Even Stevens: Bending Over Backwards And Forwards For A Birthday Gift Part 5
(Ff, mf, reluc, inc, hand)
by Dimes N. Nickels ([email protected])

The next day. as Ren sat on her bed with her feet
careening over the edge, there was only one sound that
was audible to her ears. That noise wasn't erupting
from her brother Louis' usual terror, because his
friends had ushered him out of the house with their
usual intent of chaos. Her other brother Donnie had
his typical Saturday night date with a girl who only
knew the word "yes," and because of it, would be
occupied until midnight. It wasn't Ruby, who Ren
hadn't seen since school the day before, and even then
the gossipy girl kept her distance by avoiding lunch
(usually Ruby's favorite period) and actually studying
during Math instead of yapping about what earrings
Suzy Collenstock was wearing.

And It wasn't the sound of her parents rustling
through the downstairs, because both were out on a
dinner date. However, about an hour before they had
left, Mrs. Stevens sat Ren down on the living room
couch, and in front of all the Cosmopolitan magazines
displayed on the coffee table, proceeded to lecture
about the importance of choosing your friends.

"Mom, you're still going out, right?" Ren asked, as
she crossed her legs, folded her hands on her
turquoise skirt, and secretly prayed that the answer
would be yes.

"Oh, yes, honey, but I just want to 'rap' with you for
a moment."

"Mom, 'rap'?"

"Well, you know, talk about a few things," Mrs.
Stevens said, tilting her head, and noticing how short
her daughter's skirt was that afternoon. "It's Ruby,
she's been coming over here since she was in grade
school, and we all love her around here, but I feel
she could be a negative influence on a developing
girl, such as yourself, who is poised to go to an
ivory-league school and, who one day, might hold
office like her mother. You're such a go-getter, Ren.
Ruby is a go-getter too, but only if it means 'going'
to the mall and 'getting' some new shoes."

"Mom, Ruby's like a sister to me. She's my best
friend, and she's helped me through so much. I can't
think of a time when she wasn't around."

"Honey, that's the problem. When she's there for you,
like two days ago when you two were upstairs studying,
she's there for all the wrong reasons. And I know
you're happy with Bobby, so you don't belong to that,
that, other stuff, do you?"

"Other stuff, mom?" Ren asked, backing away, and

"Ren, when I was your age, I used to play around too.
It was us, the girls in the Glee Club. We'd have
slumber parties, and one of the girls' mom was, well,
dirty, and at the time it made lesbianism right in our
minds. We'd play "Diving Face First in the Fur" and
"Guess the Hand" while we ate chocolate and drank ice

"Mom, I don't even know what those games are.."

"Well, thankfully, as if it was some part of a divine
plan to guide me back to the side of the pure, the
next slumber party was over at my house. At about
three AM, my mom came into my room to check on us and
found each one of our sinful bodies bending over,
stretched, laying on top of one another, shaving cream
everywhere, and our private parts being desecrated by
out ignorant hands."

"Mom, I'm not sure I want to hear about this..."

"Well, my mom called up each of the parents and told
them what was going on. That night I received one of
the most rewarding punishments. It was my mother's
swift paddle that put me straight, and that filthy
girl whose mom was blind to what was wrong, well, I
never saw her or her wonderful floating breasts again.
It was about that time that I started to gain weight,
and I found comfort in food, but that's beside the
point. Two months later, in the study hall I was
switched to from my Glee Club, I met your father, and
though he was skinny, bald, and I wasn't in the least
bit physically attracted to him, we would marry and
give birth to three great children."

"Mom, I..."

"Don't worry, Ren. Things are still fine for you.
You just made a mistake, there's still time to marry
your Steve Stevens," Mrs. Stevens said, placing her
hand on top of Ren's and rubbing it.

"Mom," Ren said, first with her face lowered to the
ground, then lifted in coordination with the first
words of her question. "Am I really a 'dirty' person?"

"Oh come here," Mrs. Stevens bellowed, stretching her
arms apart, and catching the falling Ren by using her
bosom as a safety net for her daughter's face. "No,
no, you still have that boyfriend, right?"

"Yes, mom,"

"Well," Mrs. Stevens began, as she stroked her
award-winning offspring's hair and felt the strands
melt into her fingers like snow on her fingertips.
"Just be sure you keep him close, and you don't hang
around with Ruby. My mother helped me, and your
mother will help you too, cause I love you so much."

