Note: in case you were wondering, the alternate title owes its origin to the
fact that the actor who portrays Doctor Paz is, apparently, the same person
who does the voice-over for Taco Bell's chihuahua. Also, you can find some
excellent vid-caps of Christy Carlson Romano by Cap'N Fool at:

Even Stevens: Ren's Oral Medication or Yo Quiero Ren Stevens
- a depraved parody of the episode "Shutterbug" (M/teen F,oral,nc-->cons?)
by Cougar Pines ([email protected])

Fourteen-year-old Ren Stevens could not help but beam at her own reflection
in the mirror. Thanks to her mom's eleventh-hour arrangements, she was
going to have her braces removed in time for her 8th grade photo session!
Being the stickler for perfection that she is, Ren decided to spend a few
extra moments practicing her smile, giving her teeth the twice-over so as
not to embarrass herself in front of the orthodontist.

"Come on Ren," called Eileen Stevens from the door, "or we're gonna be late
for the appointment!"

"Coming Mom!" Ren cried as she deftly wound her way down the stairs. Can't
be late for an appointment! repeated the little disciplinarian's voice in
her head. As she passed her mother on her way out the door, she remarked,
"I hope nothing goes wrong. I've got to look my best for the pictures!"

Eileen reassured her daughter. "You're going to look great," she said.
"The doctor will make sure of it."

Mrs. Stevens dropped Ren off at the orthodontics clinic, promising her
daughter that she would return after running a quick errand. As Ren entered
the small four-story building where the clinic was located, she was irked by
its less-than-reputable appearance. The corridors were dimly lit, and the
old elevator had arrived at Ground Floor with such an unnerving thud that
Ren was driven to climb all the way to the top floor using the staircase,
even if it meant chancing an encounter with someone loitering in the dark
stairwell. She breathed a sigh of relief when she finally emerged from the
door on the top floor unscathed. Well, she thought, Mom did say it was tough
getting an appointment on such short notice. Guess I can't complain.

Ren followed her mother's directions and found the door to the orthodontics
clinic, which had the words "Dr. Paz -- Orthodontist" stencilled in black on
its surface. Inside the antiseptically-painted walls of the clinic, she
found a yawning receptionist flipping through a copy of that morning's
edition of The Sacramento Bee behind her desk.

Ren stepped up and introduced herself. "Hi, my name's Ren Stevens? I
believe I have an appointment with Doctor Paz to have my braces removed."

The receptionist looked up and shot Ren a perfunctory glance before dumping
her newspaper aside in a discourteous manner. Ren's lips thinned at the
woman's rudeness towards her, but she kept the corners of her mouth turned
upward; she was not about to let someone else's poor attitute ruin her day.
Can't keep a good smile if you aren't happy, she told herself. She waited
patiently as the receptionist casually flipped open the appointment book to
scan for her name.

"Err....hmm....Ren Stevens?" the receptionist muttered after a few moments
of searching, pointing to a random name on the page. "Go right in, the
doctor's waiting for you." With that, she closed the book and paid no more
attention to Ren Stevens.

Fuming, Ren rolled her eyes and stalked off in the direction of the inner
corridor. All that waiting for nothing! She hoped the experience with the
doctor himself would be more pleasant. She came upon a door near the end of
the corridor, which was left open, she assumed, for her benefit. Peering
inside the room, she found a straw-haired, bespectacled man examining some
tools he had laid out on a tray. She knocked lightly on the door to draw
the man's attention. The orthodontist spun around immediately and peered at
Ren over his spectacles. There was a moment of hesitation before his wide
face split into a grin, which, combined with the pair of magnifying lenses
attached to the bridge of his glasses, gave the man an air of comic
amiability. It gave Ren a sense of reassurance, made her feel that she
would be in good hands.

"Ah!" he exclaimed, "You must be Ren Stevens. I'm Doctor Paz; come on in
and have a seat!" He gestured to the reclining chair in the center of the

"'Morning, Doctor Paz," Ren smiled back as she slid onto the narrow leather
recliner. "Thanks for squeezing me into your schedule! You have no idea
how much this means to me." As the two exchanged pleasantries, the
orthodontist adjusted the angle of her seat and moved the illuminated
operating lamp next to her head, then attached a napkin around her neck.
Ren squinted at the brightness of the lights, then heard the scrape of metal
against metal as Doctor Paz brought forth a set of lip retractors and worked
them into her mouth. I must look like a grinning fool, she thought idly.

