Even Stevens: Men (and Women) Prefer Ruby Mendel Two To None!
by Dimes N. Nickels ([email protected])

For a girl who prided herself on openly discussing the personal lives of
others in the school newspaper, Ruby Mendel found it difficult to answer any
inquiry that pertained to herself. This was especially evident when her
childhood friend, Ren Stevens, posed such a question and discovered that the
only response that she was entitled to would be the murmur of a

"No, no wait," the seventeen year-old strawberry blonde with the remarkable
grin demanded by shaking her head and waving her hands in front of her "And
you know what else? Frankly Ren, I don't answer to the likes of you."

"The likes of myself? Do tell Ruby. What kind of likes am I?" the brunette
countered, before devouring a spoonful of vanilla ice cream. The concoction,
which was originally conceived as being somewhat solid, had been degraded to
a beverage thanks in no small part to the ridiculously high temperature in
the Stevens' household. Forced to endure the same climate, both girls were
imitating the substance, as they "glistened" in the heat wave of the July
night, and burned up under each other's third-degrees. As the silverware was
removed from Ren's mouth, a tiny droplet plunged to her chin where it
remained unnoticed.

"The likes of an overachieving little know-it-all," Ruby said smugly, curbing
her lip and basking in her comeback.

"Ruby," Ren began, then was interrupted by a small flare of indigestion, to
which she covered her mouth and regretted the last helping of garlic toast.
"For heaven's sake, I'm taller than you."

"Well, I don't grow for the likes of you either," Ruby informed, sucking on
the straw that was connected to the orange pop and then lifting her head high
in the air.

The intensity of the argument soon gave way to a fit of giggles from both
sides of the debate. In honor of their newfound truths, the two toasted with
junk food. Years of being inseparable had rubbed off and both Ruby and Ren
reached into the plastic green bowl for a handful of popcorn. It was Ren's
hand (which was decorated with fingernails painted with "strawberry jam
one-ten") that won the race, with Ruby's grubby grip (her nails had no
special artwork) coming in a close second. For a moment, Ruby held her
friend's hand lightly, but pulled away when it became awkward.


"You go, " Ren offered, showing that the humanitarian in her was never too
far off.

"Thanks Ren." And one handful of jiffy-pop later, the extra grease was wiped
off on the pink bathrobe that proclaimed Ruby to be as an honest-to-goodness
"princess." Even though it was royalty by way of self-description and not
pedigree, it was a status that was never denied. She was appreciated by all,
and that was especially true of her always-impeccable chum.

However, with its pizza boxes, endless supply of sodas, and the occasional
cream-filled cake, the night was better suited for a Dairy Queen or a Burger
King, than any of those in an actual ruling class anyhow. At a few minutes
past midnight, the plans (weeks in the making) were finally showing their
promise as the sleep over of Ruby Mendel and Ren Stevens had begun to truly
hit its stride. Along with the food (both girls had skipped lunch and dinner,
anticipating the buffet of calories that would give them a chance to
pig-out), they enjoyed a movie marathon, a gossip decathlon and an impromptu
burping contest. Sitting around the lavender interior and breathing in
scented candles, the activity coordinator now called for a stirring game of
truth or dare.

The stereo (at a volume barely over a hum to discourage the intrusive
neighbors from complaining) and its pumping of "today's real hits" was the
only other voice in the general vicinity. As if every star had aligned, the
parents were staying out of town, Ren's brother Louis was sleeping over at
a friend's house, and the other brother, Donnie, would be out most of the
night on a date.

Fully aware of the amount of mischief that the gals could get themselves
into, the parents, Steve and Eileen Stevens, made it perfectly clear what
the rules were: "Any mess you clean up and the house better be like we left
it; no staying up past midnight; no noise over a sonic boom; and we better
not come home to find you kissing some boys." While both were aware that
they already rebelled against one of the rules, neither was too concerned.
This was natural of Ruby, but it was unlike Ren, whose straight-A reputation
was often justified by being a goody-two shoes.

"You got some ice cream on your face," Ruby pointed out; indicating with a
finger to her own chin as to the exact location of the dessert dropout.

"Oh," Ren exclaimed, quickly thinking and using her robe's sleeve as a

"Charming, absolutely charming for an honor student."

"This, coming from the victor of the belching contest, is saying so much.
And, anyway, dang-it Ruby, answer the doggon question," she pleaded with a
slam of her spoon in the ice cream carton.

"Hey I don't know who Victor is, but you better get it right, I'm Ruby of the
belching contest. Heck, if Victor was here he would have loss too."



"No? That's it?"


"Even when you're all alone, not even a soul around and you just get that
urge. Even then, when you can't control it any longer and you just want to
rub your hand all around it. Even then Ruby? Never?"

"It's my body, therefore I am responsible for everything that I do to it or
put into it. If I cannot control my actions, how can I depend on others to
control theirs?"

"You're obviously a much better person that I am."

"Look, when I make cookie dough, I never give in to temptation and eat it
raw before cooking the batter. Less batter equals less cookies and believe
me, with the way I bake, I need all the batter I can get considering most
of em' end up looking like they just came out of the bad child's stocking
on Christmas."

"And people say I'm the uptight one."

