Even Stevens: Bending Over Backwards And Forwards For A Birthday Gift Part 4
by Dimes N. Nickels ([email protected])

Ren read her digital clock for the forth time that night. Her blankets were
pulled from under the mattress, and her pillows were repositioned from the
head of the bed to every side of her sleepless form. After struggling to
discover a comfortable position, Ren abandoned her quest, pulled her Pookie
against her bosom and kicked her sheets. In the process of twisting and
turning, she was able to count two hundred and forty-four sheep and recite
twelve lullabies. All it accomplished was a headache.

Her sleep-overs with Ruby often continued into the wee hours of the next
day, though it was more intentional than the high-school conflict she was
currently enduring with her boyfriend. High off soda, ice cream and cotton
candy, a younger Ruby and Ren would chat about this boy and gossip about
that girl "Did you see how much blush she had on today? What a clown.
Seriously, all she needs is a red nose," Ruby would say as she'd take
another scoop of sugar-flavored something or other. "Did you see that zit?"
Ren would respond. "She already has one." They'd laugh, wake up Eileen
Stevens, then act as if they were sleeping as her mother peeked into the

Which was the case for a New Years Eve celebration at the Stevens household
when Ruby and Ren were thirteen. Nestled in Ren's room, the two bouncy teens
with rollers in their hair were battling in a game of "Pictionary," which,
at the late hour of 11:49 PM, was so fierce that neither had any thought of
submitting. Tied at fourteen successful guesses a piece, Ren scribbled on the
notepad as Ruby looked over her shoulder and constantly rambled off names of
movies. The room stunk of cold pizza and hairspray, and the radio blared the
top songs from the past year.

"Batman! A League of Their Own! Willow!" Ruby shouted, sitting with her legs
crossed, and her hands slapping her bare thighs at each guess.

Ren drew another line to add to the three boxes which were connected to a
square. With Ren's little art training, she tried to overcome her disability
by sketching an easily identifiable horse. Nonetheless, it looked like a hot
dog bun with Lincoln Logs in place of the meat-like object in the middle. Ren
jotted down two eyes, which only added to Ruby scratching her head. After
all, it had two eyes, yet it was drawn sideways.

"What the? Are you doing this on purpose? I thought we agreed that we
wouldn't try to, you know, draw like completely god-awful just so the other
person couldn't get it. What is that? I think that was being offered in the
cafeteria three weeks ago," Ruby blabbered, holding her hands together, and
looking like she was begging for spare change.

"Hey, this is the best that I can do," Ren responded, throwing the black-ink
pen on the carpet. "It's time for the final guess."

"Fine, I'll say, 'National Velvet.'"

"Sorry, so close too. It's 'Nationally Blue Velvet.'"

"Ren, I think you're confusing two movie together. There is no movie called
'Nationally Blue Velvet.' It's 'National Velvet.' It's about a horse, which
is what I think that chili dog on that paper is suppose to be."

"Ruby, do you actually think I'd read the card wrong?"

"Fine, look at the card."

Ren placed the notepad on the ground and flipped the card around. As her eyes
combed the description on the opposite side, her expression turned from a
boastful grin to her looking away to the walls of her room.

"So, what's the answer?"

"Is it almost time for the new year?"

"Ren, what's it say?"

"I think it's time we played something else," Ren said, piling the card in
the middle of the deck, then throwing it into the game box.

"Ren, how are we suppose to know who won now?"

"Like I said, we'll play something else."

"Fine, but I get to pick the game."

"That's fair."

"Let's have a race."

Ren shook her head, and crossed her arms. Her hazel hair was tied up in a
bun, with twenty-some pins holding the contraption together. No matter how
hard she swung her head, the hair maintained its hold. That was, until she
placed her hands over her ears, and accidentally unhooked a roller from its
circular grasp. A couple strands fell down in front of her cookie-dough
complexion. She took her hands away from her ears to move it back into place.

"And why not? Scared you'll lose?" Ruby threatened.

"Well, it's unfair. You do it more than I do," Ren added.

"That's not true."

"You said you did it in the girl's shower at school."

"My hand slipped. It's slippery. There's so much soap."

