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Even Stevens: Ren The Slut Part 2 (f/f,m/f,M/f,inter,voy)
by Mia Is Da Bomb

Ren Steven's woke up at Ruby's house after a sleep over. Ren was naked so
she threw on one of Ruby's long football jerseys. Being so much taller than
Ruby the shirt barely covered Ren's ass. Ruby's dad got a bit of a show as
Ren walked through the hallway unknowingly showing off a little bit of her
hot ass.

She went downstairs and made herself a sensible breakfast eating toast and a
grapefruit. She remembered that she had to do her homework. She usually did
her homework on Friday night so her weekend would be free. Staying the night
at Ruby's, plus her and Ruby's extra activities made it impossible to do it
Friday though. So Ren finished breakfast and got dressed. She went to tell
Ruby she was leaving but Ruby wouldn't wake up so Ren gave her a kiss on the
cheek and made her way home.

Ren got home and did her homework, she was walking down the hall past her
parents room and caught a glimpse of her mom through the door that was
slightly cracked open. Through the crack she saw her mom's backside, dressed
in only a white garter belt stockings and heels. She was wearing no bra, and
no panties. Ren couldn't help but stare, her mom's complexion was so creamy
white compared to Ren's dark complexion. Ren's mom adjusted the straps on
her high heels causing her to bend at the waist. This gave Ren a delicious
view of her mom's creamy round posterior. Ren licked her lips at the sight
of the 40 something ass not that far away. She wondered if her ass was as
soft as it looked, she smiled at the red pubic hair visible around her cunts
lips. "Wait a minute, this is my mom I'm looking at! God have I become this
obsessed and demented with sex?"

Ren went back toward her bedroom, dressed in white shorts with thin material
that made her pantylines obvious and a purple bellyshirt. Walking in her
room she saw Louis's best friend Tawny sitting on her bed. With a upset look
on her face. "Hi Ren, your brothers a pervert, did you know that?"

"Well, I knew he was a royal pain in my ass, but a pervert, where did you get
that Tawny?"

"Well, he told me he was making money on the web, but it wasn't something
legit. He took some upskirt pictures of some girl without her knowledge, and
he was sending them out and making money off of them!"

"Wow, I can't believe Louis would do such a thing, that poor girl" exclaimed

"Yeah I know, I thought it was horrible too! I guess i just needed another
womans opinon. I wanted to make sure I wasn't being unfair to him, after all
he was selling them to get enough money to buy me these diamond earings I saw
at the mall."

"Well thats very nice of him, but there are other ways to earn money."

Ren went on to tell Tawny about how she did this and that to raise money for
things she wanted. Tawny's mind began to drift, Tawny was checking Ren out,
her incredible legs her sweet face. Tawny had had a crush on Ren for quite
sometime now. Tawny liked boys of course. However one day when she went
swimming with Ren and Louis, it made her realize that she was very much into
girls too.

Ren wore a light blue swimsuit that day and the tight suit accented all of
Ren's curves. It also showed off her hard nipples standing at attention from
the cool water. Tawny remebered going home that day and fingering herself as
she imagined Ren removing that swimsuit in front of her. Now with Louis busy
in the other room and beautiful Ren smiling at her, Tawny felt those feelings
of being with another girl coming back again.

"What should I do" she wondered. Feeling bold and wanting to find out what
Ren thought of being with another girl she leaned forward and gave Ren a big
kiss. Ren was shocked by this she had no idea that Tawny liked her, or other
girls for that matter.

Tawny was the one shocked next, as she was expecting for Ren to look at her
like she was weird. Instead she felt Ren's hands on her hips, and Ren
returning the kiss. The two made out for a while then Ren took the initiative
and pulled off Tawny's black shirt to reveal a black bra. Tawny removed Ren's
shirt and saw Ren's white sportsbra. The two young girls pressed their
breasts together as Ren planted gentle kisses on Tawny's neck. Tawny felt Ren
unzipping her pants showing to Ren a matching pair of sexy black panties.

