Everwood: Wet And Nasty Amy Abbott Part 1 (fg)
by Hamster (your furry, flushable friend)

Everyone thought Amy Abbott was the ultimate good girl. But the truth was
that in private she had more than her fair share of very nasty fantasies. So
when her brother, father, and mother were all going to be out while she was
asked to watch young Delia Amy thought about Delia and how much fun it would
be to strip her down, strap her down and fuck the shit out of her. The
thought made her cunt feel all warm and juicy.

So Amy made a plan to get her hands on the tasty young girl.

Next day...

The girl knocked on the door at the appointed hour. Amy opened the door. She
was wearing nothing but a yellow bikini with a pool robe over it. In fact,
Amy's luscious melon sized boobs were shown off to full advantage. She did
after all have to tempt and impress the girl.

"Come in, Delia," Amy said. "Jump in the pool?"

It was summer and very hot out. Delia was sticky and sweaty so a refreshing
dip sounded good.

"OK." Delia said.

Amy led Delia out to the pool. She watched carefully as the girl stripped
to her tight white cotton bathing suit. The bathing suit stretched tight
over the girl's perfect little ass. Amy felt her own cunt begin to get
warm. Quickly, she dove into the pool, and surfaced just in time to see
Delia adjust her suit and dive in. They played around for about fifteen
minutes, and then climbed out of the pool and laid on lounge chairs beside
each other.

Amy stared at Delia's little cunt outlined against her too-small bikini. As
her eyes were raised to meet the girl's eyes, she saw that Delia was looking
directly at Amy's crotch. As the girl's eyes strained to take in the teen's
pussy, Amy's pussy gave an involuntary jump.

"It looks like that's a little tight for you, Delia." Amy commented as she
fantasized about what she'd like to do to the girl's sweet little cunt.

"These are my oldest pair, but they feel real good... tight, I like 'em this
way." She ran her fingers under the leg holes and said, "Besides, I don't
think they're that tight!"

"Here, let me see." Amy as she sat up to face the girl.

Amy ran the fingers of both hands under and around the leg holes. She let her
fingers slip slightly inside to caress Delia's little pussy lips. She ran her
opened palm over the bulge made by the girl's mons. Delia's pussy reacted to
the caress, and began to wet her panties. Delia gave quiet sigh through
trembling lips. She was confused but she enjoyed the sensations in her

"These fit you real nice, Delia, but it looks like you're getting pretty
horny," Amy said as she removed her hand. Delia gasped as Amy released her

"I just can't help it." Delia. She instinctively began to rub herself through
the cloth of her suit. She enjoyed the texture of the fabric scratching her
youthful pussy.

"Yeah, I know." Amy said. "I like to feel my pussy through the cloth the way
you are doing now. Sometimes, I just can't quit till I've messed them. Maybe
we'd better go inside and dry off."

Amy walked into the house smiling back at Delia seductively. Delia was
confused but felt her pussy tingling. She followed Amy into the house and on
into the bedroom. Amy grabbed two towels, and began drying the girl's back.
When Delia turned to face Amy, she displayed the wetness in her crotch area.
Her cunt showed in detail through the wet swimwear. Amy's pussy was tight
against her bikini bottoms, and she pressed it against Amy's young cunt. The
material of the panties and bikini rubbed together causing both females to
feel a surge of excitement. Amy sat down on the couch, and without a word
pulled Delia's crotch to her face. She nibbled at the outline of the
straining pussy.

"No please stop. Oh, oh no, Oh! Amy, that feels so good! Don't stop please,
please!!!" Delia pleaded.

Amy, slowly skinned the girl's bathing suit down to reveal her wet naked
body. The girl oozed drops of cunt juice from her pussy which Amy lapped up
with her tongue. Delia's eyes rolled back as she felt the first taste of the
teen's lips on her young virgin pre-teen cunt. It immediately thrust forward,
hot and ready. Delia's mouth watered as she experienced a strange sensation.
She put her hands on the teen's head. Amy licked up and down on the juicy
cunt. She took in all she could of what the young girl had to give.

Delia's shoulders shivered, and a chill ran up her back. Amy loved the
feeling of all this girl-flesh at her mouth, it was so warm and juicy. The
girl's brown locks flung over her forehead. She reared her head back, and
let the woman's tongue experience the full flavor of her hot pussy. Her
pre-teen pussy was pressed hard against Amy's mouth. She felt her clit
getting a licking. It was strange but so pleasurable to be sucked by the
older girl. She had never had her cunt against anybody's mouth before. The
girl's legs spread further apart. After this moment, she knew she wanted
to have her pussy eaten as frequently as possible. The woman was nursing
on her pussy, collecting all those rampant oils of girlhood to womanhood
that were so eager to flow! The girl needed to give the woman her load of
girl cum. Up until then the girl thought that playing with her clit was her
greatest thrill. Now, with this teen's mouth clamped securely on her hard
wanton flesh, she would never again settle just for getting simply frigged!