Ren rolled her eyes, and tied her arms together again in the middle of her
chest. Another strand of hair fell, and blocked her vision.

"Ren, just take off your robe."

Though she was still unhappy about her apparent disadvantage, Ren Stevens
stood up, and untied her fluorescent blue robe. She never especially looked
forward to undressing in front of people, whether it be women or men (though
at the stage of her life, she never had bared her body for a person of the
opposite sex), and even though Ruby had seen her friend's naked skin tone
plenty of times before, it always seemed as if Ruby's blue eyes would glare
at Ren's body more than Ren starred at Ruby's. There was always curiosity
about how much the other had grown, but for Ren, she could determine the
amount of maturity within seconds. Ruby would have to investigate each leg,
the stomach, and the chest area before minding her own business.

And on New Years Eve, the disrobing was once again followed by Ruby's leering
sight. As the robe fell from Ren's ivory shoulders, and slunk down her arms
like water clinging to naked flesh, Ruby reclined, and stretched herself out
on the floor. Ren turned her face around, as she felt the fabric skip off her
back. When the robe hit the ground, she heard it shake the foundation of the

Ruby untied the rope of her pink robe, and pulled the left side off her
frame. Her chest was sans bra, with her milky skin leading to two small
nubs that barley raised above the stomach's level. Her nipples, perky and
attention-starved, were erect and pointing towards Ren's somewhat voluntary
strip-show. Trapping Ruby's midsection was a pair of white panties that
housed the slightest wet stain developing between her legs. When Ren sighed,
hugged herself, and stood in her purple panties (along with a pair of Spice
Girls' slippers) in front of Ruby, the wet stain grew to an unmistakable
blob. The pair were removed upon the first sense of an impending leak to
hide Ruby's false start to the race.

The pink robe dribbled off Ruby's body. All the features that were usually
hidden were now flaunted to Ren's mirror, desk, and most importantly, to Ren
herself. After the clothing collided with the carpet, and her panties were
tugged down her seemingly sculptured thighs and legs, Ruby put herself into
position. She relaxed on her back, divorced her legs, first ran her hand down
her stomach, then around her belly button and finally to her intimate area.
A short patch of public hair tickled her fingertips. It felt thicker than
ever before.

"Now, your panties and bra, Ren. You know the rules," Ruby said, pinching her
thigh in order to keep her hand occupied.

Ren nodded and hunched over. As her cleavage sprung from the trenches of her
sports bra, Ren forced the satin panties (that were her mother's Christmas
gift to her) down her legs. She pulled her leg out of the first socket, then
leaned on her other foot to step out of the second. When Ren stood straight
again, and flung her panties right by her discarded robe, her full grace was
revealed to that one lucky girl in the room. Ren's pubic hair was fuller, and
darker than Ruby's. And as the bra fell to the heap of clothing, Ruby noticed
that Ren's breasts were also on their way to needing a larger bra.

Ruby pinched herself again. When she relented from the self-induced torture,
her thigh cried with blood from her fingernails breaking the skin.

"Can we start this already?" Ruby shouted.

"Fine, fine," Ren said, laying down besides Ruby and spreading her legs
apart. "I hope this time I don't get a rug burn."

"Ready, set..." Ruby began.

"Wait, what?"


As if it was a magnet, Ruby's hand jumped to her vagina, where her fingers
probed the sensitive opening. They were engulfed by a tsunami of female
juices splattering around the unusual gaps where her fingers were not
fastened. Her red fingernails braved the storm, as they splashed and
submerged themselves further into the recesses of Ruby's most defined
muscles: the ones that layered her inner vagina.

When Ruby initiated the start of the contest, Ren barley introduced her ass
to the floor. With her body out of position, Ren had to quickly regroup to
catch up with Ruby's violent vibrations. She blessed her own quim with one
finger. Ruby often used two or three polished fingernails during a typical
exercise. Nonetheless, Ren knew from past experience that any more than two
would only lead to cramps and an upset stomach.

Ren's first probe was a shock to her system. Immediately, she tucked her
legs in and curled into a fetal position. There was no facet of lubrication
erupting from her area, and its insertion met with a sputter. She compared
the pros and cons to sucking her fingers, and when the pain shot down her
leg, Ren decided that providing her own slick-ness was essential to
continuing her involvement.