Doctor Paz leaned in and stared intently at Ren's pearly-whites, examining
her teeth with the aid of a mouth mirror. He was humming a tune with which
Ren was totally unfamiliar. Suddenly, his humming turned into a series of
tsks. Alarmed, Ren tried to ask the doctor what was wrong, but her speech
was impeded by the lip retractor. Instead, she directed her question
towards the doctor with worried eyes.

"Hmmmm," Doctor Paz mused for what seemed to be an eternity. "It seems
you've got a slight infection around the gum above the incisors." Ren's
brow began to furl dejectedly; I didn't see anything wrong! she moaned. But
then she heard the orthodontist say, "Don't worry, it's nothing a little
medication won't get rid of. The swelling's going to make taking off your
braces a lot more painful, though." He released the lip retractors and
allowed Ren to speak.

"Umm, is there any way you can make it not hurt?" she inquired hopefully.

"Well, I could freeze your mouth..."

Ren's eyes widened in horror; freezing her mouth would make her smile look
crooked for sure! She wrung her hands desperately and pleaded, "No, no,
anything but that!"

Doctor Paz grinned once more. "I thought not. Here," he turned around for
a second and presented a small breathing mask to Ren. "I can give you a
little bit of laughing gas. It doesn't work as well without the needle, but
it'll help, and it wears off quickly. Your mom's insurance will cover it."

"Perfect!" Ren said eagerly. "As long as it doesn't ruin my smile for the

"Okay, let me get this thing started." Doctor Paz turned back to the
controls and made some adjustments. He placed the mask over Ren's face and
proceeded to feed her a steady stream of oxygen and nitrous oxide. As Ren
began to show signs of analgesia, he reached behind him and increased the
flow of the gas. Perspiration crept steadily into his palms as Ren gradually
slipped into unconsciousness. When Doctor Paz was sure that his beautiful
young patient was not going to be cognizant of what he was about to do, he
removed the gas mask and loomed over his soon-to-be victim.

Doctor Paz threw his magnifying lenses aside and greedily absorbed through
his eyes Ren's lithe young body. If not for the surgical apron he had worn,
the erection he had developed as soon as he had laid eyes on this pretty
girl would have been impossible to conceal. Now the perverted orthodontist
had quickly removed his apron, unzipped his slacks, and was allowing his
formidable penis to stand unobstructed before his prey. He reached out with
a pair of trembling hands and opened the few buttons at the top of her thin
blue sweater. Slipping one hand into her sweater and then underneath her
bra, the doctor breathed a groan of ecstacy as he felt her soft nipples bend
to the will of his fingers. Her breasts were unimpressive in terms of size,
but their supple firmness, combined with the depravity of the situation, was
enough to cause Doctor Paz to reach down and give his stiffened penis a few
appreciatory tugs.

Seldom did Doctor Paz have the chance to molest a girl this pretty. His
little clinic was generally frequented by patients of a lesser fare, meaning
he often had to deal with people with extremely poor oral hygiene, and he
had no desire to touch a woman with a mouthful of rotten teeth in a sexual
manner. Even if a more well-off customer were to make an appointment at his
clinic, they were usually turned off by the building's appearance.

It was not always like this for Doctor Paz. His sick habit had gotten him
into this mess, back when he was a reputable orthodontist working with two
other partners in a much bigger clinic they had run together. Faced with a
possible lawsuit, he was ousted by his colleagues, forcing him to rebuild
his practice on his own, since no one else in his profession wanted to have
anything to do with him. Fortunately for him, his victim accepted a
settlement from his previous partnership, freeing him from any sort of
criminal liabilities. Nonetheless, the result had left him with very little
financial resources with which to work.

When Doctor Paz finally grew tired of fondling Ren's breasts--for the time
being--his attention turned to her legs. He licked his lips when he
discovered that his patient was wearing knee-high skirts, thus giving him
easy access to her vagina. Hurriedly, the doctor hiked Ren's skirts up to
her hips, exposing her plain cotton, pastel-blue panties. He dug a hand
between Ren's silky thighs and traced the edge of his index finger along her
soft, warm slit, uttering self-indulgent sounds like some kind of connoisseur
of fine jailbait pussy. So tender was Ren's virgin mound that Doctor Paz
could only faintly detect the folds of her inner labia under her panties,
though he could make out the texture of a thickening patch of pubic hair in
the surrounding areas. Shit, this could be the finest young pussy I've ever
had, he thought.

