This story is fictional and not to be taken seriously. No one under 18
should read this, its an adult story. This story contains (sex-m/f, cons,
oral, m/f oral, underage sex).

Even Stevens: Twitty The Stud Part 1
by MisIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Twitty, Louis and Tawny were all good friends ever since Tawny moved to
Sacramento. Twitty always found Tawny pretty so he finally got the nerve to
ask her out on a date. To his surprise she said yes, so they both met for a
movie at the mall. Twitty was pleasantly surprised to see Tawny's dressed so
hot for their date she was wearing a black low cut shirt that accented what
cleavage she had. She had on sexy black leather pants that hugged her cute
little butt. Twitty went more casual wearing just white shorts and a
multi-colored button shirt.

"You look great Tawny!" She smiled and eyed his kind of dorky, but cute in
its own way, clothes.

"Your looking pretty good too Twitty, did you raid Lewis's closet?" She
giggled and gave him a sexy wink. "Come on lets go get our tickets."

They sat down towards the back of the theater. They noticed there were only a
few people since they went to an early afternoon movie. They watched a horror
movie, and Tawny found herself scared and putting her hand on Twitty's lap
several times. Tawny felt his huge erection, and she looked at him blushing
"Did I do that?" she asked.

"Um yeah you sure did Tawny, you are so very sexy."

"Well, thanks Twitty, I hope you realize flattery will get you everywhere."

To Twitty's surprise Tawny left her hand on his crotch and felt on his hard
cock through his shorts. He was having trouble getting comfortable in his
seat as he was being felt up by Tawny. He decided to see if he could get a
feel of her too. He put his arm around her and put his hand under her shirt
and cupped her breast covered only by her lacey black bra. He heard her moan
softly as he found her nipple and stroked it through the lace of the bra. He
was enjoying touching his first breast, when Tawny pulled away.

"Damn, she's mad at me now, oh well it was good while it lasted." He

To Twitty's surprise though Tawny was just pulling away to unhook her bra
for him. After she did that she got close to him again, her hand went right
back in his crotch as she started kissing him softly on the mouth. He went
back under her shirt to find that her bare breasts were very easy to access
with her bra unhooked. The nipples on her breasts were very excited as he
could tell by their perkiness. As he felt up her nice breasts, they seemed
to be about medium size which was a surprise to him, he figured they were
more on the small side. Tawny upped the ante a bit as she slid her hand down
his shorts to feel his cock better. As she rubbed him through his underwear
his cock popped out.

So Tawny went ahead and pulled his underwear down and stroked his now
uncovered cock with her hand. The movie that they had talked about seeing
all week suddenly had very little of their attention. They're minds were
elsewhere. Tawny caught a view of Twitty's cock when the picture on the
movie screen got brighter. "My God his cock is huge, mmmm I wish I would
have known this before I would have gotten in his pants earlier." She

Twitty was very much enjoying Tawny's young tits as he squeezed them and
played with the nipples rubbing them between his thumb and forefinger. He
couldn't believe they were going this far in a movie theater. He decided
to go a little further, he slid a hand between Tawny's legs and began to
press his fingers against her pussy. Tawny moaned (surprising herself how
loud she moaned) at his fingers pressed against her pants crotch. Tawny
wanted Twitty, she wanted him bad, she would have let him take her right
there on the floor in the theater if he asked. She didn't care if that made
her a whore or a slut or not she had never been so hot in all her life.

No boy had ever gone this far with Tawny before, one guy had touched her
breasts outside her shirt, but he got slapped for it. Tawny was getting felt
up on the top and bottom by Twitty and she would only have slapped him if he
dared to stop. Her stroking on his big dick went faster and faster as the
two exchanged spit in a wet French kiss. Twitty pushed his fingers harder
and harder against Tawny's crotch. Tawny whispered "i want you" in his ear
just before blowing in it and giving it a little nibble. Unfortunately the
movie was ending now so the two had no choice but to stop. Tawny hooked her
bra back up and Twitty tried to get his cock back in his pants without it
looking obvious with what was going on. A few minutes later he was able to
stand without problem.

