Even Stevens: Crossroads (mf)
by The Fan ([email protected])


Louis Stevens sat on his bed. He was in his room. The house was empty. His
parents were out for the weekend and big sister Ren was out on a date with a
guy named Troy. Louis was one bored cat. He was sixteen years old. A slim guy
with dark curly hair and expressive eyes. He'd been called many things, from
dopey sweet to immature. He decided to call his friends and do something.

He was that bored. He called Twitty, but the bastard wasn't there. He then
called Tawny. He invited her over. She had nothing to do so she came over.
Louis greeted her. She was a lovely, curvy girl his own age with long black
hair and blue eyes. She was dressed in the gothic fashion. "Hi, Tawny," he

"Hello, Louis."

They went to the living room. Louis wanted to watch something.


He put an unmarked tape in the VCR. The two friends sat on the couch and
Louis pressed Play. The screen came to life and what they saw surprised them
both. On the screen was a porno. A tall black guy came in and started to kiss
a Latino guy. "Ugh, queer porn," said Louis.

He wanted to stop the tape but Tawny stopped him. They watched as the two
men made out. Then, they started going at it. The black guy started fucking
the hell out of the Latino guy. They were joined by a tall blonde woman who
looked like a centerfold. She joined in the action, sucking off both men at
the same time. Then, the black guy fucked the blonde woman's ass while she
was on her hands and knees, sucking off the Latino guy. Then, both men got
to her and they fucked her pussy and ass at the same time. Now this was
something Louis could get into. They watched the whole tape, which featured
several more scenes. The blonde woman fucked a Latino woman with a strap-on
dildo. The two men and the women had a four-way going on in which everybody
got fucked every which way. The two teenagers's eyes remained riveted on the
screen. The tape lasted all of sixty minutes.

"Well, that was different," said Louis in a quiet voice. He couldn't believe
he just watched porn, weird porn, with a girl in the room.

Tawny was looking at him. "Yeah."

Louis suddenly noticed she was looking at him in a very strange way and was
breathing heavily.


Louis looked at Tawny and they kissed hesitantly. Although they had been
friends for years, she always had a thing for him. Louis kissed her, his
tongue darting in her mouth. Slowly, he undressed her. He admired her sexy
teenage body. She really was the prettiest girl in the world. Giggling, she
unbuttoned his shirt and undid his pants. The two teenagers stood naked in
the room, their eyes locked.

"We don't have to if you don't want to," Louis said.

Tawny grinned. "I want to."

They began the kisses again and this time Louis ran his hands all over her
body, caressing her blossoming tits and soft round butt. A bit impatient,
Tawny took him to bed. This was a first for the both of them.

Tawny kissed Louis and took his cock, now fully erect in her hands. "Oh,
Louis, it's so hard!" Louis winked. Tawny had seen girls do this in some
videos. She attempted to take Louis's cock in her mouth. She did. She
licked it and sucked it. The taste was not unpleasant. She kept licking
tentatively, caressing it with her tongue. Louis moaned under her touch.
Tawny rubbed her hands on her pussy and fingered herself while sucking
Louis's cock. Then all of a sudden Louis just shot his cum all over her
face. The cum shot surprised Tawny. Louis's cum was warm and sticky. She
attempted to lick it. It was not unpleasant, sort of slippery and gooey
but not unpleasant. She licked it, not letting it stay long in her mouth.
She just swallowed it. Louis looked at her. He couldn't believe this was
happening. He was getting sucked off by Tawny. He decided to return the

He made her lie on her back on the bed and parted her legs. He looked at
her cunt. There was very little hair on it. He looked up at Tawny, a vision
of loveliness. He began to lick her cunt. He had never done this before.
Tawny parted her pink pussy lips with her fingers and Louis licked the
inside of her pussy. He stuck his finger in there and turned it around.
Tawny gasped. "You okay?" Louis asked.

Tawny looked at him with wide eyes. "Do that again."

Louis did, and soon was licking her like there was no tomorrow. He was new
to this but he must done something right for Tawny was soon panting and
moaning under his touch. She screamed in pleasure and Louis watched in
amazement as she came.

