This story is fictional and not to be taken seriously. If your under 18 then
your too young to read this.

Even Stevens: Ren The Slut Part 4 - The Scandal
by MiaIsDaBomb ( (Ff,mf,ir,inc,ws,best,drugs,reluc)

Ren Stevens the good girl overachieving honor student had gone through some
changes. Ren had started smoking pot with her new boyfriend Larry Beal. Plus
Larry had gotten her addicted to sex. Ren even screwed the whole football
team after they won a big game. Ren had also tried lesbian sex with her best
friend Ruby, and her little brother's friend Tawny. Despite all this her
grades were still straight A's (even though she had slipped to a A- here and
there). Her reputation had grown into the school slut, and Ren was finding
it tough to be an honor roll student and be so sexually promiscuous. Still
she was happy.

It was a sunny day in Sacramento, CA, school was almost out for the summer
and Ren was glad to have found out that she had kept her A's. Especially
when you consider how distracted she had been with Larry. Ren enjoyed sex
with him so much she could never get enough. Larry though, didn't feel the
same. You see like in many relationships, too much sex with the same person
can get someone burned out. Right now Ren was standing outside at the school
waiting for Larry to come pick her up.

Ren had a secret, taking a home pregnancy test she found out that she was
carrying Larry's baby. She didn't wanna tell him just yet, after all they
were spending the whole summer together so why risk ruining their summer.
Still she wasn't about to quit smoking pot with him. That was a thing she
had come to enjoy, getting high and then having sex with him. Plus Ren was
getting small hints that Larry wasn't as turned on by her anymore.

Larry was walking out to his car when he was approached by two men in suits.
"Larry Beal?" One of them asked.

"Yeah what of it?" Larry replied.

"We represent Oscar Johnson, as you may know he's an opponent of Senator
Stevens. We have a proposition for you, were offering you $5000 dollars to
film the sexual exploits of your new girlfriend, the more degrading the
better. We'll need at least three movies, what do you say?"

Larry was unsure about this, sure he was about to kick Ren to the curb, after
all he gotten tired of her. Thing was who was to say he'd get the money even
if he could do this. So he decided to find out. "Well, I could do this, thing
is how do I know I'll get the money from you if I do, am I supposed to trust
people affiliated with a politician? I don't think so!"

Expecting this one of the men pulled out $2500 in cash and a hand held video
camera and handed it to Larry. "Half the money up front, half upon delivery
of the tapes Mr. Beal."

Larry was shocked, he was gonna get rid of Ren, let all of America see her
for the slut she was, and get paid for it. "All right I'll do it."

"OK, you have one month from today, and we'll be contacting you, you won't be
contacting us."

With that Larry hoped in his car and went to pick up Ren.

He pulled up the front of the school and there was Ren. Ren was looking hot,
wearing a white tank top backless except for some thin straps holding it on.
She was wearing a black short skirt that showed off her long legs and black
stiletto high heels.

"Nice camera Larry, we gonna start filming our fun together?" Ren giggled.

Larry smiled and turned it on pointing it at Ren. "This is sexy Ren Stevens
a sex addict and girl who like doing drugs isn't that right Ren?"

Ren wanting to play along smiled. "That's right, the bigger the cock the more
I like it," she said blowing the camera a kiss.

Then teasingly Ren lifted her skirt showing that she was wearing black
see-through panties to the camera. Larry turned it off then, not wanting her
to say his name. He smiled realizing this might be easier than he thought.

Later that night Larry and Ren got together Ren kept her sexy skirt and high
heels, but changed into a blue low cut blouse and a bra. They found a place
to park the car and share a joint together. Ren became her usual bubbly,
giggly self whenever she did drugs. "So what's with the video camera baby?'
she asked.

"Well, I thought we'd tape some of our summer fun together."

Ren smiled a smile that was evident of her being stoned. "Well, then film

Ren went down on Larry pulling out his cock and quickly swallowing it in her
mouth. She went up and down on his shaft her mouth wrapped tightly around his
manhood. Larry lifted up Ren's shirt and unhooked her bra in the back and
felt up Ren's small breasts as she gave him head. Sliding his hand under her
skirt and underneath her panties he went to Ren's pussy and slid a finger
inside her. Ren opened her legs allowing him easier access and Larry slid a
second finger into Ren easily. Ren's red painted fingernails stroked his
balls as her mouth sucked him off like a Hoover vacuum. Before long it was
too much and Larry shot his load down Ren's throat. She savored every drop as
it slid down her throat, Ren had come to love the taste of his cum.

