The following story is not suitable for those under the age of 18 or legal
consent in there state. Do not read if under the legal age in your state. The
following is a fictional parody and does not represent the real life actions
of any mentioned within.

[NOTE: This chapter is an opener and not much sexual activity happens I'm
sorry to say. The sex will pick up as the series goes but you'll need to read
every chapter to get the plot. If you haven't seen the movie, I warn you that
some small spoiler info will happen in the series including given away the
ending I'm sorry to inform you. Don't complain about the lack of sex, I'm
making sure that a plot exists and that the characters have SOMETHING to them
other than just faces. So enjoy. Also, please remember not everyone is in
EVERY chapter and if they aren't on the list then they aren't in the story at

The Fast And The Furious Part 1(FF)
by: Smackdown ([email protected])

Jordana Brewster as Mia Toretto
Michelle Rodriguez as Letty
Rachael Leigh Cook as Rach
Willa Ford as Willa
Zhang Ziyi as Zhang Tran
Liv Tyler as Liv
Rachael Stevens as Rachael S
Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto
Elsa Bentiez as Elsa
Ja Rule as Edwin
Paul Walker as Brian
Beyonce Knowles as Beyonce

Chapter 1: The Unexpected And The Start Of A War Of Worlds

"God damnit, Dom," screamed Mia as she kicked the door to his room. "I'm
trying to fucking study, turn that fucking music down.

It was the same ritual; Mia would kick the door and tell her brother to turn
down his music. And Dom would respond by turning the music up louder and not
having the polite enough attitude to even answer the door.

Mia loved her brother, but she was getting sick and tired of his constant
bullshit. All he did was racecars, work on cars and spend tons of cash
improving on the cars he already had. Mia loved cars as well; she was just as
good a driver as some of the guys Dom constantly beat. Course Dom wouldn't
let his `little sister' get behind the wheel and race him head to head. If
Dominic had his way then Mia wouldn't be doing anything but working at the
diner and staying home leaving him alone.

That would have been fine with her except he always came home around eleven
at night and started blasting that damn Linkin' Park CD or fucking the
occasional bimbo, making her scream louder than anything Park could holler
over a microphone or play on instruments.

"This is bullshit," Mia said to herself as she walked back to her room.
"Fucking treats me like a damn little kid, I getting sick of this."

Mia wasn't going to stick around here tonight, she needed to clear her head
and she really didn't want to deal with Dom tonight to begin with. She was
having a hard enough time with her schoolwork and the constant lack of
studying thanks to her inconsiderate bro was just making things worse by the
second. Mia quickly slid a tight pair of blue jeans on, tucked her t-shirt
into her pants and bolted out of her room and out of the house. If she
couldn't study here then maybe Letty would let her study at her place.

Letty was Mia's best friend and the only person that controlled Dom every
step of the way. They had the kind of relationship Mia wanted nothing to do
with, it was just too open for her taste. Dom would fuck another woman and
Letty would kick that girl's ass when she found out. Letty would fuck another
man and Dom would kick his ass when he found out. Once that was out of the
way, they would stay together for a few months without anyone on the side
until the process would start all over again. They were starting to get more
used to each other now but they still did the same crap at least once a year.
Mia had been keeping count; it had been six months and not one affair on
either side. Maybe they finally accepted they were right for each other or
maybe every guy and gal that knew them was avoiding the ass whooping that
they would receive.

Mia finally got to Letty's house, it was her parents house but they had died
and left it all to her. Thanks to Dom she had no trouble with the bills or
anything else she wanted. If Dom would have said no to something she would
have kicked his ass and Dom seemed to like that. Definitely way too weird of
a relationship for her mind to understand or even consider. Mia knocked on
the door knowing her friend was home from the loud boxing match that was
playing from inside.

"Yeah, who the fuck is it, oh hi Mia," said Letty as she opened the door.
"Let me guess, Dom being an ass again."

