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Even Stevens: Ren The Slut Part 3 (m/f,m+/f,inter,gangbang,preg)
by Mia Is Da Bomb

Ren Stevens was not the same girl she used to be. Sure she was still the
smartest girl in the 9th grade, or the school for that matter. However, in a
short time she had gone from her reputation as an innocent beautiful girl to
a slut. Ren had gotten a new boyfriend one of the schools few black students
named Larry Beal. He had introduced her to great sex with him and marijuana.
Ren had also tried lesbianism, with her friend Ruby and her brother's friend
Tawny. She found herself enjoying sex so much she found herself changing the
way she dressed too.

Her sexy new way of dressing, had her in the principal's office, and she
ended up sucking him off so her parents wouldn't be contacted. Now her
boyfriend Larry had a real interesting proposition for her. Fuck the football
team, if they win the big game! Certainly Ren knew the team wasn't very good
and they didn't stand much of a chance. Ren was however also smart enough to
weigh the idea of what if... the Wombats won. Ren imagined it, all those boys
ravishing her and fucking her in every way. All those cocks, shooting their
loads all over her face, inside of her. She learned to love the taste of cum.
The thought of it made her pussy twitch. "My God I can't believe the idea of
a gangbang turns me on!"thought Ren.

Ren looked at her boyfriend with an evil smile. "So you really think I'd be
motivation for them to win?"

"Of course Ren, just because I'm your boyfriend doesn't mean my opinion is
bias, all the guys in the school want your body. Who could blame them Ren you
are the finest lookin' bitch in that school!" replied Larry.

Ren smiled, him calling him a bitch didn't bother her anymore, after all he
meant it affectionately. Plus she liked the fact that he was always telling
her how hot she was. Ren would never leave him as long as she got to ride
that big black dick of Larry's everyday. Which she did. She wondered what
she ever saw in Bobby Deevers, sure Bobby was cute, but seeing the size of
his cock was nothing compared to Larry's black monster. After Ren was at home
she told Larry, "Ok, I'll do it!"

"All right baby!! Look, wear something skimpy and slutty tomorrow so you can
give them an idea what they'll be getting."

"Sounds great! I have just the thing, I just need to wear my trenchcoat over
it, otherwise my parents won't let me outside of the house." Ren kissed him
good-bye, meaning a whole lot of heavy-petting between the two of them. His
hand under her shirt and her giving his cock a good handshake. Ren had to be
home on time today though, so in order not to arouse any suspicion in her
parents minds, the two said good-bye. Ren walked inside and went to her room
trying to find the skimpiest and sluttiest outfit she could. "If the Mexican
boys were calling me a hootchie mama today wait until they see me tomorrow!"
thought Ren with a smile.

Ren got her clothes together and borrowed her daddy's trenchcoat, so she'd
be able to leave the house without them seeing her outfit underneath. Larry
watched as Ren walked out of the house covered up. He knew his hot girlfriend
had something sexy on underneath, all he could see was her black high heels
though. They drove off in his car. Larry asked, "So does your boyfriend get
first glance baby?" Ren had a devilish smirk as she unbuttoned the
trenchcoat. Opening it up Larry couldn't help but pop a boner. Ren was
wearing a white tank top with no bra, even with her nipples not hard they
were still visible through the shirt. "Wow just imagine her nipples when
they are hard mmmmmm" Larry thought. Ren was wearing a very short blue
miniskirt. To bend over in this skirt meant showing off her pussy,
considering the fact that she was going pantyless.

"Why don't ya give me some of that good lovin' before school, Ren?" asked an
anxious Larry.

"Sure find somewhere to park at the park."

They parked the car and the two started kissing, Larry was under Ren's skimpy
top in no time making her dark nipples hard as he pinched them in his
fingers. Then he licked each one of them. Ren was busy getting in Larry's
pants, reaching in to pull out his cock. Larry wasn't wasting any time
lifting her short skirt and pressing his cock against her pussy entrance. Ren
waited in eager anticipation, but right before entering her he stopped and
looked at her, "Beg for it!"

"What?" Ren asked.

"You heard me beg for it whore!"

Ren looked at him deep in the eyes and said, "Please, please fuck me, I want
that black dick stuffed inside my horny pussy!!!"

"I'm sure you want it bitch! but do you deserve it? Ask me again you white
whore, and refer to me as Mr. Dick!" said Larry, secretly trying not to crack
a smile.

Ren was not about to say no, his cock was pressing against her pussy and she
wanted it so bad!!! "Please Mr. Dick, fuck me, fuck your whore girlfriend.
She wants that cock so bad!" Larry smiled hearing her talk that way. He
pushed his cock deep inside her in one thrust. "Ahhhhhhhhhh" Ren moaned, as
he pulled all the way back out and slammed back in her again. The two teens
kept this up for quite a while, him feeling up her nice breasts as he slammed
his meat into her hot snatch. After a while he finally came shooting his
load inside of her this time.

