(Note: This story overlaps with, then departs from, the 1985 Nelvana-produced
"Ewoks" cartoon, specifically episode 1x09 - Sunstar vs. Shadowstone)

Story elements: Mf, mf, ff, M+f, fu, fd, mc

Ewoks: Morag Claims Kneesaa And Latara
by Malcolm Douglas ([email protected])

Kneesaa and Latara were worried. Teebo had brought them and their friend
Wicket to this clearing, beyond the protection of the Bright Tree Village, to
show them his power. Teebo had been training with the village shaman, Logray,
and was eager to impress his friends. For their part, the two young females
were eager to be impressed, and, at first, Teebo did not disappoint. Using
one of Logray's wands, he created illusions and played Latara's flute without
touching it.

"Careful, Teebo-don't overdo it," cautioned Kneesaa, whose strait-laced
attitude reflected her desire to become the village's chief one day. Despite
her warning, the magics that Teebo toyed with quickly became too much for him
to control, and the resulting vortex destroyed Logray's wand and Latara's
flute before it eventually dissipated.

"Oh, my poor flute!" Latara wailed. Turning in disgust at the damage wrought
by Teebo's magic, Kneesaa, Latara, and Wicket were about to return to the
village when they heard a gentle song drifting to them from farther in the
forest. The four young Ewoks followed the melodious feminine voice to a cave,
the interior walls of which appeared to shine with a golden light.

"I have a bad feeling about this," Kneesaa moaned, trailing slightly behind.

"Don't be afraid. Come closer," the voice invited. At the end of the cave, a
creature of unprecedented beauty reclined, and the young Ewoks approached her
with awe and wonder. She was furry, like them, but her limbs were lithe, and
her rounded hips and bosom flowed in a shape that resembled an hourglass.

As they stood speechless, their surroundings suddenly shifted. They found
themselves in a dark, stagnant swamp, far from the majestic and protective
branches of their arboreal village. And, even more ominously, their host's
preternaturally attractive form transformed into the withered and stunted
shape of their ancient enemy, Morag.

"Let us go!" demanded Kneesaa.

"No, little ones. I need you to lure old Logray to me," she croaked in her
characteristically raspy voice. Morag had transported them to her territory,
and she would not let them leave without exacting a terrible price. However,
as she considered the slaves that fate had delivered to her, she began to
formulate a new plan for the young females.

* * *

Morag, the Tulgah witch of the forest moon of Endor, was a powerful and
intelligent creature, to be sure, but a drawn-out standoff with the
tree-dwelling, bipedal, ursine creatures known as Ewoks had halted her
dark ambitions. Long ago, she had stolen a powerful artifact called the
Sunstar-Shadowstone from the superstitious primitives. In her arrogance,
however, she also enslaved the Ewok warrior who attempted to stop her,
forcing Logray to serve her menial needs. This critical error allowed
the Ewok the opportunity to learn her magics and turn them against her.
When the dust had settled, Logray had escaped with half of the artifact,
and quickly used his Sunstar to bolster the defenses of his village
against her and her Shadowstone.

Although unable to attack the primitives and their shaman directly, Morag had
since made several attempts to bring down the Ewok collective, manipulating
other races into attacking or undermining the ecosystem that the Ewoks
depended on for survival. She had created a magical contagion that turned the
faerie-like Wisties into crazed arsonists during a drought, tricked a family
of gigantic Phlogs into believing that the Ewoks had stolen their (also
gigantic) infant, and twice sent her enslaved Mantigrue to wipe out the
sunberry trees that nourished the Ewok tribe. In each instance, the Ewoks
banded together, and even allied themselves with the other, equally
unambitious races.

This day, however, she chanced to encounter four young Ewoks-hooded, but
clearly short of adulthood-beyond range of Logray's protection. One of them,
amusingly enough, appeared to fancy himself Logray's apprentice, and carried
some of her "old friend's" mystic items. She quickly formulated a simple
trap, and disguised her appearance to maximize its impact.

* * *

Morag had initially planned to send a straightforward ransom demand to her
old friend, perhaps a psychic projection to his absurd, /dreidel/-like
scrying device, but the success of her ruse gave her another idea. Despite
its undoubtedly alien proportions, the Ewoks had responded positively to the
form that she had chosen, perhaps because it was an impossibly idealized
version of the Ewoks' own secondary sexual characteristics. She did not need
all the adolescent Ewoks to serve as hostages-really, Logray would be
interested enough in rescuing his apprentice, and the magical items that he
had pilfered-so she decided to use her new insight into Ewok psychology to
devise a two-pronged attack against the Bright Tree village and its shaman.

The two budding females would be perfect for her purposes, their bodies
and minds already in a natural state of flux. She would exploit their
collectivist conditioning, redirect their youthful energy, and empower their
basest instincts, twisting the two girls into subtle weapons. Unlike the
incendiary charm that she used on the Wisties, the Ewoks would not think to
metaphorically throw cold water on their hot young females until it was too
late. Then, they would either continue to undermine the tribe's established
social order, or Logray would deplete his magical strength in an attempt to
reverse the direction that their lives had taken.