Larry helped Ren get off by fingering her pussy to orgasm while he sucked on
her little nipples. "Oh Larry ohhh yeah mmmm baby finger my pussy ohhh I'm
gonna cum baby ohhh I'm gonna cum ahhhhhhhh!" Ren orgasmed with all of her
girl cum coating Larry's fingers.

Larry pulled away and had Ren hook her bra back up as he started up the car
and took off. He drove to a club known as a famous lesbian hangout.

"What are we doing here?" asked Ren.

"Well, ya know how I said I wanted to see you fuck another girl? Well, I
figured tonight's a good night especially since we got the video camera."

Ren gave him an unsure look. "um i ........don't know about this Larry."

"Oh come on Ren, it'll be fun, besides I know how much ya like to eat pussy!"

Ren was still a little stoned as she finally agreed to it. "Sure, haven't
eaten a pussy for a while, I bet I'll probably enjoy it."

They walked in hand in hand. The woman at the door asked for their ID's.
Larry slipped her a $100, "How this for an ID?" He said with confidence.

With that they were both let in. Larry found it evident that Ren was getting
her wits back, and decided if he was gonna film her, she was gonna need to be
under the influence. So he got her a drink and spiked it with Ecstacy (X).
Soon Ren was feeling very horny and willing to do it with anybody. Larry
scouted around the room and found a blonde woman probably in her early 20's
very pretty and huge breasts. What got his attention the most was that she
was overweight. She had to be around 250 lbs. Larry imagined this on film,
this big girl all over Ren's small body, now that would be an embarrassment
to Ren and her family.

Larry pointed the girl out to Ren, "OK that's the girl I want you to seduce
Ren, the one at the bar with blonde hair."

"Well, she's pretty, but why her isn't she kinda fat for your taste Larry?"

"Nah Ren her weight doesn't matter when she's that hot, besides even if her
weight turns some people off, imagine if you seduce her how good she'll feel
knowing a sexy bitch like you wants her."

Larry's words actually made some sense so she stood up still a little wobbly
in her stiletto high heels and walked towards the girl. Sitting down next to
her at the bar Ren smiled at her "Hi I'm Ren."

The big girl immediately looked up amazed at this beauty with a perfect body
smiling at her and being so friendly. "Hello Ren I'm Erica."

Ren smiled her big pearly white teeth smile, "Wanna dance Erica?"

Erica didn't have to be asked twice, she took Ren by the hand to the dance
floor. The two danced closely, Erica turned on by this sexy skinny girl slid
her hands to Ren's ass. Ren didn't protest and they kept right on dancing.
Ren feeling very turned, on ever so slowly slid her hands up Erica's big
hips to the sides of her breasts. Ren teasingly slid a hand in to give
Erica's huge tit a squeeze. Their mouths were inches apart and a short time
later their lips met in a kiss. Ren was by far the prettiest girl Erica had
ever kissed before, and she was loving every second of it. Erica squeezed
harder on Ren's ass as tongues touched tongues in a kiss that seemed endless.
Ren, not caring if anyone noticed moved both hands to Erica's humongous
breasts and felt up Erica outside her shirt. Erica moaned through the kiss
as she kneaded Ren's awesome ass with her hands.

Erica moaned in Ren's ear, "I want you."

Ren smiled, "My boyfriend wants to watch us is that OK?"

"I don't mind that at all, lets go to my place."

With that Ren motioned to Larry that they were ready to go with a wave of her
hand, and they followed Erica home. It was a modest apartment complex, not
high dollar by any means, but certainly not a dump. Larry and Ren entered,
Larry with his videocam in hand. He expected a protest from Erica, but it
turned out she didn't seem to care, her eyes were all on Ren.

Once inside the bigger girl was all over Ren kissing her and getting
under her skirt to squeeze Ren's firm ass. Ren wasted no time in all but
practically ripping off her top to get to her bazooka size tits. Ren was
soon pulling Erica's bra down and sucking on her near watermelon size
breasts. They were too big for Ren to get all in her mouth, but she was
definitely enjoying trying, while mauling the other huge tit. Ren's skirt
was pulled up past her waist as her see-through underwear was in view.
Erica pulled Ren away from her big breasts and she bent down grabbing
Ren's panties and pulling them off of her. Her hand immediately went to
Ren's pussy.

