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Everwood: Like Sisters Part 2 (F/F, Lesbian, Underage Drinking, Spanking)
by Darkjac ([email protected])

Lani stood up and appraised the situation her bed was now in. She
at the mess of juices that had been left on the sheets and decided that
she should progress Amy's teaching quickly.

"You made a mess." Lani stated as a fact, enjoying the red blush
spread across Amy's cheeks.

Amy was feeling very guilty for making a mess all over Lani's bed,
well as to her family for giving into her lesbian desires. Even now after
the act she still wasn't sure if she had made the right decision,
sleeping with Lani.

Lani pushed herself up leaving the bed and standing up, clad only in
lacy undergarments. "You made a real mess, young lady" Lani said again.

"Sorry" replies Amy, blushing.

"Do you want to take this further?" Lani asked, her heart pounding
anticipation of what she had planned.

"Yes" replied Amy, with even more shame.

"Than from now on you will do as your told" demanded Lani, a new
edge entering her voice. "Stand up now!" she commanded.

Amy quickly sprang to her feet, her mind reacting instantly to
command. She was confused as to how this was supposed to be sexy, and
also deeply aroused at being ordered around. Lani moved over to Amy's
nude body and gently placed her hands on Amy's shoulders. She turned Amy
towards the corner and walked her over until her nose was inches from the
seam in the wall.

"Stay here and don't move while I prepare" Lani said in the same
commanding tone. A confused Amy could only do as she was told, her
pleasure filled body unable or unwilling to argue with the black haired
girls demands.

Amy stood in the corner waiting to be let out, her heart pounded in
anticipation of whatever event Lani was preparing for. Her mind began to
wander to the last time she had stood in a corner for any length of time,
she was eight years old and was waiting for her mother to give her a

Lani wasn't planning to spank her, was she? She was much to old to
put over someone's knee and she would be dammed if she would let her best
friend and new lover treat her like that. She was extremely nervous but
also aroused by the situation, and the more she thought about being
"punished" for "making a mess", the more she wanted it.

"Turn around now my little blonde slut." Lani said teasingly.

Amy slowly turned around and found the teen sex goddess sitting
in a
hard backed chair, still clad in her black lingerie, and holding a wicked
looking hairbrush. It was a large wooden brush with thick bristles, and
it was made of such sturdy wood that to Amy it looked like nothing more
than a paddle. Lani motioned Amy forward with her jet black fingernails
and Amy approached as slow as she dared. Butterflies threatened to tare
apart her stomach as she marched forward to what she knew would be a
painful and long spanking. Amy stopped about a foot away from Lani's lap,
shifting back and forth uncomfortably.

"Are you going to spank me?" Asked Amy with a tremor in her voice.

"Yes" replies Lani, matter-of-factly. "You made a mess on my bed.
you deserve to be punished?"

"Well Yes, but.....

"NO BUTTS!" shouted Lani, angry. With that she grabbed the young
brunette girl and pulled her over her lap. Lani got a tight grip on Amy's
slim arms, and forced the young girl into position over her knees. Her
arms were than held securely behind her back with her cute ass sticking
up into the air making a perfect target. Amy tried to wiggle free but
Lani was having none of it. She tightened her grip and forced her to cry
out, she didn't loosen the grip until she knew Amy would stay.

Lani picked up the heavy hairbrush with her free hand and prepared
bring it down hard on Amy's creamy ass. The anticipation of the blow was
terrifying the young girl, she had no idea what this would feel like, and
she wondered if she could take it. Despite the fear, or perhaps because
of it, Amy was more aroused than when she had first entered Lani's
bedroom. She was confused by her reaction, how could fear produce
arousal, these thoughts only lasted until the first blow landed on her
ass cheeks. The hairbrush slammed into her right cheek and Amy
immediately let out a scream of pain. It felt like her ass was on fire!
The pain was so incredible, yet also strangely pleasant.

Lani smiled sadistically to herself as she watched Amy's body buck
heave on her lap. She has always loved spanking others,
especially any hot boys she managed to get over her lap. Most of the time
it was another girl at her school as part of various initiation rituals,
but Amy's performance over her lap was much better than any other she had

"That's One" Said Lani happily. Amy laid across her knees, all fight
driven out of her by the heavy wooden implement. She lay there panting
and breathing deeply, copping with the pain as she waited for the next

"Aren't you going to thank me?" asked Lani slyly.