They walked out of the theater holding hands. Suddenly they felt kinda
awkward at what had happened, they hardly said more than a few words to each
other on the way home. When they finally reached Tawny's house though, she
gave him a shy but sexy smile. "No ones home Twitty wanna come in?"

"Ohh uhhh sure that sounds.......... great Tawny."

She gave him a big smile taking his hand and they were soon inside her
house. Tawny wasted no time directing Twitty to her bedroom. Once there,
their lips met in a big wet kiss as hands roamed all over each others
bodies. Tawny removed her top bringing that lacey black bra into view.
Twitty lifted his shirt off too. Tawny was impressed by his pecs, she
figured he must work out when he wasn't hanging around Louis. Twitty pulled
Tawny to him by grabbing her sexy ass. Twitty unzipped and helped Tawny out
of her skin tight pants leaving her in black panties with lacey waistband.
Twitty messed with her bra for several second before Tawny giggled at him
not being able to unhook it, and she unhooked it for him, her firm breasts
barely moving as her bra came off. He squeezed Tawny's breasts as she went
to his shorts pulling them down along with his underwear. Seeing his cock
sticking straight at her face she couldn't resist taking it in her hands.
She stroked his cock then looked up at him as she put just the head of his
shaft in her mouth.

Her tongue swirled doing circles on his big meat as her hand stroked it back
and forth, her other hand was playing with his balls. Twitty was in heaven
looking down at Tawny's pretty face give him a blowjob. Tawny covered his
cock in her saliva as she slobbed his knob. Her mouth went faster back and
forth on his 9 inch dick. Her smooth throat swallowing his cock felt so
great he felt he was gonna shoot his load down her throat. As much as he
hated to do it he stopped her and pulled her up to him. Twitty slid Tawny
out of her panties to see a well trimmed pussy with just a small patch of
dark pubic hair. Figuring he'd return the favor he got on his knees before
her and started kissing her pussy. She opened her legs more to give him
better access. Twitty wasted little time spreading his friends pussy lips
and sliding his tongue inside her. He held her pussy open as he used his
tongue as a cock darting deep into her causing her to moan and beg for him
to tongue fuck her deeper.

She squeezed his head directing it more into her pussy. Tawny couldn't
believe it. Here she was in her bedroom receiving oral sex from Twitty.
Twitty was finally stopped by Tawny as she took him by the hand and led him
to her bed. They met in yet another wet kiss as they're chests pressed

Tawny looked up at Twitty and her voice was filled with lust as she ordered
him "FUCK ME!" He didn't object as he pressed his huge head against her
pussy lips. Tawny was already wet but that didn't make it easy to enter
inside her. Tawny wasn't a virgin, she had a one night stand with a football
player who was a junior in high school at her old school before she moved to
Sacramento. He wasn't big like Twitty though, Twitty was gigantic compare to
the football player's 5 inch skinny dick. After a couple of tries though,
Twitty entered Tawny's pussy. He slowly slid inch after inch into her. He
had to hold back not to come right away with the good feeling of Tawny's
cunt muscles sucking in his cock. Before long he was pumping all 9 thick
inches into the sexy brunette.

"Twitty oh yeah baby that's it baby give it to me give it to me hard yeah
God I love your cock Twitty!"

This naturally made him go faster and as deep as he could hearing her hot
talk. Twitty watched with fascination as Tawny's firm tits jiggled as he
rammed his rod into her cunt. Tawny wrapped her legs around him, pulling him
more into her. He kissed her passionately as the two friends totally let go
and fucked each others brains out.

"Yeah Twitty that's it baby oh Twitty your gonna make me cum God yesss yes
yesssssss oh Twitty!!!!!!!"