First, however, Morag would need to show the she-woks the path that they
would walk for her. As the Tulgah witch prepared herself for the ritual, her
Yuzzum guards pushed the two young females before her. It would be a new
spell, combining the crazed passion of the "Firefolk" spell with the sexual
transfiguration that had lured the young Ewoks into her clutches.

"We've done you no harm! Let us go! Please!" Kneesaa cried.

"Soon, 'White-Fur'-but first, I will teach you your place in the world. You
are destined to become a mindless sow, desperate to attract the gaze of the
most aggressive boars in the forest, who will fight each other without mercy
for the opportunity to squirt their seed into your sex and make you fat with
their ravenous, ungrateful spawn."

Kneesaa was beginning to understand why Morag was single. "You poor creature!
There's nothing but hate in your life," she observed.

"Nothing? You call this nothing?! This is POWER! Power to ... well, I can't
exactly stop you from becoming a slut, but I can ensure that you will become
a useful slut. MY slut!" Morag rasped, as she struck her staff onto the
ground, and unleashed a torrent of crackling magic from the Shadowstone.
Glittering sparks enveloped the she-woks, and the enchantment went to work
on their minds and bodies.

* * *

/Kneesaa felt the dirty desires cascade through her, and desperately cast
about her flooded mind for some element of her life to keep herself afloat.
She thought of the woklings that she so often cared for - it was up to her to
serve as their big sister, and how could she care for them if she gave in to
the feelings that Morag had filled her with?

Of course, they would feel lust themselves, one day. It was inevitable. And,
just as inevitably, they would need someone to teach them about matters of
mating and sex-and of pleasure. Someone experienced.

Really, she should experiment sexually for that very reason, regardless of
Morag's influence. She could continue to act as an advocate for the woklings,
spreading her legs for the elders, and then returning to her young charges
with advice and guidance learned though her slutty escapades. And the little
ones were so adorable that she couldn't wait to see the looks on their faces
when she kissed them passionately for the first time ... or showed them how
much fun it could be to let "big sister" Kneesaa play with them./

* * *

As her mind struggled with the pull of Morag's spell, Kneesaa's body also
began to show signs of the witch's perverse influence. Kneesaa's nipples,
usually concealed by the slightly darker fur of her belly, began to grow
more prominent and erect, sprouting like flower buds from her chest. Behind
them, dormant mammary glands engorged and swelled, presenting her nipples to
the world like the most delicious and succulent fruit.

* * *

/Suddenly shocked by her own thoughts, Kneesaa violently shook her head. Were
Morag's magics so powerful that they could turn her into a pedophile against
her will, or were they simply bringing out a side of her character that had
always been there, lurking somewhere below the surface of her consciousness?

On the verge of despair, Kneesaa longed for the presence of her father. He
would hold her in his strong arms, and reassure her that her destiny was not
to be a sexual predator, but the chieftain of their tribe. She would bury her
face in the fur of his chest and feel warm and protected.

Chirpa was so strong and powerful-Kneesaa could understand what her mother
saw in him. And he had been without his loving mate for so long-it had been
just the two of them since the day that Kneesaa's mother and sister died. She
wondered how he would react if she trailed kisses down his belly, slowly
sinking to her knees, before taking his penis into her eager mouth. He might
resist, but he deserved all of the pleasure that she could give him, and she
owed it to him to try./

* * *

Kneesaa's limbs, formerly as stubby as the rest of her race, grew longer and
more graceful. Her waist narrowed, making her rapidly flaring hips all the
more dramatic. Her rump became generously full and curved. Like her nipples,
her vaginal lips began to peek out from beneath a tuft of her belly fur, and
Kneesaa involuntarily shivered with the sudden sensation of cool air on her
wantonly exposed sex.

* * *

/Images of the she-wok and her father succumbing to their incestuous desires
trampled though Kneesaa's mind, crushing her remaining resistance, and her
restraint. In her mind's eye, she saw her body twisted into a caricature of a
nubile Ewok female in heat, her hips curved wide and full, and her breasts
swollen and ready for suckle.

Indeed, she imagined that her breasts were not meant to nurse infants - but
her father would enjoy them, pressing his face against them as he fondled
them and sucked on her excited nipples.

She imagined herself on all fours, her back arched and her rump salaciously
presented to her father to take however he wanted it.

Imagined his rough face between his young daughter's downy thighs, tasting
the dew of her fresh sex as she laid on her back and squirmed.

Imagined spreading her legs even wider as his weight came to rest on atop her
body, and his penis penetrated deep inside her.

Imagined his seed exploding inside of her, and the warm contentedness as the
incestuous pair drifted to sleep in each other's arms.

