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Well, well, well. Welcome to another edition of SomeRandomBastard's
craptacular adult stories, adult fanfics, lemons, whatever the hell you want
to call them. This one is a bit racier than my last, because it's got mc
(Mind Control) which negates my staying true to character personality.
Without further ado...

(This is a what-if situation. What if Locke hadn't gotten there in time to
save Terra in the very beginning of Final Fantasy Six? What if the moogles
were extremely horny, and what if they got the slave crown, basically making
her their slave to their every horny will? Read further for the sexcapades!)

* indicates thought

Terra Maintains Control (or Kup, Oh Yeah!)
by Some Random Bastard

"We got her now" A wussy guard yelled from behind. Terra ran as fast as she
could, she wanted to make her way out of this dank hellhole as soon as
possible, she was sick and tired of every dumb-ass guard trying to cop a
feel before she scorched them. Great, another two.

"Fire!" She yelled, and they became just another pile of scorched bones and
skin, still smoking and smelling worse than hell. She pressed on, determined
to get to the end of this place. Why had Arvis sent her here, a couple of
Magitek wielding fools were easier than an army of guards. *No matter girl,
just keep a level heaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa* she thought as she fell 20
feet, landing on her back and knocking her unconscious.


Mogou and Moku were at the fire, warming themselves up and telling stories
of sexcapades long past. Moogles are, as you probably know, very sexual
creatures. Suddenly, a white blast came through, as Mog held a weird looking
crown up on high.

"Kupo Kupo popoKupo po! I have the crown!" He yelled.

"What crown, and what's it matter?" Mogou asked angrily.

"This is the slave crown, it makes anyone under our control!" he shot back.

"Kupo, very interesting, if there were any girls here. Now we are gonna take
a walk, come on Moku." He said as he turned his back. Moku looked at Mog,
then followed his friend back. He did think the new crown was a good
prospect, but he didn't think it mattered since all the women had left. He
caught up with his friend.

"The nerve of that guy, acting like it's a big deal he got a crown."

"Big whoop, without any chicks it doesn't mean jack shit, and we haven't had
a chick in here for months. So what, he can use it to get us under his
control? I won't be a slave to anybody!" Mogou yelled.

"I....don't think that was his plan." Moku said sheepishly.

"It doesn't matter, I still don't like that guy, he think he's all big and
all just because he can talk to those walking apes up there. Well I say
forget those, they haven't done anything except make us live down here our
lives, and I don't count that in the plus column." Mogou continued.

"I know man, but it can't be." Moku was interrupted by the sound of a snore.
"You hear that?" He asked.

"Hear what?" he shot, and waited a second. Another snore.

"Sounds like a human." Moku said.

"Hmm...a sleeping human, let's see if this could be interesting." Mogou began
to form an evil grin on his face. They went towards the snoring, and as it
came closer they saw a couple grease monkeys there. "Bitch, they are trying
to get our booty before us. Let's show them our moogle might!" He said as he
ran forward, and begun dancing. "Take this mother fucker!" he yelled as a
huge boulder fell on one of their heads.

"Take this, you grease ball bastard!" Moku screamed as a huge pit opened up
beneath and swallowed half of them.

"Burn in hell you bitches!" Mogou yelled as he used elf fire, and burned half
of them. "Well, that's that, now let's get our real treasure here." He said
with a sigh of relief. They walked towards the human, when suddenly he got
his face smashed with a wrench. "SONOVAGODAMNWHORE! Who fucking threw
that?!?" He yelled.

"Over there, on that cliff. I got his ass" Moku pointed at a grease monkey up

"Nah, this is mine. Time to die mother fucker!" He said as he threw a
boomerang and cut the grease monkey's head off, it and his corpse fell a few
feet from them. "No good pieces of shit these bastards." Mogou relaxed as he
came towards the human. She was about 5'11 by his guess, maybe weighed a buck
thirty or so pounds. *WTF is with green hair?*

"So, you want to do this here, or should we go to the village?" Moku

"We should bring this back, I don't want this ape waking and going all psycho
on us, besides more of those bastards are gonna be coming here soon, you know
that. And as long as that crown is on this ape's head, we don't gotta worry
about it coming over ours." Mogou reasoned. "Gimme a hand with this." He said
as they grabbed her body. Terra still slept, despite the rude way she was
being carried. They eventually got to the Moogle Den, took her body, and
dropped it in front of Mog and the fire.