She cried to the Amy, "It feels so good, Amy! I love it, god please don't

There was no question but that the girl was telling the truth. Her cunt
yearned for the woman's mouth. Amy laid back on the bed and pulled Delia
upon her, and took the young girl's pussy onto her mouth. The girl rocked
back and forth as the woman ate her cunt once more. The horny girl cried
out with pleasure. She was in the mood for rockets to blast in her brain.
The hunting horn of sensual lust clouded her thinking. There were wild
dreams flowing through her head. Amy licked at the clit, circling it with
her mouth, hoping her tongue was as pleasing to the girl as her pussy was
to her.

"Oh! Oh!! Oh!!!" Cried out the girl as her passion reached an insane peak,
and she began to ooze her hot juices in rivers, and there was only one
reservoir to catch it: Amy's eager hot mouth!

The woman felt the girl's pussy release the liquids that she had longed for.
This was pure naked, raw lust that knew no moral bounds. The girl's cunt
quivered as her juice erupted into the woman's wet mouth. Amy took all of it
that she could get, and when she had about wrenched every last drop, she let
go of the girl. Delia was temporarily exhausted.

As Delia was recovering, Amy shoved her drenched suit against the girl's
spent pussy.

"A-Amy can I see what your pussy looks like?"

"Ok, Delia. You want to see my pussy? I'm going to show it to you."

She dropped her hands to her crotch, and began fingering her cunt through
the material. Delia's eyes never left Amy's crotch. Amy fingered her pussy
over and over, then began inching the bikini bottom down over her hot cunt.
The pussy was covered by a small V-shaped thatch of blonde pubic hair. Amy
began a slow fingering motion, never taking her eyes from the girl. As she
pushed and pulled at her creaming cunt, a the wetness spread all over her
crotch. Got on all fours, crawled over to Delia, pulled the girl in to her
and rubbed her self on Delia as she stood up in front of the girl. Delia
felt Amy's hot cunt rub up and over her pussy and belly as the teen rubbed
up against her. Once Amy separated a bit, Delia could see Amy's pussy up

"Wouldn't you like to play with it a little for me? Even maybe want to put
your mouth over this, Delia?"

She sat on the top of the bed with Delia facing her. She reached for Delia's
hand, and placed it around her pussy. The girl reached up with her other
hand, and began feeling Amy Abbott's big boobs.

"You have big boobs, Amy. Real big! I hope mine get as big as yours are. Are
you going to let me make you cum?" Delia asked.

"If that's what you want Delia. In fact, why don't you just keep touching my
pussy like you're doing, but, I want you to put your mouth on it when I cum."

Delia couldn't resist placing her mouth over Amy's pussy just like the
older had done for her. Delia felt her own pussy ooze juice again. She
knew enough to keep her teeth out of the way, and she licked Amy like an
experienced pussy licker. Faster and faster, up and down on Amy's pussy.
Amy moaned as her climax approached. She clung to the edges of the pool
as she felt the delight of hot female cum roll into the lust-crazed mouth
of the young papergirl. It was hot and abundant. Some of it glistened at
the corners of Delia's mouth. For the first time in Delia's life she felt,
and tasted, a girl oozing a load of hot female juice into her pussy
sucking mouth. The taste of the girl, and the feel of the cunt swelling
oozing combined to convince Delia that she would be a pussy licker forever.
More hot juice filled Delia's mouth. She gulped it all down.

Finally the juice stopped, and Delia continued to suck until all but the very
life was sucked from Amy Abbott's pussy. Amy reversed positions with Delia
and pressed her hungry mouth against the cunt. She took the girl's pussy at
her mouth again. She sucked the cunt until it was red. She took the girl's
cunt, and sucked it with all the violence of a vacuum cleaner. She suctioned
the girl's randy pussy until it was aching with the need to cum again.

Delia's orgasm was almost upon her. The girl's arms gripped the edges of the
bed behind her. Her fingers tightened as Amy's mouth enclosed her flesh, and
made it crave for more in violent horniness!

Delia's pussy came again against Amy's mouth. The girl's sweet juices again
filled her mouth. Unlike Delia, Amy didn't miss a drop of the girl's nectar.
Delia released her grip of the pool edge and slumped into the corner of the
pool. The water was waist high. Amy released Delia's drained pussy.

"Oh-oh yes Amy that was sooo good." Delia gasped.

"Why don't you come back tomorrow Delia." Amy smiled seductively. "I'll
really show you how to have some good lesbian fun."

To be continued...
_ _ _

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