Tawny used her her legs like a vice as she tightly wrapped them around his
ass all during her orgasm. When it subsided Twitty asked Tawny to get on her
knees. Twitty had loved fucking her the traditional way, but he wanted to
look at her sexy butt as he fucked her this time. Tawny bent her butt in the
air and Twitty was instantly in love with that ass! He grabbed her hips and
slid right into her vagina again. Twitty squeezed her ass cheeks as hard as
he could as he pumped into her, harder and faster and faster. He got so
turned on seeing Tawny's ass and seeing his cock go in and out of her
snatch. He reached around and played with her tits as he pumped her like a
madman going at almost a blinding speed the sound of his balls slapping
against her ass echoing in the room.

Then he was ready to cum. "Oh Tawny I'm gonna cum baby can I come inside

"No, I'm not on the pill, cum on my ass Twitty, I want it there!"

Twitty was glad to oblige as he pulled out and aimed his cum at Tawny's tiny
ass. He shot some on her asshole and even a little on her back. Tawny moaned
and screamed in pleasure as his hot jism hit her asshole, her back and
dripped down her leg. Tawny hugged Twitty then gave him soft kisses as they
laid back satisfied on Tawny's bed. After a while it had gotten late and
Tawny told Twitty he better go since her dad could be home any minute. They
exchanged kiss after kiss at the door. Tawny didn't want Twitty to leave but
she couldn't get caught with a boy in the house alone.

* * *

The next morning Twitty showed up at Louis's to tell him of the details of
his first time (not to mention to brag about him being the one who nailed
sexy Tawny first). When he arrived at the house though Louis was still
asleep so he debated whether or not to go in his room and wake him up or
come back later. Ultimately he decided to enter, he had to tell Louis about
what he did with Tawny. He opened the door and as he did a bucket of slime
from the top of the door covered him.

He saw that Louis was still asleep so Louis probably didn't set up the
slime. He started to go to the bathroom to clean up when he saw Ren. Louis'
sister Ren, dropped her homework she was carrying and ran towards him seeing
him slimed.

"Oh Twitty I am so sorry, I was trying to get even with Louis for a prank, I
thought he'd open the door, I didn't mean to slime you." Ren insisted.

"Well, that's OK Ren, good prank." He smiled at her.

Ren smiled back showing her pretty braces as she did. Twitty always found
Ren pretty, but her being so smart and a year older than him he never made a
move on her. She was especially pretty today, wearing dark pants and a red
v-cut shirt, her long dark hair she wore down on her face was just the right
amount of makeup.

"Let me help you pick up your homework Ren."

"Well, thanks Twitty that's sweet of you."

As Ren bent down to pick up her papers, Twitty couldn't stop himself at
looking down Ren's shirt. He saw a white bra with a cute tiny bow in the
middle of it. Ren had small breasts but Twitty was quite impressed with
their perfect round shape. He couldn't help but wonder if they were as
impressive with Ren's bra off.

"God if only she was a slut who didn't wear a bra, I'm dying to look at
those titties, I bet hers are perfect."

Ren had always found Twitty cute, but her being the 9th grade student
council president it wouldn't look good for her to be dating a 8th grader.
Ren had always cared about her reputation, sometimes too much.

Ren had felt bad about sliming Twitty though so she told him he could take a
shower. So Twitty got in the shower. Ren saw that they had no towels in the
bathroom so she went to get him a towel. Twitty washed the slime off but the
incident of seeing down Ren's shirt stuck in his mind. He imagined himself
reaching out and giving her nice breasts a squeeze as she picked up her
homework. He knew in his mind her reaction would be to slap him but he
imagined her liking it. He closed his eyes seeing Ren's very sexy smile as
he released her breasts from that white bra prison. He imagined Ren moaning
his name as he felt up her tits. As he imagined this he started to jerk
on his cock in the shower.

