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Famous Jett Jackson: Pool Party
by MaiIsDaBomb

Jett Jackson had it made, he had money, he had his own TV show (Silverstone)
that he had moved to his hometown in North Carolina. He was only 16 years
old and he was a young black man who had it all, except a girlfriend. Kayla
a pretty black girl with a nice body nice size breasts for a girl her age,
and a very nice ass best described as a bubble-booty. She was also one of
Jett's best friends. Jett and Kayla had feelings for each other for quite a
while, but neither of them had acted on them. Maybe they were afraid of
losing their friendship if they got involved. Maybe it was because of their
friend J.B. He was a white guy who's parents owned the town's grocery store.
He was a chunky guy, and was considered to be kind of a dork at school.
Certainly if Jett and Kayla were a couple he'd feel like a third wheel, or
the odd man out.

Jett had persuaded his dad to get a pool this summer since the heat in
Willstead, N.C. had been unbearable. So he call up Kayla and J.B. and asked
them to come on over. Jett was prepared to make his move on Kayla, after all
he knew he couldn't control himself if he saw her in a bikini. So Jett was
prepared to get her attention too, he wore a black Speedo swimsuit.

Later in the day Kayla and J.B. arrived and to Jett's surprised Riley was
with them. Riley was Jett's co-star on his TV Show "Silverstone." She was a
thin pretty blonde with a light complexion. They were both dressed in their
regular clothes so Jett was gonna have to wait a while to see the sexy young
women in their swimsuits. After they all got a look at the pool though they
were ready to change, much to Jett's delight. Jett noticed both women eyeing
him in his Speedo. "That's right Kayla you look and admire me, then get in
that bikini and come on out and show me some skin girl," he thought to

Moments later J.B. walked out in a black pair of shorts, he was ready to get
in the pool. J.B. was followed by the women. First came Kayla she was in a
white bikini, that accented her nice cleavage. The bottoms were sidestrings
with a full coverage back on Kayla's plump bottom. Kayla smiled sweetly at
Jett and he smiled back, it certainly looked like they were about to hook
up, but then....he saw Riley. Riley was in a pink strapless bikini. She
modeled it for Jett and showed that the pink bottoms were a thong in the
back! Jett's jaw dropped at the sight of Riley's awesome creamy white ass,
the way the thin pink material clung to it. Jett had never more wanted to be
a pink bikini bottom in all of his life.

Riley turned around completely then saw Jett's erection in his Speedo's, she
grinned an evil grin as she did a swimsuit model pose with her hands on her
hips. "So you like what you see?"

"Oh hell yeah," replied Jett.

The two teens stared at each other with lust in their eyes both totally
oblivious to the fact that they weren't alone. Kayla was pissed, she thought
she was finally gonna get Jett to notice her, and then here comes this blonde
bitch in her slutty bikini and she's invisible to Jett.

"Hey Riley you uh wanna check out the pool house?" Jett asked.

"Sure Jett lead the way." Riley said with confidence.

They walked away together hardly giving Kayla and J.B. more than a glance.
Kayla swore she saw Riley put an extra shake in her ass as they walked away
as if to say "He wants some of me not you Kayla."

Kayla looked over at J.B. and noticed that he also had a hard-on in his
shorts, but he was staring at Kayla not Riley. Kayla was flat out horny, she
wanted a cock inside her, she hated being a virgin. Seeing J.B. practically
drooling on himself staring her down, she knew she could seduce him easily.
Kayla slowly got in the pool, her bikini getting wet did little to hide her
dark skin underneath. She stared sexy at J.B. as she undid her bikini top,
letting it float in the water. Kayla extended her finger and motioned for
him to sit on the ladder next to the pool. J.B. sat down as Kayla stood up
in the water, her nice cocoa color tits clearly visible with water dripping
on them. Kayla went to J.B. giving him her sweet innocent smile (even though
J.B. wasn't buying her innocent act now) and pulled down the front of his
shorts. His cock wasn't big as far as length maybe 6 inches at best, but as
far as thickness went, he might have been 3 inches thick!

Kayla licked J.B.'s cockhead once with her tongue, then again, then finally
her mouth wrapped around his thick pole as she swallowed him in almost one
try. J.B. couldn't believe his luck he had lusted after Kayla ever since
puberty and here she was giving him head in the backyard at Jett's pool.
Kayla ever so erotically slid her mouth up and down his cock. Her fingers
playing with his balls.

