed sheets to her, and off Amy in the process, "AMY! OH GOD, we... we didn't, did we?"

"I..." Amy began, before trailing off, which of course Karma interpreted wrong.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God!" Karma parroted before getting off the bed and pulling the sheet with her. Then while reaching down to grab her clothes she turned back to Amy and sharply told her, "Don't look!"

Amy wanted to say something snarky, like it was a bit late for modesty or something maybe a bit more witty. But she couldn't remember what Karma looked like naked. She couldn't remember anything that happened last night, minus everything that happened before locking eyes with Liam Booker. Which meant she couldn't remember her first time. She had actually become one of those girls who couldn't remember her first time right after it happened, and it had been with the one person she wanted more than anything, and now that person was freaking out because of it. What a fucking mess!

Suddenly Amy was really glad she turned over onto her side to give Karma some 'privacy' because it meant that she didn't give her best friend the satisfaction of seeing her cry. Best friend? Former best friend? Oh God, was Amy really going to have to start referring to Karma as that? Had she just got everything she ever wanted only to then lose it and more the next day? The next morning even? Fuck her life! Fuck it right in it's dumb face.

"Amy..." Karma softly croaked after she finally finished getting dressed, "You can't tell anyone about this, okay?"

With angry tears in her eyes Amy set up and spat, "Was it really so bad? Was I... was I really so bad?"

"I don't know." Karma admitted, "I can't remember a thing."

In that moment Amy should have told Karma the truth. That she couldn't remember anything either. That there was even the chance that nothing happened, that they'd drunkenly found each other, went back to Amy's home together and stripped off and went to sleep without so much as a kiss. But she was so incredibly hurt and angry, more so than she'd ever been before, so instead of telling the truth she did what was possibly the worst thing she'd ever done.

"Well you should, because it was amazing." Amy lied as convincingly as she could first thing in the morning with the worst hangover ever, "I mean, I never imagined you'd be so... enthusiastic. Seriously, you spent so much time down there I had to literally beg you to let me have a turn fucking you, otherwise it was just going to be unfair."

Amy regretted her decision immediately, and wanted to take it back, but the expression on Karma's face made it impossible to breathe, let alone say anything. Then, after the longest few seconds of her life, Karma turned around, opened the door and slammed it behind her, leaving Amy to collapse onto her bed and feel sorry for herself for about a full minute. Then she was running for the bathroom, barely making it in time. Before she started puking her guts out. During a brief respite she heard voices behind her.

"Enjoy your night of sin, sis?" Lauren huffed, before heading to her room.

Then her, their, Mom then sighed and said, "Amy, I'm trying to be supportive about your new lifestyle, but I told you, Karma can't stay over now she's your... girlfriend. It's not fair on Lauren."

"Not now Mom!" Amy insisted, feeling more bile rush up her throat.

Waiting until her daughter was done Farrah then firmly told her, "You're grounded. Effective immediately. A month for breaking the rules about boys, or girls, sleeping over, and an additional two weeks for the sass. If you don't apologise to me and Lauren later for your behaviour it will be two months in total. Now... finish, get dressed and go to school. And try and drink a lot of water today, okay sweetie?"

With that Amy was left alone in her misery, puking out what was left in her stomach and having to get up for school afterwards nothing compared to the agony of losing her soulmate.

* * *

The next two months were the longest of Amy's life. She made it less than a week before she called Karma, leaving her a dozen messages and texts before finally approaching her the next day when Karma didn't respond. Before she could get a word out Karma bluntly told her she needed space, which was the same thing Amy heard the other five times she tried it. Which led to several nights of crying herself to sleep, and sleepless nights, and generally being miserable, but through it all Amy held onto this one shining hope that when the two months were finally up she would go to Karma's house, the two of them would embrace and then things would go back to normal. Because they had too.

That hope was the only thing which got Amy through those months, because without Karma life seemed dull and joyless. The only good thing was that she went back to being invisible again at school now everybody assumed Karmy broke up, which wasn't actually that far off the truth. Of course Amy would take all that unwanted attention and more to get Karma back. She would do absolutely anything to get Karma back in her life, and had spent most of the last two months of hell planning the perfect way to get her back. Which all went to hell when she came back from school to find Karma sitting on her bed and clutching a bottle of Jack Daniels.