"Whatever. It's your turn. Truth or dare?"


"Your ex, Bobby, and his current, Mandy. Were you happy when they fought
publicly in the cafeteria during lunch last Tuesday?"

"Of course not. Bobby and I split up on almost good terms and I wish them
both the best."

"You expect me to believe that?"

"No, of course not, I expect more from you. Your turn, nosy."

"Oh wow," Ruby said, voicing her uncertainty and laying backwards on the
bed. A kernel was lodged in between her gums and a tooth. An expedition
was declared, and her willing fingers were sent to the back of her mouth.
"Truth... dare... truth... dare."

Even though Ruby was once again playing her uncertainty up to fill the
allotted time limit, her accomplice in crime said nothing disparaging. Two
beautiful hazel eyes (often complimented and admired) strolled down the
length of her bed, the sheets full of cookie crumbs, and the pillows
positioned in every which way. Yet, on top of all the layers sat the cherry:
a gorgeous sight of a young woman whose neon pink robe would delicately fall
off her bare tan legs at a moment's notice, and would continue to reveal
those luscious limb with no hint of additional clothing.

Ren Stevens hoped that the ceiling had a leak and that she hadn't just
drooled on her arm. She also choose to forget that it hadn't rained in
Sacramento for a month and it was incredibly dry outside.

"Which one Ruby?" Ren coughed, choking on her saliva and then hurrying to
her big-gulp slushie to wash it down. By this time, Ruby had begun a routine
of moving her right hand up and down her eye-catching legs, and when her
mitts came dangerously close to her inner thigh, Ren hoped that her underwear
also had sprung a leak from a recent rainstorm.

"Dare," the gossipy girl answered.



"Truth, okay, truth, truth, truth, truth," Ren repeated as she filtered
through a number of options in her head. To her chagrin, she had adopted a
one-track mind, and no matter how many visions of her principal, Mr. Wexler,
in a speedo she could muster, Ren could not ignore just how damp it had
gotten. Disguising herself as an investigative journalist, Ms. Stevens
thought that an appropriate response was chosen: "Have you ever done
something deliberately just to get some guy's attention?"

"Something? Something like what?" Ruby asked, as she ran her hand around the
sheets of the bed until she rediscovered a jelly doughnut she had left hours
earlier. Much like the ice cream, it too had transformed far from its
original shape, but was no less flavorful.

"Like... like... something." Ren's stuttering could be contributed to the
fact that Ruby stuffing things in her mouth was oddly attractive, and that
she wondered what else could fit in those cheeks.

"Well, if you put it that way, then probably."

"Probably? So last week when you bent over to tie your shoes in the middle
of the hallway, right in front of the hunky all-star pitcher, which not only
got his attention but created a traffic jam in the congested hallway, that
probably was deliberate?"

"Hey, you already had your turn."

"You mean you had your turn."

"That's what I said, it was your turn."

"Wait, whose turn is it actually?"



"Why do you buy those G-string panties, but never wear them?" Ruby asked.

"I do, just not in school."

Ruby was unsatisfied with the answer, but decided against prodding further.
A few months prior to that Friday, the two girls had made a pilgrimage to the
local mall in hopes of finding the best summer dress in their price range.
When the two came up empty-handed, Ren explained that she needed a drink from
the water fountain, and disappeared for ten minutes. When Ruby finally found
her again, it was at the cashier of the lingerie department. Ruby had a
sinking suspicion that Ren's actual purpose for shopping was that pair of
underwear. Nonetheless, Ruby was sure that the panties had never ventured
past the bottom of Ren's drawer.

"And besides," Ren continued. "I keep losing them."

"You lose your panties? Are you serious? Like in the washing machine?"

"I think."

"I think your washing machine has some issues."

"Your turn."


"Why do YOU buy those G-string panties, but never wear them?"

"Hey, I never wore panties to begin with. Why should I start now?"

"That's a lie, you wear panties."

"You're right, dare then."

"Well then, I dare you to prove to me that you wear panties."

"When did this sleep over turn into some guy's perverted fantasy? I mean I
can just hear him clicking away on his computer, writing this, probably
forgetting to use spell chekc." Ruby refused, leaping off the bed, and pacing
between the cramp surroundings. "No, no, never, never, ever."

"Ruby? We shower together in gym. What's going to be so different now?"

"Different? We ain't being made to strip by that three-hundred pound
hippopotamus, that's what is different." In a show of frustration Ruby threw
her arms in the air, groaned and then caught of a whiff of her underarms.
"But I gotta say, I sure smell like physical education."

Disobeying her friend's wishes, Ruby kneeled down, picked up a jelly doughnut
from box of a dozen (now reduced to four) and took a sizable bite out of the
flaky pastry. She did her best to convince Ren that her attention was now
squarely on her twenty-third sugarcoated morsel of the night and not on any
pending requests. It was a dismissal attempt at best.

"Fine, this has hair on it anyway," Ruby admitted, tossing the doughnut on
the floor. Usually, this was grounds for a stern lecture on the importance of
cleanliness by Ren, however her attention was redirected as Ruby protruded
her tongue, and washed every finger that was still sticky with glaze. One by
one, each tip was sucked and licked, as slurping sounds were speaking on
behalf of Ruby.