"Ohh Ka...Kayla! ahhhh yeah that's it!" moaned J.B. He played with her hair
as he grabbed it and forced her mouth back and forth on his cock. J.B. went
lower and grabbed a couple of handfuls of Kayla's nice boobs. Feeling him
squeeze her nipples got Kayla going as she sucked her best friends cock for
all it was worth.

J.B. knew that he wasn't gonna last long, so he concentrated on Kayla's face
as she looked up at him and sucked him faster and faster. Her face was so
gorgeous as her beautiful lips wrapped around his thick pole. Before long
his white cum was covering Kayla. It hit her cheek her neck and one shot
even landed down on her thigh. Most of the rest of it she swallowed in her
mouth and enjoyed the taste very much. Kayla wasn't done though, she got on
the ladder with J.B. and slid out of her white bottoms. J.B. went right at
the sexy black girls ass and squeezed on both of her dark cheeks. She
wrapped her smooth legs around J.B.'s waist and kissed him hard, her round
breasts smashing against his chest. The intense kissing, and rubbing her
pussy against his cock got J.B. hard again real quick.

Kayla turned around and bent over showing him her booty-licious posterior.
He wasted no time in sliding his cock in the young teen girl. Kayla moaned
as she thought he was gonna split her in two with his thick cock. After a
thrust here and there Kayla's cherry was ripped apart. Kayla always thought
that she was gonna lose her virginity to Jett, yet here she was losing it to
J.B. of all people! J.B. didn't hesitate in grabbing her ass and slapping on
it as he fucked the sexy teen girl. Kayla started pushing her ass back to
meet his thrusts. Kayla gripped hard on the sides of the ladder so she
wasn't pushed face first in the water as her hard nipples brushed against
the cool water's surface. Before long Kayla felt an orgasm building up and
J.B.'s dirty talk to her was getting her there quickly.

"Oh Kayla yeah that's good, your fucking pussy is so tight you bitch, ahhh
that's it take it doggystyle Kayla, your my little black whore aren't you,
ahhh fuck yessssssss!"

"Oh yesss ohh J.B. yes you're gonna make me cum baby," 'Dear God I never
thought I'd ever say those words to him,' she thought.

He gave her another hard slap on the ass as she reached her climax. This
made her young cunt muscles tighten even harder around his hard thick shaft
causing him to explode. J.B.'s hot juvenile jism filled Kayla's horny hot
twat. J.B. pulled her back up to him squeezing on her nice boobs some more
as they kissed again. They held each other for several minutes until they
went ahead and got dressed, and decided to cool off in the pool.

* * *

Jett and Riley were in the pool house making out like long lost lovers.
Riley wrapped a leg around Jett grinding her crotch into Jett's cock, which
was about to burst out of his swimsuit. Jett easily (and quite quickly) got
down Riley's pink strapless bikini top. Jett moved down to Riley's firm rack
and tongued and sucked her nipples in his mouth, making sure they both got
equal attention! Riley pulled Jett's cock out and started stroking his 9
inch cock in her hand. She got moist in her bikini bottoms at the thought of
what was about to happen between her and her TV co-star. Riley was no virgin
but she hadn't felt a cock as big as Jett's before and she was eager with
anticipation at how it would feel inside of her.

For now though she slid down to her knees and put his black cock around her
pink lips, giving the black teenager a blowjob that would set a standard few
girls could compete with. She moved her head back and forth on his black
nightstick, as she couldn't help but get her pussy ready as fingers went
under her bikini thong and went inside her box. Jett grabbed Riley's short
hair and helped her along by fucking the sexy blonde's mouth. Riley knew
what she was doing as her warm mouth and flickering tongue really got Jett
going. Jett never dreamed that he'd ever experience the taboo of interracial
sex. Before today the only girl in his dreams was Kayla. Yet here today he
had a sexy as hell white blonde girl sucking his cock and looking hot
(almost slutty) in a skimpy bikini thong.