"You know it, can I do some studying and maybe crash here tonight?"

"Yeah, you can use the upstairs, I'm pretty sure you won't be able to hear
the fight up there."


As Mia headed upstairs she started to think about things in her life. She
was happy with her decision to go to college and she had a good home with a
brother that loved her although he was too damn overprotective of her. But
what she couldn't figure out was why Dom was doing what he was doing with his
life. He was street racing for money and participating in a dangerous amount
of illegal activity on the side with his little group of cronies and of
course her best friend. She thought about how her father would have reacted
to Dominic had he still been alive. Then again, had he still been alive then
Dom would have been racing cars on a track with his dad and not involved with
what he was at the time.

Time passes..

Mia rubbed her eyes as she glanced over at the clock in the bedroom, two in
the morning and she was still studying and her friend was still watching
boxing. Mia closed her psychology book and laid her head down on the pillow
and stared at the ceiling. Mia started thinking about her friend Letty and
why she put up with Dom. Letty had been trying to get Dom to notice her and
when she finally did, she played this strange game with him of who controls

Mia didn't want a relationship like theirs but she had to admit that they
made it work. Unlike her, she couldn't seem to find a guy in school or at the
street races that had a hint of anything she was looking for.

"Hey, you still awake girl," said Letty as she entered the room.

"Yeah, I'm just thinking about things."

"Well, I'm going to sleep so I'll see you in the morning."

"Ok," said Mia as Letty turned to leave the room. "Wait Letty, can I ask you

"Yeah shoot girl, you know you can ask me anything."

"Why do you let Dom do what he does to you?"

"Damn girl, I guess you really have been thinking."

"Look if it's too personal then I,"

"No, I can explain it to you very simple," said Letty as she leaned against
the doorframe and looked at her friend. "Me and Dom make love, the rest of
the people we just fuck."

"I don't get it."

"Listen girl, I don't care if Dom fucks another woman as long as he knows
that WE make love. Hell, I love to fuck but I would never make love to
another man."

"Is there a difference?"

"Mia, you got to get with it girl," said Letty as she sat next to Mia. "A guy
like your brother isn't ready to be a one-woman sexual man but he is ready to
only make love to one and that one is me."

"I still don't."

"Simply put, a fuck is no emotional attachment while making love is well you
know it when it happens."

"I guess I always thought sex was the outcome of being in love and trusting
another person. I never really thought of it as anything else."

"Well, your young."

"I'm old as you," said Mia as she poked her friend in the ribs and laughed.

"We may be the same age but you haven't experienced nothing like I have."

"Maybe I will someday."

"With a body like yours, I can't imagine why not."

"Thanks Letty, I guess I should get to sleep."

"Yeah, me too," said Letty as she stood from the bed and walked to the door.
"I'll see you in the morning girl, race day tomorrow."

"Don't remind me, I got studying to do."

"Mia, it's the summer, quit with the fucking studying already! You need to
find yourself a fuck tomorrow night."

"No way Letty, not yet."

"Alright, but tell me if you change your mind cause I know this man who has a
big dick, I mean damn girl you can feel it..,"

"Ok, that's enough! Go to bed you pervert!"

Letty waved her hand at her friend as she closed the door to the bedroom. Mia
decided she should get some rest as well so she clicked off the lights and
laid herself back down on the bed that Letty had graciously allowed her to
use. Mia closed her eyes still thinking about the words from Letty, wondering
if she could ever take such a wide-open approach to sex as her friend.

The next night...

The cars lined the streets just as always, many looking for the chance to
burn Dom at his own game but all pretty much knowing they had no chance in
hell of pulling it off. Mia climbed out of her brothers car as he started
talking with his "competition" for the night although none of them really
thought themselves enemies when they took to the streets at speeds well over
120 mph. How could they? The cops wanted to bust every single one of them but
the odds of them actually pulling THAT off were even slimmer than someone
beating Dom.