Already in a daze, Ren followed the performance as Ruby turned her back to
the bubbly brunette. Two strikingly slender porcelain legs belonging to the
"princess" ran north until they were covered by the beginnings of the pink
bathrobe. Tossing her hair in the air, Ruby arched her head back and untied
her robe. With both sides floating in the humidity, her hands reached inside.
At first Ruby felt her skinny stomach and massaged around her succulent
bellybutton, but she got back on track and dug south under the elastic of
her thong.

She literally peeled the tight fabric of her panties from her midsection
(which had attached itself to her skin due to the high moisture in the air).
Taking a deep breath, and sucking in her tummy, Ruby pulled the pair down her
legs. At first the rose-colored underwear skipped down, but another tug was
necessary (requiring Ruby to bend down further), before they emerged from
under her robe.

Standing still, Ruby could only wait for a response. She was completely
bare under her robe from the waist down and she found that her hands were
subconsciously driven to the patch of blonde fur between her legs. She began
to pet it as a draft from the window blew threw the room.

"Believe me now?" Ruby asked, as she played with the red thong between her
bare feet.

Ren's response was more visual as she stared at a secret that even Veronica
could not touch. The moist clumps of vanilla that had melted into her mouth
and mixed with her saliva trickled down her throat, until a cough was erupted
and the silence ended.

Ruby turned her face towards the ruckus as her lips curved upwards and
another wonderful smile helped the candles light up the room. Just as Ren's
hazel eyes drifted up Ruby's body to her sleep over buddy's baby blues, a
knock at the door interrupted the festivities.

"Um, who is it?" Ren asked, swallowing hard and watching as Ruby hurried to
pull up her underwear, tie her robe back together and sit back on the bed.

"It's Donnie."

"One second," she responded, before she took one last look at Ruby, making
sure that her wardrobe was returned to its previous state of togetherness.
With a stumble to be vertical again, she awkwardly fumbled with her doorknob
before releasing the lock and opening the door.

"Hey Donnie, it's great to see you home," Ren stated less than

Donnie, Ren's college-bound older brother, hometown hero, babe-magnet, and
full-time doofus peered through the crack. His "dreamy" appearance often
brought stares from girls, while his intelligence (or lack thereof) would
leave his dates bewildered and confused. Yet, there was never a short supply
of potential mates, as Ruby could attest to, when she greeted him by
uncrossing her legs and hoping that she had left her panties around her feet.

"I came up here to see what happened to the ice cream, but I see you have
it," he said, then corrected himself. "Well you had it." Laughter followed by
the dimwitted Donnie as well as a charity chuckle from Ruby.

"So, you're home for the night now?" Ren asked, as her patience grew slimmer
and she tried to nudge him out of the doorway. Ruby, on the other hand,
waved, and allowed her robe to fall off of her left shoulder to reveal a bra
strap and an exquisite amount of flesh.

"No problem, I understand, you won't even know I'm here chaperoning your
girls-night-in." Oblivious to Donnie was Ruby's advances and when he took a
peek to what else was in the room, he could only acknowledge her by saying,
"Oh hello Ruby. Nice to see you."

"Okay, buh-bye," Ren said closing the door and pushing Donnie out of the
girls-only all-night social. She felt that the potential of the evening was
ruined, and took her realization out on the wall, as she banged her forehead
against it several times.

"Maybe we shouldn't play this anymore," Ruby suggested, crossing her legs

"Yeah, we were lying on most of the answers anyway."

"Your brother," Ruby remarked as she fiddled with a loose string from the
blanket on Ren's bed. "He became quite the hottie."

"He's my brother, Ruby."

"Well, he's not MY brother and anyway, he's only a couple years older than I
am, and with women maturing faster that boys and all, we're practically the
same age anyhow."

"Practically, not practical. Ask a police officer, or my dad, he's a lawyer."

"I didn't say I wanted to do anything with him, I just said that he is a

"And I'm just saying that you fall in love each week."

"That's not true."

"Three hours ago you were talking about the starting pitcher and his mouth
watering muscles."

"Three hours ago it was Friday, now it's Saturday."

"And another week."

"Yeah, another weak argument from Ren Stevens."

Ren's first reaction was to roll her eyes and bow her head in astonishment.
Ruby was her friend, but she was also a young lady who was always drawn to
the idea of a relationship. Unfortunately, a plaguing short-attention span
never helped things and it often ended in a number of crushes at once.

"I'm, going to the bathroom," Ren replied.

"Have fun, watch your toes when you pee."

"Want me to pick anything up for you?"

"Nah, you can flush all of it."

"I mean from the kitchen on the way back."

"Nah, I'm fine."

"Okay, but promise me you won't fall in love again while I'm gone."

With two fingers interlocked behind her back, Ruby agreed.

* * *

The sound of feet descending the steps rang through Ruby's head like a
countdown. When the final creek of the stairs echoed throughout the room,
she landed her toes on the carpet and jolted to a standing position.
Tiptoes followed, in an attempt to be inconspicuous, along with a look
around the corner at the dimly-lit second floor hallway. When it was clear
that Ren had left the area, Ruby dashed over to Donnie's room and quietly
knocked on the door.

