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* denotes thoughts

~~~ denotes flashback

Final Fantasy 7: Victory At Last Part 2 - You Gotta Love The Plot
by Some Random Bastard

Tifa woke up to the smell of sausages. She turned over and looked at the
alarm clock. *It's almost 11! How tired was I?*

Tifa got up out of bed and began to stretch. She slowly began to spin her
head around, clockwise at first, then counterclockwise. Then she began to
stretch out her back, at first rotating her pelvis but then she began to bend
backwards and forwards. After getting her back stretched out, she began to
stretch out her legs and her arms out. She went into the bathroom to take a
shower when she realized that she didn't have any clothes, they were still
in the truck.

"Um, Cloud?" Tifa said.

"Yea Teef?"

"Where are my clothes?"

"I put them away in the drawer. Hurry up and take a shower, I'm making some
breakfast." He yelled from the kitchen.

Tifa looked into the drawers. She got out her signature pair of shorts and
white shirt. Tifa turned on the hot water, and began to undress. She waited
until it was just right before getting in. The water was nice and warm, and
soon she began to relax. She took the lavender soap *Where'd Cloud get this?*
and began to lather herself up in the white foam. (Ain't I a tease?)

Cloud was making breakfast in the meantime. Sausages, pancakes, and some
coffee was brewing. Cloud cleared off the table of the mess he had made
making the food. He poured himself a cup and sat down. As he began to sip
at the black coffee, his mind began to wander at what Tifa was doing in
the next room. *Bad Cloud* he thought. *Keep your mind busy man* he thought.

Tifa rinsed the shampoo out of her hair, and turned the water off. She took
a towel and began to slowly dry herself off. She put on a white cotton robe
and put a towel on her head. She walked out, and was surprised to see a huge
breakfast in front of her. Cloud was sitting there, in rare form, wearing
black shorts and a blue muscle shirt.

"Have a nice shower?" He said, as he took a sip of coffee.

"Yea, it was nice to sleep in and get a break." She said, sitting down.

"Would you like something to eat? I made Sausages, some pancakes, and I have
some natural ground coffee brewing." Cloud said as he began to stand.

"Sure Tiger." Tifa said, watching as her man went to work. *My man. I still
don't know how long it will take for me to get used to that.* Cloud went to
work, he got one of the plates and a coffee mug from the stained maple
cupboard. As he took some of the sausages off of the pan on the stove, he
burnt himself when the grease spit on him. "Damn" Cloud said, biting his

"Everything ok?" Tifa asked concerned.

"Yea, just a little grease is all." Cloud said as the pain subsided. He
picked up a couple of pancakes and poured her a coffee, with two sugars, just
like she liked it. He grabbed a knife and fork, and went to Tifa. "Here you
go milady" he said with a bow and a goofy faux-French accent.

"Why however can I thank you?" She said with her fake Southern charm.

"I'm sure you'll find a way" Cloud said with his normal voice and a chuckle.
"You can wait until tonight Tiger." She said with a wink, and began to eat
her food. "Pass the syrup, would you?" She said, with a little bit of pancake
hanging from her mouth.

"I figure we spend a bit of time in the water before all the press finds us
here." Cloud said a bit regretfully. It was hard to be in the public's eyes
all the time, especially in Tifa's case. A beautiful large breasted woman
who fights just as well, if not better, than the men in the group. Naturally,
every thirteen year old boy that just hit puberty was in love with her, and
the craparazzi did their best to get every instant of her life they could.
And Cloud would make bets they would love a couple of shots of Tifa on the
beach. *Just keep a low profile. We might even get a day or two alone*

Cloud took the dirty dishes from cooking and took them to the sink. He hated
washing dishes, but this was one of the few times he wouldn't voice his
opinion, he didn't want to ruin the day with his problems. Cloud began to nod
off for a second as he began to almost subconsciously clean the dishes.

Tifa was trying to manage a thousand things in her mind. She was trying to
remember all the little details of what to do, where to go, what to say, how
to stand, where to stand, and most of all she was trying to keep her dress

"Stop walking around, you'll dirty such a pretty dress" Shera said. Tifa
didn't have many female friends, not to mention Yuffie didn't exactly strike
her as a girl that had dreamt up a wedding since she was a little girl. She
was surprised that Shera offered to help her with the marriage, although she
didn't know whether or not that was through Cid's request or not.