Amy felt like she was punched in the stomach. She was horrified at
thought of having to thank her best friend for smacking her but with a
wooden hairbrush?! That was ridiculous, even more ridiculous than just
being "punished" by the teen! Even as she thought this was a horrible
experience she could feel her pussy moisten at the thought of being even
more completely at her mercy.

Finally the pleasure of being humiliated overwhelmed her pride and
mumbled out a brief thank you. "Thank you Lani"

"Excuse me" said Lani "I don't think I heard you."

"Thank You Lani" Amy said with a bit more confidence, a confidence
still wasn't sure existed.

"That's a good girl" says Lani.

Even though she had been forced into this position by the dominating
teen, Amy felt a surge of pride at the praise. It quickly faded as she
received another blow from the hairbrush. As the fiery embers of pain
drifted through her body Amy let out a scream of pain. The noise was
music to Lani's ears and shocking to Amy's.

"Thank me again" said Lani in a commanding tone.

Thank You Lani" Amy said shameful of every word.

Lani smiled sadistically and delivered the next blow to Amy's

Thank You Lani" Amy responded automatically.

"That's a good girl" Lani repeated, astounded at the progress she

Amy was starting to enjoy the situation she found herself in, the
painful swats of the hairbrush were turning into something more than just
pain. As she had her ass blistered by her best friend, Amy felt the pain
slowly turning to pleasure, felt deep within her body. Besides the fact
that she was completely helpless to her friends domination was also
deeply exciting to the young girl. She had never felt this way before and
she was enjoying it more and more as the so called "punishment"

Lani brought the brush down on Amy's bare skin twice more, one on
cheek, in quick succession. Amy cried out in extreme pain, but still
remembered to thank Lani as was required. Lani than started delivering
strokes to fast for Amy to count, and with no time in between for Amy
to thank her new lover.

Lani watched as the creamy white globes before her began to turn a
rosy red color from the abuse she was inflicting. Amy was squirming in
pain on Lani's lap and her legs were kicking frantically, but she wasn't
trying to pull away anymore so Lani let her hands go. Almost immediately
her hands shot to her punished bottom, and began to gently massage the
enraged skin. The rubbing, of course, just made the fire worse and it
didn't please Lani, having her targets obstructed like that.

"Keep your hands away from your bottom" Lani said a little testily.

Amy quickly obeyed, moving her hands up and over Lani's knees, and
them just hang over Lani's smooth thighs. Lani smiled at her obedience.
She than tightly gripped the hairbrush with both arms and prepares to
double the punishment on the cute behind in front of her.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Amy was openly crying now, tears ran down her
face as her bottom began to blister. She was kicking her legs frantically
now, and squirming over the lap she lay across. Lani didn't let up at all
as she continued the assault. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!
Amy could feel her pussy begin to moisten as the pain blossomed into
pleasure. She was shocked by her own reaction and a little horrified to
discover that she liked being punished. Lani was unaware of the inner
turmoil or arousal going on, and just continued her relentless assault.

was getting closer and closer to her second orgasm of the night. Suddenly
without any warning Lani stopped the relentless lashes on her backside.

"You may get up now" Lani said.

"NO!" Amy cried out, "Just a few more, Please!"

Lani was shocked by this reaction, she had never seen someone so
to orgasm from being spanked, this was incredible! She decided to comply
and began delivering more strokes with the hairbrush as Amy started
screaming again. Her screams of ecstasy continued to grow as she came
spectacularly. Her body shivered in delight as the pleasure washed over
her and her pussy shot a load of cream onto Lani's leg.

Lani was shocked and surprised as Amy stood up on shaky legs and
back to her. Amy was embarrassed at cumming again while Lani was
extremely turned on and was about ready for her turn.

"You liked that!" breathed Lani, astonishment filling her voice.

"Yes" responded a blushing Amy.

"I think it's time to return the favor Amy" Lani said smiling, she
feel her nipples stiffening and her pussy moistening already.......

To Be Continued...


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