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Even Stevens: Pleasures Of Shopping
by DCForever

"Hey sis, where you off to?"

"None of your business, Louis. Don't you remember us having this
conversation before? It went something like my business is my business and
yours is yours. I stay out of yours and you stay out of mine. Are we clear?

"I was only asking in the attempt of saving Tawny's sanity. I'm sure if you
asked her to accompany you she matter where you are going or

"What are you up to, little brother? I can hear those gears cranking in your
head. You're up to something and I bet mom and dad aren't going to like it

"Hah...what was that? Was that the sound of my sister trying to involve
herself in my business? Surely not!" Hesitating for a moment. "So will you
do it? Will you ask Tawny to join you?"

"Fine. I'll ask her, but there's no guarantee she will say yes. Where is

"Think she went to the kitchen to get Twitty and me some snacks. We're
pretty hungry. Who could ask for a more perfect girlfriend?"

"And she actually did what you asked? I need to have a little talk with that
girl." Louis started back up the stairs. "Well have fun doing whatever it
is you are doing." At that moment, Tawny walked out of the kitchen holding a
serving tray consisting of cookies, fruits, drinks, and chips.

"Oh hey, Ren."

"Ahh, Tawny...just the person I was about to go searching for."

"You're good! See, you found me. What can I do for you?"

"How would you like to get away for a bit? I need to go shopping and none of
my friends can make it."

"What are you going for? Anything in particular?"

"Yeah. I have to find a bikini. Mine's gotten too small for me and I need
one for the Hawaiian themed charity event coming up at school."

"That's right, you are in charge of the event. I forgot." Thinking to
herself, 'Hawaiian theme in the middle of winter. What will she think of

"Its been hectic getting everything ready, but its done...well except me
finding a bikini or any kind of bathing suit for that matter."

"Might be kind of hard to find a suit this time of the year, but I'm sure if
anyone can find one it would be you. Can't wait for all the fun. I told
Louis the other day that I would go with him."

"That's great...about you going, but I have my doubts about my brother. He's
always up to no good. Nonetheless, I'm sure it will be lots of fun. Plus...
its a great way to check out all the available and unavailable topless guys."

"All in good thought, yeah, but you sure its not more like the guys will
have a chance to stare and drool over all us girls? Its common knowledge
that guys can't be around a girl for more than a few seconds before they
start checking out your boobage and ass. This event of your will give them
the perfect chance to ogle over all the girls."

Walking through the front door, heading outside, "And your point is? I don't
know about you, but I get turned on when I get stared at...its what my body
and me live for. So, are you in? Want to go shopping?"

Tawny walked out behind Ren and closed the front door. "Sure, why not.
Beats hanging around watching Louis come up with another pathetic 'get rich
quick' scheme."

"Ah, so that's what he's up to. Figures. Definitely something the parentals
won't like."

Waving her hand at the locked passenger side car door, "So I guess we'll be

Ren pulled her keys from her purse and opened the driver side car door.
"Let's go!"

Once inside the car, "Okay, this will seem lame, but I've always wanted to
say it. Not to take anything from the Flintstones or anything, but I always
loved Wilma and Betty's phrase when they went shopping."

Ren smiled at the girl and nodded her head. They both quickly found their
master cards and together they screamed, "CHARGE IT!" They later broke into
a fit of hysteria.

Minutes later, driving down the street. "So where to Ren?"

"I was thinking of a K-Mart first and then trying out a few outlets at the
mall. I'll start low and cheap and work my way up; hopefully finding
something to suit me."

"Sounds like a plan."

As Ren and Tawny entered through the automatic doors at the entrance of
K-Mart, a woman walked out the exit door carrying a grass skirt. Ren noticed
the skirt. "Now that would be nice. That's perfect for the theme."

"See, I told you. If anyone can find what they need when they need it, it's
you, Ren. So lets go find that skirt."

The two girls waded through aisles and aisles of clothing racks before
finally deciding to split up. "Tawny, you go that way and I'll go this way.
Meet back here in five."

The girls went their separate ways in search of the mystery grass skirt.
Five minutes later they meet back up. "Any luck? I looked at every skirt
imaginable and nothing." Smiling a pulling a skirt from behind her back,
"Guess your luck just turned around. You won't believe where I found it.
And I wasn't even going to check there at first."