In a split second, Ruby adjusted her robe, and pressed her arms together to
emphasize the cleavage that had been hidden for most of the night. She gave
the strap on her robe a little loosening, arched her back and waited for the
audience to arrive. When Donnie opened the door, he was welcomed by the
jail-bait's two temptations heaving over a bra trying to play hide-and-seek.
However, it wasn't much of a contest, and Donnie discovered where the
precocious pair were trying to "blend in."

"Ruby... Ruby... what do you want?" he asked with his face obviously pointed
towards her chest, before he got a handle and recognized her face. Donnie's
immediate response was the levitation act occurring in boxer shorts.

"Ren wanted me to get something from your room."

"What is it? I'll get it."

"You don't have to do that," Ruby playfully teased, as she ran her finger
across his chest and then pushed the door open with a swing of her hips. A
glance was stolen as she strolled past him and marveled at the scene below.

"What do you want Ruby?"

His room was close to being deserted. With a dorm room his new mansion in
the fall, most of his belongings had been thrown into boxes or discarded
altogether. A dresser (which featured a lamp, a nineteen-ninety-six baseball
trophy and some odds-and-ends) and a bed were the only pieces of furniture
that could bridge the gap between his past glories on the gridiron and the
future that had yet to arrive. For Ruby, it was all she needed to wish him a
fond farewell.

"How did your date go?" Ruby asked as she gazed at sports trophy that had
been placed on his desk.

"It was fine."

"You came home early."

"It could have been better."

"It could have been me."

If Donnie had been slow to understand the intent of the visit, it was now
becoming all too clear. The predicament was an ego boost that he surly could
use, considering that he had doubts that he could live up to a major college
football team's expectations, but Ruby was still that little girl who he
watched grow up across the hallway when she would be dropped off by her
mother to play with Ren.

From the age of eleven the bouncy blonde with the gift for gab could be heard
rambling about some boy (her taste in men started considerably earlier than
most girls) or about which color was in vogue that year. In the past she had
meant little to him, but, then again, most of the past had been before her
puberty. And with a sultry walk, a long blonde mane, and lips that called for
bad intentions he had fallen under her spell, and held his hand in front of
his crotch to disguise it.

"Ruby, does Ren know that you're in here?"

"What she doesn't know won't hurt her."

"First off Ruby, you're way too young for me. Second you're my sister's best

"So, that doesn't mean we can't talk," she said, loosing interest in the
silver statue and returning her eyes to the prize.

"Talk about what Ruby? What could we possibly have in common?"

"Well," Ruby began crossing her arms and looking at him with a very
matter-of-a-fact expression. "We could have each other." A blink and a smirk
were her minions and she was not afraid to use either of them whenever the
chance arose.

"Ruby you're pretty," Donnie said as he opened the door and motioned for Ruby
to follow. "I'm sure any boy would love to be your boyfriend... but just not
me. I'm nineteen, you're seventeen."

From out of the corner of her eye, Ruby spotted an article of clothing made
of black lace sticking out of an half-opened box marked, "personal items."
People had the ability to surprise, but she was positive that Donnie didn't
use them to hold his "equipment." The culprit had been incorrectly identified
and the washing machine was off the hook. Donnie was Ren's thief.

Ruby approached the door, and when able to, Donnie rested his hands on her
shoulders at an attempt to play the role of an older brother. Looking down,
his words of wisdom amounted to "good night Ruby" along with a pat on the
back. Just as he was about to lean in to give her an innocent peck on the
cheek, Ruby turned, puckered and planted her soft raspberry-shaded lips on
his. Her hands journeyed to the back of his head, where she applied more
pressure in hopes that her tongue could play a part. Enticed but
uncomfortable, Donnie separated.

"That wasn't so bad, was it?" she asked with her hand performing an
inspection inside his shorts.

"Where's Ren, Ruby?" Donnie demanded, dislodging the hand from his lower

"Not here."


"But nothing Donnie, what are you doing with Ren's panties, huh?"

"I don't know wha..."

"You don't? Personal items, Donnie? Whose personal items? Not yours."

"Look, just calm down Ruby, we don't need Ren to hear."

"We sure don't. But tell me, what do you do with those panties?"


"Nothing? Nothing at all? I bet you sniff them. You're the type, aren't you?
That's a given, but what do you think about? You think about Ren, don't you?"

"That's disgusting, she's my..."

"Do you like to call out her name when you stroke your...?"


"Tell me or I'll tell her."

"It's just sometimes, just sometimes, Ruby. She just creeps into my mind.
Now, please," he said, doing an horrible job convincing her to leave.

"How about this, you creep into me, and I won't tell her."


"I'll let you touch me," Ruby peeped in, while seductively biting the
fingernail that had graced Donnie's member moments before. "I'm yours for
the pickin'." Ruby furthered her sentiment by dropping her robe, finally
modeling the matching rose undergarments that had been the topic of
conversation between her and Ren. Her skin, soft and smooth, was glistening
with enough sweat to shine in the lone lamp's light. It was too much for
Donnie to take as she walked over to the bed with an added bounce in her
step. As if he was a lost puppy, he followed.

