Final Fantasy 6: It Was Just An Innocent Glomp (MF)
by Stiabhan ([email protected])

Edgar stood at the head of the table, looking at the map of his nation
carefully. Bandits had been making inroads into South Figaro, waylaying
merchants and travelers going to and from Narsche. As king of the country
of Figaro, he had dispatched a force of special fighters to keep the roads
safe. And in his own, inimitable Edgar style, he had supplied them all
with a copy of his latest brilliant invention; the voice powered wind
producer. With one whisper, it would create a mighty gust of air that could
knock down the sturdiest man alive. Edgar had been hearing whispers around
the castle that it reproduced His Majesty's own ability to produce hot air,
but he chose to ignore that.

The king sighed and moved away from the table, towards the door. It had
been a long day and he looked forward to a good few hours of sleep. When
he reached the door, he caught glimpse of himself in the mirror that was
installed next to the tapestry hanging on the wall. He eyed himself
critically. He was a gorgeous specimen of a man. Long, blonde hair.
Chiseled jaw. He fingered open his shirt and admired his lean, muscular
chest. Oh yes, he was hot.

Edgar opened the door to his bedroom and stepped inside. Instantly he was
tackled by someone small and lean, and through the haze of his head hitting
the wall, he could hear giggling. He shook his head and looked down. There,
clasping her arms around his chest and staring up adoringly was one of his
maids, Naine.

"Naine, it is so good to see you," he said. "I see you're feeling much

"Yes your majesty, and it's all thanks to you!" Naine smiled up at him. "If
it hadn't been for that medicine you got all the way from the Veldt, the
doctors say I would have been in bed for more than three weeks recovering!"

Edgar grinned and patted her head. "My pleasure, my dear. And I see you're
looking just as beautiful as ever."

Naine blushed. Edgar grin widened as he looked down at this lithe, pretty
maid in his employ. Just like most of the female staff, she had a tremendous
crush on the young king. Her uniform was low cut, displaying her cleavage,
and her mid length skirt had ridden up due to her reckless tackle, showcasing
her smooth, white thigh.

Opportunity arises...

Edgar suddenly grimaced and clutched his side.

"Oh no, your majesty! What's wrong?"

"Nothing my dear Naine, nothing. It seems that when you hit me, I wrenched my
side, but I can handle it."

Naine gasped. "No, your majesty! Let me help you, I'm so sorry!"

Edgar let Naine help him up and together, they shuffled to the bed. He sat
down on the feather mattress, groaning slightly.

"Please, your majesty, is there anything I can do?"

Edgar nodded slowly. "Yes. Could you just rub my side for a moment? My muscle
is sore." Without waiting for her response, he pulled his shirt over his
head, displaying his bare, bronzed chest. Years of working hard to keep as
powerful as his elite soldiers gave him a chiseled look, and Naine's breath
was taken away. Swallowing nervously, she nodded and placed her hand on his
side and begin to rub slowly. Edgar smiled and placed his hand on her

"That's right, right there. It's already feeling much better," he said.

"I'm so sorry your majesty, I didn't mean to hurt you." Edgar noticed that
although she seemed sorry, her attention was focused more on his bared skin.
And, to his delight, her eyes kept flicking from his side to his leggings.

"It seems I have wrenched my leg muscles as well, my dear Naine. I would, of
course not, ask you to."

"No, your majesty, I would do anything for you," she cried out and with
eagerness, she placed her hands on his thigh and began to squeeze gently.
Within the confines of his leggings, his cock began to grow hard and it was
evident on the outside. Edgar watched Naine's eyes as they kept moving up
to the outline of his hardening manhood. Seemingly unconsciously, her hands
began to move their way up his thighs, until they were right next to Edgar's
burgeoning scepter of royalty.

Quickly, before she could respond, he took her hands and placed them on his
still concealed cock. She gasped, but didn't remove her hands. Instead, she
continued to slowly squeeze and Edgar moaned softly and closed his eyes.

Naine looked at Edgar's crotch and felt her mouth water. She had been with
men before, but none as absolutely manly as King Edgar. Throwing caution to
the wind, she unbuttoned his leggings and pulled them down, letting his dick
spring free. She took it lovingly in her hands and began to stroke the skin,
feeling the heat emanate from it. Then, gazing up once at Edgar's blissful
face, she took the head into her mouth and let her tongue swirl around his
hot meat.

Edgar slid his hand onto her head and slowly pushed her down, sliding his
cock farther into her mouth. Naine greedily accepted and opened her throat.
With one hand, she fingered and squeezed his testicles. She ran her other
hand down her own body and pinched her nipples. Her pussy was already wet
and she longed to have the king thrusting deep inside of her.

"My dear. I know this goes above and beyond your. maid. duties." Edgar
managed to gasp as her expert tongue ran up and down her shaft. "But I
assure... you, this will... be a positive... mark on your... employement...
record..." He could say no more. He felt himself getting ready to explode,
and God knows he didn't want to do that. not without having felt himself
inside this beautiful maid.

With a monumental effort of will, he pulled her head back, his cock released
from her hungry mouth with a wet pop. She whimpered slightly as she gazed up
at him. He gasped for breath and simply made a motion with his hands. She
needed to get naked.

And she did. They both stripped as quickly as possible. Naine's pussy began
to leak as she stared at this figure of a man, his hard cock jutting out
towards her. Edgar didn't say anything. He just grinned and lifted one hand.
With his fingers, he made a V. Naine was a smart girl. She immediately laid
on her back and spread her legs, exposing herself for his majesty.

Edgar looked down at her hot pussy and his cock almost exploded then. With
a supreme effort, he kept himself contained. He knelt down before her and
placed his cockhead at the entrance to her sopping cunt. She moaned softly
as he teased her gently. Edgar smiled and slid himself inside of her. She
was so hot, so tight. The maid moaned with pleasure as he continued to slide
into her. After what seemed like a blissful eternity, he was all the way
inside of her, his balls resting against her steaming skin. He leaned over
and kissed her hungrily, and their tongues dueled as they enjoyed the
sensation of coupling together.

But now the teasing was over. Slowly, Edgar began to thrust in and out of
her, fucking his maid ever so softly. She moaned in pleasure, wrapping her
legs around his back, urging him to go faster. He obliged and began to fuck
her harder, the soft noises of sex getting louder and louder. Edgar squeezed
her ample tits, feeling her hard nipples against his palms. His cock pulsed
with his rapid heartbeat and he felt himself ready to explode. She was
already cumming, her face etched in a contortion of happiness and sinful

With a low cry, he climaxed, his cum shooting deep into her. She orgasmed
again, feeling his seed hit her insides. Together, they shared that moment
of happiness and base pleasure, locked in an embrace. He shoved his mouth
onto hers and pulled her against him. They kissed hard, him still fucking
her, even though his cock was softening, spent.

Finally, they lay down on the floor together, breathing heavily and covered
in sweat. Naine kissed his lips then his chest, running her hands over his
rock hard abs. Edgar simply lay back, eyes closed, grinning.

"My dear Naine?"

"Yes, your majesty?"

"I think you should be the one to fix my room up every night, my dear."

Naine grinned and took his soft cock, still sticky from their sex, and pulled
it gently. "Of course your majesty. Anything for you."


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