Disclamer: I do not own Fresh prince or any of its characters im just a fan
that is writing a parody...just a parody.

Fresh Prince Of Bel Air: Sisterly love (Ff,inc)
by Anonymous

Ashley lay in her bed crying, due to the sadness she had. She just recently
broke-up with her boyfriend who had taken her virginity. Her mind raced back
to her first time with him. As he thrust in and out of her cunt causing them
to orgasm in multitudes. After their time that night he left without saying a
word. The next morning at school, she tried to speak with him about it, but
he kept on dodging her everytime.

That afternoon, he finally said, "Leave me alone, girl. It was just a fling.
Did you really think that after that we would still be together." She did.
Her sobs were loud enough to wake her older sister in the next room. "Hey
Ashley...I'm trying to get some sleep. Would you please be quiet?"

"Shut up."

"Don't talk to me like-"

"Just shove off."

Hilary finally noticed her mood. "What's wrong?"


"Then why would you be crying?"

"Ok fine I'll tell..." she was cut by herself when she saw what Hilary was
wearing. She wore a white nightgown, much like what she was wearing except
thinner. And in this lighting it was almost seethrough. She could have seen
her sisters nipples if she weren't wearing a bra. How could she sleep like
that she thought. She saw her older sisters face which usually had the most
beautiful smile, now looking worried. Her long legs and curvous body made
her downright...HOT!

"Tell me what?"

"Well...Zeke...had sex with me and-"

"Left you!"


"It's happened to me you'll be fine."

"How'd you cope?"


"Deal with it."

"Oh...I met more guys, got them to like me, got there numbers, went home,
and...uh...masturbated 'til I was asleep."

"What's that?"

"You don't know what that means and you've had sex?"


"Well...its hard to explain so...I...uh...wait"


"No no, I couldn't."

"Come on, we're sisters, between us."

"Fine...Ill just show you I guess, but you have to follow me...OK."


Hilary stood up from her seat and took her nightgown off leaving Ashley
wide-eyed. Hilary took her hands behind her back and unclipped her bra.
Ashley just stared speechless at her sisters perfect breasts. How round
and firm they were and the nipples were brown and rock hard. She put her
thumbs in the elastic of her panties as she bent down and took them off.
As she stood up she revealed her shaved lips to her little sister.

"Ok...ash...your turn."


"C' said you would listen to me."


Ashley stood up from her bed and removed the nightgown over her head. As she
did so, she revealed Everything to her sister as she stood in her glory.
Although darker skinned, larger nipples, and an unshaved pussy, Ashley looked
like her sister. Hilary looked up and down her sister and said, "Are you

"Yeah, I think I am."

"Ok...first...masturbation is self pleasuring for girls and guys who can't
get any action or are just plain horny. Are you going to do as I say?"

"What if we get caught?"

"No, we won't. Dad and mom are gone, Geoffrey is on vacation, and Will and
Carlton are in the pool house...we are alone so let's get started. First take
your hands and squeeze your breasts."

As Ashley did as she was told, she noticed her sister doing the same actions
as her. She too rolled her hands over her breasts. Noticing her sisters'
reaction as well as the attention her breasts were getting, she started to
feel some moisture in between her legs.

"Now pinch your nipples slightly." As the girls did this action to their
bodies, a sensation surged through them both causing them both to moan.

"WOW!" said Ashley.

"Oh yeah! Now feel yourself up and rub everyplace on your body." As Ashley
followed her sister she began to feel that sensation she had when she had sex
with Zeke. As their hands roamed their own bodies, the temperature between
them began to rise.

"Now put one hand on your pussy and have it rub there."

Ashley slowly slid her hand down her belly, across her bush and finally
touching her lower lips. She slowly began her rubbing move as it sent wave
after wave of pleasure through her. She saw her sister enjoying the sensation
with her eyes closed and that beautiful smile on her face. As they both moved
their hands faster and faster, Ashley saw the pleasure on her sisters face
and she bet her sister could see Ashley's pleasure.