The thought of taking her mother's place, of sharing her wonderful father's
bed, made her nipples ache and her vagina weep./

* * *

As the changes slowed, the remnants of Morag's magic glittered around the
young Ewok, and Kneesaa's transformation was complete. The future chieftain
of the Bright Tree Village was now a buxom slut who wanted nothing more than
to have sex with virtually her entire village. She wondered if she should
make it a campaign promise.

Latara had long since surrendered to Morag's influence. She had always been
something of an attention-whore, and, as soon as she realized that all eyes
would be on her if she strolled into a ring of aroused males and offered her
body to them, her resistance completely evaporated. She eagerly anticipated
brazenly strutting across the ramps and skyways of the village with the
sexual scent of so many males still lingering in her fur. The other females
would be so jealous. Of course, there was no reason why she should only offer
her body to boars. She suspected that females would find her attractive too,
once they got over their envy over her fulsome body.

Kneesaa and Latara's eyes shone with barely-restrained desire. They
instinctively knew that they would never be able to conceive children, but
that awareness only sharpened their hunger for sex, and they felt a wave of
gratitude toward Morag for the gift that she had given them, the life that
she had forced them into. They stood proudly, primping their overripe bodies
for their captor. As she gazed coldly at the oversexed creatures that she
had created, Morag decided that she was pleased with the results of her

To the girls' dismay, however, the witch had one last spell to cast. With
barely a shake of her staff, she sent a swirl of magic around her captives,
cloaking them in a shallow illusion. Once again, Kneesaa and Latara looked
every inch the innocent girls that had fallen into her trap earlier that day,
only their eyes betraying the wild and indiscriminate sexuality that now
dominated their thoughts.

"And now, my slaves, you will return to the welcoming arms of your tribe!"
Morag declared. "Do not restrain yourselves, for Logray's wards will strip
away the glamour that I have used to disguise your new forms before six
sunrises have passed. By that time, your true nature will be obvious. But
do not fear! Even disguised as your former selves, your presence will
inflame the sexual energy of those around you, and that energy will make
your charms stronger. My power will become your power, and your influence
will exhaust the males and transform the females. If Logray discovers you
and attempts to return you to your previous state," and here the girls felt
great dread that such a thing was possible, "he will open himself to my
attacks. And, if he doesn't, then thus begins the final frenzy of the Ewoks!"

* * *

The sun was setting when Kneesaa and Latara returned to the Bright Tree
Village, to all outward appearances no different than they were when they
left. With a lascivious smile, Latara went to inform Teebo's family that he
had decided to go hunting with Wicket for a few days, and that they shouldn't
worry. She was sure that they would believe her, allowing Morag to keep him
hostage in the short term without any fear of discovery. And, while Latara
was making the trip, she wondered if perhaps she should take Teebo's younger
sister Malani aside for some quality time-just between the girls. Latara
licked her lips as she thought of little Malani's.

Kneesaa's father would probably never allow her the freedom to abruptly
leave to hunt, she reflected as she reached her hut. Not surprisingly, Chirpa
awaited her, concern stamped on his features. "Daughter!" he exclaimed with
relief, "Where have you been?"

"Oh, Father," she soothed, "I was just out with my friends. Teebo took us out
to the woods, and we learned what magic can do."

"I see," he replied. "Daughter, I know that you aren't my little wokling
anymore, but you need to take care of your responsibilities at all times if
you are going to protect this tribe."

"I know, Father," she conceded, smirking inwardly, "from now on, I'll devote
myself to keeping the tribe standing tall and ready for anything that comes.
But Father, please don't say that I'm not your little wokling anymore ..."
She slowly sashayed towards him, gazing back into his eyes soulfully. She
thought that she saw him swallow.

"... Because, even when I belong to the entire tribe, I'll always be your
girl." And, standing on her toes, she softly kissed his lips. She felt a
rush of energy, like magic, flow into her belly. /My power will become your
power/, Morag had said, and Kneesaa felt powerful. Her father didn't have a
chance. "In fact, would it be okay if we slept together tonight? Like we used
to?" she breathed.

"I, uh ... /suppose/ that would be alright, Daughter," he reluctantly
conceded, "but I have a long day tomorrow, and we should go to sleep now." He
was desperate to keep her focus away from his groin, where, for some reason,
his penis had decided to become inappropriately hard. Moments ago, as she
approached him, he could have sworn that he saw a brief vision of his
daughter looking more nubile than he thought possible, as though she had
matured and gone into heat instantly before his eyes, and then snapped back
to adolescence. He didn't know how he would conceal his erection from his
daughter in the bed, but the light wasn't fading quickly enough, and he
wanted to get it under cover as quickly as possible.

Kneesaa smiled knowingly and nodded, though she had no intention of letting
her father get a full night's sleep. Taking him by the hand, she led him to
their bed. "I have a bad feeling about this," Chirpa thought nervously.

Kneesaa had a feeling that she would never sleep alone again.

The End ...?


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