She rushed her hand into her mouth, and closed her lips. Ren's watermelon
lipstick iced her knuckle, and left a trail of fruit-flavor down the length
of her fingers. A washing performed by her tongue followed as her saliva
draped the smooth texture.

Ruby turned her head just in time. While she didn't need the extra motivation
to increase the momentum of her rapid fingering, Ruby accepted the image with
added fervor. Her fingers, which would journey no farther than just below her
nail, were now bolting into her beehive to the point she thought her entire
hand could fit. With each pump, she would hold her feet steady, and
unintentionally push backwards. The carpet scratched her back like needles on
fire. Her skin, usually the texture of a ripe melon, was desecrated. Her
first porcelain layer of flesh was reduced to raw meat.

And even after the pain registered, all Ruby responded with was a third
finger. Her orgasm was due in record time. Nevertheless, with her feverish
attention to her craft, her pinkie accidentally sunk into a second opening
just below her tunnel of love. The tinniest finger dunked into the puckered
hole, and by the time she noticed the fanny faux pax, the rim had leeched
on. Ruby had just fingered her asshole.

"Oh, Rennnnnnnnn," Ruby moaned as she followed Ren's act and curled into a

With her fingers coated in a sparkling silver juice, Ren sent her hand
between her legs, and made a second try at self-pleasure. She fed her fingers
into the gaping hole, and arched her back, lifting herself off the carpet by
her head. Cramps or no cramps, Ren wasn't about to let Ruby win. The sweat
slid down her forehead and onto her lips. The salty perspiration languished
on her taste buds, and tangled with her tongue. Fifty thrusts later, her arm
weakened, and threatened to go limp.

Then, finally, a single tear of pussy juice oozed out of Ren's vagina.

Ren turned on her stomach, and exchanged her fingering technique for rubbing.
It had taken too much energy to strike that singular drop, so she rested her
left cheek on the carpet and closed her eyes. Her tongue unfolded out to the
floor. She questioned her participation at moments like these. Ms. Stevens
wasn't comfortable being naked, and she easily blushed around boys she liked.
The social life of Ren Stevens at the age of thirteen was based upon avoiding
others, and reaching a security in the normal routines that limited exposure.

Yet, there she was. As the minutes clicked down to the new year, she was
naked, rubbing her honey pot and drooling on her bedroom floor alongside her
favorite girlfriend.

Only a few inches away was that girlfriend, who was bucking her hips and
hissing. The penetration from both sides eased into a rhythm where one hole
was probed while the other swiftly relinquished pressure. Her pinkie carved
into her ass until she felt her knuckle touch her rounded cheeks. It had
taken little concentrated effort, because Ren's showcase was a vision worth
fooling her backdoor for.

"Ahhhhhhh," Ruby moaned. "I'm gonna, I'm gonna...."

Ren quickened her rubbing when she heard of the forthcoming orgasm. Her hard
clit ricocheted off her palm and flapped back into place. A second droplet of
nectar drooped from her pink tunnel to her palm. The friction from the
rubbing, along with the increased temperature in the room, caused Ren to view
her surroundings in a blanket of black. She sent her ass in the air, clipped
her clit between her index and middle finger and pulled. Ren's face caressed
the carpet, while her breathing turned into a melodic moan.

"Ahhhhhhhh, I'm gonna, I'm gonna..." Ren sung.

The radio's DJ made the announcement that in ten seconds, the old year was
about to be cast aside. His frog-like voice counted down each remaining
second while the crowd from his booth at some local bar cheered on the new
year. The rowdy group added to the volume until the DJ's voice was nearly
hidden under cloak of drunk onlookers. As the time ticked to seven seconds,
both Ren and Ruby were nearing their own cork popping.

"Ruby, I'm cuuuu..." Ren began, to which Ruby felt an inspiration to reach
her own climax.

"I'm cuuuuuu..." Ruby screamed.

"CUMMMMMMMING" both girls shouted as the new year was celebrated to screams
of people in the bar.

"Congratulations everybody!" the DJ said over the hooting and hollering of
the intoxicated crowd.

