Disclaimer: this story is made for entertainment purposes only. This story is
fake, and has no relation to the movie it was inspired by "Exorcists." Blah,
blah, blah.

Inspiration: When I saw this movie, I was like, WOW! That's hot! A fresh girl
masturbating with a crucifix, and dominating her mom, making her mom eat her
pussy! What guy WOULDN'T get off on that! LOL. Well that scene as well as a
few other scenes in the movie inspired me to write MY version of Exorcists.

Codes: Ff, f-mast, inc, ws, nc->cons?

Exorcists: Dragon's Version
by Dragon333 İMarch 9th, 2006

Reagan was freed of the curse possession of the devil and the devil then
found and possessed another girl by the name of Amanda, who was a 13 year
old beautiful brown haired, blue eyed girl, with a decent amount of boobage
about a 32b. Amanda's mother was having a group of friends over having a
small after dinner snack and reminiscing good times they had. Amanda's
mother's name was Elizabeth. Elizabeth was a gorgeous young lady for her
age, she was a mature woman, and was 30 years old. Elizabeth had black
hair, sweet bedroom brown eyes, and a 36D bra size. While Elizabeth was
laughing and talking with her friends, her daughter Amanda came down in her
see through green nightgown. She was wearing no bra, and her nipples were
clearly visible through her gown. She had on some white panties. Everyone
turned to the teenager to see what she wanted when they had saw her standing
still at the bottom of the stairs.

"I don't feel too good." Amanda said with a gloomy look on her face. Right
then and there she relieved herself of her piss, and let her pee shoot from
her pussy, through her panties, and let it continue to stream to the floor.
Elizabeth and all of her friends watched her daughter finish peeing on the

"I'll be right back!" Elizabeth told her friends as she went up to Amanda.
"Amanda, let's go upstairs. I'll take your temperature and check up on you
in a few minutes."

Amanda then listened to her mother, and walked back up the stairs and into
her room. Elizabeth told all of her friends that they had to go so she can
take care of her daughter. After they all left, Elizabeth started to wonder
some things. 'I just had her checked up at the doctor's office last week,
why would my daughter feel so sick she had to pee on the floor?'

Elizabeth walked up the stairs and into her daughter's room and was shocked
at what she was seeing.

"Let Jesus fuck you! Let Jesus fuck you!" She heard Amanda saying while she
was wearing nothing but her white panties, and her cute 32b breasts and pink
nipples were clearly visible. While she was chanting her little magic words,
she was sticking a crucifix (cross) in and out of her 13 year old vagina

"Amanda! What are you doing?!" Elizabeth scolded at her. She briskly grabbed
the crucifix away from her and threw it. With surprisingly brute strength,
Amanda grabbed her mom's head and shoved it to her young cunt.

"LICK ME! LICK ME!" Amanda said as she held her mother's head over her
crotch. Still holding on to her mother's head, Amanda, used her other hand
to pull down her panties to her knees to let her mom lick her pussy. "LICK
ME!" She demanded her mom again.

Elizabeth found herself sticking her tongue out, and licking the exterior of
her own daughter's vagina. She licked up and down the pussy of her 13 year
old daughter, while Amanda had pressed her mom's tongue deeply into her cunt.
Elizabeth found herself licking deep and pressing hard inside of her 13 year
old daughter's vagina. She ended up licking up and down, and even side to
side on her own daughter's fresh virgin vagina. Elizabeth was worried about
what she was being forced to do was wrong, but now that she was tasting the
sweet, so sweet, juices of her daughter's love hole, it wasn't bad at all.
She stopped fighting back, and allowed her young daughter to control the way
she wanted her to taste her sweet juices. Elizabeth moaned through her
daughter's pussy while she was sucking and tasting Amanda's tight pussy.

"That's it, Mom! Keep eating me out, mama!" Amanda said while her gorgeous
mother was eating her out. Amanda felt herself bucking her possessed hips,
fucking her mom's face while she was eating her out. Amanda started moaning
her ass off, while fucking her mom's gorgeous face. She rapidly humped her
face, until she let out a gushing orgasm into her mother's tongue and mouth.
Amanda let out some cute post moans after she felt herself cum into her mom's
mouth. Elizabeth gulped down her daughter's cum, and then kissed her on the
lips. Then she stuck her tongue in her mouth, and started to make out with
her. She pressed her tongue on her daughter's tongue inside of her mouth and
French kissed her, while feeling the wonderful sensation of her lips pressing
against her gorgeous 13 year old's daughter lips.

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