Even Stevens: Eating Too Much Turkey On Thanksgiving, Then Falling Asleep And
Fantasizing About Your Own Sister (mf,inc)
by Hamster

Ren looked at the finished turkey with a mixture of desire and dread.

Sensing his sister's mixed emotions about the turkey Lewis looked at his
sister and asked "What's wrong?"

"Well the bird looks good now, but we are looking at two weeks worth of
left-overs." Ren said.

"Don't worry sis. There will be no left-overs this year. This is my vow."
Lewis proclaimed.

"uh yeah, right. OK Lewis." Ren said.

Ren, Donnie, Lewis Stevens and their parents were all sitting around
the table for Thanksgiving. After giving thanks for they began to dig in.
Everyone was enjoying their meal until they noticed Lewis. Lewis had been
determined to not have any leftover turkey this year. He completely ignored
the mashed potatoes, baked ham, string bean cassarole, creamed corn, sweet
potatoes, pumpkin pie, and everything else that wasn't Turkey. He was
jamming chunks of greasy bird into his mouth before he was even finished
chewing what was already there. Grease and skin dribbled out his mouth and
flew out the sides. Despite the fact that they were disgusted to the point
that they couldn't enjoy their dinner, they could not tear their eyes away
from the macabre sight of Lewis ripping into the turkey like a Lion with a
baby goose.

Lewis had devoured about three quarters of the bird when suddenly...

one of the loudest and smelliest belches in the history of belching.

"Oh god Lewis that's disgusting." Ren exclaimed.

Donnie ran for the bathroom to vomit.

"Hmm wow, family I am really tired. YAAWN, well Happy Thanksgiving and good
night." Lewis said as he headed to bed.

Lewis, under the devastating effect of excessive turkey climbed under the
covers and promptly fell asleep. Lewis blinked twice and yawned loudly. He
rolled over and was shocked to find that he wasn't alone in bed, as he had
thought. Ren was there with him, fast asleep and in her underwear!

His shock was soon replaced by complete and total extreme horniness. He
never admitted it to himself, but Ren was hot. She had a very taut body and
a pretty smile. He knew he should feel weird about being attracted to her but
he didn't care. His mind was simply flooded with impure thoughts of Ren. He
was too shocked to question why she was in his room in his bed and mostly
nude. His sister was sound asleep, so despite the incongruous situation, he
took the opportunity to surreptitiously rub his hard on through his shorts.
He figured that, with luck, he could bring himself off she would not be the
wiser. But as he really started to get into it, Ren stirred next to him,
awakened by the vibrations. So Lewis shut his eyes and pretended to be

"Lewis," she whispered gently, shaking his shoulder.

"Huh?" He asked, fake sleepily.

"Come here. You're shivering so much it woke me up. Share this blanket with

OKAY! He thought!

"Ah? huh" He mumbled, acting casual.

He snuggled under the blanket, up against her bare shoulder. He was, mostly
naked under covers with his mostly naked sister. His throbbing hard on
asserted itself, with authority. Feigning sleep, he assessed their positions.
She was leaning kind of away from him and against the wall, with her arms
crossed. Lewis had his legs curled up behind him, with his head on her
shoulder and his knee touching hers. His right hand lay between their thighs,
his left held their blanket up under his chin. His mind was whirling, trying
to find some way to take advantage of this.

He was slowly pressing his right hand onto her thigh, pretending to snuggle
in closer to her. His plan was to have it end up 'innocently' resting on top
of her thigh. Later, too, he would try to drop the blanket a little so he
could get a look at those tits. But before he had any chance to try to cop a
cheap feelski, Ren reached over and brushed against Lewis's hardon. Lewis
instinctively gave a gasp of pleasure. He couldn't believe it when she
hesitated, then gave him another pat, this time right on his dick!

Lewis nearly jumped her right there, His dick had its own ideas as well, and
jumped when she touched it. Tentatively, she rested her hand directly on his
penis and rubbed it slightly. It was getting fairly interesting. She was
still rubbing him ever so gently, he felt her other hand drop down into her
lap, very close to where his had been making its way. Soon he could feel
other rhythmic motions.

Ren was rubbing us both off! He thought excitedly. Lewis felt it was time for

"Oh, Ren," He breathed in her ear. "That feels great, don't stop."

He reached over and massaged her crotch. With a feathery soft moan that
nearly made Lewis cum on the spot, she grasped his rod again and they
masturbated each other silently under the blanket. Lewis slipped his
fingers inside her panties, and she slipped hers inside his shorts. Soon
he had one finger in her pussy and one on her clit. Shortly after that,
her ministrations on me ceased as she neared her orgasm. But he didn't
mind. He slid his right hand up to caress her left breast, while his left
hand redoubled its efforts in her quim. He bent down and pulled the nipple
toward his mouth. As he sucked and licked that delicious bit of flesh, he
felt Ren's whole body quiver, tighten, then relax as another of those
tremulous sighs announced her climax.

She came down a bit, then, but was still pretty hot. They kissed deeply,
very deeply, with tongues slamming down each other's throats. Both his hands
pulled at her tit flesh, as both of her hands dropped into his lap to stroke
him. But she didn't waste much time with that. Throwing caution to the wind,
she lowered her head into his lap and swallowed him alive. It wasn't long
before he felt his nuts tighten. Ren seemed to sense his impending climax,
and increased her pace. Her efforts where rewarded with about a gallon of
jizz. It caught her on the up stroke and filled her mouth to bulging. She
swallowed quickly and slammed his cock deep into her throat, where her
incredible muscles milked him dry. When she raised her head again, she had
an insatiable gleam in her eyes. A trail of cum flowed down her cheek and
dropped onto her breast. She reached down, scooped it up with a finger and
sucked it into her mouth. Lewis was instantly hard again.

"Fuck me." She demanded.

Lewis was suddenly thrust into the reality of the waking world by his alarm

"DAMMIT" He yelled. Always wake up during the good parts.
_ _ _

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