Fresh Prince Of Bel Air: Assault In Bel Air (MF,Mf,anal,oral,ncon)
by Ynyn ([email protected])

Hilary and Ashley Banks were going to be home alone tonight. With Will and
Carlton away at Las Vegas and their parents at a college reunion, the two
girls were set for a girl’s night at home.

Hilary had picked up Ashley from school and the two went shopping at the
mall all afternoon. Unbeknownst to them, they had a secret admirer who was
stalking their moves ever since the family departed that morning.

Hilary was wearing her usual hot, chic outfit. She wore a slim black skirt,
black hose and a button front white jacket top. Her sister Ashley was wearing
a pastel color one-piece dress with white nylons. The two attractive siblings
were completely oblivious to the man watching them all day.

Geoffrey, their butler, had been granted an extra day and had left after
preparing meals for the girls to eat over the weekend.

As the girls entered the mansion, they went to their separate rooms to try on
their new clothes. Their follower entered the home through an unlocked window
and crept up the stairs toward the bedrooms.

He was set to enter Hilary's room when he heard he calling to Ashley.

"Hey Ash, I'm going to take a shower, I'll be down in about 20 minutes,
okay?" The elder sister asked.

"Yeah, fine." Came the reply from the room down the hall.

The intruder decided to head for the young girl's room first. He slowly
turned the doorknob and peered inside. There was Ashley, slowly removing her
dress to try on some new clothes. She had unzipped the back and pulled it
down to just below her tits. She was posing and checking out her chest in the
mirror, never noticing the masked man coming up from behind.

Ashley just caught a glimpse of the man in the mirror as he grabbed her.

"AGHHHHHH!! HILARY!!! HELPPPP-MMMPHHHH!" Her cries quickly muted by a gag in
her mouth while the man threw her onto her bed.

"MMPPHHHHH!" She shook her head no as her eyes became wide in fear. She saw
her attacker pull out a pair of handcuffs and lock her wrists over her head
to the headboard.

Without wasting a minute, he yanked down her dress to expose her breasts.
They were still covered by a white bra until he tore that away roughly.

Tears were starting to be shed from the teen as the intruder mauled her
breasts with his hungry mouth and his hands.

He pulled off his pants and Ashley saw an enlarged cock for the first time in
her life and was terrified of its size. The attacker pulled down her nylons
and tore away the girl's panties. He then maneuvered himself in between her
shapely legs and started to force his large member into her virgin hole.

He lowered his head beside her ear and whispered to her, "Oh yeah, you
fucking rich bitch. I've been watching you and big sis all day. We are gonna
have some fun tonight!"

Again she shook her head NO in protest while the man continued to force
himself into her pussy. It hurt her so much that her cries came through the


Then he got set, and with a violent push, he tore away her innocence and
started to fuck the beautiful teen.

He told Ashley to wrap her legs around him while he fucked her, and she
slowly complied even though it hurt her tremendously.

There was Ashley Banks, lying on her bed, her wrists cuffed over her head and
her dress torn off of her chest. The girl's naked tits were bobbing to the
rhythm of his pumping. Her slender, nylon clad legs were wrapped around her

Excited by the sexy feel of her smooth legs, the man soon exploded his load
into the girl. He then squeezed her tits and got up from the bed, shortly
after, he heard the water cease running in the shower.

"Looks like it's time for me to meet your sister!" He said with a grin as he
exited the room, leaving the nearly naked and bound Ashley on the bed.

Walking across the hall, he slipped into Hilary's room and crept toward the
bathroom door. Just as he was about to open the door, it opened from within
and Hilary emerged from the room wearing a robe and drying her hair with a

She never knew what hit her.

Hilary was grabbed by the man and dragged to the bed where he forced her down
and pulled open her robe, exposing the hot girl's naked form.


He smacked her three times across the face as he ordered her to be quiet.

"Shut up, bitch!! I already had some fun with little sis, and now it's your


He swiftly tied Hilary's hands to the bed while she struggled against her


He stripped the robe completely away from the hot body of Hilary Banks. Her
long, sexy body was all his for his amusement. He grabbed her legs and forced
them apart. He shoved his face down into her crotch. The intruder then went
to work on Hilary's pussy, moving his tongue all around inside of her while
she struggled.