Ren grabbed the older woman, and pressed her cheeks
against her mother's cleavage. She nestled her nose
in the pit of the forty-year old woman's chest, and
absorbed the heat that her body gave off. When Ren
breathed in, she smelt the same summer days that she
shared with her mom ten years prior. From out of the
bottom of her mouth, drool leaked into the crevasse
and dwindled down into Eileen's blouse

"I love you mom."

"I know honey, but," Mrs. Stevens remarked, pulling
Ren away and sitting her back upright. "I need to
know exactly what Ruby did, so I know specifically how
to reverse the damage she caused."

"Well, mom, she first..."

"No, honey, I think it's best if you show me."

"Mom, I can't."

"Did she touch your breasts, like this..." Mrs.
Stevens questioned, placing her hand on her daughter's
left breast and squeezing the ripe melon to see if it
was soft. "Did you two play 'Guess the Hand'?"

"Mom," Ren began as her eyes scrolled around the
living room's pastel landscape of flushed-out whites
and saturated browns. "I never played 'Guess the
Hand.' I don't even know what it is."

"Sure you do," Mrs. Stevens replied, bouncing up on
springs of the couch, with her hands waving about as
if she had been injected with speed. "You know, it's
when you close your eyes, and a girl plants her hand
between your legs and you have to guess whose hand it

Ren stared at the clock hanging on the wall across
from her. Its brown arms would smoothly move to the
next number, as the red stick tiptoed in a circle. At
first, it drifted to a five, then it moved to a higher
position. With her mom gabbing on, Ren focused her
eyes on the clock and attempted to force the hands of
time to quicken their pace. When the muscles in her
face grew tired, she blinked, and upon reopening, saw
that the hand was actually on the two. Time hadn't
moved; it was all just wishful thinking.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Stevens heeded nothing from Ren
ignoring her (as well as the brunette's facial
features which were drooping thanks to a heavy frown).
She asked her daughter to "play along" in order to
"make sure what Ruby's true intentions were." The
plus-sized mother stood up, looked around her meatball
stomach, and blindly undid the buttons and zipper of
her jeans. When this was accomplished, she tucked her
stomach in, grunted, and allowed her jeans to collapse
around her feet. The white underwear that Mrs.
Stevens wore was at least a size too small, and hugged
around her "big bones" until the skin around the
elastic was bloodshot. She gripped the panties from
both sides, and bent down to remove her clothing.

Ren's emotional state moved from disappointed to shock
when she turned to the left and saw her mother's red
pussy hair seemingly uncurl right before her eyes.
The sides were trimmed in a triangle formation, with
the point aimed towards her mother's upper body.
Built around the vagina that Ren once popped out of
was a set of thighs that looked as if they were blown
up with a bicycle pump. They were large, squeezed the
flesh until it hid other body parts, and housed uneven
bumps in certain sections. If the Rocky Mountains
were made of a smooth peach concoction, Mrs. Stevens
would be the perfect human recreation of the earthly

Mrs. Stevens dropped back on the couch and leaned
back. She fiddled with her placement until the couch
met her needs, breathed, and with her jeans and
panties on the floor, pulled her knees apart. Ren
tried to think of the bright side of things, and that
even though her mother's vagina was cast in a shadow
by a pair of bulging thighs, Mrs. Stevens was still
clothed in a blouse from midsection to her throat.
However, that was stretching things about as far as
the elastic had been on her mother's Hanes HerWay
undies size XXXL.

"Okay, honey, I'm going to close my eyes, and I want
you to touch me," the public official said to her
daughter, in what would have been a front-page news if
a tape recorder had been in the vicinity.

"Touch you? Where?"

"You know, like how you touch Ruby."

"Mom, I don't. I can't, I... can't."

"Sure you can, and then I'll guess if it's your hand
or not."

Ren looked again around the room and saw not a soul.
While transfixed on the clock which never moved, Ren
Stevens drove her hand down to the abyss of fur and
skin. When she had successfully moved her hand into a
position in front of her mother's quim, Ren cupped it
and remembered that things would be over soon.

