Father Knows Best: Betty Earns A Formal (Mf,inc)
by Swanson

Jim Anderson picked up the mail as he walked into the living room after a long day at the office. "Bills, bills, nothing but bills," he said as he entered the kitchen. "What are all these different bills?" He asked.

"Mostly bills for Betty, shoes, hairdo, etc." Margaret answered. Jim mumbled something as he walked out of the room.

Betty came running into the kitchen and said, "Mother you'll never guess who asked me to the Cinderella Ball. Don the most handsome boy in school."

"What were you planning to wear, we will have to go through your closet for your best dress if you are going out with the best looking boy in school," her mother said.

"Mother, I don't have a dress but I saw a great dress at the dress shop," Betty replied. "Where's Father?"

"In the living room, going over the bills," Bud said. He then yelled, "Father, hold onto your wallet, Betty needs a new dress."

Betty goes into the living room and asked, "Father, may I have some money for a new dress for the Cinderella Ball?"

"How much is it going to cost me?" Jim asked.

"Well it is a formal so it is quite expensive, $89.00," Betty replied.

"$89 is out of the question. I might give you $15 or $20 but it is almost $100," Jim said.

"Well I'll just have to get a job and earned the money. Do you know of any jobs I can get where I can make $89 in less than 2 weeks?" Betty asked.

Laughing Jim said, "Betty good luck."

Over the weekend Betty looked in the newspaper, asked her friends and stop at several stores. But she had no luck. On Monday, Joanie, a girl she hardly knew came up to her and said, "Betty I heard you are looking for a job that pays good. I know a man who is looking for some models; he will pay $100 for a day's work. Are you interested? Before you answer, the job is for being in a film, what people call a stag film."

"I'm not interested in doing a stag film," Betty replied.

"OK but if you change your mind; the man will be in room 8 at the motel just outside of town on Main Street." Joanie said.

All the next day Betty tried to find a job. All she could find were jobs that would take her a couple months to make $89. She really wanted to go to the dance in the dress she saw at the dress shop. She went to her father's office and asked him, "Father if you give me the $89, I'll pay you back over the 2 months from the money I make at a job."

"Betty, it time you learn money doesn't grow on trees. You have plenty of nice dresses you can wear or if you find a new one for $15 or $20, I'll pay for it. But I'm not going to give you $89 for a dress you will probably only wear once." Jim answered.

Betty stormed out of his office and caught the Main Street bus. She got off outside of the motel and knocked on the door to room 8. A man answered and Betty said, "Mister a friend told me you were looking for some models for a stag film. I would like to apply."

The man looked Betty up and down. She didn't look like his normal actress who had a big bust line. However she was pretty and had an innocent look and he was short one girl. So he said, "If you are willing, you have to sign this release. Be at this address tomorrow at 4:00 pm, we will be making several films. The pays is $25 per film and I would guess we can make 4 or 5 films."

Betty arrived at the address which was an old warehouse right after school around 3:45. She knocked on the door and entered into what was a make shift movie set, with a bedroom, a bathroom, and a living room. She signed the release without reading it and the man who was named Mario said, "OK Betty ready for your first film? Who'll enter the bedroom set and slowly remove all your clothes. Make sure your back or side is to the camera, I will tell you when to turn and give the camera a full frontal shot."

Betty felt very embarrassed undressing in front of several people but she wanted to go to the ball so she did what Mario asked her to do. After about 5 minutes, the film was over. Next she did a scene about taking a bath. Same thing filming was about 5 minutes long. The third scene she was asked to do a striptease, this time filming was only about 3 minutes. Betty was wondering if these were all scenes in one big film or 3 separate films. As she started to ask Mario, he said, "Ok Joanie and Betty get into the nurses uniform on the rack. Bob get into the hospital gown and get into the bed. Joanie and Betty you are going to give Bob a sponge bath and when you get to his dick give him a hand job. Then girls remove your uniforms and Joanie your give him a blow job; Betty stand next to the bed and masturbate. Joanie then crawl on top of him and fuck him. Everyone got it?"

Betty pulled Joanie aside and said, "I never gave anyone a hand job, what should I do?"

Joanie said, "Do what I do, just move your hand up and down on his dick."

Betty did what was asked of her and was shock when Joanie actually had sex with Bob. Mario said, "That's it, no more filming." He then gave Betty a hundred dollar bill and asked her, "Will you be back on Friday, I will have these developed and you can see yourself on film. Also we will be making more films over the weekend."

Betty replied, "I'm busy Friday and I don't think I'm going to do anymore films."