"OHHHHGAWDDD!! NOOOOO!! OHHHHHHH!" She cried out against the unwanted
pleasure she was beginning to feel from his oral assault.

Hilary's head began swaying from side to side as the pleasure increased. She
began breathing heavily and panting while she flailed about. Her hips started
to grind into the face of the man in the mask while he ravished her.


Hilary had the most intense orgasm of her life, her back arched upward and
she exhaled very deeply.


Her sweaty, naked body collapsed back onto the bed. The man lifted his head
up from her body and started crawling his way up on top of her.


Hilary yelped as he shoved his rock hard dick inside of her wet pussy.
And he began fucking her with reckless abandon.


Her long hair flew about while he pounded into her, occasionally sucking and
groping her large tits. He fucked her harder while her tits bounced wildly.
Then, he shot a long stream of sperm into her.

He got up and left the naked beauty tied to the bed and went to pay Ashley
another visit!

He entered her room to find the young teen tugging violently at her bindings
trying to get free. She cried out as she saw him coming toward her again.

"You can yell all you want now, Ashley. There's nobody for you to call."

He removes her gag and turns her mouth to him and forces his dick passed her
soft lips.

"Now, suck it good, bitch. Don't make me hurt you or Hilary any more."

He tells the girl as he fucks her mouth. Grabbing her hair, he pulls her head
back and forth along his member until he spurts down her throat.

"Swallow it all!" He commands. The teen gags and forces the load of semen

Fully satisfied, he decides that he wants her once more. He strokes his hand
up her nylon-clad legs once more. Then the masked intruder unhooks her cuffs
and flips her over before cuffing her again. She knows what he has in mind
and pleads for him not to do this.


Ashley shouts as she feels him slamming into her virgin asshole, his rock
hard cock tearing through her nylons as he penetrated her deeply.


Grabbing her hair again, the intruder bangs young Ashley with vigor. Tears
were falling from her eyes from pain and shame.

Down the hall, her older sister Hilary hears the assault and works feverishly
trying to get free to aid her sibling.

As he dumps another load into the girl, he gets up and leaves the broken girl
crying on her bed. He heads down the hall for one last shot with Hilary. As
he opened her door, he sees that she has freed herself! He looks around for
his other prize as she comes charging out of the bathroom, still nude, trying
to hit him with a large towel rack she must've broken off the wall.

"Take this, you motherfucking scumbag!!!" She shouts as she swings.

He catches the metal bar with ease and rips it from her arms. She immediately
cowers and tries to cover herself as she sees the anger in his eyes.

FOR THAT!!" He angrily yells as he smacks Hilary across the face, knocking
her to the floor. He then grabs her by her hair and drags out of the room and
into Ashley's room.

Ashley is still lying on her side, her dress pulled up over her waist, her
naked chest and lower body still exposed. She was still sobbing when she
heard the two enter. Bawling once she saw her naked, beaten older sister,
Ashley begged for him to go away.


He slams Hilary face down beside her sister.

"I was going to honey, but your smart ass sister tried to hit me in the
head with a fucking metal rod! Now, I gotta teach her a lesson…and you too,

She cries louder as she watches the assailant roughly grab Hilary's hair and
fuck her ass very violently. Hil was still sobbing from the smack down and
now the anal assault was making her bawl even louder.


He fired off another one into Hilary and went over to fuck young Ashley in
front of her sister. He cuffed Hilary to the side of the bed, facing her
sister. He then rolled Ashley over and, with her arms all twisted about; he
forced his dick into her vagina once again.



He fucked her with an evil sneer on his face and he stared at Hilary the
whole time. After leaving even more of his seed inside the pretty girl, he
arose and smacked Hilary and pulled up his pants.

"Thanks for the pussy, you fucking rich bitches!" He says as the masked man
left the bedroom where the two brutalized teens lay.

The intruder left, looking for his next conquest.

Hilary and Ashley were helpless until their parents returned home in a few


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