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Codes: MF, orgy, M+F

Concept: I am a huge fan of the Final Fantasy games. When I picked up FF12 I
came up with a different idea for doing stories, that I would type them as I
played before I knew anything about the future storyline. However after the
beginning of the game I lost interest as the game isn't as sexualized as
FFX-2 (though an amazing game). But I did get three short stories done that
got all the characters in when I started. Hopefully writing the stories as I
witnessed the game and ideas came to me makes for some interesting reading.

Spoilers: Just the very beginning of the game.

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Final Fantasy XII: Wedding Celebration
by Archer

"So how has your wedding night gone Princess Ashe?" Rasler asked.

Ashe sat licking a finger clean of cum, her clothes in tatters, cum streaks
on her face and tits. "Excellent though I think we can get past the foreplay

Rasler laughed, "You know I hear there are some men and women that would
probably think a blowjob, a titfuck, and half an hour of pussy eating far
exceeded foreplay, probably well past the total level of sex."

Ashe shrugged, "Certainly not me."

"Of course not, you Rabanastrans are total sluts," Rasler told her. "You
moreso than most."

"Why thank you very much," Ashe said sincerely as she came over and kissed
him as she moved her hips over his, sliding her slick pussy down on his cock.

The two royals remained there for a few minutes gently riding against each
other as their lips met in brief kisses.

"Mmmm, you hear that?" Ashe asked as she tilted her head back.

"What that shriek of pleasure when I suck your nipples?" Rasler said as he
leaned down clasping his mouth around her breast.

Ashe head indeed fell back as she let out a loud scream as Rasler teased her
nipple with his teeth. "No, I meant outside."

Rasler listened, he could hear the crowd as well now "Well let's go see."

Rasler picked Ashe up in his arms walking over towards the balcony, sliding
her up and down on his cock. He carried her through the drapes and looked out
on the courtyard. A massive orgy was ongoing as the revelers from the days
ceremony let loose in a wild fuckfest.

Rasler spun the princess around bending her over the railing. She had watched
her people fuck many times before, the streets of Rabanastre were often
filled with sexual events and this was a common way to end ceremonies. But
the sheer size of this orgy was amazing for her and she let out a scream of
pleasure seeing the many naked bodies fucking before her eyes.

The crowd roared its approval seeing their princess getting fucked hard.
Their own orgy increased in speed while many of the girls commonly on their
knees or back on the ground where lifted up so the princess could better see
what was happening.

Do to her position Ashe could also not see Rasler behind her, but the crowd
surely could. Which he used to his full advantage. Holding up two fingers for
the crowd's approval before shoving them in her ass.

The crowd laughed at Ashe's scream, echoed by many of the females who had the
activity emulated on them. Ashe quickly thrust her hips back, burying herself
fully on the fingers and cock.

"Where would you like this load of cum my love?" Rasler asked, the orgy
before him and the tight pussy around his cock had him ready to cum again.

"Hmmm?" Ashe thought. "Think you could hit the Viera."

Rasler stood confused for a moment before realizing Ashe was referring to the
girls down in the crowd. Rasler could make out the long bunny ears of a Viera
held aloft by the crowd. "It is certainly worth a try."

Ashe pulled herself free as she grabbed hold of his cock jerking quickly. The
crowd seeing what was happening held up the Viera even higher (and a few Hume
girls as well). Rasler did not take much attention from Ashe, his cock
exploding and shooting over the balcony. The first shot hitting the Viera
straight across her face, the second coating her right tit but the remainder
falling short with the exception of his last shot landing in the mouth of a
Hume girl near the balcony.

"You are truly worthy of your reputation," Ashe told him impressed.

"Thank ye my lady," Rasler replied as he surveyed the girls of the crowd
rushing to lick his cum up off the ground and the Viera, he had heard royal
cum was highly desired and that never was a drop of the king's cum allowed
to touch the ground. "But I am fairly sure the crowd moved her to catch the

"Impressive nonetheless," Ashe said as she turned walking back towards the
bedroom. "Come, I would like my ass fucked."

"Oh, I thought you might want to join the crowd," Rasler said with a grin.

"Don't be silly," Ashe said as she looked over her shoulder at him and a last
glimpse of the outside orgy. "That is part of tomorrow's ceremony."

Lowtown Party

"I had a really good time today Vaan," Penelo said as they entered Lowtown.
"It has been so long since we did something nice together."

"Yeah it was nice," Vaan said his eyes on old Dylan's place.

Suddenly he felt Penelo push him up against the wall as she whispered in his
ear "And I want to make sure you remember it."

Penelo slid down his body; his pants, like most Rabanastrans, were made so
they could come right off, a fact Penelo took quick advantage of, his hard
cock flopping out. Vaan stared around noticing the obvious crowd "Penelo,
people are watching."

"So what, I'll suck them off after you if I have to," Penelo said deep
throating his cock in one go.

Vaan moaned, her skill was well known and she was great part of the reason
Migelo enjoyed so much success.

"You really going to suck everyone off?" Vaan moaned, his cock now hard as
she thrust her mouth back and forth.

She nodded, which she accompanied by slowly dragging her tongue back across
his shaft.