Jett knew he would come soon due to Riley's incredible oral techniques and
he wasn't about to do that, not just yet. He pulled her up, then slid down
to his knees in front of her pink triangle bikini bottom. Jett caused Riley
to moan as his tongue licked her inner thighs, then kissed her small hips,
he even tongued her sexy asscheeks. Then at last he pulled the pink bikini
thong down her smooth white legs. He was shocked to see that Riley's pussy
was shaved bald! Jett would swear his cock grew another inch at this sight!
Jett had been with a couple other girls before, but none had ever been
shaved there. Jett lifted Riley up and slid her pussy on his rock hard dick.

Pushing her up against the wall he immediately started pumping his co-star
hard! Riley wrapped her legs around Jett's ass as he pounded into her like a
piston. Jett went deeper and deeper as the blonde moaned louder and louder.
Her first time with a black man was certainly gonna be memorable as she was
impaled in mid-air on Jett's cock. Jett kept kissing Riley's tits, this was
the first time he'd seen a white girls breasts in person and he was glad to
see nipples in a color other than dark brown, like the other two black
girls he had been with. Jett rammed all of his dick inside the petite blonde
stretching her pink vagina walls like no one before ever had. Riley's ass
made slapping sounds as it was slammed down on Jett's balls.

Jett stayed inside Riley as he got on the floor with her on top of him.
Riley planted her feet on the floor and started doing more of the work as
she rode Jett hard. Jett looked up and licked his lips at the sight of
Riley's nice boobs bouncing up and down as she did her best cowgirl
impersonation riding Jett like a horse. Jett grabbed her little butt and
squeezed her buttcheeks as he enjoyed a girl doing all the work for a
change. The two were so into each other they didn't even notice that the
police chief (Jett's dad) had entered the room. He stood there shocked at
his son screwing Riley, and also turned on by the teenage blonde hottie.
Riley looked up and saw him, she was embarrassed at first but quickly
became turned on seeing that the police chief had his cock out and was
stroking it.

It was apparent to Riley who Jett had inherited his size from, since Jett's
dad was at least as big as Jett maybe even bigger. Riley motioned for him to
join them and he quickly did just that! It had been a long time since he had
sex, not since his divorce from Jett's mom. He went over to Riley and stuck
his black rod down the blonde vixen's throat while she rode Jett. Jett soon
realized what was happening, it was a strange situation seeing his father
get a blowjob, but Riley's tight pussy felt so good he certainly wasn't
going anywhere. Not to mention how hot Riley looked as she rode his black
cock and swallowed another down her throat. Jett's dad started raring back
and pumping his cock into Riley's mouth as her mouth felt as smooth as
velvet on his dick. Then he decided he wanted more than a blowjob, he got
behind Riley and pushed his cock against her asshole. Riley turned back to
protest but before she could get a word out his black tool was up her ass.
Riley instead let out a moan as both black men filled her cunt and ass with
their large black shafts. Before long Riley was loving the feeling of both
of her holes being plugged at the same time.

"Ohh yess ohhh God yes fuck my ass, yes Mr. Jackson ohhh I love it, I
fucking love it!"

This encouraged both of them to ram the horny blonde harder as their dicks
seesawed in rhythm in and out of her small body. Riley was in pure pleasure
as her body climaxed. Surprisingly though Jett and his dad weren't done with
her yet. The two traded places giving Jett a shot at Riley's ass while his
dad got to feel her pussy around his dick. The pounding went on and on as
Riley had orgasm after orgasm. Finally they were both ready to cum and they
pulled out and they both pressed their cocks against one of Riley's cheeks
by her mouth. Riley stroked both cocks in her hands as her tongue licked
each one. It wasn't too long before Jett blew his load all over Riley's
face, which she used her tongue to lick off. The way Riley looked with jism
on her face made Jett's dad shoot his load as well all over the blonde
nympho's face. Riley licked his cum up, and rubbed both of the big black
cocks on her face rubbing in the cum. Then without saying a word Jett's dad
got dressed and left. Riley and Jett decided to join the others for a swim,
after all it was a pool party.

After a long swim they all decided it was time to end the pool party. Kayla
was the first to exit and get dressed back inside. She was in a pair of cut
off blue jean shorts and a tight green shirt that made her bra underneath
very visible. She was about to leave when Riley walked in wearing her skimpy
bikini. "Is it OK if I change in here Kayla?"

"Go ahead I was leaving anyway," replied Kayla.