"I don't know, this whole thing is so foreign to me. I mean I almost never
wear these kinds of dresses. I'm not even used to just sitting around and
waiting, I'm a fighter. Give me an enemy and I can fight him." Tifa said,
trying to relax.

"It's perfectly natural to be a bit frightened dear, but you just have to do
you're best." Shera said. Tifa was so grateful that Shera had been there, she
was a godsend. She had kept Tifa busy enough not to go insane.

"I know, I know. I really want this big day, but the anticipation is killing
me. I just want to get it over with as fast as possible." Tifa said.

"Sound like someone I know" A deep voice said from behind. Barret walked into
the small open area used as the door in this small enclosure to keep the
bride away from the groom. "The groom wanted me to tell ya that he loves ya,
but a few more hours of waitin' will make him 'splode."

"What are you doing here!" Shera started to yell at him. "For all you know
she could have been changing, and then what would have happened?"

"You'd probably have yelled louder, and Tifa would have beat me until I cried
mercy." Barret said, half joking, half telling the truth. Tifa got a bit of a
giggle out of that.

"Just tell him that I hope he can wait another half-hour until the ceremony

"...Tiger?" Tifa said. Cloud snapped out of the memory with a jerk of the
head. "Sorry, I just sorta nodded off there. What did you say Teef?" Cloud
said, a bit upset at himself for not paying attention.

Tifa sighed and then started to repeat her prior statement. "I said why
don't you go down to the beach and get us a spot, since your already
dressed for it. I'll go change into something more appropriate for the

"Sure kitten, I'll see you there." He said, and gave her a kiss on the lips
as he grabbed the beach stuff. He made sure to get the blanket, lawn chairs,
cooler, and umbrella before walking outside of the villa.

When Cloud got out of "Villa de Cloud" he was shocked. It amazed him, for the
first time since they had saved the planet, there were no reporters. Not even
a single suspicious looking person. No little thirteen year-old girl coming
with twenty copies of a picture of him. No seventeen year-old hormone machine
trying to sneak a picture of Tifa. This was complete solitude, and Cloud
loved it.

After a brief period of shock, Cloud made his way towards the beach. Costa de
Sol had gotten to be a bigger tourist attraction, but now was a relatively
low time, since the vacation season was still a month off. *Thank god we
didn't try to come here during that time.* Cloud thought as he made his way
to the beach. He took his sunglasses from his pocket and placed them on his
eyes. He didn't have any problem with his eyes, but he wanted very much to
elude anyone on the streets who might recognize a famous face and call in a
friend of a friend who happens to know a photographer or dozen. *Finally*
Cloud thought as he made it past the hot streets to the beach.

He should have worn a pair of water shoes, or flip-flops or something, but he
had to be the big macho man and leave it back at the Villa. *Serves ya right,
ya big lug* He thought as he shrugged it off. The water would cool him off,
and with any luck he'll be back after the ground can cool off a while.

Cloud held his hand over his eyes and scanned the beach. He looked the length
of it, and found a nice secluded part. There wasn't many people over there,
and there were a few palm trees that provided a little shade. Not much, but
enough so that the sun wouldn't always be a bright annoyance in the sky.

Cloud went to the work of laying down the blanket. The sand below the trees
was oddly cool, which was a relief to Cloud's burning feet. Cloud took four
medium sized rocks and placed them at the corners. He set the two lawn chairs
on the blanket, and grabbed the umbrella. Cloud dug a small hole in the sand
to place the base into, as he grabbed the pole.

As he was placing the umbrella into the dug out earthen hole, he noticed in
the distance every man and boy (and a couple of the women) on the beach
staring at a girl on the side, maybe twenty five feet in front of him. She
was facing the opposite way from Cloud, apparently she had a flip-flop that
had come off, and she had bent down to correct it.

Cloud stared at this woman's magnificent backside. She was wearing an orange
two-piece bikini. For the top, he could see it was strapless from his view.
The bottom was small, and he could almost swear it was a thong if it was
another girl. *Yea, if the girl was a bit wider, heh* Cloud thought. She
carried a beach bag, which she put on the ground.