They lay in bed next to each other. "How was that?" Louis asked her.

"Totally cool." Tawny said. Louis smiled and kissed her on the lips. The
sensation of her lips on his made him hard again. Tawny noticed. "Well,
well. Look who's happy." she said.

Louis shrugged. Tawny took his cock in her mouth once more. She knelt before
him and sucked his cock. Louis just stood there, the warmth of Tawny's mouth
and her agile tongue on his member were unbelievable. He came. Again. Tawny
went to the bed and lay there. Louis stared at her. "What?" Tawny smiled and
motioned for the seat next to her. Louis joined her there. "I want it in me,"
she said.

Louis panicked. This was crazy. "What if you get pregnant?" he said.

Tawny smiled. "Don't worry." She pulled a condom out of her pocket. "I'm
always prepared."

Louis watched as she took the condom and put it on his cock. Then, they tried
out different positions. Louis tried lying on top of Tawny but he didn't want
to crush her. So, she just made him lie down flat on his back with his erect
cock pointed upward then she lowered herself onto him. Down she went. She
winced a little as Louis's cock entered her. Louis had never felt anything
like this before. He began to thrust upward. "Fuck me, Louis." Tawny said.

He did, reaching with his arms to hold her and then fucking her hard and
fast. Tawny fell forward and he lay her on her back, holding her legs with
his hands and fucking her pussy. Tawny looked at Louis as he fucked her,
and smiled. Louis smiled back, then winced.

"What's wrong?" Tawny asked with concern.

Louis gasped, and came. He shot his load deep inside her, as the condom
broke. He fell into her arms.

The two best friends lay on the bed, resting in each other's arms.

"How was it?" said Tawny.

"Great," said Louis.

"Cool," said Tawny.

They smiled at each other. "Guess we're not virgins anymore, huh?" said

"Nope." said Tawny.

Louis took her hand in his and squeezed it. "I love you, Tawny."

Tawny's eyes glowed with emotion. "Oh, Louis." she said and she gave him a

After this, Louis and Tawny became more and more inseparable. They were the
best of friends and secret lovers, sneaking around in their houses and other
places to make love. Louis was having the time of his life.


It has been three months since Louis and Tawny first made love. They had
done many times since then. So many times Louis had lost count. They bought
condoms and she was on the pill. He borrowed his parents' van and it became
one of their favorite places. They began to officially go out. Their parents
approved. Ren thought it was gross. Twitty just acted weird. But all in all,
it was okay.

Louis lay in bed. He was having one of those nightmares. He had been having
them for a few weeks now. Dreams of naked men. Dreams so intense he was
terrified of them. He didn't understand them. He knew he wasn't a queer. He
had a girlfriend, Tawny. He loved her. They had sex more times than he cared
to count. He enjoyed spending time with her. So, how could he be gay? He
caught himself checking out guys at school. He hated himself for doing it.
He went to the adult video store and bought a video. "Lesbian Strap-On-Models
for Hire" was the name. He put it in his VCR.

He watched it. He was hard pretty fast. He was glad to know he still liked
women. He called Tawny and she came over. They made love and made love until
they were sated.

"I've never seen you so passionate," said Tawny as she lay next to him.

"I just needed to prove myself," he muttered.

Tawny's eyes narrowed. "What?" Louis looked at her.

"I love you, Tawny. You are the best thing that's ever happened to me."

Tawny was silent.

Louis looked at her. She was so beautiful and she was with him! He couldn't
imagine not being in love with her. He was so silly to think for a second
that he could be one of those weirdoes who went against the laws of nature
and preferred their own gender. He took something out of his pocket. It was
a ring. He put it on Tawny's finger.

"I love you, Tawny." he said.

Tawny gasped. The ring had cost a small fortune. She hugged Louis and kissed
him. "Thank you, Louis. I love you so much." she said.

Louis hugged her and kissed her. He loved her too. He hoped her love would be
enough to save him from what he feared he was becoming.