"Wait Kayla, look I'm sorry. I know you have a thing for Jett. I'm sorry if
your disappointed that me and him got together, and you probably think I'm
a bitch."

"Nah, its not a problem Riley, I just had my first time today, and I even
have a boyfriend now," smiled Kayla.

"No way, who with?" ssked a very interested Riley.

"Well, believe it or not it's J.B."

"Wow, was he good?"

"He was great, his cock was so thick I thought he was gonna fuck me in
half," giggled Kayla.

"Well, that's great I'm happy for you Kayla. Does this mean we can still be

"Yeah, I'd like that Riley."

The two hugged and Riley started to ge t undressed. She took off her pink
top freeing her nice rack then bent over to get her bra. Kayla had always
had deep down lesbian desires for Riley, and now Kayla was standing there
watching her bend over. 'My God is she checking me out?' Riley wondered.
Riley looked back at her and gave her a puzzled look. "What?" said Riley.

Kayla smiled an evil smile, "Well lets just say I'm admiring what Jett got
his hands on today that's all."

"Well, thanks sweetie, but if we're being blunt today, I have to say J.B.
is lucky to have a sexy bitch like you." Riley winked at her standing there
topless, she then removed her bikini bottoms. Kayla's jaw dropped seeing
Riley's cunt lips with her pubic hair shaved off. Riley laughed at the
priceless look on Kayla's face, "You like, Kayla?"

Kayla spoke not a word as she walked over to Riley and hugged her again this
time kissing Riley on the cheek then the neck. Then her fingernails brushed
against Riley's sensitive hairless pussy. Riley moaned softly, she had
fantasized about this day since she first met Kayla, and here it was. She
responded by sliding her hands under Kayla's shirt caressing her dark skin
then moving up to her breasts gently squeezing them through her bra. Kayla
stopped kissing Riley for a moment, then lifted her arms allowing Riley to
remove her t-shirt. Riley smiled at the sexy lacey white bra she was wearing
and slid her hands to the buttons on Kayla's jean shorts. After unbuttoning
Kayla's shorts they slid to the floor revealing Kayla's silky white panties.

Riley caressed Kayla's inner thighs with her hands ever so slowly touching
the outer part of the crotch of her panties. The two friends began a deep
french kiss as a hand roamed up to Kayla's big tit. The two girls were
breathing heavy as Kayla whispered to her new lover, "Take off my bra."

"Gladly," responded Riley. She unhooked Kayla in the back, she slid her
straps down and as her bra came off the two young girls pressed their
vanilla and chocolate colored tits against each other. This time Riley
kissed Kayla's neck, then went lower to her breasts, grabbing a tit and
sucking the dark nipple in her mouth and using her tongue to get it hard.
Kayla tilted her head back as Riley sucked on one breast then the other.

Riley went lower still removing Kayla's panties. She licked her thighs,
then went to Kayla's pussy and began eating her out. Kayla wrapped a leg
around Riley's head as Riley stuck a finger in Kayla's cunt as her tongue
found her clit causing Kayla to coo in pleasure. Kayla ran her fingers
through Riley's short hair as she got oral sex for the first time, and
she never imagined anyone could be better than the girl between her legs.

Riley reached up and squeezed Kayla's round dark tits as her tongue was
relentless with its assault on Kayla's clit. Kayla couldn't stand this
pleasure any longer and released her orgasm coating Riley's face with her
girl cum. Riley found Kayla to be more tasty than she ever imagined. The
two made it to the floor and began engaging in a 69 with Riley on top of
Kayla grinding her pussy into the black girls eager mouth. Riley being
more of the expert at this (she had been with another woman before) sent
Kayla to two more orgasms as she finger fucked Kayla and got her tongue
on all the hot spots of Kayla's clitoris. Finally Riley would orgasm all
over Kayla. Kayla licked up her cum finding the taste sweeter than J.B.'s
cum did earlier.

The two laid there for a while before Kayla broke the silence. "I could
really get used to this Riley."

"Well, good, its gonna be a long summer, and I'm betting this won't be last
time we're at Jett's for a pool party Kayla."

Kayla kissed Riley softly as the two naked teen girls hugged each other
tightly. 'God I love the summertime,' thought a satisfied Kayla.

The End


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