Cloud watched as the girl got back up, and he was able to see her long hazel
colored hair fall back covering ever so litttle of her bottom half of the
bikini. *You poor fool. You go ogling someone and it's your wife. Smooth
move* he thought as the woman turned around, revealing his wife and love.

He waved at her "Over here!" He said a bit louder than he meant. He saw
everyone who was staring at her before watch her make her way towards Cloud.
When Cloud made his way out of the shadows and into clear view, everyone but
some of the larger men averted their eyes.

"Hey Tiger" She said with a small peck on the lips.

"Grrr" Cloud said as he embraced her a second longer, and planted a serious
kiss on her.

"Now, now, be a nice boy" She said raising the index finger on her right hand
in a mock authoritative command. "And if you're really good, I'll let you put
on my suntan lotion" She said with a not too subtle wink.

Cloud had a flood of anticipation wash over him as a wave of doubt suddenly
struck him. *Did I forget it at the Villa?* He though. *Oh shit*. Cloud went
into the things he had brought, to no avail.

"Oh, by the way Cloud, you forgot this when you went out." She said as she
pulled the suntan lotion out of her bag.

"You're a goddess." Cloud said, as he was overcome with relief.

"I know that. It's just hard proving that to everyone else." Tifa said
jokingly. Each of them had a chuckle at that little one. Tifa was one of the
most humble down-to-earth girls that ever lived. She wasn't in the least bit

Tifa handed the lotion to Cloud, who squeezed the bottle a little too tightly
and a little flew beyond his hand. *Whoops* He squeezed the bottle again,
this time lighter, and enough lotion came out to start applying on his
beautiful wife.

Cloud took the lotion and started to work on Tifa's back. He slowly began to
apply the cream at her shoulders. Tifa shivered for a second as the cool
lotion made contact with her skin. Cloud began to rub her shoulders, making
sure not to miss a small micrometer. He lowered his hands down to her small
back. As he began rubbing, he could tell Tifa was enjoying this maybe a bit
too much. *So much for foreplay* He thought to himself.

Tifa was in heaven. The warm sand, the beautiful scenery, and her love slowly
massaging her back. Cloud was strong but gentle, and he was very efficient
and thorough. He went over each and every nook and cranny of her shoulders
and back at least a few times before moving on to the next part.

Tifa's pleasure was suddenly cut off as Cloud stopped the massaging. Before
she could look back to see what was wrong, Tifa was greeted by another cool
blast of tanning lotion, but this time on her lower back, closer to her
bottom. *MMM, just a little bit longer* Tifa thought as she was being
massaged now from her shoulders to right above her bottom.

"That's enough there Tiger." She said after a bit of deliberation. "Save some
of that energy for tonight" Tifa said with a bit of apprehension. She didn't
want to ruin this moment right now by being over passionate, but by the same
note she didn't want to ruin the moment by not being passionate enough.

"Alright, if you insist. How about a refreshing swim in the ocean? It's high
tide so the waves will be at peak for the morning." Cloud said.

"What, you don't want any suntan lotion?" She said with some concern. Cloud
was always being Mr. Big Macho Man, and sometimes it resulted in quite a bit
of discomfort for him. And this was the last of days he should be feeling any

"Don't worry bout me babe, worry about you!" HE said as he playfully picked
Tifa up and carried her out to sea. Tifa yelled as Cloud let her down in
shoulder length cool water.

(For both the sake of the author's sanity, and the brevity of the story,
the following is a summarized recap.)

The two played around in the ocean for hours. They swam, played with a
volleyball, did some light water fighting, and after some time they were a
bit worn out.

Cloud and Tifa got out of the water, both of them were exhausted from
spending so long in the water. They both lied down on the beach chairs, not
exactly panting but breathing pretty heavy.

"So, what did you have planned for today Cloud?" Tifa asked in between huffs.

"I didn't do any planning for today. Tonight, well that's a different matter"
Cloud said, as he looked at his wife and grinned.

"I see, well I do have to do a little shopping for tonight's little event."
Tifa said.

"And exactly what kind of shopping will you be doing, my little lady? Cloud
said with a raised eyebrow and an inquisitive voice.

"Oh never you mind." Tifa said, brushing a few rogue hairs from the front of
her face.

"What time is it?" Cloud asked, as he noticed a bit of a hunger from his

"According to the clock over there" Tifa said as she pointed to a Coca-Cola
clock hanging on the sidewall of a shop "It's almost half past four".