But that was not what Doctor Paz had intended to do, at least not imminently.
He was more of a face-man, especially pretty girls with braces. The sight of
their teeth caged in glittering metal gave him the uncontrollable urge to
bathe them in his semen, and if he managed to splatter some of it onto their
cheeks, so much the better. He also enjoyed documenting his exploits on
film, and was not adverse to the idea of sharing the resulting footage to
select individuals on the Internet. Remembering this, he withdrew his
shaking hands and dug his trusty DV camera out of a drawer. The guys are
gonna freak over this one, he mused giddily as he trained the camera on Ren's
slumbering form.

First, Doctor Paz performed the requisite duty of capturing Ren's most sacred
of places on digital medium, pulling the crotch of her panties aside to allow
his camera to take in the sight of her exposed pussy. The orthodontist could
feel his urge to copulate with his young patient grow stronger as her
forbidden territory was revealed to him, yet he resisted the temptation to do
so with a measure of twisted professionalism. He pried open one side of
Ren's outer labia and treated himself and his would-be audience to a
thorough, almost gynecological exploration of the girl's vagina, noting her
intact hymen and even going as far as to pull back the hood of her clitoris
to expose that sexy little nub of flesh. Once he felt he had spent enough
time documenting his victim's genitals, he readjusted her skirts, then moved
on to her breasts and, finally, her magnificent face.

Next came Doctor Paz's favorite activity. He further adjusted the chair in
such a way that Ren's head was now actually closer to the ground than her
feet. Straddling her chest, the doctor then allowed his buttocks to rest on
the girl's sternum as he aimed his erection toward her face. This was the
part his audience loved best; most everything else was only for novelty
value. On film, a pussy is a pussy is a pussy, they had agreed, but the face
was the ultimate identifier, the thing that most defined an individual that
they had little chance of ever meeting. Then there was the thrill of seeing
a girl's immaculate countenance defiled by male genitalia and ejaculate. Few
images could rival that of a pretty face being abused by a hard cock and
subsequently covered in fresh cum.

The thought of covering Ren's face in cum immediately drove Doctor Paz to
grasp his cock and rub its crown all over her soft, glossy lips. He used
his penis to pry her lips open, adding his fingers to assist in the task
when his cock alone proved unable to peel them away far enough to show her
braces. The apparatus had done its job; Ren's teeth were flawless. The
so-called infection was nothing more than a simple ploy to convince Ren to
accept the gas. For the benefit of his fellow fetishists, he ground his
hips and guided the tip of his cock along Ren's braces, leaving behind a
trail of pre-cum. To add to Ren's humiliation--though she was unaware of
it--the orthodontist flexed the muscles on his penis and made the organ
bounce lewdly against her teeth.

The next natural step was to fuck Ren's mouth. Doctor Paz cupped the girl's
slackened jaw gently and drew it open, slipping his proud, eight-inch
erection into her warm, wet mouth. It was not nearly as welcoming as a pair
of puckered lips, but the sensations of her slippery tongue brushing against
the tender underside of his cock more than made up for the lack of suction.
Knowing that her gag reflex would be suppressed by her state of being, he
shoved his cock as far into her throat as it could reach, smothering her
lips entirely in his pubic hair and her chin in his scrotum. Groaning at
the pressure applied to his cock by Ren's esophagus, he held the pose for
several seconds before allowing himself to withdraw his penis and begin
fucking the helpless girl's mouth.

Yet even this lecherous activity soon became too much of a chore for Doctor
Paz. He would have liked to cradle the back of Ren's head in one hand and
use the leverage to fuck her face, but his hands were already occupied,
leaving him with no way of keeping Ren's jaws open without spoiling the
aesthetics of the scene. He decided it would be much simpler and more
pleasurable to abuse Ren's delicious features externally. Pulling his
spit-slickened cock from her mouth, he allowed the filthy, dripping organ to
rest on her left cheek, striking an obscene contrast against her sweet
angelic face. With the care of a cosmetician he rubbed his meat slowly
across Ren Stevens' face, garnishing her cheeks, nose, eyes and chin with a
mixture of his semen and her own saliva.