"Now here comes the real finger-fucking sensation." Cursed Hilary

"Huh?" said an astounded Ashley for hearing Hilary say such language.

"Take your middle finger and put it IN your cunt."

Ashley watched as she saw her sister's finger delve deep into her folds.
Ashley did as she was told, spread her legs stuck her finger right into her
pussy. She and her sister moaned loudly as their digits did their work. Their
fingers thrusting faster and faster inside of them. Ashley looked down at her
sisters' pussy and noticed that she too was drenched with her own pre-cum.
She also noticed that Hilary was now using two fingers, so Ashley followed
her suit again. They were both moaning loudly enough for the boys to probably

An explosion of ecstasy surged through the both of them as they had their
orgasm together. Their bodily fluids running down their wobbly legs as they
removed their drenched hands out of themselves and moved to lay on the bed.
The panting girls just stared at the ceiling for a moment until Hilary moved
her cum soaked fingers into her mouth and tasting her juices.

"EWWW!" said Ashley "What are you doing?"

"Just try it, trust me, you'll like it."

Ashley stuck her wet fingers in her mouth and tasted her sweet self. She
enjoyed herself ...A lot.

"See, told ya'."

"Where did you learn this?"

"Well, remember that one time I went to a party and did not return until 9:00


"Well I got a little drunk and-"

"Hammered is more like it."

"Anyways at that party I sorta had a threesome with Michelle and John."


"Yeah and after she licked me all over my pussy and I came, she caught some
in her mouth and kissed me."


"Yeah, and since then I have always done that."

"Well, thanks for the lesson I needed it."

"No problem," she then said seductively, "Should I give you another lesson?"

Ashley looked to Hilary and said, "What kind of lesson?"

Hilary looked to her little sister and kissed her with a passion.

The kiss surprised Ashley at first but after a moment of alarm, she soon let
her sister take her. Feeling Ashley let go, Hilary took advantage and stuck
her tongue inside her sisters mouth. Ashley feeling confident for the next
step in her sex life, massaged her sisters tongue with her own.

After a while of making out, Hilary moved her hands from her sisters
shoulders and while breaking the kiss, strattled her little sister. Placing
her hands upon Ashley's breasts and massaging her C cups. After moments in
this position, Hilary brushed thumbs around Ashley's nipples enjoying the
moan she let out.

Hilary leaned in and kissed her sister for one last long time while moving
her legs in between Ashley's legs. Kissing her neck, collarbone, stayed on
her nipples for some time, belly button, pubic hair and then finally reaching
the sweet spot. Ashley moaned as her sister licked at vagina and with each
thrust she became wetter and wetter.

"How do you like that?"

"Loving it."

"Well try this." as Hilary thrusted her fingers inside of her and licked at
her pussy Ashley moaned loudly.

Ashley, unable to stand anymore, screamed through her orgasm as her fluids
poured out into her sister's mouth. Quickly while Ashley was still in a state
of shock, Hilary moved up and again made out with her sister letting her
taste her own cum.

Ashley swallowed every drop of herself from her sister's mouth. Lovingly
Ashley licked all the edges of Hilary's mouth before they both settled back

Ashley said, "WOW! That was amazing. Do you want me to return the favor?"

"No. I don't think that will be possible. The guys may have heard that so we
will have to do that some other time."

"Come on I know you want it. I can see you dripping with pre-cum."

"I will have to handle that myself," gesturing to her middle finger in an
upward motion, "If carlton finds us together, he'll tell mom and dad, and if
will finds us he'll blackmail us into having sex with him."

"Oh...OK...but one last kiss."

Hilary smiled and bent over to kiss her little sister good night...deeply.
After that she stood up and walked out of the room shaking her hot ass for
her little sister to see.

Hilary turned off the light and left her little sister in the darkness with
a wet bed, wet clothes and wet pussy.


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