"Now, put your fingers inside," Eileen instructed her

Ren stuck out her middle and her index finger and felt
around until she could determine a hole. And just as
she had been duped into all the other "activities" of
the past few days, she probed the snatch with
hesitation. It was slimy, soft, and the only memory
that she could compare to was when her hand had pushed
through a Jello sculpture at a 4th of July picnic.
The only difference was that her mother's hole was
warm. Warm, and oddly inviting.

"That's it, honey dumpling! Harder!" Mrs. Stevens
moaned as she bucked her pelvis into the air. "You
don't need Ruby. You'll always have me!"

Ren continued to push further into her mother as the
dampness increased, and even engulfed her ability to
feel. Her mother's goo was all that she could sense,
and in a matter of seconds, she repeatedly pushed the
same soaked, inner-pillow without protest, despite
being confused over her natural reactions. If there
was any doubt in Ren's mind if what she was doing was
right or wrong, those complications were soon a moot
point as her mother hollered for Ren to go "faster"
and that Ren was her "favorite child." To Mrs.
Stevens, Ren was right.

Louis never endured this type of bonding, and neither
did Donnie. Even Eileen's husband Steve never put his
fingers in his wife's crotch and pumped until she
sucked on her thumb and scratched at her skin. Those
three men all had one thing in common, and it was
Ren's lack of a penis that made the seventeen year-old
so special. Ren still sat with her legs cross,
looking away from her mother's self-inflicting violent
sexual behavior, and asked herself why she always
finds herself in these situations.

"Oh, Ren, I think the hand is yours!" Mrs. Stevens
screamed, finally remembering the point of the game.
"I love you, honey!"

And with one more push of Ren's fingers into her
mother's gulping gash, a writhing Mrs. Stevens
climaxed on her daughter's hand. "Feels so
goooooooood," she explained while her continued
sucking of her thumb only grew in momentum. She
pushed her body further into the couch, still
galloping, and slumped down.

"See Ren, you don't need a girlfriend, like, uh, like,
like Ruby when you got your mother," Eileen said, as
she collected herself. "Your hand is only good for

Ren pulled that much-fussed-over hand out, and watched
as the strands of cum stretched out as a link between
her and her mother. Her hand shined in the remaining
sun of the quickly dwindling day. She looked for a
place to dislodge the juice from her being, and waited
for the odor to dispense into one of the vanilla
scented candles that were situated around the house

"Mom, Ruby isn't my girlfriend. She's just my
friend," Ren said, uncrossing her legs and flicking
her hand in the air for the fluid to dispense anywhere
but where it currently molded.

"Good, honey, I'm glad that I was able to help show
you the way. Girls shouldn't be with other girls.
That was my point, you were able to grasp that, right,

"Mom, I'm serious, I'm not a lesbian."

"Good honey, it's good to repent, now give mommy a
second to catch her breath before she goes to look for
her Polaroid camera."

Ren used an excuse that she'd fetch the camera, and
left her mother slouched on the couch. She ran
upstairs, tugging at the banister, and smearing the
juice on whatever objects her hand happened to touch.
Once on the second floor, Ren bolted into the
bathroom, and locked the door behind her. She washed
her hand over and over again until she heard her
father come home to pick up her mother.

Even with the repeated washings, her hand still stunk
of her mother. It gave her stomach the added
repulsion that her nervous insides needed to be
completely sick. And fifteen minutes after her
parents left, she heard Bobby arrive at the door. As
if the stars aligned specifically for her, the same
day that her mom took advantage of her, and forbade
her to talk to her best friend, was also Bobby's
birthday. He stood outside the front door with his
perfectly styled hair, and a lost stare that always
made him look like he was a male model.

So, after the proper greetings, Ren sat on her bed
with the only sound of comfort she could find - the
echoing of her knees banging together. Mr. Pookie sat
like he always did, on her pillows, but added no words
of encouragement. She wished she had Ruby there to
guide her and to help her through the next several
minutes. The only part of Ruby that Ren had with her
was the black, lacy thong she had suffocated into that
morning. She donned them for the special event
because on Friday, Ruby told her to wear them for
Bobby. That was the last thing Ruby said to her.
When Ren asked Ruby why, Ruby answered in a distracted
manner, "because they were always my favorite" and ran
off into the sea of lockers.