Vaan looked around the crowd, "Even the young boys? There are a lot of them

"Sure, they'll be quick," she answered as she flicked her tongue across the
head of his cock.

"Even the Bangaa?"

Penelo shrugged, "I do it for Migelo enough."

"The women," Vaan asked noticing even a few scantily dressed women in the

"Sure," Pennelo said staring up at him. "That will be a little different at

Excitedly Vaan thrust forward, burying his cock down her throat. As he felt
her gag on his cock he reached down running his hand over her outfit until
he was rubbing her ass and pussy. He knew quite well that she never wore
anything underneath and could feel the wetness of her cunt.

His thrusts combined with her tongue work were too much for Vaan and he soon
felt himself exploding with a load of cum down her throat.

"Mmm," Penelo moaned. "Tasty. Shall we go?"

"Ummm ... Penelo," Vaan said. "Pretty sure the crowd took you seriously."

"What ... I wasn't ..." Penelo stuttered noticing all the hard cocks
advancing towards, finally just shrugging. "Oh well, form up a line at

The biggest person pushed their way to the front, a large Bangaa with an
equally large lizard cock "Let's see if your mouth backs up its words

As Vaan turned and walked away Penelo grasped the large cock in front of her,


"Dinner tonight?" she said before being forced to take the cock in her mouth.

"Sure," Vaan said turning around. After the lizard was a Hume girl getting
fucked hard and she would probably have a load of cum in her pussy by the
time she got to the front. After them was a gang of young boys, after them
a merchant who probably bought his spot. Vaan could not even see the end of
he line in the dark.

"Sorry I will miss it," he muttered to himself. "But it isn't like you will
be hungry anyway after this."

Original Concept: Originally this story concept was slightly different.
Penelo knew Vaan was planning something bad and was hoping to convince him
to spend the night fucking her. However the crowd would catch her and
effectively demand what ended up happening. I didn't like the ending though
so I went with this version. Hope everyone enjoyed.

Hover Fun

The hover bounced as they flew across the desert. Fran gripped the machine
tightly as her body bucked from the vibrations of the hover, but moreso to
the tongue driving in and out of her cunt. The Vierra finally couldn't hold
it in any longer, shrieking out in pleasure against the desert sands as her
pussy drenched Balthier's face.

This position was fairly common for their rides, Balthier claimed it was
good training if she ever had to fly the hover in a distracting situation.
Soon after they would start riding the hover he would shimmy under her, a
difficult task that he accomplished with surprising ease. Her small thong
proved only a mere obstacle and he would soon be licking along her bare
pussy The hover was an erratic ride, naturally causing her hips to buck up
and down on his face, driving his tongue deeper in deeper, though the
orgasms she was given would probably make her do it anyway.

She felt her body clench again as another powerful orgasm washed over her.
"You need to stop," she told him panting heavily.

"Oh?" he inquired removing his lips from her clit. "After a mere five orgasms
you want to stop?"

She shook her head unable to speak as he back to licking her pussy "It isn't
that ... we are nearing the city."

"Oh," he said as he slid out from under her, quickly repositioning himself
behind her, his hands grabbing her hips, his hard cock pressing into her bare
ass. He thrust forward, bending her even farther over the machine.

She gasped as she felt him slide the zipper of his pants down, freeing his
cock. "What if someone sees us?"

"What? The Rabanastrans?" Balthier said driving his cock into her tight twat.
"Hell if they see us fucking they will be less likely to turn us in."

Fran tried to pay attention to Balthier's words while also staying out of
sight but the cock stretching her out was taking almost all her attention.
One hand shifted from her hips up to groping her breasts, the other remaining
on her hip to pull her back against her thrusting dick, only leaving
temporarily when she almost crashed, to spank her as punishment.

"Almost there," Fran told him as they went over the castle wall, having to
be even more careful to contain her screams.

"Well you better be cautious," Balthier told her as they slid behind a guard.
"We don't want too many cocks getting access to your cunt tonight do we."

Fran shuddered as she felt him pull out, but didn't have time to process why
he didn't thrust back in. She hit the brakes bringing them to a stop, and
effectively driving Balthier even deeper into her. As the bike came to a stop
she realized his cock was pulsing, releasing a large load of cum inside her,
eating her out always got him going.

Balthier jumped off the bike zipping up his fly "Well, let's go get that

When he didn't get a reply he turned around to see Fran bringing hand after
hand from her pussy to her mouth, licking his cum. She glared at him angrily,
though aroused "You know I want to eat your cum."

"Of course, all Vierra love cum," he said watching bemused. "Fortunately for
me you particularly enjoy Hume cum. I do enjoy seeing you lick up your own
juices as well though."

Fran got the last bit of cum to her mouth. Rearranging her outfit she
strutted over to him, giving him a long lick across the face, taking in the
pussy juice she had coated him with earlier. "Well if you want that all you
have to do is ask."

Balthier smiled as she walked past him. He followed after her, his eyes
watching her tight beautiful ass.

Ending Notes: Hope everyone enjoyed, any type of feedback would be
appreaciated. Still playing FF12 and it is an excellent game and hopefully
I will get back to it at some point, but many other ideas I want to get
through first.


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