"75% All Day Clearance Rack. Low and behold it was on the 'Blue Light'
special rack. So what are you waiting on? Go try it on already."

Ren grabbed the skirt from the dark haired girl and together they made their
way to the ladies dressing room, where an attendant awaited.

"How many articles young ladies?"

"Oh its just me. One."

Taking Ren over to the door. "I'm about to go on break so be sure not to
shut the door all the way. It automatically resets the lock when it closes."

"Thank you, ma'am." The attendant walked off as Ren entered the dressing
room. A couple minutes later, "Hey Tawny, you still out there?"

Speaking through the door, "Yeah."

"Think you could help me out of a jam? The skirts caught on my panties."

Laughing in a low voice, "Sure, just open up."

Ren opened the door and quickly threw the girl in before re-closing the door.

"Hey, what was that for?"

"Didn't want anyone to see me."

"Good reason. So turn around already." Ren turned around, now facing the
mirror on the wall. "Lets see here." Examing the problem, "Yeah, I'd say
you have a problem. At least something good comes out of this...the skirt
looks great on you. Pray that I don't rip it trying to get you free."

Tawny tugged on the material; pulling and pushing in all directions. The
material wouldn't budge. "Ren, it's not moving. I have an idea though."


Without hesitating, the younger girl lowered herself to her knees and reached
her hand up under the grass skirt. Ren wasn't sure exactly what she was
doing, but she trusted her brother's girlfriend.

"Ren, I see possibly two options. One, you take off the skirt and panties
and try to get them apart or you hold onto the skirt while I try and jerk
your panties from below. It looks like that would work."

"Not many options going for me, are there? Option two it is."

Ren grabbed a hold of the skirt's upper hem while Tawny maneuvered both of
her hands beneath the skirt; one inside Ren's pink, flower printed undies
and the other on the outside. Tawny accidentally rubbed the back of her
hand against Ren's sex and immediately felt the moisture being given off.
For the moment, she ignored the incident and fought to get her friend free.
The forceful movement in both north-south directions eventually freed Ren's
panties from the skirt's miss sewn zipper. At the release, Ren's hands flew
upwards taking the skirt with them as Tawny's hands and body flew downwards
pulling the other girl's panties down with her.

Both girls blushed at what had happened. Ren seemed to be redder since it
was her body that was on display. Tawny realized the awkwardness of the
moment and slowly pulled the taller girl's panties back up and into place.
"Sorry about that, Ren."

"It happens. No biggie. Gym class cured me of my embarrassment a long time

"Glad to hear that. I'll leave now and let you finish getting dressed."
The girl exited the dressing room leaving Ren to dress.

As Ren finished re-dressing in the dressing room, Tawny leaned against the
outside part of the door, thinking about what had just happened. She had
just seen her boyfriend's sister's cunny and had enjoyed it. She remembered
liking the feel of Ren's flesh and the moistness that covered her fine,
trimmed hairs. Turning her hand over and again remembering the moistness,
she lifted the back of her hand to her lips and lapped up the dampness with
her tongue. She lowered her head, smiled, and stepped away from the door.

Ren exited the room with the skirt in hand, acting as if nothing ever
happened. "So, are you ready?"

"What about finding you a bikini?"

"I looked for one while I was searching for the skirt. Found a couple, but
they were either too wild looking or too small. Figured we can hit the mall


Ren paid for the skirt at the K-Mart checkout counter while Tawny purchased
herself some cherry favored lip-gloss. Before they knew it, they were
walking on the wide-open second floor of the city mall.

"Lets try The GAP or JCPenny's. Maybe one of them has something."

"I'll meet you there, Ren. Just need to make a quick pit stop first."

"Okay then. If I'm not in the women's section of JCPenny's then I'll more
than likely be at The GAP."

"I'm sure I'll find you. See ya when I see ya (love that line from Delta

Ren headed towards the department store while Tawny quickly made her way to
the bathroom. Finding an open stall, she settled down and made herself at
home. She looked under the stall walls and listened for any sounds. Once
satisfied that she was alone, her pants and panties quickly found themselves
lying on the rust colored, tiled floor. Her fingers went to work on her clit
and pussy. Pulling apart her folds with one hand, she thrust the fingers
from the other, inside her body. She let out a closed mouth muted scream;
fighting to not scream out. Her fingers slid up and down the length of her
slit, periodically brushing across her clit.