"Want to get an early supper, then you can get to do your shopping?" Cloud
asked. He had the cooler, but he really wasn't interested in some lukewarm

"Sure. Let's get back and take a shower though, to get all this salt off."
Tifa said as she got back up. Cloud packed up the beach chairs as Tifa began
to wrap up the beach blanket. Cloud undid the umbrella and grabbed the chairs
and cooler as he and Tifa made their way back to the Villa.

On the way there, Cloud noticed his back was hurting. When he happened to
pass by a shop, he noticed his reflection in the store window. His face was
turning beat red. *Stupid sunburn* He thought as he walked on. It was nothing
a few days and a few aspirin wouldn't fix, in both the short and long runs of
the matter.

When they arrived at their home. Cloud began to unburden himself of
everything he was carrying. "Tifa, you take the first shower, I have to get
an aspirin anyway." Cloud said as he placed the last of his baggage down.

"Alright, thanks hon" Tifa said as she went into the bedroom and got some
clean clothes.

While Tifa went to take a shower, Cloud was busying himself with finding the
aspirin and a hard drink. He knew the aspirin would be helpful, but a stiff
drink never got rid of the pain faster. As his search continued, he heard the
shower start. Cloud found a bottle of absolute vodka, but he couldn't find
any aspirin. He decided to settle for what he had, and downed a shot. *A shot
won't get me drunk, and I have had much more* Cloud thought as he downed it.
When he had, he heard the shower finish. He put the vodka away and went to
the bedroom to grab a change of clothes. Tifa walked out with her hair going
wild. Cloud paused for a moment to envision a fantasy, but it was cut short
as he decided to continue to get going.

While Cloud was taking a shower, Tifa was busying herself with the latest
Victory Secrets(Yes, the misspelling is on purpose) magazine. She was
thinking of getting some of these for some special occasion. *Heck, there'll
be plenty of those* She thought as she began to consider Christmases,
Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc. Tifa heard Cloud finish his shower and he
emerged in a fresh pair of corduroy shorts and a light green muscle t-shirt.
She noticed how hard pressed the shirt was against his ripped chest. *Damn*
Tifa thought as she saw him walk over.

"Ready Teef?" Cloud said as he outstretched his arm.

"But of course" She said as she grabbed onto his arm.

Cloud and Tifa didn't usually get a chance to get to many expensive
restaurants. There was always the press, the crowds, the harassment. Tifa
never really minded the crowd, but Cloud was always the first to get upset.
He was a very private person, and he didn't like his face being all over the
papers in the corners of the planet just because he was at a restaurant.

The young couple mad their way down the hot streets. There were people
everywhere, it was really a crowd. Cloud let a sigh out and held Tifa a
little less close. He was always overprotective, but he was less afraid of
being recognized in a crowd.

The couple finally came to a little restaurant maybe fifty feet from the
boardwalk. The restaurant was small, inside it couple maybe hold twenty five
people on a good day. There were some small umbrella-tables outside, but it
was getting too hot. As they entered the store, Cloud noticed that it was
already half past four. *Time flies when your wishing it was tonight...ugh*
Cloud thought.

The restaurant itself was decorated with pictures of local heros. Cloud
looked around and saw some old grainy black and whites of people who had done
heroic feats such as "Caught most catfish" and "Biggest drinker" up there.
Nothing that special, but it showed a bit of the culture of the place.

Tifa went to sit down at a table near the back, and Cloud followed suit. He
gave the place a quick look-around, and didn't see any threat from anyone. A
few yuppies and some tourists, and a couple of locals. And a drunk over in
the corner.

"Can I get you something to drink?" Said a bubbly blond waitress. Cloud wiped
the sweat off of his brow as Tifa ordered a Long Island Ice Tea.

"I'll have a beer please."

"Alright, would you like a menu or do you know what you'd like?" She said,
with a little bit of a squeak at the end.

"We'll take the menus" Cloud said with a little cringe at the younger girl's
high pitch voice. It bugged him for some reason he couldn't understand.

"It's so nice to be here and just order some food and eat in some normalcy."
Tifa said looking around. She wasn't very used to eating food in places like
this, she was always a waitress so shhe made her own food. Or when she was
in battle there would always be the small places on the side of the road and
food they packed. Tifa rarely spent anytime in restaurants, she realized.

