This is my first story ever, so please be kind. Its based characters from
Flight 29 Down, something like a teen version of LOST. This is the first part
of a five part series, but I'll take input! Thanks for reading!

Flight 29 Down: Part 1 - Rivals No More (mf,mf-mast,inter,cons,voy)
by Vermillion.Iron.Man ([email protected])

Aley and the other kids of Flight 29DWN had been having a rough time, even
considering that they were stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean.
Their "dream school trip" went horribly wrong when their plane flew into a
vicious hurricane, stranding them on the island. Daley, Nathan, Jackson,
Melissa, Eric, Taylor, and Lex were trying their best to live normally, while
trying even harder simply to survive one another.

Abby, who had just been found after leaving camp the first day, lay in the
girl's tent. She was in utter agony, feeling her broken ankle press against
her skin. Luckily, she was improving, and she slept soundly. Abby took
pleasure knowing that she was alone, but only a single call away from the
company of her schoolmates. She laid her head back, falling into a deep

Nathan was out in the woods by the well. He started packing up the camera
that he used to make his video diary. He had recently discovered he had
feelings for Daley. He found himself stealing glances of her whenever he
could, watching as she dragged fruit or firewood to camp, or even when she
sat against a tree to rest. He was totally obsessed with her. The graceful,
slender redhead was the object of his fantasy. Her sleek, athletic body was
accented by her perfect breasts, her beautifully curved hips, and long legs.
She had been his rival since they met, always in competition. But on the
island, they had decided that their rivalry could not only hurt them, but
the entire group. Nathan was caught off guard by his feelings at first, but
now he was quite comfortable with his feelings. He looked at a paper he had
in his pocket, which was a copy of the job cycles for the group. Satisfied
that he would be alone collecting fruit all day, he wandered off to the
secluded area of jungle on the edge of the explored area where the plants
that bore the fruits the group ate for survival. From there he caught sight
of Daley making her diary. He couldnt hear her, and knew that from where he
was she couldnt see him. He allowed his fantasy to take over as he peered
through the jungle foliage. He took out his long black penis and began
stroking it until it was hard. Nathan moved as close to Daley as he dared,
taking care to not make a sound or quick movement. He saw her shut off the
video camera and look around quickly, surveying to see if she was alone.
Nathan's jaw dropped as watched.

Daley knew how Nathan felt about her, and she did her best to conceal that
she felt the same about him. Emotionally, she could only liken what she felt
to being in love. Of course, she also had sexual fantasies. The 16 year old
redhead had often snuck off to her secluded spot on the island and would
masturbate until she came. She could only imagine what Nathan's cock must
feel like, or even look like, but she did know that even her three fingers
couldn't prepare her for it. She began as she always did, rubbing her still
clothed body up and down, caressing her curves. She felt her firm, supple
butt and smiled. After checking around again to be certain she was alone she
pulled her shirt over her head, revealing a blue sports bra. She looked down
and frowned. While not overly large, she loved her tits. They were perfectly
proportioned to her svetle body and round butt, and they had a full round
shape. She frowned mainly because the sports bras she wore, while supportive
during the intense physical activities required for survival, made her
beautiful breasts look small, squished, and otherwise unattractive. The
discomfort they caused only added to her dislike of the unflattering
garments. "Time to fix that," Daley said, smirking to herself as she pulled
the elastic out and lifted the bra off of her. Her round tits fell perfectly,
bouncing once. She licked her fingers and, casting away the blue bra, started
pulling and rubbing her hard pink nipples. She lifted her boob to her mouth,
licking and nibbling on her nipple. She was so turned on that her left hand
traveled down to her shorts, caressing her clit through the fine red hair
that was beginning to grow back over her slit. She usually shaved, but with
no razor to speak of between the four girls, she had to deal with the hair.

Nathan, who was barely ten feet to Daley's left, was in heaven. He started
stroking his cock in rythm with her masturbating, watching the bulge that
moved along her cunt lips. The thought crossed his mind that it was good that
she still had her shorts on, because he was sure he would cum as soon as he
saw the first glimpse of that beautiful firecrotch. No sooner did he think it
than she stopped, stood up, and stripped off her shorts, revealing a sopping
wet blue thong. Daley traced her pantyline and pulled the buttfloss from
between her cheeks, allowing it to snap against her hole. She loved the kinky
pain that it gave her and did it again. She was so flustered by now that she
ripped the thong from her body, staring down at the fire red pubic hair. It
was very short for the most part, but she saw the longer hair that still
formed a heart, a design she shaved in one day when she was bored.

Nathan could hardly hold his cum back, straining against his urge to blast
his load all over the branches. He could hardly believe that he was seeing
this. The vision of beauty before him was beyond belief. Daley began moaning
louder and louder. "Oh naaaathaaaan!" she moaned.

Simultaneously, nathan grunted "Yeah, Daaaley!"