The young girl had learned from her experiences with Louis that the harder
she was on her clit...the greater the sensation. Digging her fingers deep,
beyond what used to be an unbroken hymen, she cried out in joy. Her orgasm
rocked her hard and she enjoyed every second of the immence release. Raising
her juice-covered fingers, she sucked them clean.

Speaking to herself. "She still tastes better."

Meanwhile, Ren was becoming more and more frustrated looking for the bikini
on her own. Thoughts ran through her head as she searched through the
hanging clothes racks. "Why am I so upset? Is it because I can't find what
I'm looking for or is it because I'm having to search alone? I've searched
many times by myself. I don't need anyone to shop with me. But when she's
not here I feel alone. Lost. By god. There is no way that I could be
lonely for Tawny. There is no way. So what if she saw me earlier. Girls
see me all the time in gym class, but I've never seen that gleam in any of
my shower mates' eyes before either. Was she turned on? Was I turned on?
Am I looking more into this than I should."

"What evidence do I have to support the idea that she likes me or that I like
her? She is Louis's girlfriend. I know they've had sex before. She isn't
interested. I'm not interested...or am I? Am I bi? Or worse...a lesbian?
I've dated boys before and had a good time. I've never cared to go past
second base before, but does that mean that I don't like guys? I've just
always wanted to save myself for marriage. Is that so bad? I have a
boyfriend. Yeah, Bobby...he loves me and I least I think I do.
Maybe he doesn't. Maybe I'm just a smoke screen or something. We are
together yet we never get to together. Did her hand brush my pussy? Did
her stare linger when she exposed me? Did I see what I thought I saw through
the angled openings in the door? Did she really lick the back of her hand?
Was that the hand that touched me? Was I touched? Maybe when she fell on
the floor she hurt her hand. Yeah, I'm sure that was it. She was just
licking her wound. Would it be so bad if she had licked my juices off her
hand? Would it be so bad if she liked my juices straight from the womb?
Stop thinking like this. Got to stop thinking awful thoughts like these.
Where is she anyways? What's taking her so long? She said she had a pit
stop to make. Could she wouldn't have...but if she had liked
it...maybe she is. Damn, I'm starting to get wet. Better cool down."

"Well JC doesn't have anything. Time to try The GAP."

Back in the bathroom, Tawny is still recovering from her satisfying orgasm.
Having relaxed and recovered her energy, she wipes up the last of her juices
with a toilet paper and dispenses it into the toilet. Again she starts to
think of her friend's exposed body being on display only for her eyes. She
pulls her dark, denim pants from under her black, soiled panties and proceeds
to pull them up her legs and fastening them at her waist. Grabbing the
panties from the bathroom floor, she exits the stall, walks over to the trash
bin and deposits her panties. "Guess I won't be needing these anymore."
Walking down the corridor leading back into the mall's openness, "Now all I
need to do is get her to see me. Where oh where can I buy baggy, loose
fitting shorts?" she questions herself. Walking through the mall she spies
an All-Star Sports. "Perfect."

A black, young salesman approached Tawny as she entered the store. "Can I
be of any assistance?"

"Ah, yes. Could you please point me to shorts?"

"Do you have any particular style or brand in mind?"

"Something baggy. Airy. Easy to get on and off."

"So something close to basketball shorts? Follow me."

Tawny followed behind the casually dressed, tall salesman. He showed her to
the racks closest to what she was looking for. "Can I help you with anything

"I think this will do for now. Thanks."

"My pleasure, miss." The young man walked off as the girl quickly flipped
through all the shorts, finding a few pairs to try on. She approached the
salesman. "Dressing room?" Pointing towards a sign in the corner of the
store. "Through that door. Women's is on the left."

Tawny thanked the man again and headed for the dressing room. Few minutes
later she appeared wearing a pair of dark, navy shorts. She once again
approached the salesman, carrying her pants in her arms.

"So I see you found what you were looking for."

"I believe they will do."

"Will that be cash or credit?"


Once she had signed off on the card's receipt, she asked for a different kind
of assistance. "Would you happen to have any basketball shoes?"

"Sure miss. Right this way." Tawny once again followed the young man; this
time to the shoe department. "Any particular brand?"