Ren heard the water in the bathroom turn off, and the
door open. A few seconds later, Bobby marched into
her room, and said an awkward "hello." While it was
hard to tell through the clattering of her legs, Ren
still translated it correctly and gave a "hello" back.

He sat down besides her on the bed, and leaned in to
place a kiss on her cheek. His lips only gazed her
skin, which prompted Ren to blush, and follow him with
her eyes by hiding behind her lifted shoulder. His
skin was fair, and there was enough grizzled facial
hair to prove that he shaved, but not enough to
distract from his blue eyes and the body of growing
muscles that punctuated his arms. Those arms were
connected to an equally muscular, hairless chest
sculptured in the likeness of a part-time
bodybuilder... or a high school third baseman.

Bobby had carved his image into Ren's memory, and it
would seep in at the worst possible times. It was,
however, better in the shower where her privacy was
kept and a bar of soap doubled for a
sexual-enhancement device, than it was in class when
maintaining her grade-point average was difficult when
the thought of him kissing her neck entered her mind.
She loved to look at him, but when speaking needed to
be accompanied with that look, the relationship

All the dates between the high school sweethearts went
fine unless there were long episodes of silence. Then
the uneasiness would transform the crumbling
conversation with simple lines of how much they loved
each other, and what clothing item they enjoyed the
most. It was this inability to open up, which
ironically got Ren to open her legs for the first

The two had been watching a movie over at Bobby's
house, when afterwards Ren suggested that the two
"just talk." Ren turned off the television, and asked
her boyfriend how his day went. After his single-word
response of "fine," the two began to make-out in a
last-ditch effort to salvage the evening. Without
proper guidance in the house (another parents-free
night), clothing was removed, until both were rolling
around on the floor and halting the process was no
longer an option.

She felt a few hundred butterflies occupy her stomach
that night she lost her virginity, and the same was
true when she sat on her bed waiting to give Bobby his
gift. Those critters fluttered in her stomach again,
but unlike the first time over at Bobby's house, the
sex was expected.

"Well, Bobby," Ren said, giggling, and then tugging at
her skirt. "I struggled, and struggled, and struggled
to think of something that would be very special.
We've been together for a few months, and I think I
found something you'd like."

"Is it bigger than a breadbasket?" Bobby asked,
revealing his dry wit that intoxicated all the girls.

"Um," Ren stumbled, moving her hand around the curves
of her ass. "Yes, and I hope that's not a bad thing."

"I don't understand."

"Well, let me show you. But you have to close your

"That's fine," Bobby answered, shutting his lids and

Ren stood up, and bit her bottom lip which still
possessed a cut from when she was with Ruby. The
brunette bent over, and pulled the zipper down on her
skirt. Next the button was loosened, and the skirt
slipped off the edges of her much-talked-about butt.
It fell to her ankles, and while Ren wasn't naked (the
thong tried to conceal her crack, but it only
succumbed to the tight sides and fell between), she
felt as if she was.

"Bobby?" Ren said, still hunched over, with her hands
touching her knees, and wobbling like she could faint.
"You can open your eyes."

As instructed, Bobby took his first glance forward,
and found two round cheeks in his face. He had seen
them before, without the underwear of course, but it
was never less of a sight. The idea of dating a
"brainy" girl whose body was pulled right from a wet
dream always enticed him, and the excitement lasted
long enough to payoff. Even if he had more in common
with other girls who pursued him, Ren Stevens was
still considered his girlfriend, and it was reminders
like this that kept him in order.

"That's wonderful Ren," Bobby said, in a fake tone
that acted as if he knew the severity of the gift.

"Bobby, um, I don't think you understand, I'm giving
you this. Remember last time we made love?" Ren
explained, looking behind her as her brown locks
swayed into her mouth. "You told me that my third
hole would be a great experience for the both of us.
Well, I'm giving you that experience tonight."

"Oh, Ren," he said, leaning in, kissing her cheek, and
wrapping his arms around her midsection for a
second-long hug. "You know me so well!"

Ren turned around, and as the glee of picking out the
perfect gift could be read on her extended smile, she
put a hold on the proceedings. Bobby, with his hands
already adjusting his pants, was stopped by Ren, who
showed her eagerness by slumping down to her knees.

"No, no, Bobby. Let me, I'll take those off, you just
relax," Ren said, as she pushed him down on the bed
with one hand, and took hold of his pants.