Ren pulled off her blue blouse showing her modest breasts in a lacey white
bra. Erica kept fingering Ren as Ren unhooked her bra showing Erica her
blossoming chest. Larry got a close up as they French kissed some more
getting a good view of Ren's tiny tits pressed up to Erica's huge tits.
After they kissed Erica led Ren to the bed. Ren pulled down Erica's pants to
find plain white cotton panties on Erica's huge butt. Ren was on her knees
as Erica's panties were pulled down. It made Larry sick at the sight of
Erica's ass. Up until this point he had found Erica good looking for a big
girl, but now seeing her huge cellulite ass the dimples reminding him of a
golf ball made him sick.

Ren reached her hands behind to caress Erica's large ass as her mouth went
to her hairy blonde muff. Ren stuck her tongue inside Erica's fat pussy
licking it up and down on the inside. "Ahh yeah that feels so good eat me
out Ren, you little fucking hottie!" Erica moaned as she went nuts at the
gorgeous young girl between her legs. Ren was relentless biting and sucking
on Erica's pearl as Erica squeezed on her own big floppy tits.

Erica finally moaned loud as she released her orgasm practically smothering
Ren's face as she collapsed on top of her on the bed. After she removed her
pussy from Ren's face she fed her big boob back to Ren's mouth. Ren
graciously sucked on it forcing her mouth open wide she was only able to get
maybe half of it in her mouth but she sucked Erica's tit for all it was
worth. Ren felt Erica sliding two fingers in her hot box, causing Ren to
moan as sucked on her breast. Erica fingered Ren deep as Ren's mouth
continued to worship the bigger woman's huge tits.

Ren was unable to handle the pleasure as Erica stuffed a third finger
inside her. Months ago when Ren was a virgin this could have never been
accomplished. Now though, Ren was a lot looser woman than she used to be,
since she was now a sex addict. Ren sucked and licked both of Erica's
rock hard nipples as her pussy was mercilessly finger fucked by the obese

Larry got in all on video, it couldn't help put pull out his own cock and
jerk off as Erica got her fourth finger inside of Ren! "This is great," he
thought. "She's gonna be known as Ren Steven's the most loose girl in

Ren was practically doing the splits, her legs were so far apart. Ren was
moaning like a 2 dollar whore as her pussy was getting rammed by Erica's fat
fingers. Erica upped the ante even more as she slid her thumb in, now her
whole hand was in Ren and she was pushing her hand deep in her. Ren screamed
and moaned, "Ohhh Erica ..oh God that's so Ohhhhh fuck yessssss deep in me
ohhhhh God!!!"

Larry got an extreme close up of Ren getting fisted by the fat lesbian, while
Ren continued tonguing Erica's big red nipples bigger than half dollar coins!
Ren finally began to cum and Erica got her big butt right in the camera view
as her tongue got inside Ren's stretched wide open pussy and tasted Ren's
girl cum squirting out of her. "Ahhhhhhhhhh God yessss Erica ahhhhh fuck
yesssssss I'm cummminggggggggggggggggg!!!"

Erica licked it all up loving the taste, she had had sex with other women
before but none tasted sweeter or was prettier than Ren Steven's. Erica saw
Larry still filming and decided to give something really worth filming. It
was a fetish she had for a long time, and thinking she would never get a
chance to be with a girl this pretty again she decided to go for it. She
straddled her ass over Ren's face. Ren opened her eyes to see the blonde's
big butt and pussy over her head. "Oh good she's gonna cum again" Ren

Ren opened her mouth and Erica's pussy started leaking out fluid. Ren noticed
the taste was different and she soon realized Erica wasn't cumming, she was
peeing on her face! This was disgusting, Ren thought, but as the yellow fluid
filled her mouth Ren found out that the taste really wasn't so bad so she
licked up and drank Erica's piss.

Larry had to hold back his laughter. "God these are two sick bitches. This
film is Oscar worthy. Honor student Ren Stevens daughter of a U.S. Senator
letting another girl urinate on her."

Erica smiled at the beautiful woman underneath her, her mouth and chin wet
with her piss. Larry turned off the camera and went over to Ren, he pushed
her back on the bed as she tried to kiss him. "No way, bitch that's
disgusting." He flipped her over on her stomach and slid his cock into her
pussy and started fucking her on the bed.

