Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air: Hot Sex Part 1 (mf,mf-mast,inc,anal,voy,exhib)
by Richard Dias

Ashley Banks was sitting out by the pool house on a hot summer's day in
Bel-Air. She was wearing a red bikini top that did little to hide her C cup
tits. Also she wore a matching thong that gave a perfect view of her hot ass.
After getting out of the pool the breeze hit her crotch and she started to
get horny. She moved the thong to the side while she started rubbing her

Just then Will came home from basketball practice and wanted to take a swim
in the pool. As he moved through the backyard he saw Ashley pumping two
fingers in and out of her black cunt. His dick started to grow so he took
his shorts and shirts off. He started to jerk his 10 inch dick off. Ashley
picked up her speed and drove another finger into her cunt as she imagined
it was her cousin with his huge black dick fucking her. She moaned his name
and he heard her. So he went outside and said, "You don't have to fantasize

"Oh, Will, I really want you," Ashley says.

"Well, come and suck my cock," Will replied

Ashley then crawled over to where Will was standing and slowly licked the
tip of his dick sending shivers throughout his body.

"Oh God, Ash, that is so good!" Will gasps.

Ashley then proceeds to deep throat his whole cock. Ashley bobs her head
faster and faster until Will finally cums.

"Oh, Ashley, I'm cuuuummmmmiiiinnnnnngggggg! Take it all baby!" Will groans.

Ashley swallows all of Will's cum and slowly gets up.

"I wanna suck your big titties now, Ash," Will says regaining some energy.

Will takes off Ashley's bikini top and starts to circle around her left
nipple before biting and sucking it while he plays with the other. Then he
switches nipples.

"Will eat me out now," Ashley pants.

Will moves his way down to her pussy and pulls her thong down he starts by
kissing all around her clit before flicking her clit with his tongue. Will
then opens up her folds and sticks his tongue inside making sure to hit every

"Oh, Will, that's so good!" Ashley screams.

Will then takes a finger and sticks it in Ashley virginal ass making her

"OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, WIIILLLLLLLLLLLLL, I'mmmmmmmmmmmm cumminnnnnnnnnnng!!!"
Ashley screams.

Will laps up all of her juices.

"You ready to get fucked now?" Will says.

"Yeah, I've been dreaming of this since you moved out here," Ashley replies.

Will then positions his dick at the entrance of Ashley's cunt. He slowly
pushes in finding no resistance at all.

"Ash, you're not a virgin," Will says astonished his innocent cousin has had
sex before.

"Carlton fucked me in his room while mom and dad were on vacation," replies

Will then begins thrusting in and out of Ashley's wet cunt. He begins moving
faster and faster while Ashley begins bucking her hips to match Will's
thrusts. Will then flips her over so she's on top and she begins bouncing up
and down on his cock and will has his hands on her hips helping her pick up

"Oh God, fuck me good, Will! Ahhh, fuck me!" Ashley pants.

Ashley bounces faster and faster and then she orgasms.

"Aaaaahhhhhhh fucckkkkkkkkk, Willllllllll!!! I'mmmmmmmmmmmm cummmmmmmming!!!"
Ashley screams.

Then Will has her get on all fours and begins to fuck her doggy-style up her

"Oh God, Will, fuck my ass!" Ashley says.

"Ash, your ass is so tight," will pants.

Will then begins to fuck Ashley's ass harder and harder.

"Oh, give it to me good, Will!" Ashley screams.

Then Will begins to cum in her ass.

"Oh yeah, Will, dump your seed in my ass!" Ashley screams.

"Here it is, Ash!" Will says.

Will then goes to take a shower in the pool house where he sees his fiance

'Oh shit! What does she know?' Will thinks.

To Be Continued...


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