Betty arrived home late Wednesday night and went directly to bed. On Thursday morning she told her mother she did not feel well enough to go to school. Again Friday she stayed home from school. After work that night her father came up to her room and asked, "Princess, how are you feeling? Can I get you anything?"

Betty burst into tears and said, "Father I did something very stupid. I'm so ashamed, I don't want to live."

"Princess nothing can be that bad and I have done some pretty stupid things," her father replied.

"Father, I made a stag film and I was naked and I touched a man's penis." Betty cried.

"Betty what were your thinking, give me all the details. You're under 18, they can't use the films," Jim yelled.

Betty told him that she made 4 films and where to find Mario. Jim stormed out of the house and went to Mario's motel room. He knocked on the door and when the door was opened he said, "Are you Mario? I'm Jim Anderson and my daughter is Betty. You used her some of your films, I want those films. Betty is not 18 and you can't use her in your films. I have several friends in the police department, district attorney's office and I know several judges. I can make a lot of problems for you."

Mario replied, "I have a release form she signed stating she was 18."

"Did you check her ID? I don't care what form you have the police would be very interest in your operation." Jim asked.

"OK, OK, I'll give you the films but I want my $100 plus other costs." Mario demanded.

"Here's your $100 and my not calling the cops is your other costs."

Jim left with 4 reels of Super 8 film and went home. He quickly walked in the house and got his Super 8 projector. As he left he yelled, "Bud I have a meeting at the office."

Betty hearing Father she ran down the stairs and asked, "Bud where did Father go?"

"He grabbed the movie projector and went to the office for a meeting." Bud answered.

Betty grabbed the extra set of keys for her father's office and ran out of the house. When she got to the office, she slowly unlocked the front door and tip toed in. Father's personal office door was locked; she got the key out of the secretary's desk and peeked in. Father was watching the films of her, he had his back to her and she could not see what he was doing. She quietly walked into the office and saw that her father was masturbating to movies of her naked. She could not help herself as she let out a soft scream, "Oh Father!"

Jim quickly turned to see his daughter watching him jerking off. She reached down and started to pump his dick. Jim started to moan as Betty stroked his dick. He said, "Princess it feels so ...."

Betty interrupted him and said, "Father, do you want to do your daughter?" She stopped stroking his dick and started to remove her dress.

Jim could not believe his virgin daughter was giving herself to him willingly. Betty was standing in front of him totally naked. He reached out and massaged her wet pussy. He said, "I wanted to stick my dick in you for a long time, but it will hurt."

With Betty laying down on the couch and Jim climbed on top of her. He felt and kissed her small perk breasts. He slowly began to rub the tip of his dick on the opening to her wet pussy. He heard Betty start to moan, finally she urged, "Please Father Please! I want your penis in me. Please take my virginity, fuck me."

"Betty where did you learn to talk like that, I like it, do it some more," Jim said.

"Fuck me Father, please fuck me; stick your cock in me."

Jim spread her pussy lips with his fingers and inserted a finger. He moved his finger in and out several times and then guided his dick to entrance of her pussy. Betty wrapped her legs around his waist and pushed with her legs trying to get him to enter her. He said surprisingly, "Where did you learn to...." Betty cut him off and said "I want your cock, please stop teasing me. Fuck me."

Not wanting to let his little girl down, he slowly pushed into her pussy. She was very tight but he continued to push forward until he had his whole dick inside of her. She moaned a little in pain as he started to pull out but he was at a point of no return. He picked up speed and drove his dick harder and deeper into her. Betty was now moaning in pleasure and she started to move her hips in unison with his plunges. He said, "Do you like being fucked by your Father?"

"Yes, yes, oh God yes, fuck me Father." Betty screamed.

His hips and her pubic bone were making a slapping sound as they met on his forward thrusts. Her nipples were hard and erect, so he leaned down and began to suck on one. Betty was pawing at his back, grabbing at his shirt. He could tell that she was enjoying being fucked and picked up speed, ramming his dick into her hard. He could feel her pussy walls begin to grab his dick and her body started to quiver and shake. He knew she was about to cum and this caused his balls to tighten. He pulled out of her just as she had an orgasm. He also had an orgasm shooting his cum all over her stomach. His dick continued to pulsate, oozing sperm for a minute or two. Betty smiled and said, "Did you like fucking your dirty little girl?"

Jim kissed her and said, "Princess, it was most incredible feeling I have ever had. Let's get cleaned up and we'll get your formal. You have earned it."

"Thanks but Father I think I need to make more payments," Betty said laughingly.


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