"No, no, I disrobed, so should you. I want to know for sure that you think
I'm as pretty as Ren." Very eager to comply, Donnie dropped his shorts, which
allowed his penis to bounce upwards towards Ruby's face. The edge of the tip
tapped her chin. Satisfied, Ruby patted the seat next to her, and allowed him
to finally sit.

Donnie, upon sitting, immediately pressed his face into Ruby's neck, as his
hands immediately felt up her stomach. Happy that he was finally complying
with her suggestions but annoyed that his approach lacked style, she pushed
him off.

"Donnie, Donnie," she pleaded.

"Wh... what?"

"Where are your condoms?"

"Condoms? I don't have any."

"Well, I'm an ideal person Donnie, and we'll have to use our creativity
tonight if we want anything to happen. Okay?"

"Yeah, of course Ruby."

As if his Casanova persona had been revealed as a front, Donnie clumsily
turned to Ruby's back and worked at on unhooking her bra. His fingers failed
him as an ever-constant shaking consumed his concentration and subjected Ruby
to a few nips and scratches on her otherwise flawless skin. The line, "he's
testing me" repeated in Ruby's mind with every avoidable mistake that Donnie
perpetrated, but still she continued and anticipated a strong finish.

When the final strap was undone and the last shade of rose fell off of Ruby's
chest, Donnie stuttered and thanked Ren for having such a great choice in
friends. As the sight of the topless beauty was about to arrive, he imagined
the two perky orbs, but no imagination could compare with Mendel's main
attractions. With the bra comfortably tossed on the dresser, Ruby exuded
confidence, as well as a pair of hardened nipples.

Ms. Mendel took no initiative, but with her eyes she made it abundantly
clear that no section of her impossible-to-describe figure would be
off-limits. With his cock already in a state so past an erection that he
feared prematurely ejaculating, Donnie decided to start off slow. As
Donnie inched towards her and rubbed his index finger in her naval, Ruby
noticed that a large amount of pre-cum had developed around the base of
his penis. It was a strong enough indication that Donnie could benefit
from a confession.

"Donnie, are you a virgin?" she asked, itching her head and learning a
lesson on why not to judge a book by its cover.

"Maybe," he answered with shame painted on his face. However, most of his
face was nestled in Ruby's shoulder and couldn't be seen anyway.

"But you always have dates."

"Yeah, but I've never had the nerve. I'm a little... scared."

It was her way of showing approval, it was her way of flaunting, but it was
also Ruby Mendel's defense against alarming the rest of the world to a
disappointment. In this instance it was the latter, which sunk to her stomach
(and along with the number of ding-dongs in her digestive system) created a
sense of desperation, not sensuality.

She removed her last piece of clothing, the G-string, and thought

* * *

With a freshly-washed face, Ren Stevens held tightly to the banister as she
wandered up the noisy steps that alerted the world to her presence. A quick
turn and with the words "how about scrabble" barely out of her mouth, she
noticed the disappearance of her bunk body. With the only sounds in her room
hushing from the speakers, she scratched her head, took one last tour of her
surroundings, and reverted back to the hallway where a lone light was
escaping from Donnie's opened door.

It was a force that drew Ren to the activities across the hall. It was also
the inkling that Ruby's sudden infatuation with her brother could lead to a
rather embarrassing scene that caused her to take a peek. From Ren's vantage
point, she could see her brother, laying on his side, naked and fondling a
much smaller woman under him. His hands were brushing up her chest, pinching
the gal's skin, while her hand was moving down to Donnie's enlarged shaft.

A shot of her brother erect caused a minor stir, as Ren felt a shake rumble
up her leg. Briefly, she considered Ruby and wanted to find her and inform
her of this private show. She wanted Ruby to become as captivated, if not
more, than she was at that moment. She wanted to tell Ruby how she understood
what the attraction was to her older brother, and that she too could relate.
The night was young still, and they could watch together, then return to her
bedroom to discuss, where, hopefully, Ruby would be hot enough to bond with
the brunette in a way that neither had ever dreamt. Ren wanted all of it,
until the woman arched her back and revealed that the body belonged to her
best friend.

The white, cotton conservative pair of underwear (chosen, bought and given
to her by her mother) that Ren had draped herself in were now in need of a
sudden change. Her pussy reacted on its own as it rained down her thigh and
ruined the pure tint of white. When she finally caught a clear glimpse of
Ruby's perky twins, and the way her hands caressed Donnie's cock, Ren let
out whimper. This was matched by the moaning of Donnie in the next room,
who was constantly being egged on by Ruby. "That could fit," Mendel added.
The next tidbit of information provided by Ruby was how her throat was
awfully dry, yet she did not want to leave to quench her problem.

Ren's jaw dropped, to which her panties took note and (feeling inspired) fell
to the ground while clinging to the tension in the hallway. The temperature
had reached a boiling point and even though Ren had lost considerable amounts
of clothing over the past few seconds, its effect was slight when it came to
a waterfall slowly building down the length of her thigh. She felt as though
she was melting into the milky cream that was driven out of her twat.