"Ren, when are your parents coming back?"

"Maybe thirty minutes, probably sooner."

The operation was a complete success. The button was
pulled out, and the zipper dropped. Even when the
honor-student wrapped her fingers around his pants,
and pulled down, there were no complications. His
white boxer-shorts trapped his growing cock, as it
fought to be released by pressing up on the fabric,
and constructing a tent. It was then, for the first
time, that she could tell that he really, really liked
what she was about to give him.

The boxer-shorts were given the same heave as the
khaki pants, along with his socks. Each particle of
clothing was discarded in an empty spot in the room.
The blue socks landed on top of her desk, his pants
were pushed under the bed, and his shorts were thrown
blindly behind Ren onto her dresser.

If either Ren or Bobby had bothered looking up, they
would have noticed that the shorts were draped over a
framed photo. The picture was of Ren and Ruby on
their camping trip. Inscribed on the photo was Ruby's
handwriting: "To my best friend. I will always share
all that I have. Love Ruby." However, the message
was now concealed under Bobby Deaver's unwashed

Nonetheless, the photo was not a part of that
evening's festivities. What was on the schedule was
Bobby's six-inch penis, which was groomed and smooth.
Ren always took pride in knowing that Bobby went to
all the trouble of trimming just for her. She spit on
her hand, and clutched her fingers around the cock.
As she bathed his member in her own saliva, it grew
wider and taller as if it was a plant sprouting its
new buds. And if she was the soil to Bobby's plant,
Ren knew that a seed would be mixed into her hole.

Bobby sat up, and between encouraging words like "I
bet your tits look great" and "I'm so hard for you,"
he leaned over and pulled at her blouse. He tugged at
the fabric until the sound of ripping alerted Ren, and
she told him that she would do that as well.

Each button was pulled out of its socket one by one.
>From the corner of her eye, she could see Bobby
stroking himself, rubbing her mouthwash further into
his skin. The thought of him watching her while he
pleasured himself made her fumble over her clothing.
But each button found its way out, and it too was
placed in a random section of carpet. Next, she
lifted her shirt over her head, pulling her breasts
and hair with it. As it slipped off, Ren could feel
her body parts return to normal (her hair on her
shoulders and her breasts still held in her thong's
sister: a matching onyx bra).

Bobby tugged at his member, and felt the head nearly
lose its composure as her perky breasts waved to him.
Before the two had met, Ren Stevens had her face
buried in books, but just after a few months of
dating, that face was buried in his crotch. He shook,
squeezed his penis, and felt his legs tense up as the
energy pulse to the tip. It was then that he decided
to let go and take a breather.

The slinky lace tripped off her shoulders. Even
though she had been naked in front of him before, it
never helped her shyness any. It was still her
exposing herself. It was still her body. It was
still her breasts (the ones that she wished would grow
each time she blew out her birthday candles). It was
still her. And because of it, she hugged herself, and
allowed her arms to hide her (as Ruby would call them)
"two scoops of vanilla ice cream with cherries on

Bobby extended his hand, and motioned for her to rise.
Once up on her feet, he pressed her stomach to his
mouth and licked, as he pulled the panties down to the
skirt around her ankles. As the fabric was stretched
across Ren's abnormally large behind, it tore, and
sunk down her right leg.

Ren gasped as she watched her panties clutter her
carpet as if it was a wrapper for junk food. It
ripped so quickly, only taking Bobby a second, that
she couldn't do a thing to prevent it.

"Ah, don't worry. Who cares? It's just underwear,"
Bobby said, as he picked up her skirt from around her
ankles and sent it pass her legs.

Ren nodded, and smiled, as her skirt was pushed aside.
In her head she could hear the last words Ruby said
to her. Someone had cared about them.

Bobby grabbed Ren and pulled her on top of him, with
their skin colliding in a battle of lust. The springs
in the bed caused them bounce up, and Ren crawled
backwards until their faces met. Instantly, they
attached each others lips and sucked in, with their
tongues intertwining. His cock brushed up on her
legs, and rubbed on her thighs. A pair of hands
pinched her shoulders, and then lowered down the
length of her back until he reached her ass.