"Not a bad looking menu here" Cloud said, holding the laminated maroon menu
in his face. "I think I'll have the hamburger. See anything you like yet?" He
said as he picked his eyes up and looked at her.

"I'm not that hungry, I think I'll just have a salad." Tifa said with a
shrug. She wasn't a waif, but she did care about her shape. She didn't want
to be caught off guard sometime by some bandit in an alley and actually lose
to him in a chase.

A half-minute later, the waitress came back. "I'll have the hamburger plate"
Cloud said as he handed the menu.

"I will have the Caesar Salad please."

"What kind of salad dressing would you like?"

"I'll have the Gyshal" Tifa said, handing the menu to the waitress. Cloud,
meanwhile, fought the urge to check her out.

Fifteen minutes later, their food came. Tifa really liked her salad, but
Cloud kept complaining his burger was too well done.

Cloud yawned for a moment, then checked the time. "Jeez, it's almost six
thirty. Where does the time go?"

"What are you so anxious for?" Tifa said with a mock raised eyebrow. "Just
keep the engine on cruise control until later."

"Yea. I just keep telling myself that." Cloud said.

"I have to do some quick shopping. I'll meet you back at the villa later."
Tifa said as she started to get up.

"Do you have enough money?" Cloud said as he sat up and opened his wallet.
He put down five hundred gil. The meal only cost 200, but the waitress was
nice enough, and they had more money than they would ever need. And if they
ever needed more, they could always just sell an "All" material every now
and then to pick up quite a sum.

"Yea, I should, besides I have the credit cards" Tifa said checking her

"Right, forgot about that. I'm gonna take a walk, then I'll meet you back at
the villa. I won't be out that long, I just wanna pay an old friend a visit."
Cloud said.

The couple walked out of the place together, in time to see the sun beginning
to set. Cloud made his way towards an old friend he knew. Well, friend was
putting it nice. Cloud knew a guy from the local newspaper. He had some clout
with the editor, and Cloud needed a favor.

Cloud went right into an alley. He opened the rust encrusted door and saw his
man, together with Rude and Reno of the Turks.

"Turks, get back. I need to, "speak" with him." Cloud said as he got began to
get into a fighting stance. Hiring the Turks was a bold move for the man, but
Cloud didn't know why he would go to such great lengths.

"Think you're pretty slick there, "Mr. Big Shot Save the World", huh? Well,
we have our friend here who asked us for a favor. I suggest you back out. You
gave us the option last time, and I'll do you the same favor. But just this
once." Reno said, as he pulled his nightstick and turned it on. Rude went
into his fighting stance as well, and the wuss slowly backed up away from the

Cloud didn't move, and a few seconds later he was attacked. Reno dove into
him brandishing his weapon while Rude covered his back. Cloud had no choice
but to hold back and take the shot. *DAMN* he thought, as the surge of
electricity stung. But he recovered a second later.

"Not so strong without your sword, huh!" He heard with a laugh from his man.
Cloud grabbed a chair and threw it at him. "Damn! That hurt you sonovabitch!"
Was all he heard out of him again.

Cloud found an old pool stick on the ground. He rolled past the Turks and
grabbed it. Holding it as a fighting stick, he waved Reno forward. Rude came
in, with his nightstick flailing. Cloud didn't know exactly how much went on
then, but there was less than a couple seconds worth of contact before he
landed one straight on Reno's nose. When he ducked, Cloud took his head and
kneed him. Suddenly, from behind, Rude came in diving onto Cloud's back, and
pulling him off his friend.

Cloud barrel rolled five feet away, then got back onto his stance. He wasn't
nearly as good at hand to hand as Tifa was, but he knew a thing or two. He
just wished he had some materia or something. *Wait a second...* He thought,
as he searched his pockets mentally. *Money, wallet, keys, wait... a round

He DID have some materia. Cloud dived away from his adversary for a moment,
and pulled out the ball from his pocket, only to find a marble. *You are so
stupid* He thought.