With her straight strands blocking her vision as well as a unique (and
uncomfortable) vertical base in which she was bent over and had a leg pressed
up on the wall, Ren Stevens drove her fingers to her pink paradise. Here, she
was determined to pleasure herself at the image transpiring before her. Every
time the blonde-haired seducer lifted herself off the bed and breathed hard
enough for Ren to hear, Ren cursed herself for becoming aroused. Every time
her brother hollered about how Ruby's hand was made of silk as he would
increase the velocity of his humping, Ren reprimanded herself for the desire
she had to be laying on the bed next to him. Nonetheless, every time Ruby
provided a soundtrack of "yips" and "yelps," Ren felt blessed to have ears.

In a tangle of bed sheets and bare skin, Ruby accelerated her stroking
gradually. Ren, never one to fall behind, chose to match the level, by
adding two more fingers in a hole she never imagined could hold more than
one. Slopping around, and her knees weakening, Ren knew that her climax
was only as far as a forth member journeying into her vagina. Ren bit her
lip, felt her legs buckle and submerged a forth in the sacred spot. As
her body withdrew support, and the female cum flowed, Ren leaned against
the wall for support.

As Ren reached her peak in the hallway, inside the bedroom Ruby's moist
center was nowhere near as close to completion. Still, what Ruby was able to
drizzle out left a sizable amount on Donnie's blanket. It was large enough
for the night to never be forgotten.

"Would you like to see my butt?" Ruby asked, between moans.

"I would."

The region Ruby alluded to was a fetish few knew she was involved with. One
night (a school night no less), hidden under the covers, Ruby grew aggravated
at how the sheep could not take her on a date with the sandman. A misguided
hand found its way under her pajamas and soon she found that she was taking
things into her own hands. As her mattress rebounded with each bounce, Ruby
turned to her stomach and felt around for another insertion. She found it off
the beaten path.

"Well, let's see your tongue in my butt then," the athletic, self-proclaimed
princess said raising her legs vertically, giving a perfect view to Donnie.
The folds of her pussy were just north of the crack which led to darken hole
that was needy for attention. The closer Donnie got to the location, the more
Ruby's stroke had its desired effect. And just as Donnie was about to slip
his tongue in, his cock violently jerked, and Ruby soon felt a warm gush
cover her hand.

Ren, watching from the sidelines, smelled the aroma of Ruby's perfume
("tantalizing tease") mixed with a man's release. Her body, still erupting
in pleasure, collapsed to the ground. Void of energy, Ren was still capable
of crawling, and that she did, while leaving her own version of bread crumbs
back to her room. All the way across the hall, her drops of cum created a

"I'm so sorry," Donnie said, spread out around the bed.

"It's not your fault," Ruby stated, smearing her hand on the top of his bed
sheets, trying to rid herself of the substance. "We all have a first-time
fumble. It's best if we just call it a night." With that Ruby dropped her
feet to the carpet and wondered to herself whether it was her who was just
too darn attractive or that Donnie was just that much of a dud. Either way,
she collected her clothing and strolled out through the door with a little
less wiggle than before.

"Goodnight Ruby," Donnie sputtered.

Ruby could only whisper a less flattering remark back.

* * *

The sleep portion of the evening finally commenced when Ruby returned to her
lodging and discovered a peaceful, snoring Ren stretched across her bed. It
resonated inside of Ruby that perhaps the night was finished and that the
only thing that she would be wrapped around would be her disheveled sleeping
bag. Still riled up, Ruby could only disrobe, park her legs under the covers
and take out her sexual frustrations on her own near-naked posterior.

The decision was a last resort for the tingle between her legs that had
manifested into a full-blown urge. Not long before, roughly where she way
laying, the striptease performed in front of Ren had summoned a yearning
that was never completely accounted for. Clad in her controversial G-string
and a bra that accentuated her modest breast size more than added comfort,
Ruby Mendel repositioned her grubby hand (still stinking of Donnie's semen)
under her panties and sought refuge by fondling her slit.

Her fingers punctured the folds, and while she was able to retrieve the clit
that she had discovered with Donnie, it no longer held the thrill of before.
The masturbation session lasted only long enough for Ruby to realize that her
night would be filled with a lot of rolling around, with the only problem was
that it would be alone. Ruby tucked her face sideways on the pillow and gave
one last thought of opening her own backdoor before she would close her eyes.
However, Ruby thought that the commotion would awaken Ren anyway, and
therefore Ruby allowed her thong to be the only thing running up her ass that

A voice, lost in the shadows then beckoned Ruby. The feminine, soft-sounding
hymn was originating from the top of Ren's bed. At first Ruby decided to
ignore it, chalking it up to nothing more than some sleep talking. When the
response was less than the voice had hoped, the perpetrator threw a cream
puff directly at the pretend sleeping beauty. Under the circumstance, hitting
the target was really something to be proud of.

"Ren, did you just throw a Twinkie at my face?" Ruby asked, as she tried to
dig the white substance out of her eye.

"Truth or dare."

"Ren, wahdda yah talking about?"

"It's your turn; truth or dare?"

"Ren," Ruby answered, but was met with only silence. "Dare, I guess."