Both stopped their actions, and through the brush made eye contact. Nathan
turned his head away as Daley dropped to the ground, trying to cover up.

"I can' could...were you watching me long?" she said, far more curious
than angry.

"I didnt mean to, I swear! I'm so sorry, Daley!" Nathan begged, still
looking away as he tried to put his erect 11-inch penis back in his shorts
and failing miserably.

"It's ok, Nathan, its ok." she cooed, trying to seduce him.

She finally had the love of her short life alone, and both of them were sexed
up. She placed her hand on his shoulder and turned him to face her. Daley was
still naked, which caused Nathan even more discomfort. He felt her fine red
cunt hair rub against the tip of his dick. As he felt it, Daley moved in,
kissing him deeply. He opened his mouth to accept her tongue, wrestling it
with all his might. They stood kissing for nearly ten minutes, lost in
euphoria. They caressed each others bodies, feeing the contours of each
other. When the kiss broke, Daley and Nathan looked at each other, lost in
each others eyes. The smiles on their face were only matched in size by
Nathan's hardon, pressing against daleys stiff clit. She stripped him of all
his clothes so the two teens were standing stark naked, sizing each other up.

"I never would have guessed that it was nearly that big, not even in my
nastiest fantasies!" Daley laughed, holding the huge cock in her hand.

"Yeah, its pretty big, I guess" Nathan responded, smiling devilishly.

"So, you really like me?" Daley asked.

"More than that Daley, I think I might love you," he said, somewhat

"Well, if youre not sure you love me, and I feel the same exact way, I think
we should make..." she started, unsure how to continue.

"" Nathan responded. "Yeah, you in?"

"Hell, yeah!" Nathan yelled.

Daley dropped to her knees and took Nathan's manhood in her mouth. She sucked
him like a pro, licking up and down his shaft and sticking her tongue in the
cumhole. He moaned loudly, knowing what was gonna happen soon. Daley figured
it out too, and with a devilish grin started to deep throat Nathan furiously.

"I'mmmm cuummmmminggg!" Nathan screamed, and just as he felt his balls tense
up. Daley pulled out and jerked him two more times, aiming his cock at her
face. His face contorted and he drove himself into her mouth again, firing a
massive load. She swallowed as much as she could, but his load was huge and
she found herself gagging. Nathan pulled out when he heard her cough,
shooting all over her beautiful face. She picked up a leaf and scraped the
cum from her face and swallowed every drop of Nathan's cum.

"It's sooo goood!" she cooed to him, stroking Nathan's shrinking dick.

"God, I love you," Nathan said, unsure of what Daley would say.

"I love you, too, and now lets consummate our love," Daley said, lying back
on soft jungle grass.

Nathan moved between her legs. Nathan ate pussy like there was no tomorrow,
bringing wave after wave of canal pleasure to the beautiful firecroch. He
focused on her clit, but moved back to fucking her with his tongue.

"Naaaathaaan, oooooh my goooooooooddddd!" Daley yelped as Nathan nibbled on
her love button, bringing her dangerously close to her biggest orgasm ever.
"Maaaaaakee meeeeee cummmmm, baaabyyyy!!!" she whispered, lost in ecstasy.
Nathan licked her ferociously, brutalizing her clitoris. "Iiii'mmmmmm
cummmmmming!!!" she gasped, and at the last second, Nathan bit down on her
clit, forcing her to cum instantly.

"AHHHHHHH!!!! OHH MY GODD!!! FUCK ME BABY!!!" Daley screamed, gasping for

Nathan grabbed his now rock hard cock and rammed it into Daley's snatch,
stopping at her hymen.

"Break it...NOW!!!" Daley yelled, half cooing and half ordering. "I want you
to pop my cherry NOW!!!"

Nathan needed no more convincing. He pulled out and lined up for his thrust.
In one fluid motion, he rammed his dick into Daley's vagina, shattering her
fragile hymen, and planted a deep, sensual kiss on her lips to stifle her
scream. He fucked her like a man possesed, ripping her pussy to fit his
massive erection. After ten minutes he couldnt hold it in any more. Breaking
the kiss, he screamed in frustration and drove his cock into Daley's asshole,
shooting the biggest load of his life in her anus. Daley screamed in painful
ecstasy, squirting girl cum from her clit all over Nathan's face as she felt
his huge penis twitch and fire what felt like a gallon of hot, sweet sperm
into her ass. The lovers collapsed, kissing and caressing each other, each
teasing the other by licking the others cum from themselves.

"I love you," they said in unison, kissing again and again.

"Daley? Daley, can you come here?" a voice called out. It was Abby, who had
woken up. "I'm so thirsty, and I can't move myself at all."

"Just a second, Abby, be right there," the redhead responed.

Nathan helped his lover dress, and kissed her long and hard before letting
her go to Abby's aid. He found a small note on the ground, which he opened
up. It was Daley's handwriting, with just four words written hastily.

"Same time tomorrow boyfriend!"


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