Ren let Tawny pull down her white shorts and Tawny viewed Ren's white panties
they were practically see-through making Tawny all the more eager to get
under Ren's panties. Ren pulled her sportsbra off revealing her nice pair to
Tawny. Tawny stared in awe of Ren's breasts they could only be described as
"perfection" in Tawny's mind. Ren seeing Tawny's mind fixated on her chest
reached out and unhooked Tawny's bra in the front. Tawny wasn't quite as big
as Ren but her breasts were very perky for their size and the nipples were
pink and pointed. Ren kissed her again, this time their bare breasts were
pressed together, as Ren caressed Tawny panty covered ass. Tawny was simply
on a higher plain as she was out of patience and was already sliding her
hand down Ren's panties and rubbing Ren's clit. Ren moaned in excitement at
Tawny's touch. She gave Tawny nice ass a squeeze as the two girls tongues
danced in each others mouths.

Louis finished sending out his photos, he wondered if Tawny was still there,
so he got off his computer and went to look for her. He was figuring she be
in the kitchen, but he heard moans coming from Ren's room. So he peeked
inside. Before his very eyes was his friend and his own sister were in an
embrace and giving each other wet kiss after wet kiss. Louis never missing
an opportunity grabbed his video camera from the room and started filming
this lesbian scene.

Unaware of being filmed Ren slid off Tawny black underwear. Ren seeing the
pretty 13 year old pussy in front of her dove in right away. Tawny layed back
on Ren's bed, she looked down at this beautiful woman between her legs "God
Ren is so pretty" she thought. She ran her fingers through Ren's hair as she
pinched her own hard nipples. Ren's tongue explored every crevice of Tawny's
young pussy. Ren found Tawny clit and started licking it, all the while
forcing two fingers into Tawny's tight opening. Louis had the backside view
of Ren's sweet ass up in the air swaying back and forth covered only by thin
white panties that left little to the imagination.

Tawny was so hot, she wondered if she really was a lesbian, she couldn't
imagine anything feeling better! She also couldn't imagine anything better
than getting her pussy licked by the hot Ren Stevens! Ren licked and sucked
on Tawny's sweet cunt, her fingering picked up speed and Tawny's sweet pussy
juice flowed all over Rens face. "Ohhhhhh Ren ohhhhh yesssss ohhhhhhh baby
im cummming ohhhh yeah thats it!!!!!"

Ren kissed her again tasting her own juices. Tawny decided she wanted to
taste Ren's pussy figuring Ren had to taste even better. She licked Ren's
tits as Ren still sat on her knees. Tawny took her time sucking each one of
Ren's firm tits. She slid her tongue down Ren's flat stomach "hee hee"
giggled Ren as Tawny licked her sensitive bellybutton. Tawny then slid down
to Ren's panty-covered pussy she slid down on her back as she pulled Ren's
panties off. Ren's pussy smothered Tawny's face. Tawny parted Ren's lips and
slid her tongue in Ren's hot cunt. Tawny reached up and gently squeezed Ren's

"Ohhh Tawny yeah mmmm that feels good!!ohhh your such a naughty little
girl!!!" grinned Ren.

Ren loved Tawny's sweet tongue she even put her friend Ruby to shame.
Everyone of Ren's sensitive spots was touched by this young girls tongue. Ren
rode Tawny's face as Tawny's tongue work had Ren wondering how many times she
had done this before (little did she know this was Tawny's first experience).
Tawny moved her tongue to Ren's ass cheeks and lick Ren's anal passage. Ren's
body was squirming in pleasure as Tawny finger fucked Ren as her tongue got
Ren hotter by the second.

Ren didn't want Tawny to just make her cum she bent down and started eating
Tawny out again. Tawny couldn't believe her luck, she doubled her efforts on
Ren's clit, wanting to do anything to please Ren, hopeful that Ren wouldn't
be able to tell her no to a cunt licking on another day.

Ren's licking was indescribable to Tawny. It didn't take long til Tawny was
cumming in Ren's face again. Ren licked it all up as Tawny's tongue work
finally made Ren orgasm all over Tawny's face. Tawny licked it all up like a
little kitten slurping milk, not letting a drop go to waste.

The two girls kissed and caressed each others bodies still in awe of the
experience they just shared. Unknown to them was that Louis Stevens had taped
it all. Louis took the tape to his room, he thought it over "What should I
do with this tape?"

* * *

Monday morning had arrived and Ren was ready for the school to see her new
image and her new boyfriend for that matter. Ren was gonna be every guys
fantasy and the nightmare of some of the girls. Her new image would still be
Ren Stevens honor student but also Ren Stevens sex symbol. The other honor
students would be jealous of all the attention guys gave her and the sluts
in the school would be jealous of Ren's good grades.