There was an eerie hint of a presence stalking Ruby. Her inability to make
out shapes in the night kept her alert, but she still jumped when another
body snuggled up against her in the sleeping bag. The smoothness and warmth
of the intruder kept her at ease as Ruby's panties were removed for the
final time, and the overly expensive brand-name undergarment tore in half.
The smell of "organic" shampoo and the tender caress belonging to the
suspect both were identified as traits of Ren Stevens.

"Whadda yah daring me to do Ren?"

"To just shut up and enjoy it."

"Ren, whadda yah talking abouuuuuuu..." Ruby soon trailed off in an
indefinable key. Two fingers, owned and operated by Ren, dug into the
not-so-tightly guarded entrance between Ruby's legs. First a leg engulfed
Ruby's body, then came Ren's chest and before she knew it, Ren had climbed
on top of her. At this point, Ruby was panting, and pulling at her bra for
her B-cup breasts to pop out.

"Faster," Ruby hummed, lifting her butt off the ground and meeting Ren's
fingers in perfect rhythmic motion.

Ren planted a number of soft pecks to Ruby's chest, as she bit softly on the
erect red nibs, leaving a coat of saliva in her place. Each nipple, puckered
and hard, fit nicely between her teeth and it caused a sensation that Ren had
never encountered: the delight of knowing that she was bringing her friend to
an utmost euphoria.

"I've wanted it for so long, but there was always someone else," Ren cooed,
selfishly feasting on the buffet of muffins, as she longed for the pie she
would have for dessert.

"It doesn't matter how many guys there are, there's only one of you. There's
a difference between all of them and you."

"What's that?" Ren asked as she moved her face to Ruby's lips.

"You're like my sister. We're like family, Ren," Ruby responded.

"I always wanted a sister."

"Me too."

"Especially one who can kiss as good as you do."

"Love yah sis."

"Love you too."

Ren's pouty lips lingered around the crest of Ruby's mouth, with their
tongues circling. Drawn to Ruby like a magnet, Ren pressed her chest to her
new lover's own awaiting breasts and leaned forward to whisper that the
extent of their relationship knew no bounds. Taking a page from Ruby's book,
Ren added a playful tease in the form of an Eskimo kiss to her repertoire.
When Ren's trademark raven locks fell, Ruby took over as the charitable
angel, and returned them back behind Ren's ears.

"It'd be great if you could..." Ruby began, running her hands down the length
of Ren's back. "I mean, I've got something else worth kissing."

"Is that a fact?"

"That's a dare."

It was a dare that Ren could not pass up, and she enthusiastically submitted
to Ruby's proposal. A good-bye kiss was given to Ruby's blushing cheek, and
the brunette took a trip just south, stopping for the many tourist
attractions that included a pair of breasts that were always on people's lips
(and not surprisingly, on Ren's too at that moment), a bellybutton that Ren
had gushed about in her diary on a few occasions, and then a light bush where
she would remain.

With Ren securely fastened, Ruby sat up (she was never one to sit idly by)
and reached around to the cotton panties that did little to show off the
magnificent curves underneath. A wedgie (not unlike the ones that occur by
accident) drove into Ren's crack and gave her a reason to release a muffled
cry, which did not affect Ruby one iota. She tugged harder until the rip of
the fabric could be clearly heard, and then threw them backwards. Ren
massaged her ass and briefly came up for air.

"Owwwwwwww Ruby!"

"Sorry, it's better this way."

"Yeah, but you could have just asked me to take it off."

"Call me different."

The newly-titled Different Mendel snuck under Ren's empowering figure and
made her home underneath. What was waiting for her on the other side was a
housewarming present dolled up to be budding tulip that needed penetration
to bloom fully. This is what Ruby had envisioned the entire night: pleasure
being received and pleasure being given. As if dying of thirst one moment
only to become addicted to water afterwards, Ruby flickered her tongue and
experience the delight of Ren squirming on top of her. However, no movement
could break the seal that Ruby had clutching on Ren's things.

Ren tensed up as a shiver was sent up her spine. These were becoming all too
frequent, and its presence was causing Ren to lose sight of her focus. A
combination of Ren's inexperience and Ruby's wondrous oral execution made it
a lopsided act. The tongue lurched forward and attempted to hit its target,
but Ren lacked control of her muscles and just collapsed exhausted. It was
clear that Ruby had Ren's number and that number was sixty-nine.

"Ruby... fuck... oh fuck... fuck.... Ruby," Ren screamed, destroying her
good-girl image once and for all. This possessed Ren to sit up, quit her
unusual licking methods, and smother Ruby's face completely. Ruby fully
accepted of the new plan and reveled in the girl suffocating her, because
within seconds, Ren was pinching her nipples and pulling at her hair. Ren
Stevens was about to orgasm.

"Oh.... Ruby!" Ren screamed, forgetting the rules about loud voices and
music. "You beautiful whore!!!!!!!!"

Ren had reached her point of near exhaustion as she peered down to see Ruby
pinned down under her weight. The only visible portion of Ruby's face was her
nose (which was pressed up against Ren's fur), her eyes, and a mess of hair
that was in a few assorted positions. Ruby, smeared eyeliner and all, looked
angelic as a little line of cunny juice dripped down the curves of her smile
and piled above her upper lip. Ren veered off of Ms. Mendel and onto the
carpet, allowing Ruby to use her finger as a spoon and scoop up what Ren had
left behind.