The next day, Louis sat at the table with his family. Steve Stevens was
there, the patriarch. He sat next to his lovely wife Eileen Stevens and
their children, Donnie Stevens, Ren Stevens and the baby of the family,
Louis Anthony Stevens. For once, Louis was quiet. He watched his family.
They were so normal. He had always been the oddball, the weirdo. Maybe he
did deserve to be....something unnatural. He wanted so much to tell them
what had been bothering him the past few months. He was about to speak
when his father glanced at the newspaper.

He read aloud, "Supporters and Opponents of Gay Marriage Gather at the
State House." Steve Stevens shook his bald head. "Bunch of queers want to
get married now." he said.

Eileen, his wife shook her head as well. "I feel sorry for parents with
queer kids."

Ren grinned. "There's this chick named Brenda in my class. She's a total

Donnie Stevens looked at his sister. "Really? There's a fag in my gym class."
he said. "I have to watch out when I'm showering."

Steve Stevens joked. "Don't pick up your soap if you drop it," he chuckled.

Louis listened to all this and said nothing.

"How about you Louis?" asked Ren.

"What about me?" Louis asked angrily.

"Tell us a story." said Donnie.

"About queers." said Ren.

"Oh, I don't know, I think I might be becoming one." he said coldly. "Or at
least bi," he added quietly.

"Good one, son." his mother said.

"Yeah, Louis a queer? He fucks Tawny way too much." said Donnie.

Louis just smiled and got up.

He went to his room and decided to call Tawny. Maybe he could talk to her
about it. He loved her and she said she loved him. He didn't want to burden
her with his crap. He called Twitty, his best friend. Alan Twitty picked up
the line. Louis's heart beat faster.

"Hello, Louis." he said.

Louis gasped. "How did you know it was me?"

Twitty laughed. "Maybe I am psychic and should work with Miss Cleo or maybe
I have caller ID. Pick one."

Louis laughed. Just talking to Twitty made him feel better. He hesitated.
"Say, Twitty, ever wonder what it would be like to be queer?" he asked.

There was a silence at the other line. Oh, man, what have I done? Louis

Twitty's voice came loud and clear. "I don't have to wonder," he said. "I
am bisexual."

Louis's heart beat faster. "Me too," he said in a quiet voice.

"I know," said Twitty. "I have known you were. Heck, I like your sister Ren.
She is totally hot. But I kind of like you." Louis hesitated. "As a friend,
dumbass." Twitty said.

Louis sighed in relief.

Twitty went silent.

"You okay?" asked Louis.

"Yeah, man." said Twitty. "Say, wanna come over and watch Underworld on DVD
with me?" Louis agreed.

"Sure, man. Got any porn?"

Twitty laughed. "I've got everything from The Tranny Hunter to Anthony Rose's
Bisexual Encyclopedia Erotica."

Louis agreed to come over and then said bye.

He couldn't believe he just came out to Twitty. His best guy friend. He had
no idea Twitty was bi.

He decided to try his luck and called Tawny. He hesitated, then told her
jokingly that he was bi. She scoffed. "And that is supposed to be a secret?"
she said. "Louis, I knew you were bi from the moment I met you."

Louis gasped. Oh, my God. She knew! He was gonna lose her? He felt ashamed.
"And how do you feel about my being bi?" he asked.

"I think it's cool. Just as long as I am the only female you're fucking."
she said.

Louis couldn't believe his luck. His best male friend was bi and totally
accepting of him and his girlfriend was okay with him being bi. He was
truly blessed! He had to be. "Hey, Tawny?" he said. Tawny's sweet voice
came through the phone, sexy and sultry, making him hard as hell. "I love
you, and if I ever marry a girl, it'd be you." Tawny laughed.

"I'm gonna hold you onto to that. I love you. Bye." she hung up.

Louis sat back on his bed, truly happy with his day and how his life was

He had a beautiful girlfriend who knew what he was and was cool with it and
a best friend who supported him. Wow. Life was GREATTT!!!

He got ready to go to Twitty's and have a blast.

The End


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