Father Knows Best: Betty Learns Part 1 (MF,mf,oral,voy)
by Betty Jo Yum ([email protected])

Betty changed her mind. She didn't want to go to the movies with Bud and Kathy. They were going to see the Absent Minded Professor and that just seemed too juvenile to Betty. So she dropped Bud and Kathy off and said she'd be back to pick them up in a couple of hours.

Besides, she had some thinking to do. Ralph was beginning to be a little more persistent about wanting to advance their relationship to a more physical level. So far she had been able to keep Ralph at bay. Betty decided to go home and talk to her mother.

Betty parked the car in front of the driveway and walked in to the kitchen but was surprised to not find her mother there. She heard a noise coming from fathers office near the stairs and went to see if it was mother. As she got near the door she heard her mother talking.

"Ok, Jim. I've waited all I intend to wait! Either you whip it out or I'll get it out myself."

Jim responded, "Margaret, what's got in to you? You haven't been this horny in years."

Betty almost fainted.

"Don't you worry about that, dear. Just give me what I need."

Betty heard a strange gurgling, slurping sound, then heard father beginning to moan. Betty carefully snuck a look around the door and nearly fainted again. There was her mother, on her knees in front of her father giving him a blowjob. Betty had heard about them but certainly had never seen one before. She found herself listening and sneaking a peak when she got the nerve.

"Oh Jim, that was a big load tonight!"

Betty knew she had to leave. She quietly gathered herself and snuck out the back door, then drove to the malt shop. She sat in the booth replaying everything in her head. Her mother orally gratifying her father? She never would have believed it, but she had seen it for herself. Before long Ralph came in. Betty motioned him over.

"Let's go for a ride, Ralph."

"Where do you want to go, Betty."

"Let's go up to the point"

Ralph began to stutter, but shook his head yes.

Before she knew it, Betty was up at the Point overlooking the town.

Betty looked at Ralph and said, "Ok big boy, it's time!" She reached over and unzipped Ralph's pants and said, "I haven't had dinner yet, but I'm about to!"

Before he knew it it, Betty had wrapped her lips around him and was sucking and slurping him.

It only lasted about four minutes before he shot his wad. Betty wasn't sure what to do so she just swallowed. With the heat gone Betty became embarrassed and wanted to head back to the malt shop. They drove without saying anything. When she was getting out she looked at Ralph and said, "We are going to do that again?"

But first Betty had some more thinking to do.


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