Both Ruby and Ren felt the slimy residue coat their hands. For both
participants, the substance took multiple shots to be completely finished.
Their collective dying moans played like a duet of the sexually satisfied.

As Ren and Ruby came down from their orgasms, they felt their skin attach to
the carpet. Sweat materialized from Ruby and Ren's short four-minute muff
workout. Each naked horizontal form spread out between the pastel walls had
the appearance of wax sculptures that had been under the lights for three
straight days. Bullet-sized beads filtered off their bodies until a soiled
outline was drawn around them

Ren sighed, and brushed her hair from her face. Her hands were a mess. While
she was always on the lookout for hand moisturizer that worked, her natural
recipe was not what she had in mind. Yet, she felt it dig into the cracks of
her skin and revitalize her complexion. 'Whatever works' she thought.

"Oh, Ren," Ruby coughed, nearly hyperventilating. "Now wha... wha... what do
we do about the winner? Who came first?"

"I guess we'll, uh, we'll just, ugh, have to declare it a draw."

Just as the final word left Ren's mouth, a thunderous commotion banged from
outside of the room. Each pounding felt like tiny storms. The radio began to
move with each vibration. Pop cans teetered over, while their bowl of popcorn
toppled upon itself. Ruby and Ren shared a quick glance, their jaws dropped
and even though both were dehydrated and could barley move their arms, they
immediately sat up.

"Is tha... that... that your mother?" Ruby asked, just before she took a gulp
of her own sweat.

"If it's not, we better get in a doorway," Ren said, then took a look at the
door. "I so hope it's natural disaster."

"Wait, it's getting closer. I can't get my clothes on in time, and my
sleeping bag hasn't been pulled out," Ruby said, stuttering over her words.

"Forget it both, just jump into my bed," Ren said, as she leaped to the radio
and spun the dial to "off."

Ruby didn't take a second to contemplate her options, instead she took half
of one and dove into Ren's sheets, while she flapped her arms around in an
attempt to sneak under. She was finally successful, and she crawled in face
first, then turned around under the blankets and reappeared with only her
head showing. Her blue eyes darted from one side of the room to the next as
she stalked Ren's every motion from the turn of the light switch to when she
joined her bosom buddy in the bed.

Ren wrapped the sheets over her body. The oncoming noise echoed throughout
the room, while both girls closed their eyes and pretended to be snoring.
For a moment, the sound elapsed, and just as Ren raised one eyelid, the door
opened, and Eileen Stevens poked her head through the crack.

"Girls? Girls? Are you asleep?" Eileen asked.

While Ruby maintained her stone-like motion from outside the sheets, inside
her hand was sneaking over to Ren's prone flesh. She brushed her palm on
Ren's left arm, then raised it to the thirteen year-old's chest. The warmth
that the body released cooked Ruby's palm until it felt like it was melting.

"Girls?" Eileen whispered, tiptoeing into the room and heading over to the
sleeping beauties.

Eileen saw the bodies. She leaned forward, picked up the sheet and looked
underneath. There was a raised eyebrow, and a shake of the head, but Eileen
Stevens just tucked the blankets back into the bed. A kiss on Ren's lips
goodnight ended the midnight inspection.

"So beautiful," the mother cooed.

As Eileen walked back to the hallway, and closed the door behind her, Ren
and Ruby turned to each other and released a long sigh of relief. Without
mentioning a word and only shrugging, they both silently discussed how
mystified they were by the lack of punishment Eileen had bestowed upon
them. After their race ended in a tie, both of the tiny bodies were too
tuckered to continue that night's events. Each arm was sore, and their
backs contained the bruises of a dedicated athlete.

Ren whispered "goodnight" to Ruby, then rolled away from the blonde
heartbreaker. She cuddled the pillow, and closed her lids until she felt a
night of sleep consume her.

However, any comfort and relaxation came to a halt when she felt a hand
squeeze her ass.

* * *

At the New Year's sleep over, the hand didn't belong to her, but at age
seventeen, as she lay awake thinking about Bobby's birthday bash, the hand
that was groping her cheeks was her own.