Ren wasn't by any means getting tired of Larry. Larry wasn't getting tired
of Ren either, he loved her hot body and now he was gonna pimp her out to
the football team. He liked the fact that him fucking her turned her into a
slut. However he did truly care about Ren, after all he had the smartest and
hottest white girl in school and he liked being her boyfriend.

The two got dressed and went to school. Ren left her trenchcoat in Larry's
car and she strutted into school looking like Ren the hooker.

All students and teachers stopped what they were doing and watched this girl
who looked liked the youngest sexiest hooker they had ever strut down the
hall. Ren smiled and gave them all a pretty smile, she was wearing red
lipstick. Larry had her meet the football team before school.

"Ok, everyone, here's my ho Ren. She's gonna give you all one hell of a

The football players eyed Ren's body like a pack of wolves on fresh meat.
Ren smiled she could feel the sexual tension in the room! She felt her pussy
getting moist at the thought of all these studs fucking her. She gave them
all a sexy wink.

"Ok guys its this simple win against northwest high school and this hot woman
will fuck all of you until you can't walk," said Larry.

Ren smiled, "That's right boys. Don't disappoint me, oh and here's a little
incentive for you to win." Ren lifted her skirt showing the whole team her

Larry smiled then stood in front of her and gave her a big french kiss then
whispered. "I know your horny baby but be careful these guys might want to
get some from ya ahead of time."

Ren giggled, "I really hope they win, baby, but even if they don't I guess
you'll have to fuck me all night," said Ren as her tongue was all over
Larry's tongue.

Ren and Larry walked out both eager about tonight's game. Ren had guys and a
few girls drooling over her all day in her slutty outfit. After what seemed
forever to Ren she changed her outfit to a pink top and white mini skirt this
time switching to lacey white socks and pink high heels.

* * *

While Ren was getting ready for the big game Louis had asked Tawny to come
over. Louis had her come in his room, then he put a tape in his VCR. "Wanna
watch a movie Tawny?"

"Um, sure, Louis," Tawny was shocked to see her and Ren having sex on the
tape. "Oh my god Louis taped that!!"she thought.

"Very hot, huh?" Louis said with a smile.

"I was thinking of destroying the tape what do you think?"

"I wish you would, Louis" said Tawny quietly.

"Well, then do to me what you did with my sister and the tape will be our
little secret."

Tawny couldn't believe Louis was blackmailing her, but she realized she had
little cloice. "Fine, I'll do it!"

"Ok, then, Tawny, why don't you get undressed."

Louis turned on some music and Tawny did a little strip tease. First pulling
off her black shirt revealing a lacey black bra. Then she slid down her black
jeans. This just so happened to be the day she was wearing a black thong.
Louis had seen her body before on the tape but in person in front of him she
looked even better. Then off came her bra displaying her small perky breasts.
She teased him with her thong bending over in it, pulling it and out of her
cunt lips before finally throwing it aside.

Louis pulled out his cock he was a good solid 9 inches hard. Tawny's eyes
lit up like a little girl on Christmas morning. "So much for Ren's belief
on only black guys being big," thought Tawny. Tawny went to Louis and started
sucking his cock. Louis grabbed her long hair and used it as reins. Tawny
went up and down his big shaft. Louis loved her loud slurping sounds as he
got the first blowjob of his life. Louis wanted to cum right then. Her mouth
was so warm around his cock, but he held back.

He then pulled her away and had her climb on top of him. She felt his shaft
expand the tightness of her cunt. She slowly went down on him, Louis grabbed
her ass and pressed her down hard Tawny felt her eyes roll back in her head
in pleasure of his huge cock. Several thrusts later Louis had popped her
cherry. Tawny screamed, Louis told her to hush or his parents might hear.

Tawny was starting to love this she put her feet on the bed and started to
ride Louis. Up and down, up and down faster and faster faster. Louis grabbed
her tits that were bouncing everywhere. Sticking his tongue out to lick her
little nipples. This feeling and Louis's cock was too much and Tawny had her
first orgasm with a guy. She smiled thinking of the fact that she fucked a
guy and his sister both.

Louis felt like he was about to explode with this hot girl riding him faster
and faster. He told her he was gonna cum. Tawny got off him and jerked him
off, her face right in front of his cock. She had seen this scene in a porn
movie once. In a short time Louis was shooting load after load into Tawny
beautiful face. "God, she looks so good like that!!!!" thought Louis.