"Nothing particular. I'll just sit down and let you bring me whatever shoe
you think would be a good buy." The man walked off, retrieved three pair of
shoes, and quickly returned to the girl. Kneeling down, the salesman opened
the boxes and looked up to place the shoes on her now bare feet, when he saw
something that made him freeze. His eyes were glued to the light covered,
dark bush that hid itself beyond the girl's new shorts.

Smiling at the stunned young man, "Like what you see down there? Do you see
it all? Is it wet?" The young man just nodded his head to each question.
"Thanks. You've been a great help." Placing her socks and shoes back on
her feet, Tawny stood up, quickly dipping a finger beneath her shorts,
stepped over the salesman's kneeling body and ran her soaked finger along
his lips. Staring down at his raised moist crotch, licking her lips, "Call
it desert. Bye now."

Tawny exited the store and made her way towards The GAP. Knowing how long
she had taken with her stops, there was no doubt in her mind that Ren had
already made it there. Just the thought of Ren caused a small scream of
fluid to flow from her unprotected, uncovered bush and run down her legs.

Seeing Tawny walking down the aisle, "Over here, Tawny." The girl quickly
approached her friend. "So I see you stopped for some shopping of your own."

"Yeah, trying out something new and different. And you? Did you find a
bikini yet?"

"Not yet."

A saleswoman overheard the girls' conversation and walked over. "Excuse me,
young ladies, but did I hear you correctly? Are you looking for a bikini?"

"Yes ma'am. I know it's the wrong time of year, but I need one."

"Don't worry, you're not the first. I can show you what we have and see if
anything peaks your interest. If nothing we have don't make you feel
completely sexy all over, then I can send you to where I sent a girl the
other day. She was about your height, blonde, and long curly hair. Her
breasts were a lot bigger..." At hearing the saleswoman, Ren looked down at
her small chest. "..., but I'm sure my sister could hook you up. Would you
care to follow me?"

Placing her arm on Ren's shoulder, "She didn't mean anything by it. Lets
see what she has to offer."

The girls followed the saleswoman until she stopped in the bras and panties
section of the store.

Seeing the confused look on the young girls' faces, "What are bikinis
anyways...material that cover the essentials and come together with string
or other material? We don't have any bikinis in stock at the moment, but we
do have a ton of different brands, styles, and cuts in our bras and panties.
If you do try to put together an outfit then I suggest staying away from
see-through, lacey frills, and crotch less." Seeing the shock on their
faces. "Yes, we carry those in the back."

"I didn't think The GAP carried items like that."

"The GAP doesn't. And you left The GAP about twenty feet ago." Looking
around the girls realized the difference in their surroundings. "We are
leasing this back portion of the store for our test run. 'Sexy We R' is the
name of our store. I've been asked to help out at both stores when I can."

"Ah, I see. So how's the business doing so far?"

"Better than we, my partner and I, could ever have imagined. Would you like
to start looking?"

Tawny had a good feeling about this woman and spoke up. "Do you think you
could help us...I mean her? She is what you could call a perfectionist so
there's no doubt that wants the perfect bikini or outfit."

"Well, if I'm going to assist you I need your names. Mine's, Judy."

"I'm Tawny and this here is Ren. She is charge of this Hawaiian themed
charity event coming up at school in a few weeks and she needs the right

"Okay, I see. The girl I mentioned earlier...that's also what she needed an
outfit for. Wow, two in one week. Well, if you want perfection then lets
get started, Ren. I'll need to take some measurements. Wouldn't want to
get something that would make you have a bubble butt or look out of
proportion to the rest of your nice body."

Ren accepted the woman's nice graces and stepped up on a small black box,
allowing her to take all the necessary measurements.

Meanwhile, Tawny sat down in a seat behind the girl, making sure to spread
her legs. The woman noticed Tawny and her voyeuristic urges and made sure
Tawny could see her when she licked her lips. Tawny had all the information
she needed.

"Hey, Ren. Ever thought about a thong? I bet you would look great. With
your ass and your could definitely pull it off."

"Don't think thongs are for me."

Seeing where the shorter girl was going with the questioning, "No, on
contraire, a thong would look nice. Have you ever had a thong?"

"No, ma'am. I mean, Judy."

"Have you ever folded your own panties or pretended they were thongs?"

"Not that I can recall."

"Come on, Ren. Give it a try. I wear thongs every now and then and I don't
have half the body you have."