"Mmmm," Doctor Paz moaned approvingly, "you look so much better with a cock
in your face, Ren." He began to beat his cock against her face as his
monologue continued. "Do you have a boyfriend, sweetheart?" Splat. "Is he
a hot stud?" Goosh. "Does he have a big cock like me?" Thwack. "Have you
even seen his cock?" Squish. "Didn't think so. Well then, let me to
introduce you to your first cock. Cock, meet Miss Ren Stevens, daughter of
California state senator Eileen Stevens."

Lifting his rear from Ren's chest, Doctor Paz scooted closer to her head and
rubbed his perspiring scrotum onto her lips. "And here's your first taste
of a man's sweaty balls," he chuckled as he again pried her lips open,
allowing them to wrap themselves around his sac. Remaining in this position
he began to stroke himself in earnest. A tremendous amount of semen was
building up inside him, and he knew the girl--as well as his audience--would
soon be treated to a spectacular facial. The dull soreness in his prostate,
caused by overproduction of seminal fluid, was making it harder for him to
achieve orgasm, but it also helped to prolong the ritual of masturbation.
Finally, after inflicting several minutes of penial abuse upon poor, helpless
Ren's beautiful face, Doctor Paz was ready to blow. Groaning and showering
the eighth-grade girl with disparaging remarks, he quickened the pace of his
strokes and aimed the slit on his cock at her lips.

"Here it comes, you sweet-faced little girl," the doctor panted, jerking his
cock faster and faster. The unmistakable euphoria of an impending orgasm
began to spread quickly throughout his lower body, numbing his spine as he
gave in to the incredible sensations. A thick rope of steaming cum blasted
out of his spasming cock, hovering over Ren's face for one split second
before crashing down upon her skin, obliterating a side of her cheek and her
lips. Doctor Paz gave a strangled croak as the next burning jet, even
thicker than the first, rocketed across his victim's face and splattered
against her hair, which was already held back by a headband. Only with
practiced concentration was the perverted orthodontist able to maintain
control over his penis, so that he could paint the girl's face with his cum
as he wished. The next two ropes of semen were deposited across the bridge
of her nose and between her lips, respectively, with the former being long
enough to pool underneath her eyes as well. Soon, however, too much of the
thick ejaculate had been dumped onto Ren's face to distinguish between the
different strands criss-crossing her features. Panting with the effort,
Doctor Paz dismounted from Ren's chest and proceeded to force-feed his semen
to the girl, pushing the fluid between her lips and into her mouth with his
softening penis. As most of his cum was running off her cheeks and dangling
from her hair, it was impossible to collect all of the semen and pile it
into Ren's mouth, so the doctor gave up and instead used a few sheets of
Kleenex to finish the job.

A quick replay of the footage Doctor Paz had captured told him what he had
already known; it was the best facial he had given to a patient yet.
Satisfied with the results, the orthodontist stowed away the camera,
returned the chair to its original position and finished removing Ren's
braces. He completed the task in time to see Ren begin to stir.

"Mmmmf....I-I can't believe I fell asleep," Ren Stevens murmured as she
tried to blink herself awake. Smacking her lips, she paused, apparently
having detected something unusual in her mouth. "That tastes weird."

"That's just the medicine, no need to worry." Doctor Paz handed Ren a
mirror. "Or maybe you're just getting used to not having braces again."

Ren raised the mirror to her face and grinned. Her eyes fluttered open when
she could detect no trace of her braces. The grin melted into a calmer
smile. "Allright!" she exclaimed as loudly as she could with a voice still
thick with sleep. "School photos, here I come!" She wobbled out of her
chair and shook hands enthusiastically with the doctor, thanking him
profusely for his work.

As the fourteen-year-old girl strode out of the room, Doctor Paz could not
help but reach for his camera and watch the video one more time. A pleasant
chill shot up his spine as he saw himself again ejaculating all over an
unsuspecting Ren's face. Definitely a masterpiece, he smiled inwardly.
He had only begun to revel in his success when a sudden realization came
over him, stopping him cold in his tracks. Looking down, he gaped in
surprise at his terrible faux-pas.

His wet, limp dick was still hanging out of his fly.

The End


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