The two laid there naked on Louis's bed. Louis grabbed the tape and was about
to destroy when Tawny stopped him. "Wait, maybe we could watch that together
after the game tonight and it could get me in the mood again." She gave him
a devious smile.

"Ok then" smiled Louis lets get dressed."

* * *

They went to the game and watched her school's team the Wombats play the
might Bulldogs. The score was Bulldogs 10 wombats 0 at half-time. It was
17-3 after three quarters. Ren watched the game holding hands with Larry, he
could see her disappointment his girlfriend was obsessed with cock. Things
looked bleak but then the defense intercepted a pass and ran it back for a
touchdown making the score 17-10, Bulldogs winning.

The team then drove to the one yard line with 10 seconds left it was fourth
down. They ran the ball and in a pile up they were stopped, with 5 seconds
left the Bulldogs had the ball on their own 1 yard line. Ren was sad. She
and Larry were about to leave, the game was all but over. But then... the
offense handed off the ball, and the running back fumbled it!!! The Wombats
recovered for a touchdown. Then decided to go for the win with a two point
conversion. This time they ran the ball and made it, making the final score
Wombats 18 Bulldogs 17.

Ren cheered at the excitement of the game and the excitement that she knew
was yet to come!! Ren made her way to the locker room, the coaches were
distracted so Ren could enter. The guys in the shower all stopped and watched
as Ren got down on her knees to meet the first guy. The guy was about 7
inches and Ren swallowed him easily. The other men gathered around her
reaching down her pink top and several pairs of hands grabbing her tits.
Other hands pulled up her skirt and she felt hands all over her pussy and
even her ass. Ren deep throated this guy til he shot his load down her
throat. Another guy took his place, this guy about 9 inches which Ren did
her best to swallow.

Ren felt hands ripping off her tank top exposing her breasts, her nipples
were hard as the cold water of the shower rained down on her body. Her skirt
was also yanked from her body as she felt a man enter her pussy from behind.
Ren sucked off one guy as another rammed her horny cunt hard. She took two
more cocks in each hand, stroking them as fast as she could so she could
taste the jism that she was hungering for. The guy fucking her from behind
shot his load inside of her, causing Ren to cum, too. After he pulled out
another guy penetrated her. Ren swallowed a load in her mouth as her
cocksucking sent another guy over the edge. Ren also jerked off the two
cocks in her hand swallowing each load down her eager throat.

Ren started sucking another guy off as hands came from everywhere to squeeze
and maul her young breasts. Next thing you know another guy was coming
inside of her, which she definetly loved. He slapped her sexy ass and let
another guy enter her.

This guy wanted to look her in the face so he turned her around and entered
her. He smiled seeing Ren's hot face as she swallowed a cock in her mouth and
another guy straddled her chest and started fucking her breasts. Ren felt so
good she was in cock heaven and she hadn't found a guy who was small yet. Of
course Larry had spoiled her, she wasn't into any cocks that wernt huge. Ren
felt another load shoot on her chest as another load was shot on her face.
The man inside her pulled out and shot his load all over her stomach.

Ren took load after load in her pussy and down her throat, the guys who were
tit-men just fucked her chest and shot their loads on her. Finally there was
the last man Marcus the only other black guy in school besides Larry. He
had a hard 11 inches as he had Ren crawl to him and take a seat. Ren rode
him up and down, faster and faster, surprisingly though he wasnt feeling as
good as she thought he would. Marcus noticed this too, "The bitch is too
loose," he said pushing her off.

He got behind her, Ren grew scared as Marcus positioned his cock at Ren's
virgin ass. Ren moaned as he slowly worked his giant rod up Rens most sacred
places. Ren grabbed her ass spreading her cheeks wide, as surprisingly, inch
by inch made it inside of her. Ren never knew her ass could be in so much
pain and pleasure at the same time! Ren was moaning and humming as she was
introduced to anal sex in the roughest way.

He fucked Ren's ass deeper and deeper til at last her ass was completly full
of all 11 inches of cock. Marcus had never had anal sex with a girl before
all of them saying he was too big, but not this little white slut! It seemed
like an eternity to Ren but the gangbang ended with Marcus filling her
bowels with a monster load. Ren slowly turned around and graciously licked
his cock clean.

Ren lied there exhausted on the shower floor cover in cum wearing only her
pink high heels. The guys got her something to wear (a shirt and shorts) and
she waited before trying to walk out. She finally left, and Larry took her
home. Ren gave him a kiss goodnight and she had no problem going going to bed
and falling fast asleep.

* * *

Two weeks later Ren was feeling sick, but only in the mornings, it didn't
take her long to realize what this meant. She bought a home pregnacy test
and awaited the results. Sure enough it was positive, now came the biggest
question yet, "Who's baby is it" she wondered.


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