On this morning Ren was wearing her no pocket light blue jeans that were
super tight on her, she decided to make them into short shorts. She admired
her sexy ass in the mirror the tight shorts went slightly up her ass crack.
Next came a sleeveless dark red top, she pondered back and forth and decided
to wear a bra. She finished the outfit of with short socks and black slip on
shoes. Ren liked her new sexy look, all she really needed to be mistaken for
a hooker was high heels.

She heard a horn honk and knew it was Larry's car. She grabbed her books and
rushed down stairs her parents' mouths hung open seeing Ren's new dress. Ren
grabbed a cereal bar and waved bye to her parents. She ran outside to Larry's
car, even Larry was pleasantly surprised by Ren's clothes. Then again Larry
was telling himself all week that him and Ren was just a crazy dream, even
though he knew it wasn't.

Ren got in the car and gave Larry a big kiss, "Good morning!"

"Oh, uh yeah, morning Ren," he started driving. "So how come you didn't call
me all weekend Ren are you my ho or what?"

Ren didn't know how to react being called a "ho" but she decided this was
Larry's affectionate way of calling her his girl. Ren said, "Sorry, I had
homework to catch up on, can I make it up to you?" stroking his cock through
his pants.

"Yeah, Ren you seem to like my black dick so much why don't ya suck on it on
the way to school?"

Ren knew this could be embaressing if someone saw her, but her craving for
that cock of Larry's wasn't about to let her tell him no. So Ren bent down
unzipping his pants and pulling out his already hard cock from his underwear,
Ren licked up and down the shaft as her hands tickled on his balls. Ren then
took his cock in her mouth and started sucking him off her lips wrapped
around his black shaft as she slowly bobbed her head up and down on his black
rod. Larry reached down and caressed Ren's ass being hugged by those tight
shorts rubbing his fingers between the ass crack of her shorts. This caused
Ren to get excited and pick up speed as she gave her black boyfriend head
better than any cheap ho he had before!

They parked in the school parking lot and Ren started to get up but he pushed
her back down, "Finish what ya started!"

Ren went back at it sucking faster and faster trying her best to deep throat
him. Larry kept caressing Ren's ass and with the car stopped he used his
other hand to pull back Ren's hair so he watched this hottie give him a great
blowjob. Ren started stroking him off with his hand as her tongue did it's
magic on his cockhead. Ren looked up at him and smiled and Ren's sweet face
was too much for Larry to handle.

"Ohhhh Ren yessssss thats it you sexy bitch, ahhhhh fuck!" He started
cumming shooting it on Ren's chin her mouth her cheek and even a bit in her
hair. Larry was able to get his breathing regulated and being somewhat of a
gentleman he handed Ren a kleenex to get his cum off her face.

Ren cleaned herself up and kissed him goodbye as she went to her class. Ren
had a little extra sway in her hips as she walked down the hall feeling
confident and sexy. Every guy stopped what they we're doing to check her
out. A mexican student even went so far as to yell out "Hey there hootchie
mama, looking good!" Ren looked back with a smile giving him a wink and
swaying her sexy hips even more as she went to class. Ren walked by Bobby

"Hi Ren" he said. Ren gave him a little smile and walked right by him not
saying a word. Bobby couldn't believe it Ren just totally blow him off.

Ren walked to the door of her classroom where she met up with Larry again
Larry put his hands on Ren's firm ass and they gave each other a wet french
kiss. Ren looked back at Bobby with a "sorry your loss" smile. Larry gave
Bobby a proud smile putting his arm around Ren and giving Ren a playful slap
on the ass.

Once in the classroom she was the old Ren Stevens answering all the questions
correctly and listening to the teacher. Ren was getting into her locker after
class when she heard "Ren Stevens to the principal's office at once" over the
loud speaker. "Hmmm wonder what thats about" thought Ren. She made her way to
principal Wexler's office. He called her inside and had her sit down.

"Well, Miss Stevens, I guess you know why I called you in here?"

"Well, actually, no sir, I don't."

"Its the fact that you've violated the dress code, someone as knowledgeable
as you of the rules should realize this. I hope you realize that this means
I have to call your parents."