Course if anyone was the exception to the beating Dom rule it was Johnny
Tran. Johnny Tran could have been called the Asian American version of Dom,
protective of his little sister and probably the dead heat tie with Dominic
for best driver during the street races. But Johnny never did race against
Dom, always waiting for the big race in the desert to go head-to-head with
him. No one even understood why but it probably had something to do with his
little sister, Zhang Tran.

Zhang Tran was a hot, young woman and every guy at the rally wanted a chance
to fuck her little body. Mia got the same attention but unlike Mia, Zhang
would fuck any man that had the balls enough to risk a confrontation with
Johnny and his boys. Mia watched as Zhang exited the black sports car wearing
a little schoolgirl outfit with her hair in pigtails. It wasn't that Zhang
was easy or the fact that she dressed like a slut that made Mia uneasy around
her, it was what was always walking near her at the rallies.

A dark tanned beauty with long dark brown hair and good-sized tits named
Rachael Stev that was always on the arm of Zhang. The girl didn't talked
much, she just made out with Zhang in front of everyone. Mia just couldn't
understand the appeal that Zhang had to be with another woman. She wasn't
sure if Zhang and Rachael had fucked but if they hadn't then they were about
two minutes from fucking in the middle of the damn street with a crowd
watching. What was even worse about the two of them, they would always look
right at Mia when they finished rubbing their bodies against one another and
kissing. Or at least Zhang would look right at her and give that same
seductive smile that got her uneasy every time she saw it.

"Look who just popped up Letty, the happy couple," whispered Mia in the ear
of her friend.

"Yeah, I guess they did," said Letty as she quickly turned her eyes away
from them. This was confusing to Mia as well since early as last week Letty
would call them two dykes or carpet munchers or any other colorful term for
lesbians she could think of. But tonight she didn't insult them; in fact she
didn't even want to look at them.

"You all right Letty," questioned Mia. "You look like you're shook up or

"Nah, I'm cool, I just too busy right now for my own good," said Letty. "I'll
be right back."

Dom came over by his little sister as Johnny and the shameless duo proceeded
towards the two of them.

"Well Dominic, looks like you found yourself a little matchbox to run out
here tonight," said Johnny as he looked at Dominic's car. "What this little
piece of shit reaches anyway, 40 to 50 miles an hour?"

"Better than that slow ass Toyota you came driving up in, maybe you should
stop by the shop and I can add some class to her," said Dom with a smirk on
his face. "Then again, I don't know if I could make that ugly fucking thing
look good enough for a pizza delivery let alone the Wars."

"Oh, you think I'm driving that at the Wars," smiled Johnny. "Dominic I
thought you had more respect for me than that, you know I always race in

"But you never race me on the streets, why not change that tonight?"

"What and hurt your fans feelings when I dust you, no thanks, I'd never do
that to a friend."

"But you'll be ok dusting me at Wars."

"Never had a problem doing it before, why start now."

Dom just shook his head and turned his attention towards Zhang and her little
girlfriend as Rachael continued to lick the neck of Zhang right in front of

"I see your sister hasn't changed her sexual preference back Johnny."

Johnny didn't find the remark funny; Mia saw it on his face. The last man
that joked about his sister's sex life ended up with a two broken legs and
was currently trying to remember how to speak. Luckily, Dom wasn't everyone
and while Johnny wasn't happy he usually let it slide off with a thought.

"My sister does what she wants with her little slut Dominic, I don't
interfere with her."

"I'd be willing to let you fuck me Dom."

Tran grabbed his sister's arm and blurted out something in Japanese. When
Johnny released her arm, Zhang lowered her eyes and walked off with Rachael
pressed close to her.

"I'm sorry about my sister Dom, she sometimes tries to cause problems."

"Luckily I don't have that problem, right Mia."