"Hey." Karma said softly.

"Hey." Amy said softly.

There was a pause and then Karma mumbled, "So..."

"So..." Amy murmured, the two going back and forth for a little while before Amy exclaimed, "I'm sorry! I lied, okay? I can't actually remember that night. Or at least what might have been the most important part of it. I just said that stuff afterwards to hurt you. I'm so sorry Karma. I tried to tell you, but you wouldn't talk to me and it felt like something I needed to say to your face, and I knew it would get your attention if I could just get you to talked to me for five seconds, and... and... I'm sorry."

There was a long, long pause and then Karma simply held out the bottle and softly demanded, "Drink."

Amy frowned and opened her mouth to protest, but as she had just been thinking about how she would do anything for Karma Amy reluctantly took the bottle and took a swig. She regretted it instantly, desperately doing her best to look cool while pulling a face at the strength of the alcohol. That actually made Karma smile softly, before motioning her to take more, which Amy did without hesitation this time, if only in the hopes of making Karma smile again. This kept happening until over half of the bottle was gone, although to be fair Karma had previously made quite a dent in it.

Then Karma finally told her, "Okay, that's enough."

"Thank God!" Amy swore, putting the bottle down before sitting next to the other girl and asking her, "Where did you even get this?"

"Shane hooked me up." Karma explained, unnecessarily adding, "I swear that boy can get his Mom to buy him anything."

Amy nodded and then began, "So..."

"Why bring it?" Karma finished for her.

"Well, yeah." Amy murmured.

"Simple." Karma said, "For the redo."

Amy frowned "What?"

Instead of answering right away Karma paused, then reached for the bottle and took a long swig before putting it back down again and gasping, "My, my first time was with Liam, and it was magical."

"Yeah, you told me." Amy rolled her eyes.

"But that... that was your first time, right? And you really can't remember it?" Karma asked.

There was a long pause in which Amy felt like the worst person ever then she opened her mouth and began, "Well-"

"Because everyone should remember their first time, you know? And I... I wanna remember my first time with a girl, sooooooooooo... I think we should have a redo." Karma explained.

"So, what? You wanna get drunk and have sex?" Amy softly laughed, and then when Karma didn't follow suit she added, "Seriously?"

"Why not?" Karma asked.

"Why... not..." Amy mumbled in disbelief before exclaiming, "Because it's crazy!"

"Crazier than pretending to be lesbians to be popular?" Karma questioned, giving her a look.

"That wasn't my idea!" Amy protested, "And look how well that turned out."

"Hey, it's not my fault that you fell in love with me!" Karma snapped back, before quickly adding, "But that's not the point."

"Then what's the point?" Amy huffed.

"That this whole situation is crazy and..." Karma began loudly before finishing softly, "I... I don't think I can move past having sex with you until I can, well, remember having sex with you."

There was a long pause and then Amy sadly asked, "And for that you need to be drunk?"

"I'm not drunk." Karma said, surprisingly calmly, "I'm just tipsy enough to be brave, but not so much that I won't remember this tomorrow."

There was another long pause and then Amy asked, "What do you want Karma?"

"I just told you." Karma calmly replied.

"You know what I mean." Amy pushed, and then sighed, "Do you still want to be friends, or-"

"Yes." Karma quickly replied, before just as quickly adding, "I think-"

"Then why take this crazy risk?" Amy pushed further.

"I told you!" Karma said, sounding annoyed, "It's the only way to move past this. And to give you the first time you deserve. And, and for me to figure out exactly how I feel about you. Now stop trying to talk me out of this. We both know this is what you really want, so why don't you just go with it?"

There was another long pause as Amy considered this. She wanted to tell Karma this wasn't what she really wanted. What she wanted was for Karma to give her a real chance. To give them a real chance. To take things slow with inevitably awkward dates and making out sessions until they both finally became truly comfortable with being more than friends, and then take things to the next level with candlelight, carefully chosen mood music and a bed of roses which she would lay Karma down on and make sweet love to her. But it was never more clear that that was never going to happen, and this was probably going to be her best chance. And at least Liam fucking Booker was nowhere in sight.