"My goodness Ren," Ruby said, wiping her mouth and catching her own breath
"I didn't know you had it in you."

"Well, if I did have it in me, it's on your face now." After a second, Ren
turned to Ruby. "Donnie didn't live up?

"You saw?"

"I was watching."

"I'm learning new things about you everyday."

"He's attractive. If you wouldn't have gotten to him first tonight I probably
would have tried to bait him in."

"Don't worry, he's all bark and no bite. Besides he's your brother. You
shouldn't think like that."

"Yeah, I bet, and I bet that if I had done something with him you would have
been watching the entire time."

"Watching, cheering you on, and becoming jealous. But you're not to the type
to try something like that, are you?"

"Ruby, I can help you out."

"Ren, you don't have to, I'm fine."

"No, you're not. Get on your stomach, dear."

"My stomach, what do you ever have in mind with me like that?" Ruby
responded, flipping around and hiking her ass in the air. In preparation, Ren
sucked on her finger (which still tasted like Ruby's sweetness) kissed her
lover's back, and then served an appetizer complete with a spanking that left
a bright mark and a little soreness. Ren's hand squeezed the tight cheek, as
the nails dug into Ruby's crack. The "princess" leaped forward while her jaw
quivered. The hand massaged the sensitive area, before reaching back to land

"Ruby, you're so firm, believe me you're the uptight one." Another spanking
courtesy of Ren Stevens was then delivered to Ruby Mendel.

"Goodness Ren, have I really been such a bad girl?"

"Tell me what you are and I'll do what Donnie couldn't." Ren's palm smacked
across the flesh, creating a ripple effect.

"I'm Ren Stevens' girlfriend."

"Awwwwwww, and I'm Ruby Mendel's girlfriend. Now let your big sis kiss it and
make it all better," Ren said blushing, puckering and then finally licking
the aching fanny.

With Ruby's night of disappointment, Ren was only more than happy to fulfill
her friend's wish. When Ren had caught the anticlimactic conclusion to Ruby's
most recent relation, she made a mental note of Ruby's suggestion for a
little butt-fuck. If anyone deserved to be satisfied, it was the girl who had
put everyone's pleasure in front of her own. Ruby was a benevolent soul with
a giving exterior. In other words, she gave it to EVERYONE.

Ren pulled Ruby's tight cheeks apart and slithered a tongue deep into her
friend's rectum. She felt the hole tighten and squeeze, while Ruby pumped her
fingers into her vagina. Soon her clitoris popped out, and she ran it between
her fingers. Ren pressed her face further in and further, until her face was
lost Ruby found a comfortable spot on the carpet where she sat her face,
pumped her pussy and used her left hand to massage Ren's head. It was a form
of multitasking that even she was impressed with.

It was sudden and extreme when Ruby was finally allowed to flood her fingers.
Ren's hands came up from behind and cupped Ruby's breasts to which Ruby took
over the reigns of the caboose and spanked her own ass, splattering her cum.
Ren, still fitted in the back hole, took one last warm lick, then moved up
to taste the topping. Ren moved up, hugged her friend from behind and
whispered in Ruby's ears as she withered in ecstasy, "Can I sleep with you

The female cum soaked the floor under Ruby, landing right on a trampled
peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The two had been rolling around on it the
entire time, and its filling was just one more thing that could be found of
their skin.

"Just as long as we leave the clothing where it is."

"It's too hot for it anyway."

"Actually, it's you who is too hot to wear clothing," Ruby rubbed her juice
over face, comparing the texture and taste of each girl's nectar. "You know,
Ren, I hope a little of me is brushing off on you."

"Ruby, you can brush yourself on me anytime."

* * *

The next morning, after an exhaustive trip, Steven and Eileen Stevens
returned home. As they surveyed their house, neither of them spotted a thing
out of place, a drop of dust on the antiques, or a reason to be concerned.
That was, until the parents reached the second floor carrying gifts for their
children (and one for Ruby, who they often considered to be an unofficial
daughter). When a series of stains on the ground of the hallway were noticed
by Steve, he kneeled down, rub the spot with his fingers and then smelt the
substance by placing his face up to the carpet.

"I think Ren must have dropped some cookie batter last night," Steve said
acting as a private investigator.

"Why would they bring the batter upstairs when the kitchen is down stairs?"
Eileen replied, proving to be a voice of reason.

"Well, then, maybe it's just soda pop. Either way, she's cleaning it up.
Where are they anyway? They should be up. It's almost noon for crying out

Steve stood back up, walked over to Ren's bedroom door and opened it without
bothering to knock. What he saw startled him enough to alert his wife.

"Um, Eileen?" he muttered.

Eileen followed behind, then predictably dropped the gifts.

"My goodness, this place is a mess, they'll be cleaning for a few days at
least, you can bet on that!"

"Um, Eileen?"

"Oh that, and our daughter is naked with her best friend, spooning on her
bedroom floor."

Eileen stopped, turned around, and gasped. Poking her husband on the
shoulder, she gave one last effort to claim the stain.

"Steve," she started, half afraid to be the barer of truth. "You better hope
that was soda pop that you touched."

The End


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