Ren pulled her face away, and settled back in his
neck, where she applied that same energy of sucking to
another part of his body. Her mouth gnawed away,
biting and chewing, while Bobby turned his face away,
and unearthed a third person sharing in his birthday
present. It wasn't just him and Ren, and when he
discovered a second male in the room, he was none too

"Stupid monkey," Bobby said, taking his hand off of
Ren's ass and backhanding it off the bed.

The incident was exactly like the panties. Within
moments of sensing Mr. Pookie falling off the bed, it
had already ended, and his lame body skipped on the
carpet as if it was a pebble in water. Each thump on
the floor was like a scream for help as he drifted
further and further away.

"You're still on the pill, right?" Bobby whispered in
her ear.

"Yes," she moaned. "But, wait, let me get Mr. Poo..."

"Get on me," he demanded, already moving her away from

She gave him a kiss and obliged. Ren raised herself
up, and as her hands ventured around his muscular
chest, she adjusted her pussy into place. She could
feel his cock slap on her leg, and push against the
solid flesh. The next direction was to prop herself
up, and by taking his penis in her hand, Ren sent it
between the folds of her pussy.

It was the added pressure that made Ren send her head
backwards and wrap her hair in the wind. Bobby's cock
fit in Ren's vagina, scaling the pink walls, with the
head burrowing into a higher altitude. A flood of
ecstasy shot through her body and inspired her to leap
off of Bobby's legs. As her ass came crashing back
onto Bobby, his penis hit the correct spot, and Ren
raised her arms in the air to congratulate the

She took one hand off of Bobby's chest, and applied it
to her face. With her tongue extended, she licked her
fingers, and closed her lips around four nails. Each
one was painted blue, and while they had lasted the
entire day drenched in that same color, Ren's furious
sucking chipped away at the second layer until the
particles unattached and the peach underneath shown

Bobby, who was laying as relaxed as he could possible
be with Ren Stevens fucking him, ran his hand up her
thigh. The softness of her skin teased him to grope
further, and from her thigh came her thin stomach, and
then her gravity-defying tits. With every jump Ren
made, he had to keep his fingers locked on her rubbery
mounds to handle the breast's weight. Her nipples
hardened against his palm. He shoved her body forward
onto his.

It took Ren by surprise, and she bit her tongue in the
middle of a moan, but otherwise she landed safely with
her chest upon her boyfriend's lips. He sucked in,
attracting the flesh into his mouth, and worming it
around until it had been aquatinted in the
shadow-laden space. Eventually, he munched on the
nipple, and wallowed in its squishiness, while Ren
tucked his face into her chest.
With the responsibility of fucking solely on her, Ren
wiggled her pussy around with as much fervor as she
could muster, while being held down by Bobby. His
hands ran up her back, and he pushed her off again, as
a near-premature orgasm warned that the end was near.

"It's time," Bobby said, moving her chest away from
his mouth. "I'm ready."

All she could do was nod. The sexual arousal that had
manifested in her over the period of a few minutes,
gave way to uncertainty. She lumbered off of him, sat
back on the bed, with her arms stretched out behind
her, as she watched Bobby sit up, and with the pre-cum
dribbling down his cock and onto the bedspread, he
smirked. Ren hugged herself again, feeling her hands
grace her shoulders, and her nipples tap her arms.
When she noticed Bobby touch himself and give himself
a few extra strokes, Ren did the same to her vagina.
She allowed her wet fingers to plow through her brown
hair, but as she approached her pussy, she continued
around the corner, and moved to her asshole. It was

Ren thought about Mandy, and how Mandy's reputation at
school was documented on bathroom walls, and in the
catty comments of female cliques. They were all
stories, and comments, and "facts" based on someone
seeing something somewhere. Ren could imagine Bobby
disappointed after his birthday, and running off for
Mandy to console him. If he wouldn't get it from Ren,
Bobby would get it from Mandy. And as Ren crawled
onto all fours, and hiked her ass in the air, she
smiled in Bobby's direction

Even though she had little experience acting, that
smile was so convincing it almost made her think that
she was prepared for what was about to occur.

Ren's hands were both attached to comforter, and her
face lowered, with her hair disguising her facial
features as it sank past her cheeks. To her left, Mr.
Pookie was laying on the ground, motionless, probably
ashamed for how she was deserting him. She knew the
pain was going to be too much. Ruby had informed her
about that before. Ruby also let Ren hold Mr. Pookie.
Now she was empty handed, and all she had to protect
herself was a false smile.