Most of all Amy was kind of tipsy, desperate not to lose her best friend completely, and a teenager and therefore unable to make good decisions, so forgive her if she literally said, "Fuck it!"

Then Amy moved forward at lightning speed, grabbed Karma's face and slammed her own lips under those belonging to her best friend. There was then a very tense moment when Amy thought she had made a terrible, terrible mistake, worse than even what had happened with the wedding, and then finally, mercifully Karma began kissing back, meaning Amy could officially breathe again. Only for a second though, because holy shit, she was kissing her best friend. And this wasn't faking it for attention or for some stupid boy, this was Amy kissing Karma and Karma kissing her back.

For a few long minutes Amy was completely overwhelmed by that, then she guided Karma to her bed and gently laid her down like in pretty much all her fantasies. Well, the reality wasn't quite as smooth, but Amy didn't care and neither did Karma given she was still kissing back. Amy then curled up against Karma's side like she had done 1000 times before, the blonde hoping that the familiar position would calm the clearly nervous redhead. This wasn't as successful as Amy would have liked, as she could still sense the tension in Karma's body. On the bright side this gave Amy the excuse to have the type of long make out session with her best friend she'd always wanted.

Granted, she hadn't always known she wanted it, but now... whoa. How could she have ever wanted anything else? More to the point, how would Amy ever just be friends with Karma again after this? After everything that happened? Because losing Karma was the worst thing that could ever happen to her, but to have to sit and smile as Karma talked about boys and/or kissed them in front of her, there was no way Amy would ever be able to do that again. Or even be around her and not be with her, the thought terrifying Amy, because now she could only see one outcome. So she forced herself to be lost in the kiss, which wasn't that hard considering how long she had wanted this.

So for what felt like an eternity Karma and Amy made out in the privacy of Amy's bedroom with the door closed and locked. Just the two of them, no one watching. Just them. Like it always should have been. Then Karma rolled on top of her, pulled off her shirt and then looked down at Amy questioningly. The two friends stared at each other for a few long moments, and then Karma leaned back down and pressed their lips together again. Naturally Amy didn't hesitate to kiss back, and once again become more lost in the wonderful kiss. At least until Karma grabbed her hands and pushed them around her back until they were over the redhead's bra.

That had Amy's eyes open wide even as she continued kissing Karma. Because her best friend wanted her to take off her bra! Because of course she did, Amy had just agreed to have sex with her, but Amy couldn't help being a little overwhelmed by finally getting to do this. It didn't help that she'd never done it before, Amy suddenly getting why guys complained about having to do it because it was fiddly. Even more fiddly than her own, Amy desperately trying to remember what her mother had taught her about her own bra and just draw a blank, her poor mind numbed from the overwhelming feeling of kissing Karma.

Giggling softly into the kiss Karma reached behind her and unhooked her bra for Amy, making Amy feel like a stupid teenaged boy. At least one of those descriptions was accurate, probably two, and Amy was so mortified that for a few seconds she barely kissed back. Then Karma was moving her hands to her tits, and whoa, Amy was groping Karma! She had her best friend's boobs in her hands, and all she could do was timidly squeezed them in shock and delight.

After a couple of long seconds of that Karma broke the kiss and frowned, "Do you seriously not want to do this?"

"No!" Amy replied quickly, then quickly clarified, "No, I definitely want to do this. It's just...a little..."

"Overwhelming?" Karma offered.

"Yeah." Amy sighed in relief as they both smiled awkwardly, a sign they were finally on the same page again after so long of practically reading from different books.

"I know." Karma said softly, "But I kind of think that's natural."

"I know." Amy nodded, "I just..."

Thankfully Karma cut her off with another kiss before Amy could say something embarrassing. She wasn't even sure what she would have said, but was sure it would have been embarrassing and definitely preferred kissing Karma. Of course Amy preferred kissing Karma over anything else she'd ever done. At least like this, when Karma wasn't faking it, Amy getting distracted by that wonderful fact again as they had another long make out session. Then Karma squeezed Amy's hands, silently imploring her to do something other than just lie there blissfully happy.