Mia didn't even answer; she just walked off in the same direction as Zhang
and allowed Johnny and Dom to continue their conversation. Same old stuff
between the two of them, nothing seemed to ever change with them. Mia decided
she would head over and talk with Jesse who was killing time trying to
convince some girls how important the mechanical mind was. He tried all the
time and every time he would get the brush off and just play it like he
didn't want the girl to begin with.

Mia arrived just as the brush of the week had come to a close.

"That's ok, it's your lost!"

"I see you're still batting 1000 Jesse," said Mia as she walked over to her
friend. "Why do you go through with it every week?"

"Are you kidding, I'm surrounded by hotties and one of them has got to wanna
get down with the mind behind the power."

"I'm more interested in the sweet behind the driver," said a voice from
behind Mia, as Jesse's eyes got wide. Mia didn't want to turn around, she
knew who was standing there by the way Jesse acted, and he acted like he was
watching a live sex show."

"And what is that suppose to mean Zhang," said Mia as she turned around to
face the Asian beauty.

"I think you have a good idea what I mean," said Zhang as her and Rachael
stared right at Mia. "Of course, I would be more than happy to give you a
demonstration sometime about what I mean."

"I don't think so, I don't swing that way."

"That's funny, last I heard you haven't had a good swing for a long time."

Zhang turned her eyes to Jesse who was still standing behind Mia listening
to the conversation and said, "This is a private talk, why don't you go jerk
your little dick somewhere boy."

"I umm well ummm Mia I think I better get ready ummm yeah I gotta get the car
set ummm excuse me ladies," stuttered Jesse as he took off towards Dominic's

"Now that the children are gone perhaps you'd like to go somewhere quiet with
us and we can how shall I say, talk about what I mean," said Zhang as she
groped the breast of Rachael and kissed her on the lips.

"I said no thanks, why don't you and your slut go fuck with someone else."

"Because we want to fuck you Mia," said Zhang as she grabbed the breast of
Mia with her right hand. Mia went to slap the face of Zhang but the Asian
girl's left quickly grabbed her hand before it could even get close to her

Zhang moved in close to Mia's face as Rachael backed out from under her arm,
allowing Zhang to move mere inches from Mia's lips.

"You will be mine Mia, I can promise you that."

"Is that a threat," said Mia trying to act brave but the shiver in her voice
gave away her fear. She knew Zhang could kick her ass but that wasn't what
she was worried about.

"Oh no sweetie, threats indicate that pain is coming," said Zhang as she
pulled Mia close and slide her right hand down to the crotch of Mia's tight
blue jeans. "What I'm going to do to you will bring you nothing but pure

Mia was terrified beyond belief, she didn't know how far Zhang would go and
she could only hope that no one saw what was going on between the two.

"Zhang, your brother is signaling for us," said the brunette lover of the
Asian rubbing Mia's tight body. "I think we better go before he sees what
your doing."

Zhang glanced over at her lover and then looked back at the petrified Mia.

"I guess we'll have to finish this another time," said Zhang as she leaned
close to Mia's ear and licked the lobe. "Maybe I'll see you at the party and
we can have a drink of each other."

"Don't bet on it," stammered Mia as the grip of Zhang's hands loosened from
her body.

"I don't bet Mia, I take what I want," said Zhang with that seductive smile
that would have had any man down on their knees before her. "And I want you
and I want it tonight."

"Let's go Rachael, you can tide me over until the main course."

The little brunette got a look on her face like a cat about to get a bowl
full of cream which she was really was about to get although Zhang may forget
the bowl. Zhang pulled Rachael towards her and kissed her hard but still
looking directly at Mia. The two walked off hand in hand as Mia stood shocked
at what had just happened and confused why her body was feeling hot from it.