He fucked her hard with his cock. Ren squeezed and pinched on her breasts as
she was fucked doggystyle. He rammed it deep into her, she was actually
kinda loose though so he pulled out. Then positioned his cock at Ren's ass.
He slid it up her much tighter anal passage. He slowly slid inch by inch
into her ass, with her moaning like the little slut he had turned her into.
"Ohh Larry oh yeah fuck me baby ohh yesss you fuck my ass so good baby!!"

Erica sat and watched licking her big breasts and fingering herself as Ren
was fucked in the ass. Erica crawled under the two of them and started
tonguing Ren's pussy as Larry's balls slapped against Ren's ass as Larry
pounded into her.

The feel of a tongue inside her and Larry's cock in her ass sent her into
another orgasm all over Erica's face again. Erica licked it all up as Larry
blew his load up Ren's ass. Ren screamed as his hot cum filled her bowels.
After that Larry got dressed.

"Don't you want some of me too Larry?" asked Erica.

"Nah don't think so, I don't fuck fat chicks, be glad you got a piece of my
bitch you fat cow, ha ha."

Erica was stunned and hurt as Larry dragged Ren out the front door with him.

Larry kept Ren under the influence for most of the next few weeks. He slowly
introduced her to crack cocaine. She was totally against it at first, but
after a while she gave in and tried it. Soon she was smoking it every week
then every 3 or 4 days. He was able to get Ren to have sex with a few people,
but nothing really worth keeping. Larry had a great idea he got together with
Ren and as accepted she said she needed a fix. So he took her to a known drug
dealer. He was an older black man in his late 30's with a German shepherd
guard dog with him.

"Ren this is DuPree, tell him what you need."

Ren said nervously, "Um I need some crack, can you uhmmm you know hook me

"Sure thing baby, for a blowjob."

Ren was shocked, she was really ashamed that she had gotten so addicted to
crack that she was so willing to do anything for it.

Ren wearing a white miniskirt her ass crack was all but clearly visible in
the mini skirt that clung to her ass cheeks, she wasn't wearing panties since
Larry told her not too. Her tank top was also white and she wasn't wearing a
bra. The tank top was low cut, and even though Ren wasn't big in the breasts
department, they looked very inviting with her some of her cleavage showing
and her nipples poking out. Ren was also wearing white stockings with a
garter belt and 4 inch high heels. She squatted in her high heels in front of
DuPree and started to reach for his zipper. That's when he stopped her.

"No bitch, you aint giving me a blowjob, your giving Butch one!"

Ren realized that he was referring to the dog! Ren couldn't believe this, she
stayed right there looking for some type of "we're just kidding" look on the
two guys faces. She saw no such look. Ren sat there, when DuPree said, "Ok ya
don't want a hit that bad, I'll find someone who does."

"Wait!" said Ren. She looked at the dog then quietly said, "OK I'll do it."

Ren was so nervous about this as she looked at the dog, she didn't even
noticed the fact that Larry started filming it. Ren crawled over to the dog
and began stroking it's cock. She watched as the dogs cock grew to a hard 7
inches. Then Ren took a deep breath then got on her back and slid under the
dog. Then Ren just closed her eyes and popped the dog's cock in her mouth.
Her mouth slowly slid up and down the dog cock as Larry lifted up her skirt
exposing Ren's pussy as she gave head to the German shepherd. Ren suddenly
felt someone licking her pussy. This was tongue had a rough texture to it
though. It still felt good but different. She was able to turn her head to
realize it was the dog. Ren was feeling so humiliated, here she was in a 69
with a dog. She thought she was gonna puke at the fact that she had a dog's
cock in her mouth. Surprisingly though his licking at her pussy was actually
getting her hot, something different about his tongue really got her going,
maybe it was the sandpaper feel to his tongue, either way Ren felt herself
getting very aroused and actually started sucking the dog of faster.

Larry and the drug dealer laughed at the sight of Ren getting turned on at
this bestiality act. Ren was deep throating the dog as it started thrusting
its hind legs forward to fuck its bitches mouth. Ren started fingering her
clit as the dog licked away on her pussy. Soon the unbelievable happened,
The dog and Ren came almost simultaneously. The dog shot its cum on Ren's
face as Ren's body released an incredible orgasm.

Larry got it all on film, Ren even smiled at the close up of her face with
dog cum on it as she kissed and licked the animal's cock.

When it was all done Ren got her drugs as promised. Larry showed her no
affection for the rest of the night, not wanting to kiss or get close to a
woman that just fucked a dog. Ren went home and took a long shower that
night. She was ashamed at what she did, she was even more ashamed at the
fact that she liked it!