Feeling a surge of adrenaline and confidence from wanting to make Karma happy Amy gently moved her hands away from her best friend's boobs so she could grab her sides and then firmly roll them over. Karma let out the most adorable sound of disappointment the moment Amy moved her hands away from her breasts, then let out a yelp of surprise followed by a happy moan as Amy switched their positions and moved her hands back to her tits, this time cautiously fondling them in the same way she had done herself. When that got a positive response Amy started doing it more firmly while moving her mouth down to Karma's lips.

Pulling away from Karma's lips had always been hard in the past, but this time wasn't the end of the illusion that this was anything other than an act. This was to make her best friend feel good. To do things Amy had only dreamt about, and had only just accepted that she'd never be able to do. God, just getting to kiss her neck while awkwardly fondling her boobs was a dream come true for Amy, and she tried to enjoy every second of it. But all too soon she felt pressure on her head, and not pressure pulling her away, but pushing her downwards, and Amy just couldn't resist encouragement like that, especially with a soft whimpers falling out of Karma's mouth before and after she started kissing lower.

Of course this was the moment Amy truly entered unknown territory. Because she'd had kisses before her first with Karma, even if they hadn't made her feel anything, and she had touched her own body, but she had never had someone use their mouth for anything other then kissing. So she had no experience with anything past, and actually including now she thought about it, the neck kissing, which genuinely terrifyed Amy. Not that she allowed herself to show it. No, she was too busy kissing her way up her best friend's left breast and taking Karma's nipple into her mouth, and desperately trying not to freak out while she was doing it. She of course failed, but Karma was too busy moaning to notice.

Karma was moaning for her! Like, moaning in pleasure as Amy was having sex with her. Or at least foreplay. The point was that this was amazing, Amy really glad that Karma's eyes were closed because the expression she had on her face had to be ridiculously goofy. Was she smiling? It felt like she was smiling. Which was probably weird, so she should stop. Only she wasn't sure she could, and Amy had more important things to concentrate on, like switching to Karma's right nipple after giving the left almost a solid minute of sucking, which only made Karma moan for her even more.

Greedily wanting even more Amy went back and forth for several long minutes, sometimes making the switch almost instant and other times placing lingering kisses all over the well-rounded flesh of Karma's tits as she changed from one to the other. She also experimented with the amount and force of suction she provided, and after some debate she started experimenting with her tongue, sometimes using it to circle Karma's nipples in between sucking sessions and other times just gently teasing that sensitive flesh with a poke of her tongue. All of which got really, really positive responses out of her best friend, Karma not only moaning for her, but gasping, whimpering and crying out in pleasure.

After a while Karma made those sounds out of ever-growing frustration too, something that made Amy weirdly proud of herself. That probably didn't make her a very good friend, but Amy was feeling a little vengeful, and she was sure this would be good in the long run. Of course Karma was never a patient girl, not even a little bit, and was soon pushing down on Amy's head. And of course Amy's first instinct was to do what her friend wanted, but she stopped herself, not only for Karma's own good, but because she hoped that if she denied Karma then maybe, just maybe, she would get the other girl to actually ask for it while she was all hot and bothered, the idea of that thrilling Amy.

She did not have to wait long, Karma letting out another frustrated cry and then whimpering, "Amy, please... Amy, oh God! Amy, mmmmmmmm, please... please Amy, just do it!"

"Do what?" Amy asked, feeling bolder than ever before, and her voice more husky than she'd ever remember it being, "Say it!"

Instantly Amy regretted pushing Karma, and after a moment of intense self-hatred she opened her mouth to apologise. That apology died on her lips as she noticed the way that Karma was looking at her, namely so intensely lustful that Amy thought that she was going to cum on the spot. At the very least she was suddenly very aware that her own body was burning with need. Not that Amy had any intention of doing anything about it when the fate of this night, and their friendship, was relying on Karma's reaction to Amy getting bossy with her for a change.

"Eat me." Karma groaned after what felt like an eternity, "Oh God Amy please, just fucking eat my pussy! Eat my fucking pussy! Eat me the fuck out! Fucking fuck me! Fuck, oh fuck! Fuck yes! Amy! Oh Amy, oh fuck yes, eat me, please just, oh God... ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddd!"