The confusion that Mia had felt standing on the sidewalk before the race had
stayed all the way to the party afterwards. Dom had won another race and
Johnny once again had not participated. He had just watched laughing as
Dominic collected his cash from the race then Johnny had hopped in the car
with his sister and her lover and drove off. It would have been same old,
same old had Zhang not blown a kiss towards Mia and winked at her. It worried
Mia and the worry stayed with her even now as she sat in her room thinking
things through. At least in her room she could avoid Zhang as the door had
a lock. Course Mia didn't even know if Zhang was there or not and she was
starting to worry she was getting paranoid.

`Mia, the girl rubbed your crotch and licked your ear, be paranoid,' thought
Mia to herself as she wondered if she should see what was happening at the
party. Mia took a deep breath and decided she would go get herself a drink,
come back to her room, lock the door and try to get a good night sleep. Mia
opened her door and walked into the upstairs hallway, an area that was off
limits during the party to anyone not living in the house. She glanced in
Dom's room, not seeing her brother and making her happy that he wasn't
fucking around on Letty.

But Mia knew tonight there was a good chance of that since Letty had to leave
town that night with Jesse. Seems Jesse needed to pick up a part and the guy
had agreed to let him pick it up tonight. Sadly the young man had fallen
asleep leaving it up to Letty to drive him to pick it up since everyone was
afraid Jesse would doze off and kill himself. She wasn't happy and the fear
that Jesse's eyes showed as they had left were hilarious to everyone except

With Letty out of town for a few hours that left Dominic in the house without
his girl and tons of hot girls looking to fuck. Mia was glad he wasn't up in
his room with one already, she was now hopeful that her big bro had finally
become a one-woman man completely.

Mia made her way slowly down the stairs, not seeing Zhang she breathed a sign
of relief and headed into the den to get a drink. She grabbed a Snapple from
the fridge, she wasn't in the mood for alcohol and Dom would have been upset
had she tried anyway. Mia said hello to a few people and made her way back to
the stairs, she had what she had come down for and now she was going back
upstairs to enjoy her drink and get some sleep.

Mia walked towards her room and noticed the main light was out inside.
"Damn thing must have blown out, oh well I'll fix it tomorrow," she said to

Mia entered her room and closed her door, locking it and sitting her Snapple
on the table. "Hello sweetie," said a voice in the dark.

Mia spun towards the direction of the voice and quickly turned on the light
on the dresser were she sat her drink. Their sitting on Mia's bed with her
legs crossed was Zhang Tran with that look of hunger in her eyes. Mia was
worried, more worried than had a man been in the room. This girl worried her
more than any man could ever do and she didn't 100% understand why.

"I've been wondering when you would get back," said Zhang as she stood up.

"What the fuck are you doing here," said Mia as she walked to the same side
of the room as Zhang.

"I think you know why I'm here Mia," said Zhang as she walked right up to
Mia, the girl backing up as Zhang walked closer until Mia's back hit a wall.
"And the reason does involve the word fuck."

"Please, get out of my room now."

"You sound scared Mia, are you afraid of me?"

"Yes, I am."

"Why, why are you afraid of me?"

"You just do ok, now can you please leave me alone."

"Ok, I guess I can do that," said Zhang as she acted like she was about to
leave causing Mia to relax some.

Suddenly, Zhang stopped her turn and glanced over her shoulder to look at
Mia, "On second thought." Zhang quickly turned and kissed Mia hard on the
lips, catching the girl completely off guard and terrifying her. Mia
struggled but Zhang had her pinned against the wall, she could not escape the
hard kiss from the young Asian girl. `This isn't happening,' thought Mia as
she tired to push away Zhang with her hands but it was like the kiss was
pulling her energy away.

The Asian woman had her pinned, the woman's hands roaming up and down her
body as her leg rubbed against the crotch of Mia's jeans. Mia eyes were still
wide with shock as Zhang's hands rubbed her breasts threw the white t-shirt
she was wearing, squeezing the firm globes through the cotton fabric that was
failing to protect her from the assault of the Asian's hands.