Ren walked into the bathroom with a towel for Twitty, being the good girl
she was, she wasn't thinking of sneaking a peak or anything. She placed the
towel on the empty towel rack. Then on her way out she heard him moan "oh

Ren could tell by his voice that he wasn't saying her name like he normally
would, there was lust in his voice. She couldn't help her curiosity, she
knew it was wrong but she just had to know was he doing what she thought he
was doing? Ren grabbed the back of the shower curtain. "I can't believe I'm
doing this," she thought and then peaked inside. She saw Twitty's cute butt
and sure enough his hand was stroking his meat. Twitty moved his body to the
side with his eyes still shut. Now Ren had a view of his cock. Ren's jaw
dropped, she had never seen a cock before and Twitty's was huge! All she
ever got out of her boyfriend Bobby Deever was a little kiss here and there.
It had taken Ren being his girlfriend for over a month to just get that from

Ren closed the curtain "OK Ren get a grip" she told herself. Then Ren
giggled to herself at the fact that she would like to get a grip all right.
Of Twitty's cock that is! Ren went to leave, but stopped herself. "I gotta
see his cock again," she thought, "After that I can go to my room and finger
myself imagining it." Ren went to the front of the shower now and slowly
pulled it away. There was Twitty, eyes closed and masturbating in front of
Ren. Ren bit her bottom lip as she watched in awe of Twitty stroking his
cock, and every so often saying Ren's name.

Suddenly Twitty's eyes opened and he was looking straight at Ren. Ren may
have been a smart girl maybe the smartest girl in the Sacramento area, but
now she was at a loss for words. She couldn't say anything to get herself
out of this. She had just got caught watching a guy masturbating, what could
she say? Twitty stared at her for a while then the corners of this mouth
went up and he gave Ren a smile. Ren slowly gave him a smile back. Realizing
she might as well come clean she said, "You've got a really big umm....penis
Twitty, need a hand with what your doing?" Twitty smiled Ren Stevens was
probably the only 15 year old girl would called it a penis, that's the name
they gave it in sexual education class.

Twitty took Ren's hand and put it on his cock, "Yeah Ren, I need a hand, I
thought you'd never ask." With that Ren started stroking his cock. She
couldn't believe she was doing this but she liked it she really did! She
never imagined she'd do something like this, usually this was something that
would be done by the bad girls and the sluts that she despised at school.
Now seeing Twitty's big cock in her hand she saw why some girls would wanna
be sluts, if they had boyfriends with cocks like Twitty's!

Twitty reached out with his wet hands and squeezed on Ren's boobs. Ren
moaned his name as he did. They felt as firm as he thought they would, but
he didn't wanna stop there. He pushed Ren's hand away so he could lift her
top off of her. That left Ren in her bra on top. Ren unhooked her bra right
away for Twitty. Twitty was glad to see that he was right, as her bra slid
off her tits bounced free and they stood firm. Ren was maybe a b-cup but the
size didn't matter, what he liked was her dark red and pointed nipples on
the nice round breasts. Twitty squeezed them hard as Ren jerked him off
faster and faster. They're mouths met in a sloppy French kiss as this
continued. Twitty smiled to himself at the thought of the fun he could have
giving Ren kissing lessons.

When the kiss broke Twitty said, "It would be so much easier if you joined me
in the shower Ren."

Ren thought about it for a sec, then nodded her head. Ren slid down her black
pants which she took the time to fold neatly on a seat. Twitty didn't mind
though, Ren looked hot topless wearing nothing but white cotton panties.
After her pants were off she slid down her panties, her hairy dark pubic hair
and pretty pussy came into Twitty's view. Ren then looked up to see Twitty's
hard cock, and she just threw her panties aside. Ren stepped in the shower
pressing her slightly taller body against Twitty.

Ren was a tall 15 year old girl at 5ft 8. Twitty and Ren had tongue war in
each others mouths as they French kissed. Twitty turned Ren around and
pressed his cock against Ren's butt as he kissed her neck, and felt up her
perky breasts some more. Ren reached around to grab his ass and dig her
nails in his ass cheeks, as she let him have his way with her. Twitty bent
Ren's body over and pushed his cock against her pussy lips. He teasingly
rubbed it against her cunt over and over as he whispered to Ren. "You wanted
it?" Ren just moaned in pleasure. That wasn't enough for Twitty though he
wanted to hear her say she wanted it.