At the best of times it was hard for Amy to deny Karma anything. When Karma was literally begging Amy to go down on her, in graphic fashion no less, she was helpless to resist. Because sure it was exactly what she had been hoping for, but Amy didn't think she'd actually get it, and when she did it was all she could do not to immediately bury her head in between Karma's legs and do what she'd wanted to do almost ever since she realised she was in love with her best friend. And it wasn't by much, Amy barely spending a few seconds kissing her way down Karma's stomach before reaching her ultimate destination, and then pretty much literally tearing off her friend's skirt and panties so she could get at the other girl's pussy.

It was kind of funny that Amy had imagined this what felt like a thousand times since their first kiss, and never did she imagine she wouldn't be nervous. But she wasn't. Or at least it didn't feel like it. Surely she had to be on some level, but Amy was too lost in her burning lust for this girl she had known her whole life, the only coherent thought to go through her mind for quite a while being how the hell did it take her this long to realise that she was completely and hopelessly in love with Karma Ashcroft? Other than that it was just a series of swear words as soon as her tongue touched Karma's cunt.

Actually it was probably when she got eye level with Karma's twat, Amy not really spending a lot of time actually looking at it before she touched it with her tongue. Or at least she had when the ability to think coherently slowly returned to her after what had to be at least several long minutes of mindless pussy licking. At least she hadn't made Karma cum without noticing, although it was probably touch and go considering how wet Karma was. Oh God, Karma was wet for her! Karma was wet from Amy kissing her, touching her, and licking her fucking pussy! Fuck, this had to be a dream or Amy had died and gone to lesbian heaven.

Again Amy became overwhelmed by the incredible situation she was in, slowly coming to a few minutes later, or possibly more, to find that her tongue was still gently lapping away at Karma's pussy lips at a slow but steady pace which made the other teen nice and wet but didn't make her cum. Which was impressive. Or at least it impressed Amy. Maybe this proved she was a lesbian after all? It was a labelled she found uncomfortable and restricting, but it never felt more accurate as her body, or more accurately her tongue, seemed instantly to know what to do and Amy couldn't help feeling like she was born for this.

There was certainly nothing else she wanted to do with her life, Amy dearly wishing that she could do this forever. Stay in between Karma's legs and lick her best friend's pussy, in the process squeezing most wonderful sounds out of her which was sweeter than any music Amy had ever heard, including her previous favourite, which was of course also made by Karma. But this was probably her one and only chance to be with Karma, and as heart-breaking as that was Amy did her best to concentrate on enjoying every single second of this gift she had been given. She also tried to draw this out as long as she could, which ultimately frustrated the impatient girl she had fallen in love with.

"Amy!" Karma whined almost angrily, "Stop teasing me and fuck me! Fuck me and make me cum! I, ohhhhhhhhhh, please... Amy... fuck me. Fuck, ohhhhhhhh fuck yes, oh Amy, oh fuck. Fuck! FUCK! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, FUCK ME, OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK!"

Over what felt like an eternity in paradise Amy delivered slow and gentle licks to Karma's pussy lips while deliberately ignoring her clit. Mostly. There had been a few gentle touches here and there, but when Karma actually begged Amy to 'fuck her and make her cum' the blonde instantly obliged by beginning to concentrate her licks on the redhead's clit. She'd had many, many vivid dreams of Karma begging for her and then crying out loudly in pleasure as she tongued her clit, so to actually hear it drove Amy almost literally out of her mind, the poor girl feeling as if she literally lost control over her body as she became obsessed with making Karma cum.

When the concentrated clit licking didn't get her what she wanted quick enough Amy abruptly turned her attention to Karma's entrance and shoved her tongue into it as hard as she could. First, this resulted in her mouth hitting that entrance as her tongue went as deep as it could go into Karma's cunt. Secondly, the most heavenly liquid in all of existence hit Amy's taste-buds, and she found herself removing her tongue just as quickly so she could try and swallow every drop of that precious liquid. Finally Amy reinserted her tongue and used it to fuck more cum out of Karma.