A week later Larry got the ultimate plan, he rigged a trap for Ren's little
brother Lewis to get doused in mud. He knew Lewis would be on his way home
to shower, when he got a hold of Ren. Ren was a complete junkie now and
signs were starting to show so Larry knew he had to act now before it became
obvious to everyone else. Larry set up a camera in the shower totally
undetectable. Ren was begging Larry for a fix since she had been 7 days
without one. She was used to getting it every 3 or 4 days.

"OK Ren its quite simple, all you have to do is go home and whoever is in
the shower, you have to fuck OK?"

Ren's eyes grew big," But that would mean a family member, I can't do it with
someone in my family!"

"Oh hey I understand, I mean hey if you don't want this crack I'll just flush
it down the toilet."

"No wait Larry, I'll do it, I mean, I've actually done worse you know." Ren
said with a little smile trying to not cry over the fact that she was gonna
have incest with someone.

"Don't lie and say you did it either Ren, you know that I know if your lying
to me."

She was dropped off, by Larry and walked in. Ren removed her pink top as she
walked in, her tan skirt was next as she walked in to the bathroom. She heard
that familiar voice singing in the shower it was Lewis.

Ren took a deep breath and unhooked her bra, tossing it on the bathroom
floor. Then she slid her panties down her smooth long tan legs. She got into
the shower "Hi Lewis."

Lewis turned around he was shocked, he had taken pictures of his sister
before and sold them on the web, but now seeing her naked in person he was in
awe of his big sisters body. Her long dark hair flowing to the middle of her
back, her breasts with hard dark little nipples as the cold water hit them.
He eyed her sexy long legs going up to her dark bush. Ren then just dropped
to her knees and starting sucking his cock. "Woah Ren, sis what are you ummm
Ren what are you doing?"

Ren spoke not a word as she kept sucking him off, his cock growing to at
least 9 inches. Tawny, had told Ren that Lewis was well hung, now Ren was
really believing her! Lewis wanted to protest, sure he had dreams about
his big sister like this before, but they were always dark fantasies, not
something he thought would ever really happen. Now looking down at the
beautiful brunette on her knees giving him head, he decided he was just
gonna enjoy this. He leaned back against the shower wall with a huge grin
on his face as his big sister bobbed her head up and down on his cock.

Lewis decided that if he was gonna have incest relations with Ren he might
as well go all the way. He pulled his sister up and stuck his tongue down
her throat. Ren gave in and French kissed Lewis back. The two siblings made
out for a minute or two, before Lewis broke the kiss. "Bend over big sis,
time for something I always wanted to do to you!"

Ren turned around and bent over her hands on the sides of the tub to support
herself. Lewis got behind Ren and entered her. Ren not able to hold back a
moan as she was penetrated by her brother. Ren was amazed at how good Lewis
felt, he was big but even more important to Ren, he was thick. This meant a
lot since it had been a while that her pussy walls had been stretched.

Lewis grabbed Ren's hair and started slamming her hard. His balls slapping
against his sister sexy ass getting him hotter and hotter. Ren couldn't take
holding back from the pleasure any longer. "OH Lewis, yessss God your so
good, fuck me little brother, oh yessss ram my pussy hard Lewis ahhhhhhhhhh
yesssssss your so fucking good!"

This excited Lewis more than ever he reached around and pinched and pulled on
his sister nipples as she wailed and screamed and begged for more underneath
him. Her walls clamped hard around his cock as she orgasmed for what seemed
forever. Lewis couldn't stand anymore, "Oh Ren I'm gonna cum, where you want
does my slutty sister want it? Tell me!"

"On my face cum on my face."

Ren turned around getting on her knees, she licked his thick cockhead as he
jerked himself off. "Ohhh here it cones Ren ahhh!"

Ren leaned her head back and stuck out her tongue as Lewis shot load after
load on her face. Coating her face with his cum Ren rubbed his cock on her
face smearing the cum all over her. After that Ren finished showering with
him, then was out the door to go call Larry.

Ren got her fix and Larry decided he should celebrate considering the money
he was soon gonna be rolling in and smoke the crack with her. A week later
Larry got a call.

"So you have the goods Mr. Beal?"

"Sure do and you'll like it you might even have to give in and give me some
bonus money."

"We shall see, we meet tonight at the school, midnight, be there!"

Larry met them at the school, and the associates of the senator were quite

"OK Mr. Beal, I think you are correct you do deserve a bonus, instead of
$2500 were giving you $3000!"