"Yo MOG, we need to borrow your crown, we got us a live ape." Mogou called

"Kupooo...Not a bad one either. But we all have been without any sex for
months too, you feel like sharing?"

"Why should we?" Mogou inquired.

"Because I got the crown, and you don't got shit."

"We DID get the girl here Mog" Moku reasoned.

"Fine, how about this, we all get her, but us three get first choice?" Mog
tried to strike a deal. This chick wasn't going to get any less conscious,
and he was getting horny just thinking of a sex slave. *Sloppy seconds is
better than my frigging paw for a night*

"Not a bad prospect, tell ya what, give us two the first go round, and you
guys can use her after. Sound fair?" Mogou reasoned. The deal was good and
he knew it, but he didn't want to lose face among the moogles.

"Fair enough, but first I want to ask some questions about her. Her sex
history and stuff, also I want to know who we are going to screw here."

They agreed with Mog, and he got the crown. When he placed it on her head,
her eyes shot open, and she sat up.

"What's your name?" Mog


"How old are you?" Mog


"You are completely under our power, you know that, right?" Mog


"You will do whatever we tell you?" Mog


"Have you ever had sex before?" Mog


"How many times?" Mog

"I can't remember, a lot."

"Have you ever sucked cock?" Mog

"Yes, quite often." The moogles began murmuring.

"Have you ever taken it up your ass?" Mog


"Ever had sex with an animal before?" Mog


"Are you on the pill?" Mog

"No, I can't have children."

"Terra, I want you to take off all of your clothes."

"Ok" She said unemotionally. She took off her shirt, revealing an average set
of C cup breasts, then she bent over to take her skirt and boots off. When
the moogles saw that, they began to hoot and holler.

"Well well well, Mogou and Moku, I believe it is your time" Mog said as he
walked away and left her in the middle of the room.

"I want to get me some of that sweet pussy of hers." Mogou said.

"I am gonna get some of that pretty mouth of hers. Terra, get on all fours
for us. There you go." Moku was getting very excited. His cock had already
grown to its full length, 10 inches, and he was eager to have sex.

"Terra, spread your legs so I can taste that sweet looking pussy of yours."

She complied, and he began eating her out. Mogou took his 8-inch tongue and
began to slowly trace the outside of her pussy. She moaned at the feelings,
and Mog deduced she had done this while under control before, and that was a
trigger. She was getting wet, both the state and his incredible tongue were
turning her on. She was screaming now at the top of her lungs.

"Moku, shut the bitch up" Mogou said as he was busy eating her out. Moku took
his penis to the tip of her mouth and said "Terra, open wide and suck my
cock" She complied, and began to slowly take in his penis. She licked it
masterfully, taking her time and using her tongue to please his entire rod as
it made it's way down her throat. She had half of it down when finally Mogou
got tired of eating her pussy out, and wanted to relieve himself.

He took out his penis, and some of the other moogles were surprised with his
size, almost every moogle in the room, save Mog and a couple others, were
amazed at his 28-inch dick. He took it, and rammed it suddenly into her
pussy. She was forced forward, and deep throated Moku's penis. She tried to
scream, but she couldn't because of the penis in her mouth.

Mogou was having problems getting his entire dick inside of her, she was
lubricated from before when he was eating her out, but she was still very
tight. *Those guys she had fucked before must have had needle dicks* Moku,
on the other hand, was fucking her mouth furiously. He wanted some relief.
Mogou began to time his thrusts with Moku, and soon they were going one way
then the other. He was able to get 16 or so inches in her before her pussy
wouldn't stretch any further. He waited until Moku pushed back, then rammed
another four inches, now his penis was mostly inside of her, when suddenly
Moku came. He began blowing his load in her stomach, and he pulled it out
into her mouth.

She tried to swallow it, all, but he was cumming at an amazing pace. He
pulled out his dick, and sprayed her face from forehead to chin in cum,
coating her in the liquid. "Get it all in your mouth Terra," was his only
command as he finished blowing his wad.