Amy wasn't really sure when she figured out exactly what this was. All she knew was that it felt like she came just from realising that she was swallowing Karma's cum, Amy becoming even more lost in this wonderful act, if that was even possible. Oh yes, in these wonderful moments nothing else mattered and there were no other thoughts in her head to interrupt other than the overwhelming need to please Karma and get more yummy cum to swallow in the process, the blonde making the redhead cum over and over again, only pausing the tongue fucking to swallow more cum and lick Karma's clit.

Then there was a hard tug to her hair, after a few gentle ones, prompting Amy to remove her mouth from Karma's cunt and slowly crawl up her best friend's body. She did this reluctantly at first, but it was totally worth it to see the look of amazement on Karma's face, and the kiss that followed. There was a long pause between the kiss, Karma obviously debating whether she really wanted to taste herself on Amy's lips. It seemed both of them loved the decision she made, Karma moaning into Amy's mouth the second their lips met, and Amy was pretty sure she return the favour as they continued frenching for another blissful eternity.

When Karma finally broke the kiss Amy was so surprised to realise she was now on her back with the other girl's soft body on top of her she almost missed her best friend weakly telling her, "I, I don't think I could do what you just did... not right now... but I want... I need to make it up to you."

Stunned by this latest reveal, and really this whole thing, Amy just stared back for a few long seconds before weakly replying, "You don't have too."

"I NEED too!" Karma insisted.

With that Karma, because she was obviously a weird mixed of tired, drunk and horny, shoved her hand directly down Amy's pants. Whether intentionally or not, although probably not given the state she was in, Karma's hand went underneath Amy's pants but over her panties which was a relief for Amy as she wasn't sure she could take having the girl she loved actually touching her pussy directly. Just this made Amy feel like she was going to literally explode, and the only way she survived was thinking how it was weird that she was having sex, the first time she would actually remember no less, and she was still wearing clothes while Karma was gloriously naked.

Not that it seemed to bother Karma, Amy worried for a few long seconds that her best friend didn't like the feel of this, that maybe she was even grossed out by it, only for then Karma's dumbfounded expression to turn into an evil grin, "Fuck you're wet!"

Closing her eyes Amy softly whimpered, "Karma..."

Ignoring her Karma continued, "You're... you're wet for me. Wow, you've completely soaked your fucking panties just from eating me out. That's... Kind of hot actually. Really, really hot."

Amy whimpered again, only to cry out and dig her fingernails into the bed as Karma began rubbing her. Her best friend Karma Ashcroft, who she had maybe/probably been in love with her entire life, was rubbing her pussy. It was through her panties, but after making Karma cum in her mouth multiple times this felt like it would be enough to kill her, or at least leave her brain-dead. Or maybe just make her cum. Maybe Karma was going to make her cum. Maybe her best friend Karma Ashcroft was going to make her cum, Amy so far gone that she didn't care if Karma was able to do it pathetically easy, she just wanted to cum.

Then Karma ruined Amy's high by frowning, halting her rubbing and asking, "Wait, do you think your Mom and Lauren can hear us?"

Again Amy whimpered, this time followed by a groan, both more pathetic than ever before, followed by an angry cry of, "Karma!"

"What?" Karma hissed, "You're just being pretty loud is all."

"Well, you sound like a foghorn when you cum!" Amy snapped.

There was a long pause in which Amy thought she had really ruin the mood, and then Karma look thoughtful for a couple of seconds and nodded, "Yeah... I guess if they were going to interrupt us, they would have done it by now. Which means I can do this!"

Karma then pushed aside Amy's panties and began rubbing her aggressively. Perhaps too aggressively given the mood killer of mentioning Amy's Mom and step sister, but it was Karma, so it didn't take long for Amy to get back in the groove of what they were doing. So much so she soon closed her eyes, because she just couldn't take looking up into Karma's beautiful face, both that face and the redhead's pretty eyes sparkling with mischief, while Karma was actually touching her like this for what was essentially the first time. Which might have annoyed the redhead, as she punished the blonde by leaning down to whisper in her ear.

"Does that feel good Ams?" Karma whispered with wicked intentions, "Cause I've never done this before. Or at least I can't remember doing it, to anyone other than myself that is. It seems to be working for you, given how wet you are, I'd just like a little verbal confirmation, is all."