"Does Ren Stevens want my cock? Hmmm? You want my cock in your pussy Ren?"
He teased consistently.

"Yes, Twitty stick it in me I wanna feel it inside me, please I wanna be
fucked!" Ren couldn't believe her own words, but she wanted Twitty so bad,
she couldn't stand the teasing any longer. Twitty took his cock and pushed
it hard into Ren's box. Ren moaned as the head of his cock entered her
pussy. Twitty couldn't believe how tight Ren was, he really had to work his
cock into her to get more in her cunt. It took a while but soon a good
majority of his cock was inside Ren. Twitty felt something holding him back
inside of Ren so he started pumping into her hard.

Ren screamed and moaned in pain in pleasure as Twitty was tearing away her
virginity. A few hard thrusts later Ren's cherry was busted. Twitty saw the
blood coming from Ren's tight pussy and on the shower floor and he

"Holy shit I just took Ren's virginity! I thought Bobby would have screwed
her by now. What's wrong with that Bobby Deever, he has a great looking girl
like Ren and he hasn't fucked her yet?" Ren was starting to feel less and
less pain and was now cheering Twitty on.

"Oh Twitty fuck me give it to me that's it ohhhh God Twitty ahh your so big,
God I love your penis (Twitty stopped himself from giggling) fuck me harder
ohhhh God I wish I knew you we're such a fucking stud!!"

Ren's body soon couldn't take it any longer and her back arched and her
tight pussy became extremely tight. Her cunt muscles practically squeezed
the life out of Twitty's big cock as her orgasm seemed to be without end.
After she came she turned her head and gave Twitty a big kiss again as she
wrapped her arms around him. Twitty told Ren, "My turn to come, can you do
me a favor Ren?"

"You kidding Twitty? You ask and I'll do it!" proclaimed Ren.

"OK Ren would you get on your knees in front of me I wanna cum on your

Ren smiled, then got on her knees, Ren jerked him off like before, only
this time Ren stuck out her tongue licking the end of his prick as he looked
down on her. This was what Twitty had dreamed of seeing. Ren Stevens the
girl everyone admired on her knees like a little slut and getting him off.
He felt her jerk his cock faster and faster her tongue licking the end of
his mushroom.

He looked down at the little hottie and felt his load cumming. He grabbed a
handful of Ren's long hair and shot his load in her open mouth coating his
white cream on her pretty braces, which was a very erotic sight to see. The
rest of his load went in Ren's hair, one shot went into her nose and the
rest she caught on her tongue then swallowed. Ren found his jism to be quite
tasty and she licked all of it up as opposed to washing it off in the
shower. The two met in another wet kiss and a tight embrace. Twitty couldn't
believe he had just screwed Ren in the shower of her house, and with
everyone home too!

"OK Ren are you gonna be in there all day? You look just as ugly no matter
what you do in the bathroom." The voice was Louis on the other side of the

"Shit!" said Ren. "You gotta go get out of here, climb out of the window."
Twitty agreed and climbed out the window. As he climbed out Ren gave him a
pretty braces-smile and said "thank you Twitty." Twitty smiled back and gave
Ren a wink.

He quickly made his way home, not wanting to face one of the other Steven's
household members.

The next day at school he wasn't sure who he should avoid, he liked Tawny
but Ren was so hot, how could he choose between two sexy girls like that?

"So word around school is that your quite the stud!"

Twitty looked to see Ren's friend Ruby behind him. "Hi Ruby, um where did
you hear such a story?"

She smiled "I work for the school paper, word gets around. Ya know Smash
Mouth is in town tonight. Your still a big fan of Smash Mouth aren't ya

"Um yeah a huge fan, I'd do anything for some tickets."

Ruby smiled and handed him a ticket and kept another one in her hand, "Well,
then I guess I'll see ya tonight stud, who knows 'ANYTHING' could happen."
Ruby gave him a wink, as she walked away she gave her ass a little bit more
shake than usual.



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