Mogou was almost finished, and seeing his friend blow his entire load over
her face was enough to finish him off. He blew his load deep in her pussy,
making her cum hard, squeezing the cum out of his cock. Mogou took it out
after he finished, breathed a sigh of relief, and said "Next?" Four other
moogles ran up, each with different sized dicks running from 8 to 18 inches,
all ran towards her.

Mog saw them, and he said "Leave her ass for me, I got it."

One of the moogles stepped back, and quickly she had a cock in her mouth.
Already having been lubricated, it went right in and she sucked it hard.
Another moogle rammed his entire length in a single thrust and started
humping furiously. A second moogle had his dick at her mouth, and she
opened it and deep throated it without leaving the other.

Three moogles were pumping her, and she loved it. She came again as the
moogle in her pussy blew his wad. As soon as he pulled out, another took his
place. Then another moogle, getting an idea, told a moogle to lie down, and
her to lie down on top of him, with his dick still in her. He then took his
cock and began to double penetrate her. She moaned as the two in her mouth
finished, and quickly were replaced. Her face was now covered, as was much
of her body in the sticky fluid, and she was cumming constantly.

After the current four had finished, another Moogle came up, this one had
another monster-sized cock, 21 inches, and put it up to her face. He only
said three words, all the way. She instinctively opened her mouth, and began
sword swallowing his shaft. As he entered, she played with his large bulbous
head before taking more and more into her mouth. She had to reposition her
jaw muscles and try to relax as this monsters cock went right into her.

After a quick while, moogles were cumming in her pussy again, it was now
stretched out considerably and full of cum. The moogle in her mouth blew his
load directly in her stomach.

It went the same way, she was fucked over in her pussy and mouth dozens of
times by the moogles, their sexual passion getting the best of them. After
all the other moogles finished, Mog came up.

"It's time girl, for you to take a real moogle." he took his penis and set it
at the tip of her mouth. She began to lick on it, and she was amazed at his
growth. It was already two feet long and two inches thick, and still growing.
As she sucked on it, she was getting even wetter, just the thought of having
such a huge cock inside of her was making her cum.

Mog took his penis, and walked behind her. "Get on all fours again." he said,
then he positioned his penis tip right at her puckered asshole. Before anyone
could think, he began ramming his cock into her tight asshole. She screamed
out, as she felt the 3-inch think and at least three-foot cock violating her

At first Mog could only get a couple inches, but as he forced it in, Terra
cried out from the pain. "Terra, you cannot speak or cum until I finish with
you." he said, as he threw another couple of inches in. He now had nearly a
foot in, and he wasn't going to stop there. He kept pushing, but she was just
too tight. Finally he pulled his cock out, and slammed it back in, causing
visible pain to Terra to anyone who looked at her face.

Finally, after five minutes he got his entire length in her very tight ass,
and he then took it out. He walked to her mouth, and forced his cock into her
tight mouth. She didn't have a chance, and she made a disgusted face as she
tasted her own ass for the first time. She tried to relax her mouth muscles,
but they were sore from overuse and his size. He took his cock, and began
furiously fucking her mouth, scraping against the walls of her mouth. He
finally came, blowing gallons of cum all over her mouth, but he wasn't
finished cumming, he was like a fire hose. He walked in behind, and thrust
his entire cock in her stretched anus again, blowing a couple more gallons
inside of her stretched out gaping hole, making her cum again. He took his
cock and penetrated her pussy, going past into her already maxed out barren
womb, and blowing a gallon or two of the white liquid there as well.

After each moogle had finished, they washed her off, put her clothes back on,
and dropped her off where they found her.


So there ya go, a quick cheap little fanfic for all those people who also
wondered what would happen if Terra was gang-banged by a bunch of moogles.
My next story is going to be another ff6, a story about Locke and Celes,
then yet another Simpson one that was requested by email. Gimme a word and
I'll try to write a fanfic for ya, but I do have some restrictions for it.
I'll tell ya if you drop me a line.

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use without permission, and don't claim it's yours. Spread freely as long as
this and the disclaimer above as well as the story entirely are untouched,
unedited, and worshipped for the holy script they are not.) Critiques,
comments, flames, any responses are welcome, if they are pro, then I'll
consider making more. Don't be a jerk, send me a simple 2-minute or less
message saying, hey, this was good. Thanks. Wow, so hard.


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