Stretched out on her stomach, Ren pulled her pajama bottoms down to her
thighs, pried her half-globes apart, and struggled to hold them open with
only her left hand. Her right hand fiddled into the long cavity. However,
the first experiment was met with the same results as Ruby's earlier that
day. Her index finger, the longest and most logical finger to choose from,
dipped into the murky depths only to be restrained by the pressure of the
backdoor. With a "hmpph" Ren took a second attempt, and pushed until her
fingernail dug through the compact opening. She took it out almost

"This can not be happening," she whispered.

Her pinkie also met the same fate. She pulled her other fingers back, and
let the smallest finger stand on its own. 'It's tiny enough to slide into
my ear,' Ren thought, 'so it's only reasonable that my other end could
accommodate this finger too.' But when she inserted it, the pinkie too was
refused entrance at the backdoor. After its rejection, Ren pulled her hand
from under the sheets and glared at it in disappointment.

Ren dragged her arm under the bed, searching for any item that could model
for her boyfriend. It needed to be round, preferably narrow, and a size
suitable for a beginner. She found a bottle of hair spray, and toyed with
the idea. But when the canister was deemed too large to even sink between
her ass cheeks, Ren gave up on the idea, and let it fall back to the
darkness under her bed.

Mr. Pookie, who was still laying besides Ren on a pillow, gave her
inspiration as his tiny hand slid onto her nose. His fingers (all three on
each hand) were about the size of her thumb, but it was the softness of each
one that appealed to her. Her fingers played with his, as she squeezed the
fabric. He was quickly relocated under the sheets.

Ren took Mr. Pookie and pushed his first finger down her forbidden hole.
While it too was not easily descended into her butt, the lack of a stiff
inner-bone gave Ren the opportunity to try harder. And with this try, the
cotton-filled limb gave Ren her second ever anal experience. Mr. Pookie's
left hand lodged perfectly in. In fact, it was driven so far up the
brunette, that his hand and most of his arm was hidden between her two
rounded flesh cushions.

"Oh, geeze, Pookie, that's it, further," she whispered as she tried to fit
him into her. "Ughhhhhhhh, Mr. Pookie!"

A second push resulted in Ren biting her lip. Unlike Bobby, her cuddly
monkey's hand was gentle and much more forgiving. Even when she turned his
body around to feel the cotton slide out of her anal opening, it was less
about penetration and more about touching every part of her. As she dry
humped her mattress, Ren slid his entire hand into her ass.

She began to bounce on the bed, while her hand drifted to her pajama shirt
where she undid each button. Though her tits were squished between her weight
and the mattress, Ms. Stevens still found a way to sneak her hand to her
nipples and twist. The act made her think immediately of Ruby. It was her
friend who would be more inclined to abuse a part of her anatomy while in the
throes of passion. Perhaps, she thought, Ruby was rubbing off on her.

Though she was in the mood to shout, Ren replaced the loud expression with
several deep breaths. As Mr. Pookie gave her a hand, her legs started to
tremble. Her toes curled. She bit her lip. Even though it was on a lesser
scale than the orgasm she experienced earlier that day, Ren felt the same
shock ravage through stomach.

"Ahhhh, yessssss, Mr. Poooooooooookie," Ren said a mini-orgasm stimulated her

She pulled him in as quickly as she shoved him out. Ren squeezed his face as
the liquid filed out of her vagina. It dissolved into the sheets and warmed
her flesh when she rolled on top of the stain. If her pussy lips could have
spoken, they still wouldn't have said a word. They would have been too
exhausted to talk.

"Mhhhmmmmmmmm, thank you, Mr. Pookie."

When she finally decided that Mr. Pookie had proven to her that she was
capable of receiving anal loving, Ren took him out. His little arm tickled
her back hole every single inch of the way. She giggled and blushed.

Of all the men she was ever with, Mr. Pookie was the one who she could see
herself trusting. In another world, he could be her date to the prom. After
all, there would be no one else who would look that cute wearing a tuxedo.

But, Mr. Pookie wouldn't be her date. Her date would be Bobby Deaver.

So, with Mr. Pookie out of her rectum, she brought him back to life
aboveground. Her lips met his face with a goodnight kiss.

There was a reason why Mr. Pookie never stopped smiling.

He slept with Ren Stevens every night.

(To be continued in part five)


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