"Yes." Amy croaked, "I, oh Karma, I-"

"Love me?" Karma interrupted, "Yeah, I get that now. It make sense, actually. Especially as you're so wet, even though I don't really know what I'm doing. Although I guess you got really hot from eating my pussy, didn't you? Huh? Yeah, I bet you've been thinking about it a lot, haven't you? Yeahhhhhhhh, ever since that time in the gym, where we kissed for the first time, in front of everybody, I bet you've been thinking about eating my pussy. I think you've laid here, in this bed, rubbing your own pussy just like this dreaming that you were eating me out. That you were my first, and I was yours, the two of us hot and sweaty in this bed like we are now. Or maybe in mine? Or maybe you want something more public? Is that it Ams? Did you imagine dropping to your knees, lifting my skirt up and proving to everybody in that gym that we really weren't faking it? That I was yours, and I would always be yours? Did you fuck yourself as you dreamt we weren't faking it?"

"Yes." Amy whimpered, just wanting Karma to stop teasing her, "Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES, please just, AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

For a few blissful moments Amy genuinely didn't know what was going on, and then she realised Karma had pushed a finger inside her. Karma was inside her, making this pretty much the greatest moment of Amy's life. Either this or the whole 'going down on Karma' thing, although this had the added bonus of Karma's face directly in front of hers, Karma initially pulling back just to avoid Amy's deafening scream, but staying because she saw something. Like maybe Amy thought she saw something, namely more than lust or obligation in Karma's eyes, Amy unable to stop herself from hoping in that moment, as she was pretty much getting everything she ever wanted.

Proving that point Karma began thrusting her finger in and out of Amy, gently at first but like the penetration before it Amy felt as if it made her cum, only to learn she definitely hadn't when Karma picked up the pace and started fucking her hard. Because it stood to reason that a orgasm with another person would be more powerful than the feeling of being fucked, even if that was hard to believe right now. Because Amy didn't see how anything could be better than this, the experience of actually having the real Karma Ashcroft in her bed and fucking her far better than any mere fantasy. Or even the orgasm she would give herself from those fantasies, which made her somewhat afraid that actually cumming for Karma would end her.

When she did cum for Karma only seconds, or possibly hours, later Amy concluded that it would be totally worth it. After all, what better way to go then staring into the eyes of the person you loved as they make you cum so hard you have a heart attack. Or were rendered brain-dead, or even literally exploded, all of which seemed plausible as Karma's finger slammed in and out of her, Amy literally crying from the intensity of what she was feeling. Then Karma added a second finger, and Amy's mind was completely gone, the poor blonde just a writhing bag of flesh and bone as the redheaded girl she loved so much introduced her to what it was like to really cum, what she had experienced before nothing compared to this.

* * *

Amy wasn't sure how long Karma fucked her, or how many times she came. All she knew was one minute Karma was resting her full weight on top of her and frantically pounding her fingers in and out of her, the next Karma was curled up to her side and just staring at her. Although a more noticeable difference was it was now morning, or at least day time, telling Amy that instead of a minute it was a lot longer than that, and apparently she had passed out. Which would have been embarrassing, if Amy couldn't remember what caused it. But she could remember what caused it, and she couldn't help but not be embarrassed about it. But the question was, was Karma embarrassed of it? Or even ashamed?

"So... do you remember your first time now?" Karma croaked softly, and then after a long pause in which Amy opened her mouth but failed to say anything added, "Cause I don't remember. My first time with a girl, that is."

For a few seconds Amy looked dumbfounded, then bit her lip. Once again she was left with a dilemma, only this time she had the opposite problem. She could remember everything about last night, and didn't see how she could possibly forget their real first time as last night was something she could never imagine forgetting. And yet to admit that would mean the end of whatever it was she and Karma were doing,, and she didn't want that. More importantly she knew when Karma was lying, and she was like 99% sure Karma was lying, and if she really was lying the only reason for it Amy could think of was that she wanted an excuse to do this again.

So once again Amy lied, "No, I can't remember a thing."

"Oh." Karma smiled softly, "I guess we better try this again."

"I guess we have too." Amy said solemnly, although she was unable to stop herself from smiling.

Yeah, Amy could keep faking it for a little longer.


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