Ren's eyes grew big she couldn't let this happen. Ren had to find a way out
of this problem and quick. "Principal Wexler, anything but that! I'll do
anything to not have my parents called, isn't there anything I could do for

Ren looked up at him with sad puppy dog eyes, but what really got his
attention was her top, loose in the front and he could see her young breasts
held only by a sexy lacey pink bra.

Ren then said in a sexy voice, "I do mean anything, Principal Wexler!"

The principal was shocked never in all of his years as a principal had he
taken advantage of a student. Now here was without a doubt the hottest
student he ever seen offering him a sexual favor. He wanted to get angry how
dare this honor student whore herself this way! Instead though he thought
back to his high school days, when he was in school black men couldn't even
look at a white girl. Now here he was getting the offer of a lifetime.

"Ok, Miss Stevens, I'll call your bluff, take off your clothes."

Ren stood up and removed her shirt revealing all of her sexy pink bra. Next
off came the tight shorts, the Principal's eyes grew wide seeing Ren in her
pink lacey bikini panties. "Very nice Miss Stevens!" He got down in his chair
and unzipped his pants impressed by the sexy student's body in front of him.
"Well, how bout a nice blowjob for starters Miss Stevens!"

Ren walked over to the desk kneeled in front of him and unzipped his slacks,
then pulled out his already hard cock. He wasnt quite as big as Larry but he
was much thicker, 2 and a half maybe 3 inches. Ren's tongue flickered on his
huge cockhead as she pressed his thick prick past her lips. His thickness
stretched Ren's mouth as she swallowed inch after inch til almost all of him
was down her throat. Principal Wexler squeezed her breasts as she gave him
an oral demenstration he wouldn't soon forget.

"Ahh ohhhh thats good take off that bra and show me those titties!!!!"

Ren unhooked her bra exposing her breasts, he found them perfect not big but
perfect in look and shape not to mention feel. He squeezed her breasts hard
as Ren sucked him off like a pro. Ren slid a hand down her panties and
started playing with herself as she blew her Principal.

Looking at Ren's pink panty ass he knew he had to have more than a blowjob.
Pushing her off of him he told her, "Turn around and remove the panties."

Ren didn't think she'd have to go completly all the way with the Principal,
figuring he'd only want a blowjob. Considering the other option of having her
parents called though Ren wasn't about to back out now.

Ren turned around and pulled off the pink panties exposing her superior
posterior to the principal. He grapped her ass and pulled her to him, he
spread her ass cheeks and rubbed his member against her young cunt lips. Ren
closed her eyes eager to feel what something so thick would feel inside of
her. After some working he finally slid inside her.

"OOOOOhhhh fuck your such a tight little bitch ahhhh thats it Miss Stevens
ride it ohhhhhhhh yeah ohhh fuck yes, you little white slut!!!!!!"

Ren went up and down on his black pole going a bit deeper as her vaginal
walls were stretched more than she ever though possible. Ren orgasmed but it
didnt slow the Principal down. The Principal squeezed her ass cheeks as he
stuck out his tongue licking her erect nipples. He pumped her for what seemed
an eternity to Ren even if it was about 30 minutes.

Then he felt an orgasm building, "Ohhhhhh yessssss on your knees, Miss
Stevens, I'm gonna come all over that tight ass, get on your knees now

Ren did as she was told she fingered her clit bringing herself off a second
time. "Ahhhhhh ohhhhh yessssssssss ohhh Principal Wexler ohhh you get me so

Hearing her moan and seeing her fingering herself on all fours in front of
him drove him over the edge and he shot his thick cum all over her ass and
her back. Ren moaned at the hot load of jism hitting her backside and she
rubbed it into her ass.

"Well, Miss Stevens, I think we could work out some sort of an arrangement so
your parents don't have to be notified."

"Thank you Principal Wexler" said a satisfied Ren.

"Get dressed and get back to class young lady."

"Yes sir" she responded.

Ren went through the rest of her day with boys staring and whistling at her.
Larry walked her to a few classes then at the end of the day he drove her
home. On the way Larry ran an idea past her. "Say Ren know that big game the
football team has Thursday?"

"Yeah what about it?"

"Well every guy in the school is hot for your body now, so... what if you
give them an offer they cant refuse?"

Ren's eyes grew big and so did a smile on her face. "Do you mean what I
think you mean?"

"Sure do baby!" Larry responded.

The End??????


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