Cloud took a wooden box and charged towards Rude. He noticed Reno was on the
floor in pain, and he was almost sure he heard vomiting. *Good for him, he
deserves it.* Cloud thought. *He ought to know better, since Avalanche had
only beaten their sorry asses in every battle.* He took the box and threw it
at Rude, missing him by almost a foot. Then he remembered the marble in his

Cloud took the marble and threw it at the ground. He didn't want it in his
way. He went forward to Reno, and they began fighting(ala matrix) when
suddenly, Rude didn't lay a blow. When Cloud looked at him, he saw he had
fallen on the marble. Cloud took the opportunity and used his elbow to
inflict a crippling blow to Rude's stomach. Rude began to cough up blood,
at which point Cloud was sufficiently sure that he was incapacitated.

Cloud walked to where the wuss was, and found him, rubbing his head, no doubt
where the chair hit him.

"So we meet again..." Cloud said, trying to remember his name.

"Riley" The man said indignant.

"Tell me about the story" Cloud said

"W, w, what story you talking about?" The man stammered.

"Don't play with me, I won't put up with much bull after what you just made
me go through." Cloud said as he flexed his muscle.

"A-a-alright. It wasn't me, but someone set up a camera outside y, your h,
house. Outside your b, b, b," he gulped "bathroom window" He mumbled and then
put his head down.

"YOU SONOVABITCH!" Cloud said picking the diminutive man up by his shirt
collar. "You are leading me to the publisher, and we are going to destroy the

"Um, he, didn't put it in the paper..." the man said.

"What" Cloud spat out.

"He...sort of...planned to sell it the..." the man coughed up.

"On the what?!?" Cloud yelled, his voice rising as some spittle fell on the
shaken man.

"He wanted to sell it on the internet," he said.

"Where is he" Cloud snorted between his teeth.

"The drop off is supposed to be at the little coffee bar tonight at the
corner of Eighth and Corner Street, in a, about half an hour."

"Show me. Now!" Cloud said, forcing the bald headed man out the door. As he
walked out he saw Reno start to get up. "As for you, don't you ever come to
me or my fiance again, or next time I will even less hospitable."

Cloud got out of the factory and he could feel the cool ocean air hit him
after being in the stuffy factory it got him for a second.

"Walk. Now." Was the only words he had for the little man. It was only his
constant training that gave him the ultimate patience to deal with this petty
little man in front of him.

Cloud was surprised how much the city changed with the change of night to
day. He looked around and all of the fat tourists with their whiny children
change into nightwalkers, hookers, pimps, street leeches, the city almost
instantly turned to it's seemly underbelly. He could hear music from clubs
blasting out loud, he smelt the smoke of numerous drugs on passerbys, but
none of this concerned him. It was the same in every city, at least in this
one they waited til the dark.

"T, t, this is the p,p,p,place." Riley said, pointing across the street. "I'm
so s,s,sorry about it" he said. Cloud could tell by the look on his face he
was expecting to perhaps be spared. *Always the good guy Cloud* he thought,
and he shoved the man along his way.

"Once more and that shove will be off Cosmo Canyon." He said as a stern
warning. He doubted the little leech would again pose a trouble to him, but
sometimes such people were relentless. He walked into the room and he checked
his watch. It was a gift, and it kept perfect time. Ten minutes left.

He ordered himself a black coffee and sat down. He got a couple of quick
glances because of the blood on his shirt, but there wasn't a single man
in there that would stare at him for long. He waited and he began to notice
that this crowd was unusually happy. He saw a couple of people try to
clandestinely pass some pills around. Some were more obvious, and poured
alcohol into their coffees.

Suddenly he heard the door hit the bell, and a man wearing a brown trench
coat with a long brown mustache was there. He was about five eleven, maybe
250 pounds, oily black hair wrapped up in a ponytail flew out the back of
his trench coat. He held in his hand a black nondescript suitcase. Cloud
knew that was his man, but where was the big fish the bait was to lure?

Five minutes later he saw someone come from out back and sit down. He was
wearing only jeans and a shirt. He was black, full of muscles, he looked a
little like Barret but he wasn't quite as big. He was bald with no facial
hair, and he had brown eyes. He put his head back and he could make their
voices out just barely.

"So you have the certain, pictures I have requested?"

"It wasn't easy, but I was" he was interrupted by some drunk yelled something
inane "thing you request"

"How much?"

"These are high quality, and they show everything. I mean everything."

"How does a million gil sound?"