As she leered at the bedspread, Ren searched for
inner-tranquility, and a calm before the storm. When
Bobby slopped a handful of his own spit on his cock,
and injected it into Ren's hole without alerting her
first, tranquility was disregarded and survival took

Ren prayed for the return of Ruby's tongue, when she
felt his penis ram into her hole. Despite Bobby
giving negative predictions about the future of the
act ("I don't think it'll fit") he fought until each
inch was swallowed by a pair of flabby flesh halves.
While she started out by holding herself up by her
arms, Ren's strength diminished, and she trampled onto
the bed face first. Her ass was still hiked into
Bobby's midsection, but it was by his doing, not hers.

She mumbled and screamed more in agony than in
pleasure. A piece of advice Ruby had given her ("to
be sure to be properly lubricated") was forgotten, and
it was too late when she remembered. Bobby's cock dug
through her asshole with about as much motion as
sawdust and sandpaper. It didn't so much slide in, as
it tripped and resisted the full six-inches. But it
seemed a distant memory when he finally gave her
"advance" warning on what was about to occur: "I'm
going to cum!"

Ren would have tried to reason with Bobby that
finishing in her virgin hole was not the best idea.
She would have pulled out and allowed Bobby to
ejaculate on or in any other part of her body. She
would have if he wouldn't have shot his seed deep into
her backyard cavern without the discussion, and force
Ren Stevens to experience a pain that was amplified
with each pump.

For the first shot of semen, Ren chewed on her
bedspread. One the second, Ren screamed until it
echoed between the walls. For the third and forth,
she fought back tears. And on the fifth, she
stretched her hands out for Mr. Pookie, who was too
far away. He never acknowledged her screams, and why
should he? Ren Stevens had replaced him.

It was Ren's hope that Bobby would pull out as soon as
the final shot of semen had stained her asshole, but
instead, he fell forward. To add insult to injury, he
never removed his cock, and though it was shrinking,
the penis protruded one final time into her
just-deflowered cavity.

Through the entire ordeal, he never once bothered to
chew on her earlobe.

He rolled off of her, and held his hand to his stomach
while he breathed deeply. Ren, sensing it was over,
tried to contain herself by wiping her tears on the
bedspread before Bobby could see. However, no matter
how much she tried to fix herself up, her makeup,
which took her twenty minutes to get "right," showed
the actual story. Her acting abilities couldn't hide
the running mascara

"That was wonderful, honey. I really have to thank
you. That was the best gift. You enjoy it baby?"
Bobby asked, as the sweat fumbled down his forehead.

"Great," Ren answered in muffled drawl. "I could use
some ice though."

"Ice, good one. You're the best, Ren," he said,
leaning in and kissing the side of her face which was
imprisoned behind a cell of hair.

"Yeah, I guess Ruby would be proud."

"Oh, yeah, about Ruby," Bobby said, as Ren turned her
face to his additional comments. "Some kid said he
saw you two kissing. It was that Beans kid, he told
me, and I'll never forget it, that the window to your
room was opened a few days ago and he saw Ruby kissing
your butt. He told me that you two were librarians
now, and that you weren't interested in guys. But, I
think he met lesbians."

"I wouldn't take Beans' word on anything," Ren began
through a series of sniffles. "This is the kid who
everyone thought had alien insects for parents."

"Well, whatever, some of the boys on the baseball team
said the same thing, and it looks poorly on me. Just
don't hang around with Ruby anymore, okay?" Bobby
said, puckering his lips and kissing, but far from his
girlfriend's face.

"But, Bobby, she's my best friend. I've known Ruby
for, for, forever."

"Well," he said, rolling off the bed and slapping her
ass. "I'll be your best friend now."

She could hear him trail off in the distance, as he
left the room and walked into the hallway on his way
to the bathroom. When the door shut, Ren pulled
herself off the bed and grabbed for Mr. Pookie. She
cradled him in her arms, and sunk his face to her
chest, where her heartbeat played only for her stuffed
friend. As she stretched her legs and stood back up,
still sore from before, Ren noticed the picture of her
and Ruby that now hung Bobby's underwear.

She pulled the boxer shorts off, and read Ruby's

(To be continued in part six)


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