"I wish you both would look at yourselves. There is nothing wrong with
either of your bodies. Do you mind?" Judy placed her hands on Ren's waist.

"I would prefer to keep myself dressed in the company of people I really
don't know. If that's okay."

"That's perfectly fine. Can I just show you what it would feel like to wear
a thong? I just do it with your pants still on?"

"That seems harmless enough. Alright."

Judy walked around until she was facing Ren's back, then pushed her hands
down the back of her pants. She grabbed a hold of the edges of Ren's panties
and slowly pulled them to the top of her pants. "Now at first, it's going to
feel much like a wedgie." She took the exposed insides of the panties in one
hand, twisting them into what looked like a single strand of wadded, twisted
material. Ren could feel the pressure her panties were causing, rubbing
against her clit. Judy continued to twist the material until the material
couldn't be twisted any more. She pushed one of her fingers into the
material, guiding it between Ren's ass cheeks.

During the twisting, Tawny had risen from her seat to get a better view.
Judy noticed the girl's close presence. Taking a risk, she inserted her
free hand down the front of Tawny's loose fitting shorts, and inserted a
finger in her pussy. Tawny had been expecting an advance, but nothing quite
like this.

As Judy continued to finger Tawny's twat, she pushed the twisted panties'
material further between Ren's ass cheeks. "Ren, balled up material isn't
the best way to get the feeling, but it does work. Could you try and spread
your cheeks just a bit? Oh yeah, that's it. There she goes. The material
was completely between her crack. Judy couldn't take the song and dance any
longer. She grabbed a tight hold of the material and pulled as fast and as
hard as she could, causing the material to tighten further. The material
ground against Ren's clitoris and shot between her folds causing the teenager
to scream out in pain.

Tawny heard the scream and immediately removed the woman's hand from her
shorts and raced to her friend's aid. Judy saw the girl's fast movement and
matched her. Pulling even harder on the material, she pushed Ren's body off
the box and bent her towards the ground. The pain was too much for young
Ren. She was at this woman's mercy, but where was Tawny?

Tawny grabbed for a chair, removed her shorts, spread her legs and awaited
the arrival of her friend's unexpected face. Judy bent and pushed Ren's body
until her face went right into the crotch of the awaiting girl. Ren couldn't
believe what her friend was doing. Tawny grabbed the back of her head and
shoved her face right into the midst of her cunt. "Sorry, Ren, but I can't
pass up an opportunity like this." She forcefully feed her pussy juices to
her struggling friend.

Ren thought back to the previous events and thoughts she had during the day
and knew...right then...that she loved having her face buried in Tawny's
womanhood. The smell. The taste. The aggressiveness. The loss of power
and control. She was in heaven. At that moment, she grabbed a hold of
Tawny's thighs and pressed her face further into the depth's of the girl's
crotch. Her tongue started darting and licking at all the surrounding flesh.
Tawny's moaning let her know all she needed to know.

Meanwhile, Judy watched from above as the change in Ren took over. The girl
was no longer the submissive, but the aggressor. She grabbed a hold of Ren's
pants and lowered them down her long legs, basking in the sight of exposed
young, jailbait flesh. The woman pulled harder on the material and watched
as Ren's face darted even harder into her friend. The girl would give at any
moment. Judy took her hand and smacked it hard against the folds of Ren's
pussy and watched as the juices started to flow. Lowering her head between
the girl's legs, she started her own ministrations.

Neither girl had ever felt pleasures of equal or greater magnitude. Ren
continued assaulting her friend with her tongue, even after she had passed
out from exhaustion. Judy and Ren parted long enough for them to move to
more comfortable surroundings. They then interlocked themselves in an
untimely sixty-nine.

Hours passed as Ren explored new territories...mainly every orifice of Judy's
well kept, early thirties, body. Tawny still slept. Days later the girls
returned only to find out that 'Sexy We R' had closed up. As the two
disappointed girls walked back through The GAP and back to their car, Tawny
spotted a sign in the store's window. "Look, Ren." Ren turned her eyes
toward the sign. It read, 'Sexy We R test run successful. Judy Sharperson.
New Location: 'Bikinis 4 All', corner of Third and Pine. Joint venture
with Sister.'

Tawny and Ren turned and smiled as they started racing for the car.

The End


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