Finally the hard, red lips of Zhang left her and began to trail to her neck
as Mia could only blink her eyes in complete shock of what was happening. A
woman was kissing her, a woman was fondling her, and a woman was trying to
initiate sex with her! She couldn't speak, her voice was lost in the
confusion that was swimming in her head as Zhang's hands gripped her tits
threw her shirt, roughly massaging the breasts of Mia. Zhang's lips and
tongue were assaulting the flesh on her neck as the arms that had been trying
to push the Asian away now pushed against the wall with the same effort. Her
body seemed to be submitting as the rough tongue gently tickled her neck as
the hands slide under the cotton T.

Zhang's hands found the breasts of Mia and continued the rough massage, only
now the contact was flesh on flesh and it forced a soft unconscious moan from
Mia. The smooth soft hands worked the flesh of her tits like clay, her
breasts so gentle that she could grip them in her hand. Zhang continued to
massage her tit flesh as Mia still tired to gain a grip on all that was
happening. She didn't think it would happen, she knew it might but she still
never thought it would. But here she was, pinned against a wall as Zhang Tran
worked her tits with her hands and kissed her neck.

Zhang decided she wanted to see want she was massaging, pulling her hands
from under the shirt and gripping it with both her hands. Zhang lifted the
shirt and exposed the breasts of Mia Toretto to her eyes. Zhang grinned as
she observed the full mounds before her eyes, the perfect tanned globes
reminding her of Rachael's, but only smaller. But while smaller, Mia was
firmer and as close to perfection as she could get. Zhang once again began to
work the breasts as she moved her lips to kiss the spot above her heart on
her chest, licking from above her left tit to her neck and up to her lips for
another kiss. This time the kiss was extended as Zhang's left hand left the
right tanned globe and softly rubbed the smooth stomach of Mia. Mia didn't
know what to do; she was still paralyzed with confusion and denial of what
was going on.

For as much as she wanted to deny the feelings, the heat in the pit of her
stomach as Zhang slowly traced her fingers down the skin couldn't be ignored.
When she felt the hand reach her jeans, she knew what was coming but her
voice still would not come and allow her to say no. It wouldn't have matter
if she did; Zhang was not stopping until she felt the wet heat of Mia's pussy
sucking on her fingers as they plunged in and out of her.

Zhang slowly began to unsnap the front of Mia's jeans with her left hand as
her right continued to squeeze the soft, firm flesh of Mia's breasts. Mia was
breathing quickly, she couldn't understand why this was turning her on, why
she wasn't pushing Zhang away. She couldn't figure out why she was accepting
Zhang's tongue every time it entered her mouth.

Zhang unzipped the tight jeans and slowly rubbed her middle finger across the
skin just about Mia's white panties, slowly tracing circles on her tanned
skin as she devoured Mia's sweet lips. Her fingers slowly pulled the
waistband away from the skin allowing her access to the almost never touched
skin above Mia's pussy. Mia closed her eyes, the confusion and desire
battling inside her head making her dizzy as Zhang rubbed her fingers threw
the sparse hair covering her skin and acting as a early warning system for
Mia's pleasure center. Zhang continued to kiss her, the passion of her kisses
increasing as her fingers worked closer and closer to Mia's gentle pussy

The groping of her breasts increased as Zhang tried to force the forbidden
pleasure from Mia's body, trying to make her completely submit her mind,
body and her very soul to the expert touch of Zhang. Mia's head was still
spinning, her mind trying to tell her how wrong it all was while her body
begged her to give in and allow the ecstasy to take her over.

Mia let out a quick, sharp yelp as Zhang's fingers entered her pussy and
began to wiggle around inside of her. The sensation of the Zhang's fingers as
they began to work in and out confused Mia even more and the muscles in the
back of her legs tensed as Zhang's motions forced her closer to the wall. Mia
didn't want to open her eyes; she didn't want to let herself admit that a
woman was bringing her pleasure. She couldn't let herself admit it but as
hard as she tried to deny it, the temperature in her was rising with every
pump of Zhang's fingers.