"Make it one and a half and we got a deal."

Cloud decided it was his time to make his move. He walked to the counter and
handed his empty cup back to the cashier. He noticed the men were both making
their way outside the store, so he followed. When he stepped outside he
thought he lost them. He turned his head just in time to see the pair go into
an alley.

He silently made his way in the alley, hiding in the shadows. He cautiously
walked forward, dodging bottles and cans along the way. The black man opened
a side door, said something, and reached in. When his hand reemerged it had
a suitcase just like the one the trench coat had. The two men exchanged the
suitcases, and the black man went in the door. The trench coat man started
making his way out of the back alley.

"Hold it there." Cloud yelled at the stranger.

"What the 'ell's yer problem?" The man said, his English a little broken.

"Give me the suitcase. Do as I say, and I'll let you leave walking" Cloud
said as he emerged from the shadows. The man looked at him, his shirt a
little damp with blood, and carrying no weapons. He made a grave mistake.

"Bring on then, Blondie." He said in a patronizing tone.

He put his hands up in a fighting stance, he was actually under the
impression he had a chance fighting Cloud Strife.

"Heh, ok, let's, I'm sorry" Cloud started to say, but he couldn't stop
laughing at the unfortunate man.

The man was infuriated, and he walked forward. Cloud stopped laughing and
faced the man. He looked like a bland pimp without the hat.

"Alright, let's do this you little punk-bitch---" Cloud hit him right in the
face, he was sent reeling and he was down for the count.

Cloud took the man and carried him to a nearby dumpster. He grabbed his
wallet and threw it in his pocket.

"Thanks for the cash. I'll make sure some homeless guy has enough booze for
tonight." Cloud said as he threw the jerk into the trashcan. He took the
suitcase and he brought it with him.

Cloud opened the door, and he was surprised to see a warehouse. It was full
of people working intently on some machinery. It looked strangely familiar to
him, but he couldn't quite remember what it was. He ducked behind a corner,
nearly dropping the suitcase, and looked out.

He saw the black man standing in the corner talking to two guards. He noticed
all three would probably add up to a metric ton, and realized a frontal
attack by himself wasn't going to work without his sword. It was at that
point he realized that the man had put away the briefcase. He looked around
and saw the briefcase was on a table fifteen feet away from him and five away
from the three.

He took a chance. He ran, threw the briefcase, hitting the black man in the
back of the head, making him lurch forward. Cloud grabbed the suitcase from
the table, and ducked out.

"GET HIM!" He heard a deep voice yell from behind. As he ducked back he
heard gunfire from behind. *Smooth one Cloud, smooth one..* he thought. He
ducked and rolled towards the door, breaking it on his way out. He ran at
breakneck speed out the door, hearing the flying steel as they whizzed by
him. He felt all the garbage underneath him shift as he ran. He could hear
the men behind him change the clip, and he knew he was in a moment or two
of safety. Suddenly he saw a figure in the black jump at him. *Crap crap
crap* he thought as he felt the man who was in a trench coat jump on him.
Cloud managed to continue, but the idiot was slowing him down. Suddenly he
heard gunfire, but this time he felt something on his back. He made a quick
turn onto the street and tried to yank the man off his back. He tried to
pull him, but it was too no avail. He could feel a wetness on his back.
*Great* he thought as he gave the stranger a hard yank, pulling him off of
him once and for all.

He looked at the street urchin and saw four bullet holes in his back. The
man wasn't bleeding, and it looked like he lost a lot of blood on the way.
Cloud dragged the leech to the entrance of the alley. He didn't really feel
bad about what happened, but he didn't like the people shooting at them. *I
know a certain sharpshooter that might silence those guns forever* he thought
silently as he took the suitcase and broke it open. He opened it and found a
stack about an inch and a half thick of pictures of his newly wed wife
changing, going to the bathroom, and showering.

Cloud grabbed the stack and continued on his way home. He found a couple of
bums sitting around a lit trashcan fire. He walked towards them, the others
noticing the blood on him. He was sure some of them knew who he was, but
nobody talked. Cloud took a fist sized rock, and he dropped the pictures
into the can, they fell about four inches into it. He put the rock in it
and watched them burn.

"Share the wealth man" Cloud said as he took out the guys wallet, and he
dropped it on the ground.

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