"I can live with that." smiled Larry.

They exchanged the money for the tape and they parted ways. "Remember Mr.
Beal, we never met each other before."

"Yeah yeah I know."

The next day Ren called Larry and said she needed to talk to him. Larry
agreed, he had decided to stay with Ren for the simple reason of a piece of
ass, after all it would be another week before the TV debate when the tape
would be made public. Larry picked Ren up, he was shocked to see Ren was
dressed in her normal slutty dress, she looked more like the old Ren. She
was in a simple light blue shirt and tan pants.

"Look Larry, I've enjoyed doing all the things you've asked me lately, just
because I knew they made you happy but I can't do the drugs or the other
stuff anymore."

"Well, that's fine Ren, what about the sex with me and you?"

Larry kissed Ren softly on the neck feeling up her breast. Ren decided just
to blurt it out, "I'm pregnant Larry."

Larry was stunned and glared at Ren, "You mean its mine?"

Ren had an uneasy look on her face as she nodded yes. Then it all hit Larry
hard, this woman in front of him wasn't a slut it was the mother of his
child, and he had destroyed her and her family all because she was doing
things because she loved him and wanted to make him happy. Larry put his face
in his hands realizing the implications of his actions. "What have I done?!"

A week later Senator Eileen Stevens was speaking of her campaign theme on
family values. Her views against immorality and criminal behavior. Her
opponent Oscar Johnson had his opportunity to respond and did so. "I think
Senator Stevens has no right to preach family values I'd like to submit this
footage to prove my point, and parents out there, you might wanna remove
your kids away from the TV at this time."

"What's this all about?" asked Senator Stevens.

Her question was answered as on the screen was her daughter Ren naked except
for the censored blurs on her private parts having lesbian sex with a large
blonde woman. Then it went to a scene of Ren being pissed on by the woman.
Scenes of Ren getting it on with a German Shepherd was next followed by Ren
begging Lewis "Ohhhhhh (beep) me little brother ohhhh yess ram my (beep) hard

Eileen Steven's stood there with her mouth open not believing that her
precious daughter had destroyed her career.

"Any response Senator Stevens?" asked the moderator.

She just stood there silently, then walked off the stage. She called home,
the whole family had seen it and Ren was locked in her room crying knowing
that her boyfriend Larry, who she was in love with had done this to her.

Eileen Stevens told her husband, "I want that worthless whore daughter of
ours out of our house now, she's destroyed my career my life and our whole
family we'll never be able to show our faces anywhere again!"

Her husband picked the lock and slapped Ren across the face, "How could you
do this to our family Ren, you tell me, how!"

Ren with her eyes full of tears and her nose slightly bleeding at the assault
of her father's hand, could think of nothing to say. Her father grabbed a
suitcase and packed Ren's clothes in it. Ren would try to talk to her dad but
everytime she tried to say "Daddy..." he would fire back "You have lost the
right to ever call me your dad again!"

After he packed her clothes he pushed her out the front door. Ren had no
where to go, her family had deserted her they had decided what she did was
unforgivable, they even took Lewis side by saying Lewis was a victim and
being forced by Ren in the shower.

Ren only had a little bit of money, she moved to the other side of town. She
found a trashy place to stay for a while. She knew she could never go back to
school, she could never show her face there again, not when all of America,
and all of Sacramento had seen her like they had. Ren had to start turning
tricks to survive. She spent about every night like that getting just a
little cash here and there. She finally gave in realizing she had no choice
but to go on welfare.

Six months later Ren had a black baby boy. She named it Bobby after her first
boyfriend Bobby Deever. How she missed him, but she couldn't help but cry
knowing she'd be unlikely to find a man who would have her now. In her heart
she loved Larry Beal, but after the scandal her heart would never let him
back in. She didn't even know if Larry really did love her, she figured he
probably just used her from the beginning.

Ren gained about 40 lbs after her pregnancy her once tiny waist had expanded,
her hips were wider and her ass had gained the most weight. Ultimately Ren
went back to drugs, when her welfare checks didn't cover her habit she
started turning tricks again. Soon the hard living destroyed her good looks,
and she wasn't able to turn enough tricks to support her drug habit. She
ultimately started using her rent money from her welfare check, which led to
her being evicted and out on the street, therefore having her baby taken
away. Ren was living on the streets she survived only by turning tricks day
and night. Ren never saw her family again.

The End


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