Zhang continued to shove the two fingers into the pussy of Mia; the moans
making her slowly quicken the pace as her hips began to pump as well. The
image of Mia, her white t-shirt pulled up over her soft breasts, her jeans
unsnapped exposing her panties and the bulge showing where Zhang's fingers
were bringing her closer and closer to orgasm would have been any man's
wildest dream. But Zhang wasn't satisfied with her state of dress and decided
to handle the situation.

Zhang removed her right hand from Mia's breasts and began to open the front
of her blouse. She didn't leave Mia's breasts without simulation as her mouth
took over with a strange tingle that Mia had not felt ever. Her boyfriends
had only been interested in the sex but Zhang wanted to taste her body as
much as possible. Her rough tongue and lips working on the stiff nipple of
Mia's right tit, sucking as though she was trying to nurse milk from her

"Oh shit, this isn't happening," Mia said aloud as the sexual taboo of it all
pushed her closer to the edge. "Oh fuck, I don't (ughh) believe (umm) this

She didn't really want to but Mia opened her eyes and saw an erotic sight.
Zhang's mouth was wrapped around her tit as the Asian beauty was bent over as
her hand worked on opening her blouse. Zhang mouth lifted from the breast of
Mia and she looked the tanned skinned sweetheart in the eye and smiled at
her. Mia's eyes saw the desire in the eyes of Zhang; it made her look down
only to be greeted by another site.

The soft white breasts of Zhang Tran, firm as Mia's only it looked as though
they were slightly smaller but not by much. It was a site that added to the
exotic beauty that this woman possessed, this woman who was forcing her down
a road she never thought she would travel. Mia lifted her eyes and saw the
smile, the smile of a woman who knows she can do anything she wants. The
smile that says she owns you, but she will only take what she wants at the
time of her control. It was eerie and hot all at the same time and it only
served to confuse Mia even more as the sweat from being held against her
bedroom wall began to slowly slide down her back.

"I know you love this Mia, tell me you love this," said Zhang as she lifted
her body even with Mia's, crushing her white breasts against Mia's tanned
one. "Tell me you love the way my fingers explore your pussy."

Zhang eased her fingers out and quickly jammed them back in as she finished
her statement, forcing another cry of pleasure from Mia's mouth.

"Tell me you love my lips kissing your neck," said Zhang as she bent down to
lick and kiss the nape of Mia's neck. "Tell me you love feeling my soft tits
pressed against yours."

Mia had to close her eyes again as Zhang began an up and down motion with
her whole body. Her nipples rubbing against Mia's, the sensation nearly
unbearable, and her fingers driving deeper and deeper into her pussy with
every motion of her body.

"Tell me that any man out their wouldn't want you in this position, pinned
against your own bedroom wall and pumping inside of you."

"In and out, in and out, in (ughh) and (umm) out."

"Tell me (oh fuck) tell me now Mia (mmmnnn) tell me and I'll give you more
pleasure than you ever imagined."

Mia didn't want to admit it, her lips made a noiseless motion as the soft
tits of Zhang and her collided faster and harder.

"Tell me Mia, tell me now."

This time a sound did come out, too low for anyone to hear. This made Zhang
go even faster, determined to make Mia say it to her.

"Tell me NOW!"

"Yes, I love it," said Mia in a soft voice that Zhang could hear and as loud
as she could let herself admit it.

"Good, now your reward."

Zhang suddenly shifted her fingers inside the pussy of Mia, touching a spot
never before touched and sending a shockwave through her body.

Mia couldn't stop herself; she moaned out and tried to inhale her breath at
the same time as a wave of sexual intensity swept through to her very soul.
Zhang had not lied; Mia had never felt anything like it before. The wave
shattered everything she had once held sacred and left her mind numb. Mia's
eyes flew open as she screamed out her pleasure; in the back of her mind she
was thankful the music downstairs was so loud.

Zhang held the body of Mia close as she pumped her fingers inside of Mia a
few more times, easing her out of the orgasm that Zhang had give to so many
before her. Zhang knew what that orgasm had done to the others, like sweet
Rachael who was a good Christian preachers daughter until Zhang's fingers
finished with her. Two days later the little preacher's daughter was on her
knees eating out her first pussy and allowing herself to become the lesbian
slut of a girl she barely knew. Zhang smiled as she heard Mia trying to
regain her breath and strength, hoping that Mia fell in line like the rest
of the woman before her and came begging to eat out Zhang a few days from
that moment.

Mia slowly pulled her fingers from Mia's pussy and her panties, making sure
not to lose any of the juices that covered her fingers on the cotton fabric.
Zhang slowly eased Mia into a sitting position on the floor with her back
against the wall. Zhang knew she could finish breaking her, but she wanted
Mia to be the one that came to her. That would be the best part, Mia Toretto
coming to her begging to eat her Asian pussy like a dying man drinking water
in the desert. But Zhang wasn't finished with her step 1 of the conquest yet.

Zhang knelt before the obviously confused girl and let Mia watch as she
sucked the girl cum from her fingers. Mia was so weak that she was powerless
when Zhang reached forward and kissed her hard on the lips, forcing Mia to
taste her own juices that she had just sucked from her fingers.

"Maybe we can do this again Mia," said Zhang as she held the face of Mia in
her hands. "You know where to find me."

Zhang stood above the confused girl as Mia pulled down her t-shirt and
fumbled with the snap of her jeans. Zhang looked down at the girl that she
knew was lost inside herself and the feeling that she was experiencing. Zhang
just smiled that smile as she buttoned up her blouse and opened the door and
left closing it behind leaving the room dark and Mia by herself.

Mia used the little strength she had left to rise to her feet, still leaning
against the wall as she tried to regain her bearings. Mia slowly made her way
over and locked the closed door, using the last of her strength she walked
over to her bed and laid down on her side. Mia grabbed her teddy bear from
the stand, pulled him close and softly cried as she drifted off to sleep
hurt, confused and worst of all, more fulfilled than she ever had been.

Two days later, all hell broke loose. It wasn't enough that Zhang had done
what she did to Mia; she had to fuck a drunk Dominic and then tell her
brother about it. Things between Dom and Johnny went south when Johnny found
out that Dom had "taking advantage of his sweet baby sister". Mia didn't
understand why Zhang had done it but she had whether she knew why or not. Dom
tried to explain but a fistfight later, the mild friendship was over and a
heated war was declared. Johnny ordered that anyone that hung around with Dom
was now his enemy and any enemy caught in `his side of town' would have to
pay a penalty. One person already found out what the penalty were, two broken
arms and a broke leg along with slash marks across his face. Johnny had said
that he had "gotten off easy" and the worse "was saved for Dom's close

Mia didn't tell her brother what Zhang had done to her, their was already too
big of a fire and she didn't feel more fuel was needed.

Mia was still questioning her reaction, questioning why she didn't really
fight back. Questioning why she refused to make a sound and questioning
herself as to why she enjoyed it all. Mia was more confused than she ever had
been about her sexual life, not only was she doubted that she would ever find
the right guy but now she was doubted if she didn't like what Zhang had done.
Was the real reason she couldn't find the right guy because she was really
hungry for the right girl?

`No, I'm straight, I'm not a lesbian," thought Mia. `It was a natural
reaction, the girl does it all the time she must know secrets.'

Even Mia didn't believe it as she thought it, she needed to talk to someone
that could keep it a secret and hopefully help her figure out what was going
on with her. And she needed to talk to them now.


Coming soon: Chapter 2: The Secret Encounter And Boy-Meets-Confused Girl


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